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Gweddi'r Pererin / Pilgrim Prayer Ed. Jim Cotter Anglo-Welsh Lit £7.5
My Neighbours Evans, Caradoc Anglo-Welsh Lit £6
One Bright Morning Roberts K Anglo-Welsh Lit £8.99
Pardon and Peace Hilda Vaughan Anglo-Welsh Lit £7.5
Runt Griffiths Niall Anglo-Welsh Lit £7.99
The Collected Short Stories of Geraint Goodwin Geraint Goodwin (Eds. Roland Mathias, Sam Adams. ) Anglo-Welsh Lit £8
The Good Socialist D Gareth Davies Anglo-Welsh Lit £5
The Listening Shell: An Anthology of Poems for Ty Newydd Ed. Gladys Mary Coles Anglo-Welsh Lit £6
Twelve Modern Anglo-Welsh Poets Eds. Don Dale-Jones & Randal Jenkins Anglo-Welsh Lit £5
British Literature, 1640-1789: An Anthology Robert Demaria Anthology £10
18th Century English Transfer-Printed Porcelain and Enamels. The Joseph M. Handley Collection. Spero S. (Foreword) Antiques/Collecting £8
18th-Century German Porcelain. Savage G. Antiques/Collecting £7
A Beginner's Guide to Pinxton China. Meeks J. C. Antiques/Collecting £15
A Collector's Handbook of Miniature Perfume Bottles. Minis, Mates and More. Ringblum J. L. Antiques/Collecting £10
A Complete Guide to Pressed Glass. Batty R. H. Antiques/Collecting £20
A General History of Porcelain. 2 Vols. Burton W. Antiques/Collecting £20
A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and in All Times. Stone G. C. Antiques/Collecting £12
A Guide to New Hall Porcelain Patterns. Hutton A. De S. Antiques/Collecting £60
A History of British Pewter. Hatcher J. & Barker T. C. Antiques/Collecting £8
Aller Vale Art Pottery. Exhibition Catalogue. Brisco V. Antiques/Collecting £5
American Historical Views on Staffordshire China. Larsen E. B. Antiques/Collecting £8
American Toy Cars and Trucks 1894 - 1942 Lillian Gottschalk Antiques/Collecting £25
An Illustrated Guide to British Jugs From Medieval Times to the Twentieth Century. Henrywood R. K. Antiques/Collecting £12
An Introduction to English Blue & White Porcelains. Godden G. Antiques/Collecting £8
Antique Rugs From the Near East. Von Bode W. & Kuehnel E. Antiques/Collecting £9
Antiques Price Guide 2009. Miller J. Antiques/Collecting £9
Armorial Worcester Porcelain of the First Period. Eastaugh H. N. (Ill. ) Antiques/Collecting £12
Art Nouveau Furniture Carl Benno Heller Antiques/Collecting £15
Art of the House R. Marriott Watson Antiques/Collecting £20
Astbury Figures. Old English Pottery. Andrade C. Antiques/Collecting £18
Australia's Fan Heritage. North A. Antiques/Collecting £8
Barockmobel Aus Wurttemberg Und Hohenlohe 1700-1750. Geschichte-Konstruktion-Restaurierung. Wurttembergisches Landesmuseum Antiques/Collecting £10
Beyond Venice: Glass in Venetian Style, 1500-1750 Jutta-Annette Page Et Al Antiques/Collecting £20
Bookbinders of the United Kingdom (Outside London) 1780-1840. Ramsden C. Antiques/Collecting £7
Bow Porcelain 1744-1776. no author Antiques/Collecting £5
Bow Porcelain. On-Glaze Prints and Their Sources. Guy-Jones G. & Guy-Jones S. Antiques/Collecting £12
British Ceramic Design 1600-2002. Walford T. & Young H. (Eds. ) Antiques/Collecting £8
British Furniture 1600-2000. Edwards C. Et Al Antiques/Collecting £12
British Military Longarms, 1715-1815. Bailey D. W. Antiques/Collecting £12
British Pottery and Porcelain 1780-1850. Godden G. A. Antiques/Collecting £7
British Rifles. A Catalogue of the Enfield Pattern Room. Herbert Woodend Antiques/Collecting £12
British Royalty Commemoratives. 19th & 20th Century Royal Events in Britain Illustrated by Commemoratives. Flynn D. H. & Bolton A. H. Antiques/Collecting £12
British Studio Pottery. The Victoria and Albert Museum Collection. Watson O. Antiques/Collecting £25
Carnival Glass Worldwide. Quintin-Baxendale M. Antiques/Collecting £7
Catalogue of Embroideries ; The Lady Lever Art Gallery. Xanthe Brooke Antiques/Collecting £12
Catalogue of the Frank Lloyd Collection of Worcester Porcelain of the Wall Period Presented by Mr. And Mrs. Frank Lloyd in 1921 to the Department of Ceramics and Ethnography in the British Museum. Hobson R. L. Antiques/Collecting £10
Catalogue of the Herbert Allen Collection of English Porcelain. Rackham B. Antiques/Collecting £10
Catalogue of the Kildare S. Meager Bequest : Swansea Pottery. Armistead K. M. & Grant-Davidsonw. J. Antiques/Collecting £5
Ceramics of Derbyshire 1750-1975. An Illustrated Guide. Bradley H. G. (Ed. ) Antiques/Collecting £16
Chamberlain-Worcester Porcelain 1788-1852. Godden G. A. Antiques/Collecting £8
Chamberlain-Worcester Porcelain 1788-1852. Godden G. A. Antiques/Collecting £10
Chats on Old Silver. Hayden A. Antiques/Collecting £12
Chats on Wedgwood Ware. Barnard H. Antiques/Collecting £8
Chelsea Porcelain at Williamsburg. Austin J. C. Antiques/Collecting £12
Chester Silver 1727-1837. Ridgway M. H. Antiques/Collecting £12
China Collecting in America. Earle A. M. Antiques/Collecting £8
Chinese Jade Throughout the Ages. A Review of Its Characteristics, Decoration, Folklore, and Symbolism. Nott S. C. Antiques/Collecting £16
Chinese Painted Enamels. Gillingham M. Antiques/Collecting £10
Chinese Porcelain & Wedgwood Pottery With Other Works of Ceramic Art. R. L. Hobson Antiques/Collecting £160
Collecting Miniature Coloured Cottages. A Tour Round the Historic Cottages and Buildings of Britain Through Their China Models. Seabrook S. & Seabrook M. Antiques/Collecting £5
Collecting Noritake, a to Z. Art Deco & More. A Pictorial Record and Guide to Values. Spain D. Antiques/Collecting £12
Collecting Poole Pottery. Prescott-Walker R. Antiques/Collecting £10
Collecting Rhead Pottery. Charlotte-Frederick-Frederick Hurten. Bumpus B. Antiques/Collecting £6
Collecting Staffordshire Pottery. Stanley L. T. Antiques/Collecting £8
Collecting Staffordshire Pottery. Stanley L. T. Antiques/Collecting £8
Collecting Victorian Tiles. Lockett T. A. Antiques/Collecting £8
Coloured Worcester Porcelain of the First Period (1751-1783). Marshall H. R. Antiques/Collecting £30
Commercial Model Making P. R. Wickham Antiques/Collecting £12
Copper and Brass Sheet Metalwork. Introductory Notes for Students. no author Antiques/Collecting £5
Corgi Toys. The Ones With Windows. Wieland J. & Force E. Antiques/Collecting £10
Craftsmen in England 1660-1820 Geoffrey Beard Antiques/Collecting £12
Creamware and Other English Pottery at Temple Newsam House, Leeds. A Catalogue of the Leeds Collection. Walton P. Antiques/Collecting £15
Creamware. Towner D. Antiques/Collecting £12
Creamware. Towner D. Antiques/Collecting £12
Crested China. The History of Heraldic Souvenir Ware. Andrews S. Antiques/Collecting £15
Cutting and Designing Juvenile Outerwear a Standard Textbook Wilfred Rodwell Antiques/Collecting £30
Cyclopedia of Textile Work no author Antiques/Collecting £10
Decorative Victorian Glass. Manley C. Antiques/Collecting £10
Derby Porcelain 1750-1848. Barrett F. A. & Thorpe A. L. Antiques/Collecting £8
Derby Porcelain. The Golden Years 1750-1770. Rice D. G. Antiques/Collecting £15
Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals on Stamps - a Worldwide Catalogue Karl Shuker Antiques/Collecting £10
Discovering Cameras 1945-1965. White R. Antiques/Collecting £9
Dorset Country Pottery. The Kilns of the Verwood District. Draper J. Antiques/Collecting £10
Dr. John Wall, 1708-1776. A Commemorative Loan Exhibition of Dr. Wall Period Worcester Porcelain. Albert Amor Ltd. Antiques/Collecting £5
Edward Walter Locke. Master Potter 1829-1909. His Family and His Factory. Willis T. & Willis L. Antiques/Collecting £8
Encyclopaedia of British Art Pottery 1870-1920. Bergesen V. Antiques/Collecting £20
Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks. Godden G. A. Antiques/Collecting £10
Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks. Godden G. A. Antiques/Collecting £18
Encyclopedia of Antique Tools & Machinery. Wendel C. H. Antiques/Collecting £9
English Binding Before 1500. The Sandars Lectures 1927. Hobson G. D. Antiques/Collecting £95
English Blue and White Porcelain of the 18th Century. Fisher S. W. Antiques/Collecting £7
English Blue and White Porcelain of the Eighteenth Century. Watney B. Antiques/Collecting £12
English Ceramics. Savage G. Antiques/Collecting £12
English Ceramics. Savage G. Antiques/Collecting £15
English Coloured Books. Hardie M. Antiques/Collecting £12
English Dolls' Houses of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Greene V. Antiques/Collecting £12
English Glass. Charleston R. J. Antiques/Collecting £5
English Homes. Period Vi - Vol. I : Late Georgian, 1760-1820. Avray Tipping H. Antiques/Collecting £395
English Porcelain 1745-1850. Charleston R. J. (Ed. ) Antiques/Collecting £10
English Snuff-Boxes. Hughes G. B. Antiques/Collecting £9
English Table Glass. Bate P. Antiques/Collecting £9
English Toy China. Lechler D. A. Antiques/Collecting £12
Erotic Bookplates. An Introduction. Lattimore C. R. Antiques/Collecting £25
European Arms and Armour. (Wallace Collection Catalogues). 2 Vols. + Supplement. Mann J. (Vols. 1 & 2), & Norman A. V. B. (Supp. ) Antiques/Collecting £45
European Ceramic Art From the End of the Middle Ages to About 1815. Illustrated Historical Survey. Honey W. B. Antiques/Collecting £10
European Ceramic Art From the End of the Middle Ages to About 1815. Illustrated Historical Survey. Honey W. B. Antiques/Collecting £10
European Creamware. Kybalova J. Antiques/Collecting £7
Examples of Carved Oak Woodword William Bliss Sanders Antiques/Collecting £60
Fans Ornaments of Language and Fashion Jim Mackay Antiques/Collecting £8
Fine Printing and Private Presses. Selected Papers by Roderick Cave. Cave R. Antiques/Collecting £15
Fire and Form. The Baroque and Its Influence on English Ceramics C. 1660-C. 1760. English Ceramic Circle Antiques/Collecting £15
Firearms. An Illustrated History. no author Antiques/Collecting £12
French Bookbinders 1789-1848. Ramsden C. Antiques/Collecting £12
Furniture and Interiors of the 16th. , 17th. , & 18th. Centuries. Litchfield & Co. Antiques/Collecting £30
Furniture History. The Journal of the Furniture History Society. Vol. Li. no author Antiques/Collecting £12
Furniture History. The Journal of the Furniture History Society. Vol. Xliv. no author Antiques/Collecting £12
Furniture History. The Journal of the Furniture History Society. Vol. Xlviii. no author Antiques/Collecting £12
Furniture History. The Journal of the Furniture History Society. Vol. Xxxvii. author not listed Antiques/Collecting £12
Gaudy Welsh. A Visual Reference Book. South M. A. Antiques/Collecting £40
Gaudy Welsh. A Visual Reference. 2 Vols. South M. A. Antiques/Collecting £80
Gaudy Welsh. A Visual Reference. Vol. 2. South M. A. Antiques/Collecting £50
George Bullock. Cabinet-Maker. Wainwright C. Et Al Antiques/Collecting £8
Gifts to the Tsars 1500-1700 : Treasures From the Kremlin. Barry Shifman & Guy Walton (Eds) Antiques/Collecting £20
Godden's Guide to English Blue and White Porcelain. Godden G. A. Antiques/Collecting £30
Godden's Guide to Ironstone Stone & Granite Wares. Godden G. A. Antiques/Collecting £12
Gough Thomas's Gun Book. Shotgun Lore for the Sportsman. Garwood G. T. Antiques/Collecting £9
Gun Digest Book of Autoloading Pistols. Grennell D. A. Antiques/Collecting £7
H. & R. Daniel 1822-1846. Berthoud M. Antiques/Collecting £25
Hall Marks of English Silver and a Short History of Hancocks & Co. Etc. no author Antiques/Collecting £20
Handloading for Handgunners. Nonte G. C. Antiques/Collecting £10
Histoire Et Technique De La Montre Suisse Eugene Jaquet Antiques/Collecting £20
Historical Account of English Money S. Martin Leake Antiques/Collecting £60
History of English Furniture Percy Macquoid Antiques/Collecting £20
Hollins Blue & White Printed Earthenware. Holdaway M. Antiques/Collecting £12
Hollins Blue & White Printed Earthenware. Holdaway M. Antiques/Collecting £9
Horological Masterworks. English Seventeenth-Century Clocks From Private Collections. The Antiquarian Horological Society Antiques/Collecting £45
Identifying Buckles. Cuddeford M. J. Antiques/Collecting £5
In Search of James Giles (1718-1780). Coke G. Antiques/Collecting £25
Italian Maiolica. Poole J. E. Antiques/Collecting £9
Jackson's Silver & Gold Marks of England, Scotland and Ireland. Ianpickford (Ed. ) Antiques/Collecting £30
James Hadley & Sons. Artist Potters Worcester. Woodger P. Antiques/Collecting £30
Japanese Woodblock Prints in Miniature : The Genre of Surimono. Meissner K. Antiques/Collecting £25
Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900. Godden G. A. Antiques/Collecting £9
Josiah Wedgwood 1730-1795. Reilly R. Antiques/Collecting £12
Josiah Wedgwood 1730-1795. Reilly R. Antiques/Collecting £12
Jouets Francais 1880-1980. no author Antiques/Collecting £8
Keith Murray, Designer. Stephen Johnson Antiques/Collecting £12
Kilims. A Buyer's Guide. Allane L. Antiques/Collecting £8
Knifemaking. A Complete Guide to Crafting Knives, Handles & Sheaths. Bergman B. Antiques/Collecting £45
Le Style Louis Xv. Mabille G. Antiques/Collecting £10
Le Style Louis Xvi. Jullian P. Antiques/Collecting £10
Les Automates. Rickard C. Antiques/Collecting £8
Les Styles Du Moyen Age a Louis Xiv. Boussel P. Antiques/Collecting £10
Llestri Llanelli. Treharne D. M. Antiques/Collecting £3
London Bookbinders 1780-1840. Ramsden C. Antiques/Collecting £12
Lowestoft Porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum. Vol. 1 - Blue and White and Excavated Material. Smith S. Antiques/Collecting £10
M'kee Victorian Glass. Five Complete Glass Catalogs From 1859/60 to 1871. M'kee and Brothers Antiques/Collecting £8
Made in Liverpool. Liverpool Pottery and Porcelain 1700-1850. Myra Brown E. & Lockett T. A. (Eds. ) Antiques/Collecting £10
Making Character Dolls' Houses in 1/12 Scale Brian Nickolls; Photographs by Jonathon Bosley Antiques/Collecting £10
Marks & Monograms on European and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain. Chaffers W. Antiques/Collecting £10
Marks and Monograms on European and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain William Chaffers Antiques/Collecting £20
Marks and Monograms on Pottery & Porcelain Etc. Chaffers W. Antiques/Collecting £20
Mason Porcelain and Ironstone 1796-1853. Miles Mason and the Mason Manufactories. Haggar R. & Adams E. Antiques/Collecting £8
Mason Porcelain and Ironstone 1796-1853. Miles Mason and the Mason Manufactories. Haggar R. & Adams E. Antiques/Collecting £10
Medallic Portraits of the Duke of Wellington. Eimer C. Antiques/Collecting £20
Meissen China. An Illustrated History. Berling K. (Ed. ) Antiques/Collecting £8
Meissen Portrait Figures. Adams L. & Adams Y. Antiques/Collecting £12
Meissen Portrait Figures. Adams L. & Adams Y. Antiques/Collecting £9
Metropolitan Furniture of the Georgian Years. Hinckley F. L. Antiques/Collecting £25
Miles Mason Porcelain. A Guide to Patterns and Shapes. Skinner D. S. & Young V. Antiques/Collecting £15
Minton Pottery & Porcelain of the First Period 1793-1850. Godden G. A. Antiques/Collecting £12
Modelling Toy Soldiers John Paxton Sheriff Antiques/Collecting £10
Modern Sporting Guns. Austyn C. Antiques/Collecting £10
Moorcroft: The Phoenix Years Fraser Street Antiques/Collecting £15
New England Silver and Silversmithing 1620 to 1815 Jeannine Falino Antiques/Collecting £12
New England Silver and Silversmithing 1620 to 1815 Jeannine Falino Antiques/Collecting £10
New Hall and Its Imitators. Holgate D. Antiques/Collecting £10
New Hall Porcelain. Stringer G. E. Antiques/Collecting £20
New Hall Porcelains. Godden G. A. Antiques/Collecting £35
Object Design in the Age of Enlightenment the History of the Royal Free Drawing School in Paris Ulrich Leben Antiques/Collecting £10
Old Crown Derby China Works. The King Street Factory 1849-1935. Blackwood R. & Head C. Antiques/Collecting £12
Old Crown Derby China Works. The King Street Factory 1849-1935. Blackwood R. & Head C. Antiques/Collecting £12
Old English Lustre Pottery. John W. D. & Baker W. Antiques/Collecting £20
Old English Plate. Ecclesiastical, Decorative, and Domestic : Its Makers and Marks. Cripps W. J. Antiques/Collecting £9
Old English Walnut and Lacquer Furniture R. W. Symonds Antiques/Collecting £20
Oriental Carpets. Schurmann U. Antiques/Collecting £10
Ornament. A Survey of Decoration Since 1830, With 729 Illustrations. Durant S. Antiques/Collecting £12
Patterns on Herculaneum Porcelain. Berthoud M. Antiques/Collecting £12
Pilgrim Souvenirs and Secular Badges. Spencer B. Antiques/Collecting £30
Pinball Portfolio. Mckeown H. Antiques/Collecting £15
Pottery and Porcelain. A Guide to Collectors. Litchfield F. Antiques/Collecting £10
Pountneys. The Bristol Pottery at Fishponds 1905-1969. Levitt S. Antiques/Collecting £15
Rathbone. China Manufacturers Tunstall, Staffordshire 1808 to 1843. A History and Illustrated Record of the China. Harvey I. Antiques/Collecting £40
Repairing Antique Clocks. Smith E. P. Antiques/Collecting £9
Rockingham Ornamental Porcelain. Rice D. G. Antiques/Collecting £20
Rockingham Pottery and Porcelain 1745-1842. Cox A. & Cox A. Antiques/Collecting £10
Royal Commemorative Mugs and Beakers. Lockton P. Antiques/Collecting £8
Royal Crown Derby China From 1876 to the Present Day Including Sampson Hancock King Street, Derby 1849-1935. Gilhespy F. B. & Budd D. M. Antiques/Collecting £7
Royal Doulton Figures Produced at Burslem Staffordshire. Eyles D. & Dennis R. Antiques/Collecting £10
Royal Worcester Porcelain From 1862 to the Present Day. Sandon H. Antiques/Collecting £12
Royal Worcester Porcelain From 1862 to the Present Day. Sandon H. Antiques/Collecting £35
Ruby-Stained Glass From a to Z. Heacock W. Antiques/Collecting £12
Shaw & Copestake. The Collectors Guide to Early Sylvac 1894-1939. Van Der Woerd A. Antiques/Collecting £12
Shotguns & Cartridges for Game and Clays. Thomas G. Antiques/Collecting £12
Sloten en Sleutels Door De Eeuwen Heen. Eras V. J. M. Antiques/Collecting £12
Small Arms of the World. A Basic Manual of Small Arms. Smith J. E. Antiques/Collecting £15
Spode & Copeland Marks and Other Relevant Intelligence. Copeland R. Antiques/Collecting £45
Sporting Arms of the World. Bearse R. Antiques/Collecting £12
Staffordshire Chimney Ornaments. Haggar R. G. Antiques/Collecting £7
Staffordshire Portrait Figures of the Victorian Age. Balston T. Antiques/Collecting £10
Styles Regionaux. L'auvergne, Le Limousin, Le Perigord Etc. Baschet R. & Moreau P. Antiques/Collecting £10
Styles Regionaux. Le Languedoc, Le Quercy, Le Rouergue Etc. Baschet R. & Cayla A. Antiques/Collecting £10
Styles Regionaux. Le Lyonnais, La Bourgogne, La Franche-Comte Etc. Allegret R. Et Al Antiques/Collecting £10
Swansea Pottery Collectors' Exhibition 2006. Arddangosfa Casglwyr Crochenwaith Abertawe 2006. Hallesy H. Antiques/Collecting £75
Swansea's Cambrian Pottery Transferware and Other Welsh Examples. Tanner A. & Tanner G. Antiques/Collecting £60
Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty. The First World War Through the Eyes of the Heraldic China Manufacturers. Southall R. Antiques/Collecting £8
Tapestry : The Mirror of Civilization. Ackerman P. Antiques/Collecting £7
The Art of the Medal. Jones M. Antiques/Collecting £9
The Baur Collection Geneva. Netsuke (Selected Pieces). Coullery M. -T. & Newstead M. S. Antiques/Collecting £200
The Book of Pistols and Revolvers. The W. H. B. Smith Classic. Smith J. E. Antiques/Collecting £16
The Castleford Pottery Pattern Book 1796. Walton P. & Lawrence H. Antiques/Collecting £6
The Ceramic Art of Great Britain. Jewitt Ll. Antiques/Collecting £8
The Checkering and Carving of Gunstocks. Kennedy M. Antiques/Collecting £16
The Clock Repairer's Handbook. Penman. Laurie Antiques/Collecting £12
The Coachmakers. A History of the Worshipful Company of Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers 1677-1977. Nockolds H. (Ed. ) Antiques/Collecting £9
The Collection of the Japan Folk Crafts Museum. no author Antiques/Collecting £10
The Collector's Book of Dolls' Clothes. Costumes in Miniature : 1700-1929. Coleman D. S. , Coleman E. A. & Coleman E. J. Antiques/Collecting £20
The Collectors' Encyclopedia of Antiques. Phillips P. (Ed. ) Antiques/Collecting £12
The Collectors' Handbook of Royal Worcester Models no author Antiques/Collecting £8
The Concise Dictionary of Artists' Signatures. Including Monograms and Symbols. Jackson R. Antiques/Collecting £15
The Crown Devon Story. Barker R. Antiques/Collecting £8
The Dictionary of Blue and White Printed Pottery 1780-1880. Coysh A. W. & Henrywood R. K. Antiques/Collecting £12
The Dictionary of Worcester Porcelain. Vol. I - 1751-1851. Sandon J. Antiques/Collecting £16
The Emperor's Carpet (From the Hapsburg Collection) and Two Others. Kendrick A. F. , Upham Pope A. & Thomson W. G. Antiques/Collecting £30
The Ewers-Tyne Collection of Worcester Porcelain at Cheekwood. Sandon J. Antiques/Collecting £12
The F. S. Mackenna Collection of English Porcelain. Parts 1-3. Mackenna F. S. Antiques/Collecting £35
The Furniture of the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans. G. M. A. Richter Antiques/Collecting £60
The Garrett Collection. Japanese Art. Lacquer-Inro-Netsuke. Davey N. K. & Tripp S. G. Antiques/Collecting £35
The Hall Marks on Gold & Silver Articles. 'D. T. W. ' Antiques/Collecting £18
The Hallmarks of Antique Glass. Wilkinson R. Antiques/Collecting £8
The Identification of English Pressed Glass, 1842-1908 Jenny Thompson Antiques/Collecting £9
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pistols & Revolvers. An Illustrated History of Hand Guns From the Sixteenth Century to the Present Day. Myatt F. Antiques/Collecting £15
The Illustrated Guide to Liverpool Herculaneum Pottery 1796-1840. Smith A. Antiques/Collecting £10
The Illustrated Guide to Worcester Porcelain 1751-1793. Sandon H. Antiques/Collecting £7
The Jaquet-Droz Automatons. Chapuis A. And Droz E. Antiques/Collecting £10
The Jaquet-Droz Automatons. Chapuis A. And Droz E. Antiques/Collecting £10
The Letts Guide to Collecting Thimbles. Mcconnel B. Antiques/Collecting £8
The Modern Rifle. Carmichel J. Antiques/Collecting £8
The Modern Shotgun. 3 Vols. Burrard G. Antiques/Collecting £75
The New Goss Record. Owen F. Antiques/Collecting £8
The Old Clockmakers of Yorkshire. Dinsdale N. V. Antiques/Collecting £10
The Old Derby China Factory : The Workmen and Their Productions. &C. &C. Haslem J. Antiques/Collecting £12
The Pinxton China Factory. Exley C. L. Antiques/Collecting £12
The Potters' View of Canada. Canadian Scenes on Nineteenth-Century Earthenware. Collard E. Antiques/Collecting £5
The Price Guide to Arms and Decorations on Goss China. Pine N. Antiques/Collecting £8
The Price Guide to English 18th Century Drinking Glasses. Turnbull G. A. & Herron A. G. Antiques/Collecting £15
The Price Guide to Pot-Lids and Other Underglaze Multicolour Prints on Ware. Ball A. Antiques/Collecting £9
The Price Guide to the Models of W. H. Goss. Ward R. Antiques/Collecting £10
The Quest of the Antique. Hodgson W. Antiques/Collecting £10
The Sandon Guide to Royal Worcester Figures 1900-1970. Sandon D. , Sandon J. & Sandon H. Antiques/Collecting £12
The Selected Letters of Josiah Wedgwood. Finer A. & Savage G. (Eds. ) Antiques/Collecting £9
The Sidders Collection of Dr Wall Worcester Porcelain. Albert Amor Ltd. Antiques/Collecting £8
The State Hermitage. Masterpieces From the Museum's Collections. 2 Vols. no author Antiques/Collecting £40
The Traditional Bowyer's Bible Three Volumes Steve Allely, Tim Baker Antiques/Collecting £40
The Victorian Staffordshire Figure. A Guide for Collectors. Oliver A. Antiques/Collecting £9
The Watney Collection of Fine Early English Porcelain. Parts I-Iii. Phillips Antiques/Collecting £60
Ticknall Pots and Potters From the Late Fifteenth Century to 1888 Janet Spavold Antiques/Collecting £10
Tin Toys 1945-1975. Buhler M. Antiques/Collecting £7
Toy Autos 1890-1939 Allen Levy Antiques/Collecting £12
Traditional Beadwork 20 Glorious Projects for Beading on Canvas Eliza Mcclelland Antiques/Collecting £10
Traditional Craftsmen of Cyprus no author Antiques/Collecting £12
Treasures of Britain and Treasures of Ireland. no author Antiques/Collecting £12
Tri-Ang Railways. The Story of Rovex. Vol. 1 - 1950-1965. Hammond P. Antiques/Collecting £30
True Blue. Transfer Printed Earthenware. Roberts G. B. (Ed. ) Antiques/Collecting £9
Unfolding Beauty. The Art of the Fan. Bennett A. G. Antiques/Collecting £12
Wedgwood. The Felix Joseph Collection of 18th. Century Jasper. Wood P. J. Et Al Antiques/Collecting £25
Wesleyana and Methodist Pottery. A Short Guide. Lee, R. Antiques/Collecting £5
William Cookworthy. City Museum & Art Gallery, Plymouth, Devon Antiques/Collecting £5
William Davison's New Specimen of Cast Metal Ornaments and Wood Types Peter Isaac Antiques/Collecting £10
William Greatbatch a Staffordshire Potter. Barker D. Antiques/Collecting £25
William Staite Murray. Haslam M. Antiques/Collecting £50
Worcester Porcelain and Lund's Bristol. Barrett F. A. Antiques/Collecting £8
Working in Precious Metals. Smith E. A. Antiques/Collecting £10
Decorated Windows. A Series of Illustrations of the Window Tracery of the Decorated Style of Ecclesiastical Architecture - in Two Volumes. Edmund Sharpe, M. A. , Architecture £70
The Old Mansions of Wallasey. J. S. Rebecca. Architecture £70
A+D Architecture + Detail No 26 Building With Fibre Cement. no author Architecture £15
American Architecture 1607-1976 Whiffen, Marcus and Koeper, Frederick. Architecture £14
An Essay of the Origin and Development of Window Tracery in England Edward A. Freeman Architecture £150
An Inventory of the Ancient Monuments in Glamorgan Vol Iv Domestic Architecture From the Reformation to the Industrial Revolution Part 1:the Greater Houses. author not listed Architecture £40
Architect's Handbook of Practice Management. no author Architecture £9.5
Architectural Monographs - Terry Farrell. Farrell, Terry. Architecture £10
Architecture for the Poor: An Experiment in Rural Egypt. author not listed Architecture £12
Architecture in the United States, 1800-1850 Maynard, W. Barksdale. Architecture £12.5
Authentic Color Schemes for Victorian Houses. E. K. Rossiter and F. A. Wright Architecture £12.5
Bollywood Showplaces: Cinema Theatres in India David Vinnels and Brent Skelly; Additional Material on Rajasthan by Braj Raj Singh Architecture £18
British and Irish Architectural History. Kamen Ruth H Architecture £15
Buckinghamshire, Pevsner, Nikolaus Architecture £12
Buckinghamshire. Pevsner, Nikolaus Architecture £12
Burke's and Savills Guide to Country Houses. Vol. 3, East Anglia. John Kenworthy - Browne Et Al Architecture £25
Cambridgeshire - the Buildings of England. Pevsner, Nikolaus Architecture £12
Carlisle and Cumbria: Roman and Medieval Architecture, Art and Archaeology Edited by Mike Mccarthy and David Weston. Architecture £40
Collieries of Wales: Engineering and Architecture (The Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Wales) S. R. Hughes. Et Al Architecture £20
County Durham - Shell Guide. Thorold, Henry. Architecture £12
Cumberland and Westmorland. Pevsner, Nikolaus Architecture £10
David M. Schwarz Architects 2002-2007 Robert Miller, Architecture £20
Design and Thermal Performance - Below-Ground Dwellings in China. Golany S. Gideon Architecture £15
Early English Art and Architecture. Lloyd and Jennifer Laing Architecture £15
Edwin Lutyens - Architectural Monographs. Lutyens, Edwin Architecture £25
English Country Houses. Hussey, Christopher Architecture £120
Fife - the Buildings of Scotland. author not listed Architecture £25
Fumihiko Maki. Maki F. Architecture £20
Gehry Draws. author not listed Architecture £20
Gehry Talks: Architecture + Process. author not listed Architecture £8
Georgian Dublin. Guinness, Desmond Architecture £10
Global Architecture Houses. author not listed Architecture £10
Gloucestershire 1: The Cotswolds. author not listed Architecture £20
Gloucestershire : The Vale and the Forest of Dean. Verey, David Architecture £12
Gothic Architecture. Grodecki Louis Architecture £40
Great Houses of the Western World. Nicolson, Nigel. Architecture £15
Henri Sauvage 1873 - 1932 no author Architecture £20
Herzog & De Meuron 1978 -2002 - Special Issue. no author Architecture £40
Iron Bridge: Symbol of the Industrial Revolution Eric Delony, Barrie Trinder (Editor) Neil Cossons (Editor) Architecture £15
Leicestershire & Rutland Pevsner Architecture £12.5
London Vol 1 the Buildings of England. Pevsner Nikolaus Architecture £25
London's Immortals: The Complete Outdoor Commemorative Statues. Blackwood, John Architecture £15
Lord Burlington: Architecture, Art and Life. author not listed Architecture £15
Netherlandish Scrolled Gables of the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries Hitchcock Henry Russell. Architecture £10
North East and East Kent - the Buildings of England. Newman, John Architecture £20
Palladian Bridges: Prior Park and the Whig Connection. Mowl, Tim. Architecture £10
Palladio in Venice Alberto Weissmuller Architecture £28
Paper Palaces. Hart Vaughan and Hicks Peter. Architecture £20
Powys: (Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire, Breconshire) Haslam Richard Architecture £15
Powys: (Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire, Breconshire) Haslam, Richard Architecture £15
Protection and Cultural Animation of Monuments, Sites and Historic Towns in Europe. no author Architecture £12
Repair of Ancient Buildings. A. R. Powys. Architecture £25
Romanesque Architecture and Sculpture in Wales. Thurlby, Malcolm. Architecture £15
Ruskinian Gothic 1845-1861. Blau Eve Architecture £25
Schuwirth Erman and Partner. Thiel Heinz Et Al. Architecture £12
Seen Architectural Forms of Northern Siam and Old Siam. Jumsai Sumet. Architecture £12.5
Shropshire - the Buildings of England Pevsner, Nikolaus Architecture £12
Signs and Designs: Art and Architecture in the Work of Michel Butor Jean H. Duffy Architecture £12.5
Sir John Vanbrugh and Landscape Architecture in Baroque England, 1690-1730 author not listed Architecture £12
Sir William Chambers: Architect to George Iii J. Harris M. Snodin Architecture £12
Studio 8 Architects [Neo Architects] author not listed Architecture £15
Suomen Majakat (Finska Fyrar - Finnish Lighthouses) Seppo Laurell. Architecture £60
Surrey. author not listed Architecture £12
Sustaining Architecture in the Anti-Machine Age Ian Abley and James Heartfield Architecture £15
The Cathedrals of England. Nikolaus Pevsner and Priscilla Metcalf. Architecture £65
The Country Houses of Gloucestershire. Kingsley, Nicholas Architecture £35
The Age of Empire. Clive Aslet. Architecture £25
The Architectural Medal. Taylor Jeremy. Architecture £15
The Architecture of Northern England John Martin Robinson; Photography by Jorge Lewinski and Mayotte Magnus; With Foreword by John Julius Norwich Architecture £15
The Building of Limerick. Hill Judith. Architecture £15
The Chinese Pavilion: Boughton House, Northamptonshire Rosemary Bowden-Smith; Illustrations by William A. Thompson; Foreword by John Cornforth; Sponsored by Christie's Architecture £12
The Disintegration of a Heritage: Country Houses and Their Collections 1979-1992 Sayer, M. J. Architecture £10
The Getty Center Richard Meier & Partners. Brawne Michael. Architecture £15
Transactions 1 Royal Institute of British Architects Architecture £18
Urban Open Spaces. Woolley Helen Architecture £25
Vittorio Gregotti & Associates. Rykwert, Joseph. Architecture £15
Wandering Architects. Drury, Michael Architecture £35
West Kent and the Weald. author not listed Architecture £15
Wiltshire. Pevsner, Nikolaus Architecture £12
Worcestershire. Pevsner, Nikolaus Architecture £15
A Life of Picasso Vol 3 the Triumphant Years 1917 - 1932. Richardson J. Art £20
A Collection of Drawings by Henry Fuseli, Ra. P. A. Tomory Art £20
A Collector's Guide to Prints and Printmakers From Durer to Picasso. Salamon Ferdinando Art £15
A Discussion of Composition. John Vreenburgh Van Pelt. Art £30
A Guide to Chicago's Murals Gray, Mary L. Art £8
A Memoir of Thomas Uwins, R. A. : Late Keeper of the Royal Galleries and the National Gallery, Librarian of the Royal Academy, Etc. Etc. Etc. Mrs. Uwins Art £5
Albert Rutherston 1881 - 1953 Rutherston Max Art £15
Alex Reid & Lefevre 1926 - 1976. no author Art £10
Allan Gwynne-Jones. Gwynne-Jones, Allan. Art £10
American Painting no author Art £7
An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists. author not listed Art £12
An Exhibition of Drawings & Illustrations by Ernest Howard Shepard 1879-1976 Sally Hunter (Intro. ) Art £10
An Exhibition of Sketches & Watercolours by Lady Diana Beauclerk no author Art £20
Andre Derain Denys Sutton Art £10
Anecdotes of Painters. Edward Edwards. Art £7
Anthony Caro - Table Top Sculptures 1973/4. no author Art £8
Aproximacion a Gris; Ocho Marcos Para Once Cuadros. Kawa - Ishi L. Art £25
Art Czar : The Rise and Fall of Clement Greenberg: A Biography. Marquis, Alice Goldfarb. Art £25
Art in Exile - Flanders, Wales and the First World War. Edited by Oliver Fairclough Et Al Art £15
Art in Renaissance Italy. John T. Paoletti and Gary M. Radke. Art £20
Art in Vienna 1898 - 1918; Klimt, Kokoschka, Schiele and Their Contemporaries Vergo, Peter Art £25
Art of Kosovo the Sacred Land. Suboti, Gojko. Art £15
Arthur Wakerley, 1862-1931 Farguhar, Jean. Art £12
Articulate Images: The Sister Arts From Hogarth to Tennyson Ed. Richard Wendorf Art £10
Australian Colonial Paintings in the Australian National Gallery. Bonyhady Tim. Art £15
Authenticity in Art: The Scientific Detection of Forgery. Fleming Stuart J. Art £18
Baroque Between the Wars - Alternative Style in the Arts, 1918 - 1939 Stevenson, Jane Art £25
Bartolome Esteban Murillo, 1617-1682: Museo Del Prado Madrid, 1982, Royal Academy of Arts London, 1983 author not listed Art £10
Beatriz Milhazes. Milhazes, Beatriz Sacramone, Leanne Art £100
Becoming O'keeffe: The Early Years, Peters, Sarah Whitaker. Art £10
Berthe Morisot. Higonnet Anne Art £10
Bonington, Francia & Wyld Pointon, Marcia R. Art £8
Brantwood - a History Of no author Art £35
Braque. Text by John Richardson. Art £20
British 19th Century Marine Painting Brook-Hart, Denys. Art £10
British Cartoonists - Caricaturists and Comic Artists. Low David Art £9.5
Brontean Abstracts. Parker, Cornelia Art £40
Camille Silvy: River Scene, France. author not listed Art £10
Canaletto to Constable: Paintings of Town and Country From the Yale Center for British Art Cynthia E. Roman Art £7.5
Carolyn Sergeant. Recent Paintings author not listed Art £15
Centenary Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Lithographs by Robert Bevan, 1865-1925. Ian Robertson Art £7
Cezanne Paris-Provence. Arrouye. Jean Art £12.5
Charles Ginner 1878 - 1952 no author Art £8
Chinese Painting no author Art £7
Colour and Culture Practice and Meaning From Antiquity to Abstraction. Gage, John Art £25
Colour Into Line: Turner and the Art of Engraving Lyles, Anne. Art £5
Constable and the Critics 1802-1837. Ivy Judy Crosby Art £25
Constable: The Great Landscapes Cove, Gage Et Al. Art £12
Cornelia Parker - on Second Thoughts. Cameron. Stuart Art £12
Cornelia Parker - Infinitesimal Intimacy. Klara Tiszynski Art £10
Corot to Monet: French Landscape Painting Sarah Herring Art £10
Corot. no author Art £7
Corot. author not listed Art £7.5
Court, Cloister and City Thomas Dacosta Kaufmann Art £12
Creating the Cult of St. Joseph: Art and Gender in the Spanish Empire Charlene Villasenor Black. Art £14
Cudd Fy Meiau. Dyddlyfr Y Brawd O Radd Isel Trwy'r Fllwyddyn. 1955. Pennar Davies Art £10
Cyprus the Holy Island Icons Through the Century. no author Art £40
Dada and Surrealism Reviewed. author not listed Art £25
Dante Alighieri Purgatorio. no author Art £100
Dante Alighieri Inferno. Introduced by Robin Hamlyn With Illustrations by William Blake. Art £45
David Wilkie: Painter of Everyday Life Tromans, Nicholas. Art £20
De Goya à Matisse: Estampes De La Collection Jacques Doucet, Bibliothèque D'art Et D'archéologie, Paris, 14 Mars 1992-8 Juin 1992 author not listed Art £12
De Greco a Picasso (Cinq Siecles D'art Espagnol 1) Musee Du Petit Palais. Art £12
Defining Beauty the Body in Ancient Greek Art; [Published to Accompany the Exhibition "Defining Beauty: The Body in Ancient Greek Art" at the British Museum, 26 March - 5 July 2015] Jenkins, Ian Art £15
Delacroix. no author Art £7
Dictionary of British Sculptors 1660 - 1851 Gunnis R. Art £10
Dictionary of British Sculptors 1660-1851 Gunnis R Art £9
Dictionary of Sea Painters. E. H. H. Archibald. Art £35
Disarmed. Gregory Curtis. Art £10
Double Harness: An Autobiography. author not listed Art £12
Duncan Grant and His World. An Exhibition - November 1964 Intro. Denys Sutton Art £15
Dutch Painters of the 19th Century Marius Gerarda Hermina and Norman Geraldine. Art £15
Early Dutch Painting: Painting in the Northern Netherlands in the Fifteenth Century Châtelet, Albert. Art £25
Edouard Vuillard: Painter-Decorator: Patrons and Projects, 1892-1912 Groom, Gloria Art £20
Effie in Venice. Unpublished Letters of Mrs John Ruskin Written From Venice Between 1849-1852. Ed. Mary Lutyens Art £20
Egypt Faith After the Pharaohs. Ed. Cacillia Fluck Etc. Art £10
Egyptian Painting and the Ancient East. no author Art £7
Eileen Agar: An Eye for Collage. author not listed Art £65
Ella and Charles Naper : Art & Life at Lamorna. John Branfield. Art £15
English Drawings. Stuart and Georgian Periods in the Collection of His Majesty the King at Windsor Castle. A. P. Oppe Art £7
Engraved on Steel: The History of Picture Production Using Steel Plates. Basil Hunnisett. Art £10
Eric Gill - the Inscriptions. Peace David. Art £15
Ernst Barlach: 1870-1938 Intro: Naomi Jackson Groves Art £10
Eros by Sir Alfred Gilbert. no author Art £8.5
Essential Art History. Duro P & Greenhalgh M Art £9
Etchings by Rembrandt From the Collection of Felix Somary. no author Art £10
Exhibition of Japanese Screens Painted by the Old Masters - Held at the Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists, July, 1910. Morrison. Arthur Art £35
Expressionism no author Art £7
Fauve Painting 1905-7 the Triumph of Pure Colour. no author Art £9
Forms of Enchantment: Writings on Art and Artists Marina Warner Art £24.95
Franse Tekenkunst Van De 18de Eeuw. no author Art £12
Futurism and Dadaism no author Art £7
Gainsborough at Gainsborough's House Belsey, Hugh. Art £10
Gainsborough Drawings John Hayes & Lindsay Stainton Art £15
Gasworks to Gallery. Axten, Janet. Art £12
Gaudier-Brzeska 1891 - 1915 no author Art £10
Geoffrey Dashwood. no author Art £12
Geoffrey Dashwood: Recent Sculpture 8 - 9 December. author not listed Art £12
Georg Kolbe, 1877-1947 Herausgegeben Von Ursel Berger Art £25
George Stubbs, 1724-1806 Stubbs, George Art £12
George Elgar Hicks, Painter of Victorian Life Rosamond Allwood and Rosemary Treble Art £7.5
George Morland His Life and Work. Sir Walter Gilbey and E. D. Cumming. Art £15
George Orleans Delamotte: A South Wales Sketchbook C. 1816-1835. Bernard Morris. Art £45
George Romney as a Painter of Child Brian Allen Art £10
George Stubbs, Anatomist and Animal Painter Judy Egerton Art £10
Giacometti. Edited by Lena Fritsch Et Al Art £20
Good Citizen's Furniture - the Work of Ernest and Sidney Barnsley. no author Art £10
Goodbye Picasso. David Douglas Duncan. Art £40
Gothic Painting 11 no author Art £7
Goya: Drawings. From His Private Albums Bareau, Juliet Wilson. Art £20
Grand Illusions: American Art & the First World War. David M. Lubin Art £25
Greek and Etruscan Painting no author Art £7
Greek and Roman Sculpture in America: Masterpieces in Public Collections in the United States and Canada Cornelius C. Vermeule Art £7.5
Guernica: The Biography of a Twentieth-Century Icon. Van Hensbergen, Gijs. Art £20
Henri Edmond Cross 1856 - 1910. Baligand, Carlier Et Al. Art £50
Henry Moore - My Ideas , Inspiration and Life as an Artist. Moore, Henry Art £15
Henryk Gotlib 1890-1966: A European Master. John Russell Taylor Art £8.99
Hercules Brabazon Brabazon 1821-1906 Charles Beetles Art £10
High Art and Low Life : The Studio and the Fin De Siecle. Ed: Michael Spens Art £8
History of Art-Cubism no author Art £7
History of the Old Watercolour Society - 2 Volumes. John Lewis Roget. Art £25
Hogarth the Complete Engravings Joseph Burke & Colin Caldwell Art £40
Hornel the Life and Work of Edward Atkinson Hornel. Smith, Bill Art £12
Human Anatomy for Art Students. Sir Alfred Fripp & Ralph Thompson. Art £12
Illustrated Editions of the Works of William Morris in English: A Descriptive Bibliography Coupe, Robert L. M. Art £12
Images and Ideas in Seventeenth-Century Spanish Painting. Jonathan Brown Art £12
Images of Religion in Australian Art. Crumlin Rosemary Art £15
Impressionist & Modern Art no author Art £10
Impressionist & Modern Art. no author Art £10
Impressionist & Modern Art. no author Art £15
Impressionist & Modern Art 2017. no author Art £15
It's a Still Life. no author Art £10
Italian Renaissance Sculpture. author not listed Art £15
Italian Gothic Sculpture Pope-Hennessy, John Wyndham Art £6
Italy in the Age of Turner: "The Garden of the World" author not listed Art £12
Italy in the Age of Turner: "The Garden of the World" Powell, Cecilia. Art £5
J. M. William Turner. Kol Und Der Rhein. Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Skizzenbucher, Stiche Agnes Von Der Borch Art £25
J. M. W. Turner and the Subject of History. Costello Leo. Art £30
J. M. W. Turner, 1775-1851, Collection From the Tate Gallery, London Intro. Ian Warrell Art £15
J. M. W. Turner, 1775-1851, Gravures: Collection Du Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge: 17 Septembre-11 Décembre 1994 Laurent Busine (Preface) Art £20
J. M. W. Turner: The Vaughan Bequest. Baker, Christopher Art £10
J. M. W. Turner (1775 - 1851) Papastamos, Dimitrios Art £7
Jacques Lipchitz and Philadelphia Taylor R. M. Art £8.5
Jacques Lipchitz and Philadelphia. Taylor R. M. Art £8.5
James Dickson Innes 1887-1914 John Hoole Art £10
James Mcneill Whistler: Paintings, Etchings, Pastels & Watercolours Denys Sutton Art £18.5
James Ward, R. A. His Life and Works, With a Catalogue of His Engravings and Pictures C. Reginald Grundy Art £7.5
Japanese Painting no author Art £7
Japonica. Sir Edwin Arnold. Art £30
John Constable: A Kingdom of His Own. author not listed Art £20
John Napper - Windows Recent Paintings 19th June 8th July. no author Art £8
John Piper 1903 - 1992. no author Art £15
John Constable & David Lucas. Mezzotints. A New Printing From Eleven Recently Discovered Original Steel Plates. Prospectus. no author Art £5
John Constable : Further Documents & Correspodence. Edited by Leslie Parris - Et Al Art £10
John Harden of Brathay Hall, 1772-1847 Foskett, Daphne. Art £5
John La Farge's Second Paradise Hodermarsky, Elisabeth Art £12.5
John Sell Cotman Miklos Rajnai Art £8.5
Joseph Mallord William Turner, R. A. Landscape With Walton Bridges [None Given] Art £5
Joshua Reynolds. Rutter Frank Art £10
Julius Caesar Ibbetson (1759-1817): "The Berchem of England" Mitchell, James. Art £10
L'opera Complete Di Fussli Schiff & Viotto Art £10
Lady Butler Battle Artist 1846-1933. author not listed Art £10
Landscape. Philip Gilbert Hamerton Art £175
Landscapes and Hunting Scenes. Adler, Wolfgang Art £65
Landscapes of Memory: Turner as Illustrator to Scott Finley, Gerald E. Art £10
Larousse Dictionary of Painters. author not listed Art £15
Lasting Impressions Gilmour. P Art £10
Le Néo-Impressionnisme: De Seurat - à Paul Klee Lemoine, Bocquillon, Block Et Al. Art £10
Leon Bakst Charles Spencer Art £12
Les Peintres Et Les Yvelines. author not listed Art £10
Lucian Freud. L'oeuvre Gravé. Preface: Michael Peppiatt. Art £20
Lucien Freud John Russell Art £10
Lucy Sprague Mitchell: The Making of a Modern Woman Joyce Antler Art £7
Lumieres D'outre - Manche - Light From Across the Channel. Ambroise, Guillaume Et Al Art £25
Lynn Chadwick. no author Art £10
Manet. Adler, Kathleen Art £15
Manet. Adler Kathleen Art £15
Manguin in America. Henri Manguin 1874-1949. Sutton, Denys Art £10
Mark Coreth Recent Sculpture. no author Art £10
Master Drawings by John Ruskin: Selections From the David Thomson Collection Paul H. Walton Art £20
Master Prints by Dine and Lichtenstein From the Lilja Collection. no author Art £20
Medieval Wall Paintings E. Clive Rouse Art £4.5
Memoir of the Life of William James Muller. N. Neal Solly. Art £50
Michelangelo His Life Work and Times. Murray. Linda Art £12.5
Michelangelo His Life Work and Times. Murray Linda Art £12.5
Monumental and Decorative Sculpture of Leningrad A. G. Raskin Art £12
Monuments of Medieval Art. Calkins G. Robert. Art £7.5
Museum Gertsch Franz. Art £15
Museums Discovered O Museu Calouste Gulbenkian. author not listed Art £15
New Zealand. Peter Mcintyre. Art £25
New Idyls. Gessner. Solomon Art £90
Noa Noa Paul Gauguin Art £6.5
Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Cambridgeshire: Fitzwilliam Museum ( Cat:) no author Art £20
Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in East Sussex ( Cat: ) no author Art £20
Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Kent ( Cat: ) no author Art £20
Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in Norrfolk ( Cat: ) no author Art £20
On the Elgin Marbles William Hazlitt, Tom Paulin (Foreword) Art £6.5
Oscar Rabin-Three Lives - the Retrospective Exhibition, no author Art £35
Painting and Poetry: Turner's Verse Book and His Work of 1804-1812 Wilton, Andrew. Art £7
Patrick Heron. author not listed Art £20
Patronage of British Art, an Historical Sketch : Comprising an Account of the Rise and Progress of Art and Artists in London. Pye, John Art £15
Paul Klee: Masterpieces of Art Susie Hodge Art £8
Pedagogical Sketchbook Paul Klee Art £8
Pembrokeshire County History Vol 111 Davies Elwyn and Howells Brian Elwyn. Art £25
Phiz ! Brown-Buchanan John. Art £15
Picasso - Gemalde 1950-60. no author Art £15
Picasso at 90: The Late Work. Klaus Gallwitz Art £35
Picasso. Di Renato Guttuso Art £15
Pisanello: Painter to the Renaissance Court. author not listed Art £15
Pissarro in Venezuela: Works in Venezuelan Collections of Camille Pissarro's Venezuelan Oeuvre (1852-1854) = La Obra Venezolana De Camille Pissarro en Collecciones De Venezuela (1852-1854) Carnevali, Lizarralde, Calzadilla Et Al. Art £35
Polite Society by Arthur Devis, 1712-1787. Portraits of the English Country Gentleman and His Family. John Hayes Art £5
Political Paintings of Merlyn Evans no author Art £4
Pop Art: A Continuing History. Livingstone, Marco. Art £15
Portraits by Augustus John: Family, Friends and the Famous. Evans, Mark L. Art £25
Prehistoric Painting no author Art £7
Prints : History of an Art. Michel Melot Et Al Art £15
Prospects for the Nation: Recent Essays in British Landscape, 1750-1880 Ed. Rosenthal, Payne & Wilcox Art £15
Queen Victoria's Sketchbook Victoria Art £5
Rachel Nicholson. Wilkinson Alan Art £30
Ralph Brown - Sculpture and Drawings. Dennis Farr Et Al Art £12
Rembrandt the Master & His Workshop: Paintings Brown, Christopher Art £15
Rembrandt as a Draughtsman. Otto Benesch. Art £10
Rembrandt by Himself. author not listed Art £30
Rembrandt's Eyes Schama, Simon. Art £15
Rembrandt's Eyes. Simon Schama Art £15
Rembrandt's Women. Lloyd Williams, Julia. Art £12
Renaissance Master Bronzes From the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford: The Fortnum Collection Warren, Jeremy. Art £50
Reynolds Ed. Nicholas Penny Art £7.5
Reynolds. J. P. Hodin. Art £25
Richard & Maria Cosway: Regency Artists of Taste and Fashion Lloyd, Stephen Art £10
Roman and Palaeochristian Painting no author Art £7
Romantic Landscape: The Norwich School of Painters David Blayney Brown, Andrew Hemming & Anne Lyles Art £15
Romanticism Honour, Hugh. Art £5
Royal Arts of Africa: The Majesty of Form Blier, Suzanne Preston. Art £12.95
Rubens: Selected Drawings With an Introduction and a Critical Catalogue (2 Vols) Julius S. Held Art £25
Ruskin and Tuscany. author not listed Art £10
Ruskin, Bembridge, and Brantwood: The Growth of the Whitehouse Collection Dearden, James S. Art £12.95
Samuel Prout, 1783-1852 Lockett, Richard. Art £10
Samuel Rogers and William Gilpin: Their Friendship and Correspondance. Carl Paul Barbier Art £5
Scenes and Signs on Glass. Whistler. Laurence Art £20
Sculpture 1957 no author Art £10
Selected Wood-Cuts by Tan Tee Chie Tan Tee Chie Art £150
Self -Development in Drawing. Beck Walter Art £15
Shingu - Message From Nature. Susumu Shingu, Restany, Pierre, Piano, Renzo and Giovannini, Joseph. Art £30
Sir Alfred Munnings 1878 - 1959 an Appreciation of the Artist and a Selection of His Paintings Booth, Stanley. Art £35
Sir David Wilkie of Scotland, 1785-1841 Miles & Blayney Brown Art £15
Sir David Wilkie: 1785-1841 Miles, Hamish Art £15
Sir Joshua Reynolds. A Personal Study Derek Hudson Art £7.5
Sir Thomas Monnington 1902-1976 Intro. Peyton Skipwith Art £20
Sir William Quiller Orchardson R. A. William R. Hardie Art £5
Sir William Rothenstein 1872-1945. A Centenary Exhibition Fwd. John Thompson Art £15
Sir William Russell Flint - Appreciations 1914 - 63 no author Art £12
Sirani- 28 Drawings and Sketches for Fiat. Text by Francesco Gallo and Angelo Mistrangelo. Art £20
Sketches by Samuel Prout in France, Belguim, Germany Italy and Switzerland. Edited by Charles Holme Text by Ernest G. Halton. Art £15
So Many Brilliant Talents. Ronni Baer Art £10
Spanish Painting Andras Szekely, Art £9.5
St Ives 1939-64. Twenty Five Years of Painting, Sculpture and Pottery. Introduction by David Lewis Art £30
Steel-Engraved Book Illustration in England Hunnisett Basil Art £12.5
Sublime & Instructive. Letters From John Ruskin to Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford, Anna Blunden and Ellen Heaton. Ed. Virginia Surtees Art £12
Sven Berlin: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture Berlin, Sven. Art £15
The Union of Youth : An Artists' Society of the Russian Avant-Garde. Howard, Jeremy. Art £25
The Art of George Stubbs. Venetia Morrison Art £12
The Brancacci Chapel, Florence. author not listed Art £10
The Conditions of Success - How the Modern Artist Rises to Fame. Bowness Alan Art £20
The Critical Writings of Adrian Stokes. In Three Volumes. 3 1955-1967 Adrian Stokes Art £125
The Drawings of Romney. no author Art £12
The Encyclopedia of Ephemera: A Guide to the Fragmentary Documents of Everyday Life for the Collector, Curator, and Historian Rickards, Maurice Art £25
The Face of Britain - the Nation Through Its Portraits. Schama. Simon Art £12
The Forbes Collection of Victorian Pictures and Works of Art. no author Art £25
The Lives of the Surrealists. Desmond Morris Art £15
The Pursuit of the Real: British Figurative Painting From Sickert to Bacon author not listed Art £12
The Watercolours of Ireland. Crookshank Anne and Knight of Glin Art £35
The Aesthetic Movement and the Cult of Japan Eds. Durant and Oorthuys Art £15
The Age of Hogarth: British Painters Born 1675-1709. Einberg Elizabeth. Art £25
The Armand Hammer Collection. Sutton, Walker, Donahue. Art £7.5
The Art Atlas of Britain & Ireland. Bruce Arnold Art £10
The Art of Magna Graecia. Greek Art in Southern Italy and Sicily Ernest Langlotz Art £10
The Art of the Old West: From the Collection of the Gilcrease Institute Rossi, Paul A. Art £7
The Artists of the Yellow Book & the Circle of Oscar Wilde. H. Montgomery Hyde Art £20
The Bard Brothers. The Mariners' Museum in Collaboration With Anthony J. Peluso, Jr Art £10
The Blue Rider-Group Intro: H. K. Rothel Art £5
The Bonington Circle: English Watercolour and Anglo-French Landscape, 1790-1855 author not listed Art £10
The Bristol School of Artists. Francis Danby and Painting in Bristol 1810-1840 Francis Greenacre Art £10
The Catalogue of a Centenary Memorial Exhibition of John Constable, R. A. : His Origins and Influences Percy Moore Turner & Hon. Andrew Shirley Art £20
The Complete Paintings of Raphael Coce & De Vecchi Art £8
The Complete Van Gogh Paintings, Drawings, Sketches Hulsker, Jan Art £30
The Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art: Treatment, Repair and Restoration author not listed Art £12
The Development of Australian Sculpture, 1788-1975. Graeme Sturgeon Art £12.5
The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists Up to 1920 H. L. Mallalieu. Art £14
The Discovery of the Lake District, 1750-1810: A Context for Wordsworth Peter Bicknell & Robert Woof Art £10
The Drawings of Paul and Thomas Sandby in the Collection of His Majesty the King at Windsor Castle A. P. Oppe Art £5
The Drawings of Thomas Rowlandson in the Paul Mellon Collection John Basket and Dudley Snelgrove Art £15
The Engraved Work of George Stubbs 1724-1806: An Exhibition Curated by the British Sporting Art Trust Nicholas Price & Dr. Robert Fountain. Art £20
The Existential Englishman: Paris Among the Artists. Michael Peppiatt Art £15
The Fine and Decorative Art Collections of Britain and Ireland. Written and Edited by Jeannie Chapel and Charlotte Gere; With an Introduction by Sir John Summerson Art £10
The Fine and Decorative Art Collections of Britain and Ireland. Written and Edited by Jeannie Chapel and Charlotte Gere; With an Introduction by Sir John Summerson Art £12.5
The Forgotten Fifties. John Berger, John Bratby Et Al. Art £15
The History of Illuminated Manuscripts Christopher De Hamel Art £20
The History of Impressionism. Rewald John Art £12
The Idea of Landscape and the Sense of Place: 1730 - 1840; An Approach to the Poetry of John Clare Barrell, John Art £30
The Illustrations of William Makepeace Thackeray [Edited By] John Buchanan-Brown Art £12.5
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The Portraits of Goya no author Art £25
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The Renaissance I no author Art £7
The Renaissance Ii no author Art £7
The School of London: The Resurgence of Contemporary Painting Hicks, Alistair. Art £10
The Search for the Picturesque: Landscape Aesthetics and Tourism in Britain, 1760-1800 Andrews, Malcolm. Art £45
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The Works of Albert Goodwin - Oscar and Peter Johnson Ltd Exhibition. no author Art £15
The Works of Alfred Stevens: Sculptor, Painter, Designer, in the Tate Gallery Kenneth Romney Towndrow Art £5
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This Other Eden- British Paintings From the Paul Mellon Collection at Yale. Warner. Malcom & Alexander Marciari Julia Art £10
Title Xviiith Century no author Art £7
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Turner and Dr. Whitaker Ed. Susan Bourne Art £7.5
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Turner and the Bible. Mordechai Omer Art £5
Turner at the Bankside Gallery Malcolm Fry Art £5
Turner in the Alps - 1802 David Blayney Brown Art £8
Turner's Sketchers and Drawings. Finberg A. J. Art £15
Turner's Human Landscape. Eric Shanes. Art £5
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Turner, the Second Decade: Watercolours and Drawings From the Turner Bequest 1800-1810 Upstone, Robert. Art £7.5
Turner. Drawings, Watercolours and Oil Paintings no author Art £20
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Two Hundred Years of New Zealand Painting. Docking, Gil Art £35
Victor Pasmore Exhibition Catalogue. no author Art £20
Victorian Painters - Vol Iv Wood, Christopher Art £15
Victorian Painters - Historical Survey and Plates. Wood Christopher Art £15
Victorian Outsider Mccmullen Roy Art £5
Victorian Photography, Painting and Poetry: The Enigma of Visibility in Ruskin, Morris and the Pre-Raphaelites Lindsay Smith Art £50
Vitamin D - New Perspectives in Drawing. author not listed Art £45
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Whistler Lithographs - an Illustrated Catalogue Raisonne. Compiled and Edited by Mervyn Levy. Art £15
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Whistler: A Retrospective Whistler, James Mcneill Art £7.99
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William Evans of Bristol (1809-1858) Introduction: Francis Greenacre Art £10
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Yves Tanguy. James Thrall Soby. Art £10
A Sense of Ireland. Oliver Simon British Topography £8.5
A Calendar of Letters Relating to North Wales. Edited by B. E. Howells British Topography £20
A History of Monmouthshire Part 11 the Hundred of Abergavenny. Joseph Alfred Bradney. British Topography £125
A History of Staffordshire. author not listed British Topography £10
A Mousehole Man's Life Story. John J. Pender. British Topography £12
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A Year in the Life of Wimbledon. Jackson Joanna. British Topography £10
A Bibliography of Printed Works Relating to Wiltshire 1920-1960. Green M. A. Rosemary British Topography £12
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A Topographical Dictionary of County Kildare on 1837. Mario Corrigan Et Al British Topography £9
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Antiquarian and Topographical Remains of the Most Interesting Objects of Curiosity in Great Britain - in Two Volumes. no author British Topography £100
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Barry: The Centenary Book. author not listed British Topography £12
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Cardiff Yesterday No. 23 Williams. Stewart British Topography £25
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Cardiff Yesterday No. 22 Williams. Stewart British Topography £25
Cardiff Yesterday No. 7 Williams. Stewart British Topography £25
Cardiff Yesterday No. 16 Williams. Stewart British Topography £25
Cardiff Yesterday No. 20 Williams. Stewart British Topography £25
Cardiff Yesterday No. 6 Williams. Stewart British Topography £25
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Francis Frith's Down the Thames. Martin Andrew, British Topography £7.5
Fuller's Worthies Barber Richard British Topography £9.5
Glamorgan Early Castles - an Inventory of the Ancient Monuments in Glamorgan author not listed British Topography £30
Glamorgan Historian Volume 2 Williams Stewart British Topography £12
Glamorgan Historian Volume 8 Williams Stewart British Topography £10
Guide to the Hertfordshire Record Office no author British Topography £15
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Hall of Flagons - the Tale of a Suffolk Village During the Last 100 Years. Tony Clayton. British Topography £12
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Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire. no author British Topography £50
Kelly's Directory of Dorsetshire - 1927. no author British Topography £35
Kelly's Directory of Edgware and Neighbourhood. no author British Topography £50
Lakeland Discovered Slack M British Topography £4.5
Lancashire and the Pennines. Singleton Frank British Topography £10
London 800 - 1216: The Shaping of a City. Christopher Brooke Assited by Gillian Keir. British Topography £25
London - World City, 1800-1840. author not listed British Topography £15
London's Lost Route to Portsmouth. P. A. L. Vine British Topography £20
London. John Russell British Topography £10
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Maps of Medieval Thought: The Hereford Paradigm. Kline, Naomi Reed British Topography £15
Markings. Maxwell Mackenzie British Topography £15
Medieval South Yorkshire. David Hey. British Topography £25
Merseyside a Scientific Survey. no author British Topography £12
Merthyr Tydfil Iron Metropolis: Life in a Welsh Industrial Town. Strange. Keith British Topography £45
Morganiae Archaiographia: A Book of the Antiquities of Glamorganshire. Merrick, Rice British Topography £10
Mysterious Britain. no author British Topography £4.5
Nicholson's Guide to the Thames - From Source to Sea. Robert Nicholson - Edited by Paul Atterbury. British Topography £15
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Northamptonshire Past & Present Vol 3 - 1960-1965 Isham Gyles British Topography £12
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Old Rhyl. Thompson. Trefor British Topography £15
Old Barry in Photographs author not listed British Topography £10
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Old Hay in Pictures and Prints. Eric Pugh British Topography £20
Oxford, It's Story for a Thousand Years Including a Day in Oxford and What to See. Henry W. Taunt. British Topography £20
Oxfordshire Mee Arthur British Topography £8.5
People of Sussex no author British Topography £15
Place Names of Penarth. Thorne. R. A. British Topography £20
Powell Maesgwynne: Philanthropist, Sporting Great and Radical Hero. Denley Owen. British Topography £12
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Reformation and Revival in Eighteenth-Century Bristol Vol Xlv. Edited by Johnathan Barry and Kenneth Morgan. British Topography £20
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Ross-on-Wye Heather Hurley British Topography £3
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Scotland's Stone of Destiny. Nick Aitchison. British Topography £20
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The Place Names of Lincolnshire Part 3 Cameron . K Et Al British Topography £20
The Place- Names of Gloucestershire. Smith A. H. British Topography £50
The Place-Names of Westmorland. Smith A. H. British Topography £35
The Public Markets of the City of London Surveyed by William Leybourn in 1677. Betty R. Masters. British Topography £15
The Roads of Devon & Cornwall. Francis Bennett. British Topography £20
The Romance of the Road. Aldin Cecil British Topography £9
The Story of Newcastle Emlyn and Atpar to 1531. Rev. Gruffydd Evans. British Topography £25
The Thames From Mouth to Source. L. T. C. Rolt British Topography £14
The Tower 1078- 1978 Derek Wilson British Topography £10
The Transactions of the Radnorshire Society - Vol Lxix no author British Topography £8.5
The Vale-Royal of England or the County Palatine of Chester. P. Timmis Smith British Topography £20
The Victoria History of the Counties of England. no author British Topography £45
Tour in Monmouthshire. Coxe William British Topography £75
Trevors of Trevalyn and Their Descendants. Enid Sophia Jones. British Topography £100
Turning Point - the Story of Kirby Le Soken, Essex. Johnson, Irene British Topography £15
Walking the Wall. Hopkins Tony British Topography £12
Warwickshire - Shell Guide. Hickman, Douglas. British Topography £12
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Welsh Antiquity. Edited by George C. Boon & J. M. Lewis British Topography £10
Welsh Housing and Development Yearbook 1924 Thomas British Topography £15
Who's Who in Wales. Edited by Arthur Mee. British Topography £25
Wild Pennines Mitchell W. R. British Topography £8
Willynilly to the Baltic. Seymour John British Topography £65
Witley Court Worcestershire- Catalogue of the Remaining Contents of the Mansion. no author British Topography £25
Worcestershire Place Names W. H. Duignan. British Topography £12
Ynysybwl: In the Footsteps of Glanffrwd. David James Rees. British Topography £50
2 Vol the Bartimaes Trilogy Jonathan Stroud Children £4.5
20,000 Leagues Underthe Sea Jules Verne Children £10
3 Vol Alfred Knopp Rick Yancey Children £6
3 Vol Heidi, Heidi Grows Up & Heidi's Children Johanna Spyri, Charles Tritten. Children £25
3 Vol Nurse Matilda Christianna Bran, Edward Ardizzone Children £13.5
3 Vol Ranger's Apprentice John Flanagan Children £8.5
3 Vol the Fairies of Starshine Meadow Bloom, Kate Children £5.5
3 Vol the Snow Spider Jenny Nimmo Children £7.5
4 Vol Enchanted Forest Chronicles Patricia C. Wrede Children £10
6 Vol Minecraft Gamer's Novel Mark Cheverton Children £15
7 Vol the Chronicles of Narnia Box Set C. S. Lewis Children £15.5
8 Vol Saxby Smart Private Detective Simon Cheshire Children £15
A Apple Pie Kate Greenaway Children £10
A Book of Discoveries John Masefield Children £10
A Book of Plays for Children Margery Barfield and Others Children £10
A Child's Book of Dogs Luis M Henderson Children £7.5
A Child's Garden of Verses Robert Louis Stevenson Children £15
A Day in the Life of Petronella Pig Tatjana Hauptmann Children £25
A Horse to Remember Genevieve Torrey Eames Children £8
A Little Curiosity Emma Marshall Children £12
A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare ; Illustrated by Kevin Maddison Children £15
A Pony for Jean Anne Bullen Children £8
A Third Book of British Birds and Their Nests Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald Children £13
Abc in Dixie. A Plantation Alphabet Louise Quarles Bonte and George Willard Bonte Children £1000
Aesop's Fables Aesop Children £50
Ahmed and the Magic Carpet Kiko Children £14
Albert and Balbus and Samuel Small Written and Performed by Marriott Edgar Children £25
Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll Children £250
Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll, John Tenniel (Ills) Children £50
Alice's Adventure's Under Ground Lewis Carroll Children £360
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll Children £28
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll Children £35
Alphabet Fun Ken Woodward Children £22.5
Animal Lore and Disorder James Riddell Children £12
Arctic (Animal Homes) Robert Burton Children £50
Arthur and His Knights Christine Chaundler Children £30
Auld Drainie and Brownie by the Author of "Rob Lindsay & His School" a Reminiscence of 70 Years Ago no author Children £14
Babes in Toyland Glen Maddonough and Anna Alice Chapin Children £70
Be Brave Little Noddy! Enid Blyton Children £15
Beasts and Saints Helen Waddell (Translator) Robert Gibbings (Illustrator) Children £15
Bedtime Story Book no author Children £5
Bevis the Story of a Boy, Vol 1 & 3 Richard Jefferies Children £350
Biggles Forms a Syndicate Captain W. E. Johns Children £20
Biggles in Mexico Capt. W. E. Johns Children £30
Biggles Presses On Captain W. E. Johns Children £20
Biggles Take a Holiday W. E. Johns Children £20
Black Beauty Anna Sewell Children £30
Black Harry or Lost in the Bush Robert Richardson Children £80
Boody the Great Goblin and Other Stories Enid Blyton Children £8
Bookano Stories 'With Pictures That Spring Up in Model Form' S. Louis Giraud (Ed) Children £35
Bookano Stories No 11 no author Children £12
Boys and Girls of Other Days John Finnemore Children £10
Bulgy in Wombolia 'Roddy' or Roderick Maude-Roxby Children £15
Bullying Elliott, Michele. Children £2.5
Capturing the Golden Bird Sandra Laroche Children £12
Caravan Island E. H. Young Children £25
Catriona and the Grasshopper Bryan Guinnes and Roland Pym Children £50
Challenge to Lassie William Ludwig (Screen Play Writer) Children £8
Chicks' Own Annual 1957 A. White Children £5
Cinderella From Grimm's Fairy Tales Ruth Elsasser (Ills), Grimm Children £35
Coldharbour Cliff Frances B. Clark, Iillustratedby Graham Byfield Children £10
Collins' Children's Annual no author Children £40
Combat Picture Annual 1962 no author Children £7
Comic Cartoon Annual no author Children £6
Daddy Darwin's Dovecot and Other Stories Juliana Horatia Ewing Children £12
Danger for Trudy Jan Peters Children £7
David Farlow Takes the Air Pelham Groom Children £8
Dilbert in the Middle East Kate Robertson Children £6
Dimsie Intervenes Dorita Fairlie Bruce Children £50
Dog Nelson A. B Gordon Cambell Children £16
Droll Doings Cockiolly Bird Children £45
Fairy Tales Margaret Tarrant Children £12.5
Farmer Duck Waddell, Martin and Oxenbury, H Children £11
Flamingo Feather Laurens Van Der Post Children £15
Flower Fairies of the Autumn Cecily Mary Barker Children £20
For Your Delight an Anthology for Children Ethel L Fowler(ed) Children £6
Four and Twenty Kickabouts John Lea Illustrated by J R Monsell Children £80
Fourpenny Fair Jane Shaw Children £30
Gimlet's Oriental Quest W. E. Johns Children £10
Girls Crystal Annual 1951 no author Children £7.5
Grandfather's Courtship a Christmas Story Henry Lawson Children £6.5
Great Grandmother Goose Helen Cooper; Illustrated by Krystyna Turska Children £10
Grimms Fairy Tales Brother Grimm, Anne Anderson (Ills), a H Watson (Ills) Children £25
Gwili the Story of a Baby Welsh Dragon Dilys M Daniel Children £18
Happy Children no author Children £15
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone J. K. Rowling Children £50
Have You Seen My Lunch Box Steve Light Children £4.5
Heather the Second May Wynne Children £12
House at the Corner Enid Blyton Children £15
Hurrah for the O-Pom-Pom Agnes Grozier Herbertson Children £20
In Search of Unicorns Susannah York, Wendy Hall (Ills) Children £20
Jandy Mac Comes Back E. J. Oxenham Children £10
Jane's Lonely Donkey Jill Stevens Children £12
Jeremy's Day in the Country A. J. Macgregor Children £62
Johann the Woodcarver Gilmore Wood Children £32
Josephine a Fairy Thriller Geoffrey Mure Children £250
Josephine Goes Shopping Mrs H C Cradock Children £60
Josephine is Busy Mrs H. C. Cradock, Honor C Appleton (Ills) Children £25
Just Around the Corner Leland B. Jacobs Children £50
Kate Greenaway Wall Frieze Kate Greenaway Children £8.5
Kidnapped R L Stevenson Children £10
Kites and Dragons Muriel R Wray Children £6
Lamps and Candles Ray Mitchell, Drawings by Christopher Chamberlain Children £10
Land and Sea Tales for Scouts and Guides Rudyard Kipling Children £38
Lean Out of the Window Chosen by Liba Taconis, Illustrated by Kiddell-Monroe Children £60
Lewis Carroll Walter De La Mare Children £10
Little Ann and Other Poems Jane and Ann Taylor Children £18
Little Wide-Awake, an Anthology of Voctorian Children's Books and Periodicals Leonard De Vries (Ed) Children £10
Loyalist Baird, Frank Children £40
Lucy Mouse Keeps a Secret Jane Pilgrim Children £8.5
Map of Greyfriars School, Friardale, Kent Frank Richards Children £15
Maria Molina and the Days of the Dead Kathleen Krull; Illustrated by Enrique O. Sanchez Children £30
Memoirs of a Fir-Tree the Life of Elsa Tannenbaum Rachel Ferguson Children £12.5
Mercedes Ice Phillip Ridley Children £20
Merrileas Family O. L Rice Children £8
Merry Ever After Joe Lasker, Writer and Illustrator Children £20
Micky Mouse Annual 1947 Children £10
Midge L E Tiddeman Children £15
Minnie Cleans Up: A Puppet Book no author Children £10
Mishka and the White Reindeer Alfred Wood Children £10
Modern Fairy Stories R. L. Green Children £60
More Rupert Adventures Illustrated by Allfred Bestall Children £20
Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You? Dr Seuss's Book of Wonderful Noises Dr Seuss Children £300
Mrs Moore in Space Gertrude L Moore Children £15
Muffin the Mule Annette Mills, Molly Blake (Ills) Children £18
My Annette Mills Gift Book Annette Mills Children £12
My Brimful Book Dana Bruce Children £18.5
My Many Coloured Days Dr. Seuss Children £40
My Own Stories Alcott Ruth Norman Children £15
Mystery and Adventure Stories for Boys Eric Duthie Children £15
Nibs in Clover Ethel Nokes Children £10
Nicholas Thomas the Naughty Kitten Kitty Styles Children £10
Nobody's Perfect Jacqueline Wilson Children £40
Noddy and Tessie Bear Enid Blyton, Illustrations by Robert Lee Children £5
Noddy at the Seaside Enid Blyton, Pictures by Beek Children £20
Noddy's Own Nursery Rhymes Enid Blyton Children £15
Northmead Nuisance Jane Shaw Children £170
On'y Tony and the Dragon Brenda Elizabeth Spender Children £7
Open Air Scrap Book for Boys and Girls Malcolm Saville Children £10
Our Animal Friends Harry Golding Children £55
Our Wondrous World P. A. Barons Children £5
Outlaws of the Air Captain Frank H Shaw Children £10
Owen's Second Story Book Lisa Lee Children £15
Oxus in Summer Katherine Hull & Pamela Whitlock Children £55
Peggy and Paul and Laddy Mary Jane Carr Children £12
Peter and Wendy J M Barrie Children £400
Peter Parley's Annual no author Children £10
Peter Piper and Other Bedtime Stories Helen Lamb Children £20
Pinky and Perky Picture Story Book (Pinky and Perky) Children £20
Pollyhester: The Footballer and the Lure of Brands. The Second Fashion Fable Verity,Louise Children £7.5
Pompi Renate Melinsky Children £15
Popular Story Book no author Children £12
Postman Joe Jane Pilgrim Children £8.5
Prince Foamytail or Professor Tovey's Invention James Kenward Children £40
Rain in Arnhem Land Ann E. Wells Children £7.5
Return to Mars Captain W E Johns Children £6
Rites of Passage William Golding Children £15
River Holiday E H Young Children £65
Robin Companion to Eagle and Girl - volumes11,12 and 13 Featuring Andy Pandy no author Children £178
Rupert and Bill Badger's Picnic Party author not listed Children £7.5
Santa Claus in Summer Campion Mackenzie Children £20
Scamp Enid Blyton, Pierre Probst Children £25
Scarecrow Sambo Grace Couch Children £45
Seven for a Secret (Never to Be Told) (Signed by the Author) Clive Woodall, Children £10
Seventh Brer Rabbit Book Enid Blyton Children £50
Sheridan: The Track of a Comet (Sheridan). Madeleine Bingham Children £7.5
Short Sorties W. E. Johns Children £100
Silver Snaffles Primrose Cumming Children £50
Sindibad's First Voyage Bryan Ward Children £22
Sir Titus Salt and George Moore James Burnley Children £20
Smike and Dotheboys Hall and Other Stories Dickens, Angela Mary Children £10
Smiler C Gifford Ambler Children £6
Stories About the Floppo Woppo Mary Raymond Children £10
Stories of the Fishfolk Arthur Fripp Children £15
Storm Nelson and the Sea Leopard, an Eagle Novel Edward Trice Children £12
Strangers at the Abbey Elsie J. Oxenham Children £30
Strangers at the Abbey Elsie Oxenham Children £10
Struwwelpeter Dr Heinrich Hoffmann Children £15
Sunnylea Jean Metcalfe Children £4
Sweet William Richmal Crompton, Illustrated by Tomas Henry Children £100
Tasmanian Adventure Shepherd, Catherine Children £10
Teddy Tail Annual Further Adventures With the Famous Children's Character From the Daily Mail no author Children £7
That Lass O' Lowries Mrs F H Burnett Children £6.5
That Little Limb May Baldwin, Illustrated by Mable Lucy Attwell Children £25
The "What Shall We Do?" Books No. 2 Parlour Games no author Children £12
The Adventures of Frankie and Jessie Jean Simpson Children £12
The Air Scout: A Story of National Defence Herbert Strang Children £15
The Ambermere Treasure Malcolm Saville Children £50
The Arpino Assignment Trease, Geoffrey Children £7.5
The Battle of the Rafts H H Boysen Children £15
The Bedtime Book Ames Mrs Ernest Children £140
The Beezer Book for Boys and Girls 1958 no author Children £25
The Bending of a Twig Desmond Coke Children £15
The Bobalink and Bunty Stories Violet M. Williams Children £8
The Book of Romance Andrew Lang Children £100
The Boy Who Sailed With Blake Kingston, William H. G. Children £15
The Boy's Own Annual no author Children £25
The Boy's Wireless Annual Michael Egan Children £40
The Boys of Waveney Robert Leighton Children £18
The Boys Own Nature Book W Percival Westell Children £6.5
The Brave Little Cowboy Rides Again! Ann Verrent Children £10
The Brave Little Explorer Ann Verrent Children £9.5
The Bravest of the Brave or With Peterborough in Spain G a Henty Children £80
The Bunty Book no author Children £55
The Burnchester Dome and the Sacred Cell Dominic Mieville, Children £10
The Chalet School Does It Again Elinor M. Brent-Dyer Children £100
The Changeling of Monte Lucio Violet Needham Children £15
The Children's Book of Saints F H Lee, Honor C Appleton (Ills) Children £15
The Children's Own Wonder Book no author Children £5
The Children's Own Wonder Book no author Children £15
The Childrens Uncle Remus F. H Pritchard Children £15
The col0ssus of Rhodes Caroline Lawrence, Children £5.5
The Complete Collection of Pictures and Songs Randolph Caldecott Children £200
The Complete Little Nemo in Slumberland Windsor Mckay, Edited and With an Introduction by Richard Marschall Children £400
The Condor Crags Adventure Elinor M. Brent Dyer Children £100
The Dancing Bear Peter Dickinson; David Smee (Illustrator) Children £17
The Down-Going of Orpheus Hawkins; A Children's Play David Clarke Children £5
The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus Quentin Blake & John Yeoman Children £50
The Fairy of Old Spain and Other Important People Mrs Rodolph Slawell Children £50
The Fifth Nature Book Susan and the Birds and Other Stories Enid Blyton Children £120
The Flying Poodle W. Suschitzky and Roland Collins Children £30
The Forest Children Natalie Joan Children £45
The Garden Stories for Children Lunky Lee Children £30
The Gay Dolphin Adventure Maclom Saville Children £15
The Gift of the Little People and Other Stories From Grimm W K Holmes Children £12
The Golden Age Kenneth Grahame Children £25
The Golden Book for Jolly Boys and Jolly Girls Ed Capt. Edric Vredenburg Children £45
The Golden Journey of Mr Paradyne William J. Locke, Illustrated by Marcia Lane Foster Children £8
The Great Auk Escape Peter Matthiessen Children £6.5
The Heart of Stone, a Fairy Tale Wilhem Hauff Children £12.5
The Honourable Sword Lewis, Mildred Children £20
The House Fairies Marion St. John Webb, Margaret W. Tarrant (Ills) Children £40
The House of Bricks Agnes Grozier Herbertson Children £45
The Hunting of the Snark Lewis Carroll, Henry Holiday (Illus), James Tanis (Ed) John Dooly (Ed) Children £25
The Hunting of the Snark; An Agony in Eight Fits Lewis Carroll, Illustrated by Quentin Blake Children £30
The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm Norman Hunter Children £120
The Intelligence Corps Saves the Island M. Frow Children £10
The Iron Pirate Max Pemberton, With Illustrations by Ellis Silas Children £10
The Japhet & Happy Annual J. F. Horrabin Children £35
The Japhet and Happy Annual J. F Horrabin, Kathleen Starr Children £12
The Jolly Christmas Postman Janet & Allen Ahlberg Children £18.5
The Jolly Jump - Ups, a Child's Garden of Verses With Six Pop - Up Pictures Robert Louis Stevenson Children £8.5
The Kate Gerenaway Book Bryan Holme Children £3.5
The Katy Kruse Dolly Book Rose Fyleman Children £45
The Ladybird Book of the Seashore and Seashore Life Nancy Scott Children £20
The Lion's Whelp at School Rowland Walker Children £15
The Lonely Island or the Refuge of the Mutineers R M Ballantyne Children £17
The Long Winter Laura Ingalls Wilder Children £25
The Magic Finger Roald Dahl Children £100
The Margaret Tarrant Story Book Margaret Tarrant Children £15
The Monster in the Brook Mary Isabel Hart Children £15
The Mystery of Bonne Nuit Bay Eileen Marsh Children £10
The New House Mistress Elinor M Brent-Dyer Children £12
The Nursery Landing Kate Wilson Children £6
The Nursery Rhymes of England James Orchard Halliwell Children £10
The Owl and the Pussycat Lear, Edward Children £8
The Perfect Schoolgirl Rose Henniker Heaton Children £38
The Peter Rabbit Theatre : Starring Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny Beatrix Potter Children £20
The Pilgrim's Progress Jean Watson, John Bunyan Children £10
The Pineridge Discoveries David Gaster Children £20
The Prarie Wagon Trail Walker, Raymond Children £9
The Queen of the Pirate Isle Bret Harte, Kate Greenaway Children £8
The Red Romance Book Andrew Lang (Ed) Children £90
The Red True Story Book Andrew Lang Children £15
The Rose and the Ring Mr M a Titmarsh Children £50
The Rupert Companion, a History of Rupert Bear Ian Robinson Children £40
The School at the Chalet Elinor M. Brent - Dyer Children £50
The School by the Sea Angela Brazil Children £50
The Schoolboy Caravanners Frank Richards Children £25
The Second Book of Lullaby Nursery Rhymes no author Children £20
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Bentley, Diana. Children £9
The Sheep-Pig Dick King-Smith Children £95
The Singing Wood Ladt Frazer Children £20
The St. Jim's Christmas Barring-Out Martin Clifford Children £20
The Story of Chanticleer Edmond Rostand, Florence Yates Hann (Translator) Children £18
The Sunday at Home Alcock, Bacon, Campbell Et Al Children £35
The Swedish Foster Brothers Mrs Woods Baker Children £10
The Swiss Family Robinson John Lovell Children £20
The Swiss Family Robinson or, the Adventures of a Shipwrecked Family on an Unihabited Island Near New Guinea Paull, Mrs H. B. Children £45
The Tempest William Shakespeare, Eric Kincaid Children £9.5
The Three Wise Men: Blandford's Very First Bible Stories Marjorie Procter Children £8
The Tinker of Bedford and the Book That He Wrote W Stanley Martin Children £10
The Tunnel Eric Williams Children £10
The Unexpected Journey Doris Estcourt Children £15
The Unicorn Alphabet Marianna Mayer, Michael Hague Children £15
The Water Babies Charles Kingsley Children £90
The Yellow Fairy Book Andrew Lang Children £100
The Yellow Raiders J M Downie Children £6.5
The Young John Wesley Joan Clifford Children £10
The Young Milton Mary Hobbs, Illustrations by Jeanette Giblin Children £10
The Young Moses Rosemary Haughton, With Illustrations by the Author Children £10
The Young Visitors, or Mr Salteena's Plan Dasiy Ashford, Preface by J M Barrie Children £8.5
Their First Formal Call Grace Macgowan Cooke Children £12
There's a Story to Tell; Stories for Children From the Old & New Testaments Blanche Winder Children £7.5
They Put Out to Sea the Story of the Map Roger Duvoisin Children £45
Third Year at Malory Towers Enid Blyton, Stanley Lloyd (Ills) Children £60
Thunderbirds the Target Angus P. Allan Children £35
Tinker; The Story of a Very Special Kitten Anne Gregory, Illustrated by Maury Children £10
To Find a Golden Pony Amanda Gavin Children £100
Toby Twirl Tales No. 2 - the Magic Wishing Well on the Farm Sheila Hodgetts Children £10
Tom Brown's School-Days An Old Boy Children £20
Tom Brown's Schooldays An Old Boy Children £10
Tom Kitten: A Puzzle Play Book Beatrix Potter Children £10
Tom the History of a Very Little Boy H Rutherfurd Russell Children £15
Tony Maxwell's Pluck Geraldine Mockler Children £20
Topper Pamela Macgregor - Morris Children £18
Topsy and Tim's Tuesday Book Jean and Gareth Adamson Children £5
Treasure Island: An All Colour Picture Book Robert Louis Stevenson Children £5
Tucker's Countryside George Selden; Illustrated by Garth Williams Children £10
Uncle Remus; His Songs and His Sayings Joel Chandler Harris Children £120
Uncle Tom's Cabin H B Stowe Children £10
Under the Window Greenaway, Kate. Children £5
Under the Window Greenaway, Kate. Children £5
Welcome, Josie, Click and Bun Enid Blyton Children £55
Westward Ho! Charles Kingsley Children £40
When the Stars Look Down E Dalrymple Children £20
When We Were Very Young A. A. Milne Children £120
Where is Susan? Jane Shaw Children £45
Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak Children £310
William and the Masked Ranger Richmal Crompton Children £50
William the Bad Richmal Crompton Children £18
William the Immortal, an Illustrated Biography David Schutte Children £8.5
William's Crowded Hours Richmal Crompton Children £30
Willie the Waif Minie Herbert Children £12.5
Willowmeads Isabel Crawford Children £10
Winged Might Percy F. Westerman Children £10
Won From the Sea E C Phillips Children £20
Wonderful Days Austin Latham Children £10
Worzel Gummidge or the Scarecrow of Scatterbridge Barbara Euphan Todd, Illustrated by Elizabeth Alldridge Children £65
Zeralda's Ogre Tomi Ungerer Children £50
A Book of Latin Verse H. W. Garrod Classical Literature £7
A Book of Latin Verse H. W. Garrod Classical Literature £6.5
A Commentary on Homer's Iliad: Books I-Iv M. M. Willcock Classical Literature £6.5
A Complete Greek and English Lexicon for the Poems of Homerand the Homeridae G. Ch. Crusius Classical Literature £15
A Dictionary of Classical Antiquities, Mythology, Religion, Literature and Art Syeffert, O. Classical Literature £30
A First Latin Grammar E. H. Scott, Frank Jones Classical Literature £5
A Handbook of Greek Literature: From Homer to the Age of Lucian H. J. Rose Classical Literature £5
A Handbook of Latin Literature H. J. Rose Classical Literature £3
A Handbook of Latin Literature (University Paperbacks) H. J. Rose Classical Literature £2
A History of Greek Literature Hadas, M. Classical Literature £10
A History of Latin Literature Hadas, M. Classical Literature £30
A History of Roman Literature W. S. Teuffel Classical Literature £25
A Latin Grammar: Simple and Complete With Middle Index R. S. Bate Classical Literature £2.5
A Progressive Course of Latin Unseens H. A. Henderson and C. W. Baty Classical Literature £5
A Smaller English-Latin Dictionary Sir William Smith Classical Literature £3
Advanced Latin Unseens Ed. Anthony Bowen Classical Literature £2
Aeneas Tacticus, Asclepiodotus, Onasander With an English Translation by Members of the Illinois Greek Club Classical Literature £20
Aeneid Book X A. Sidgwick Classical Literature £7
Aeneid Book X A. Sidgwick Classical Literature £5
Aeneid Book Xi A. Sidgwick Classical Literature £7
Aeneid Book Xi Virgil Classical Literature £6
Aeschines Orationes Fridericus Blass Classical Literature £4
An Introduction to Homer W. A. Camps Classical Literature £4
Ancient Culture and Society: The Stoics F. H. Sandbach Classical Literature £5
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (Everyman's Library) G N Garmonsway Classical Literature £5
Annalium Libri Xiii-Xvi [Latin Text] Cornelii Taciti Classical Literature £10
Annalium Liber I Cornelius Tacitus Classical Literature £8
Annals Book I Tacitus Classical Literature £10
Anthologia Veterum Latinorum Eprigrammatum Et Poematum 2 Vols. Meyerus, Henricus (Heinrich Meyer) Ed. Classical Literature £50
Aristotle's School of Philosophy Aristotle Classical Literature £3
Aspects of Greek Life: Greek Art and Architecture Kenneth Mcleish Classical Literature £3
Aspects of Greek Life: Greek Everyday Life Roger and Sarah Nichols Classical Literature £3
Athenaze: Volume 1 Maurice Balme Classical Literature £16.5
Book Xxi Edited Capes and Melhuish Livy Classical Literature £7
Books v, Vi and Vii Livy Classical Literature £15
Bradley's Arnold Latin Prose Composition Edited by J. F. Mountford Classical Literature £8.99
Caesar De Bell. Civ. 1. A. G. Peskett, M. A. Classical Literature £5
Caesar's Commentaries Books I. To Iv. On the Gallic War: A Literal Translation Caesar Classical Literature £3
Caesar: Gallic War, Book Ii - Text and Notes Allcroft and Masom Classical Literature £7
Caii Sallustii Crispi (For Use in Schools) Charles Merivale Classical Literature £3
Cambridge Latin Course Book Iii no author Classical Literature £9
Cambridge Latin Course Book Iv no author Classical Literature £9
Cambridge Latin Course Book V no author Classical Literature £9
Carminum Liber Iii Q. Horatius Flaccus Classical Literature £5
Cassell's Latin Dictionary (Latin-English and English-Latin) Revised by J. R. V. Marchant and Charles, J. F. Classical Literature £20
Catullus, Tibullus, and Propertius Davies, J. Classical Literature £5
Chance and Intelligence in Thucydides Lowell Edwards Classical Literature £12
De Natura Rerum. Libri Sex Lucretius Classical Literature £150
De Senecae Tragoediis Observationes Criticae Friedrich Leo Classical Literature £5
De Vita Agricolae Cornelius Tacitus Classical Literature £10
Della Casa Galateo R. S. Pine-Coffin Classical Literature £5.5
Demosthenes on the Peace, Second Philippic on the Chersonesus and Third Philippic (With Introduction and Critical and Explanatory Notes) Sir John Edwin Sandys Classical Literature £10
Dio's Roman History Vol. V. Dio Classical Literature £10
Early Latin Verse Lindsay, W. M. Classical Literature £15
English to Greek Lexicon Henry R. Hamilton Classical Literature £5
Epicurus and His Gods (Epicure Et Ses Dieux) A. J. Festugiere Classical Literature £5.5
Epigrammata Selecta: Secundum Recognitionem M. Val. Martialis Classical Literature £10
Epistularum Libri Novem. Epistularum Ad Traianum Liber. Panegyricus C. Plini Caecili Secundi Classical Literature £10
Essays Classical Myers, F. W. H. Classical Literature £8
Euripides Vol. I (Iphigeneia at Aulis, Rhesus, Hecuba, the Daughters of Troy, Helen) Arthur S. Way Classical Literature £6
Euripides: Plays (In Two Volumes) Vol. I Euripides (Ed. ) A. S. Way Classical Literature £5
Euripides: Scenes From Iphigenia in Aulis and Iphigenia in Tauris (Greek Texts) Euripides Classical Literature £3
Euripides: Scenes From Iphigenia in Aulis and Iphigenia in Tauris (Greek Texts) Euripides Classical Literature £3
Everyman's Classical Dictionary John Warrington Classical Literature £1.5
Fabulae Faciles: A First Latin Reading-Book of Continuous Stories (With Notes and a Vocabulary) F. Ritchie Classical Literature £10
From the Gracchi to Sulla (Lactor) D. L. Stockton Classical Literature £12
Gradatim J. G. F. Potter Classical Literature £8
Greece & Rome New Surveys in the Classics No. 20: Catullus John Ferguson Classical Literature £5
Greek Lyric Poetry: A Selection of Early Greek Lyric, Elegiac and Iambic Poetry David A. Campbell Classical Literature £15
Greek Melic Poets Herbert Weir Smyth Classical Literature £8.5
Greek Studies: A Series of Essays Walter Pater Classical Literature £5
Heroidum Epistulae Xiii P. Ovidii Nasonis (Ed. Evelyn S. Shuckburgh) Classical Literature £8
History of Classical Literature From the Beginnings to the End of the Hellenistic Age Rudolf Pfeiffer Classical Literature £20
History of the Peloponnesian War Thucydides Classical Literature £10
Homer C. M. Bowra Classical Literature £2.5
Homer's Iliad Walter Leaf Classical Literature £5.5
Homer's Iliad (Vol. 1) Edward Earl of Derby Classical Literature £10
Homer: Odyssey Ix Homer Classical Literature £4.5
Homer: Odyssey Ix (Greek Texts) Homer Classical Literature £10
Homeri Opera Vol. V Thomas W. Allen Classical Literature £15
Ilias & Odyssea [In Greek. 3 Volumes] Homer Classical Literature £2000
In L. Calpurnium Pisonem Oratio Cicero Classical Literature £50
Juvenal Satires: Fourteen Satires of Juvenal Edited by J. D. Duff Classical Literature £8
Juvenal: The Satires (With the Omission of Satires Ii. , Vi. , Ix. ) Juvenal. , (Ed. ) A. H. Allcroft Classical Literature £6
Kennedy's Revised Latin Primer Benjamin Kennedy Classical Literature £7
Latin Dictionary Alistair Wilson Classical Literature £3
Latin Explorations Kenneth Quinn Classical Literature £8
Latin Explorations: Critical Studies in Roman Literature Kenneth Quinn Classical Literature £10
Latin for Historians R. F. Glover; R. W. Harris Classical Literature £6
Latin for Historians R. F. Glover, R. W. Harris Classical Literature £5
Latin Historians (Greece & Rome: New Surveys in the Classics No. 27) C. S. Kraus & A. J. Woodman Classical Literature £10
Latin Prose Rhythm. A New Method of Investigation Broadhead, H. D. Classical Literature £20
Latin-Englishenglish-Latin Concise Dictionary Sebesta, Judith Lynn. Classical Literature £3.5
Lempriere's Classical Dictionary: Proper Names Cited by the Ancient Authors J. Lempriere, Classical Literature £15
Livy Books Xxi. And Xxii. Hannibal's First Campaign in Italy Rev. W. W. Capes Classical Literature £8
Logos Into Mythos: The Case of Gorgias' Encomium of Helen Soteroula Constantinidou Classical Literature £15
Lucretius on the Nature of Things Book 6 Lucretius. , (Ed. ) H. A. J. Munro Classical Literature £10
Lyricorum Graecorum Florilegium Fritz Wehrli Turicensis Classical Literature £5
Lysistrata (Plays for Performance Series) Aristophanes Classical Literature £4
M. Tulli Ciceronis Laelius De Amicitia James S. Reid Classical Literature £5
Materials and Models for Greek Prose Composition Sargent, J. Y. Classical Literature £12
Mediaeval Latin Lyrics Trans. Helen Waddell Classical Literature £3
Minimus Secundus Pupil's Book: Moving on in Latin Barbara Bell Classical Literature £10
Minos of Crete Sidney Keys Classical Literature £7
Nil Desperandum Eugene Ehrlich Classical Literature £3.5
Nil Desperandum: A Dictionary of Latin Tags and Phrases Eugene Ehrlich Classical Literature £3.5
Odyssey Vi & Vii Homer; With Notes and Vocabulary by G. M. Edwards Classical Literature £20
Oedipus, King of Thebes Sophocles, Translated by Gilbert Murray Classical Literature £5.99
Opera Vol Ii Part I no author Classical Literature £25
Opera Vol Ii Part Ii no author Classical Literature £25
Opera Vol Iii Part I no author Classical Literature £25
Opera Vol Iii Part Ii no author Classical Literature £25
Opera Vol Iv Part I no author Classical Literature £25
Opera Vol Iv Part Ii no author Classical Literature £25
Oratiunculae Oxonienses Selectae John G. Griffith Classical Literature £10
Ovid Amores I Ovid. , (Trans. ) John Barsby Classical Literature £6
Ovid Metamorphoses Iii Ovid. , (Trans. ) A. A. R. Henderson Classical Literature £8
P. Vergili Maronis: Bucolica Et Georgica Vergil Classical Literature £5
Plato's Apology of Socrates Plato (Eds. ) Harold Williamson Classical Literature £4
Plato's Euthyphro, Apology of Socrates and Crito Plato (Ed. ) John Burnet Classical Literature £15
Plato's Euthyphro, Apology of Socrates and Crito Plato (Ed. ) John Burnet Classical Literature £15
Plato: The Atlantis Story Timaeus 17-25 Critias Plato; (Ed. ) Christopher Gill Classical Literature £15
Plebs and Princeps Z. Yavetz Classical Literature £14
Plutarch and the Historical Tradition Stadter, Philip A. Editor Classical Literature £50
Plutarch: Life of Pericles A. J. Podlecki Classical Literature £6.5
Poetry and Criticism Before Plato Rosemary Harriott Classical Literature £5
Poetry and Myth in Ancient Pastoral Charles Segal Classical Literature £10
Pseudolus Noster C. W. E Peckett and A. R. Munday Classical Literature £7
Reading Latin Jones, P. V. Classical Literature £2.5
Reading Latin: Grammar, Vocabulary and Exercises Peter V. Jones,Keith C. Sidwell Classical Literature £4
Roman Verse and Satire (Greece and Rome: New Surveys in the Classics No. 23 ) Susan H. Braund Classical Literature £4
Samia Menander; (Ed. ) D. M. Bain Classical Literature £15
Scenes From Iphigenia in Aulis & Iphigenia in Tauris Euripides Classical Literature £5.5
Select Elegies of Propertius J. P. Postgate Classical Literature £6
Select Private Orations Part Ii Pro Phormione. . . . Demosthenes Classical Literature £5
Select Private Orations of Demosthenes, Part 1 F. A. Paley Classical Literature £6
Selections From Ovid With Notes and Vocabulary Charles William Dunmore Classical Literature £4
Selections From the Attic Orators: Antiphon, Andocides, Lysias, Isocrates, Isaeus R. C. Jebb Classical Literature £10
Selections From Tibullus (And Others) (Eds. ) J. P. Postgate Classical Literature £4
Self-Expression in Early Greek Lyric Elegiac and Iambic Poetry Odysseus Tsagarakis Classical Literature £7.5
Shakespeare: The Roman Plays Derek Traversi Classical Literature £3
Slect Letters of Seneca Walter C. Summers Classical Literature £8
Songs of the Wandering Scholars Waddell, H. Classical Literature £12
Sophocles: Oedipus Tyrannus (Plays in Production) Fiona Macintosh, Classical Literature £10
Sophocles: The Theban Plays Sophocles, Trans. E. F. Watling Classical Literature £4
Tacitus: Dialogus, Agricola, Germania E. Capps. , T. E. Page. , W. H. D. Rouse Classical Literature £10
Teach Yourself Latin (A Book of Self-Introduction in Latin) F. Kinchin Smith Classical Literature £3
Teacher's Handbook: Athenaze Volume I Maurice Balme Classical Literature £7.5
Texts to Illustrate a Course of Elementary Lectures on the History of Greek Philosophy From Thales to Aristotle Henry Jackson Classical Literature £3
Texts to Illustrate a Course of Elementary Lectures on the History of Greek Philosophy From Thales to Aristotle no author Classical Literature £4.5
The Aeneid of Virgil Virgil, Trans. C. Day Lewis Classical Literature £5
The Cambridge History of Classical Literature: Ii Latin Literature E. J. Kennedy. , W. V. Clausen Classical Literature £5
The Captivi of Plautus Plautus. , (Ed. ) W. M. Lindsay Classical Literature £10
The Civil War Caesar Classical Literature £4
The Classical Spirit G. M. Sargeaunt Classical Literature £6
The Comedies (Penguin Classics) Terence Classical Literature £10.99
The Complete Odes and Satires of Horace Translated, With Introduction and Notes by Sidney Alexander; With a Foreword by Richard Howard Classical Literature £7
The Eclogues and the Georgics Virgil Classical Literature £7.99
The Eclogues; And, Georgics (Oxford World's Classics (Paperback)) Virgil Classical Literature £7.99
The Eighth Book of Thucydides' History H. C. Goodhart Classical Literature £8
The Elegies of Propertius Books I-Iv (With an English Translation) H. E. Butler Classical Literature £10
The Elegies of Quintilius Russell, P. Classical Literature £6
The Epistles of Horace (Edited With Notes) Augustus S. Wilkins Classical Literature £5
The Fall of Athens Selected and Edited by Theodore Horn Classical Literature £20
The Festival of Adonis Being the Xvth Idyll of Theocritus. . . . [And] the Lament for Adonis. . . Theocritus. Bion Classical Literature £10
The First Philippic and Olynthiacs of Demosthenes John Edwin Sandys Classical Literature £10
The Fourth Book of Thucydides (Ed. With Notes) C. E. Graves Classical Literature £5
The Greek Chorus T. B. L. Webster Classical Literature £8
The Histories Books 1 and 2 [Latin Text] Tacitus Classical Literature £10
The Histories Book Iii Cornelius Tacitus; (Ed. ) Kenneth Wellesley Classical Literature £50
The Homeric Epics C. A. Trypanis Classical Literature £8
The Idylls and Epigrams Commonly Attributed to Theocritus (With English Notes) Herbert Kynaston Classical Literature £6
The Idylls and Epigrams Commonly Attributed to Theocritus (With English Notes) Herbert Kynaston Classical Literature £6
The Iliad of Homer (Classical Series) (12 Books) (English and Greek Edition) Homer Classical Literature £15
The Invention of Prose Simon Goldhill Classical Literature £6.5
The Language and Background of Homer G. S. Kirk Classical Literature £3.5
The Life of Cicero; Complete in 2 Vols. Anthony Trollope Classical Literature £80
The Lyric Genius of Catullus E. A. Havelock Classical Literature £12
The Metamorphoses of Ovid Book Xiii Charles Simmons Classical Literature £5
The Myth of Return in Early Greek Epic Douglas Frame Classical Literature £30
The Odyssey Francis Caulfield Classical Literature £10
The Orations of Cicero Against Catilina A. S. Wilkins (Eds. ) After Karl Halm Classical Literature £3.5
The Oresteia Gilbert Murray Classical Literature £5
The Oxford Book of Latin Verse no author Classical Literature £5
The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature Sir Paul Harvey Classical Literature £4
The Phaedo of Plato Harold Williamson Classical Literature £6
The Philippics of Demosthenes Evelyn Abbott. , P. E. Matheson Classical Literature £4
The Philippics of Demosthenes (Part I - Text) Evelyn Abbott; P. E. Matheson Classical Literature £5
The Poetics of Aristotle S. H. Butcher Classical Literature £3.5
The Public School Latin Grammar Benjamin Hall Kennedy Classical Literature £3.5
The Public School Latin Primer author not listed Classical Literature £10
The Republic of Plato Ernest Rhys Classical Literature £5
The Republic of Plato Ernest Rhys Classical Literature £5
The Revised Latin Primer Benjamin Hall Kennedy Classical Literature £5
The Revised Latin Primer Benjamin Hall Kennedy Classical Literature £5
The Satyr of Titus Petronius Arbiter Petronius (Trans. Burnaby) Classical Literature £10
The Satyricon of Petronius Paul Dinnage Classical Literature £4.5
The School of Salernum Sir John Harrington Classical Literature £4
The Scurra (Scottish Classical Studies) Philip B Corbett Classical Literature £5
The Secret History Procopius Classical Literature £10
The Shorter Latin Primer Benjamin Hall Kennedy Classical Literature £3
The Sixth Book of the Iliad Homer; (Eds. ) Walter Leaf, M. A. Bayfield Classical Literature £8
The Speech of Demosthenes Against the Law of Leptines John Edwin Sandys Classical Literature £10
The Speech of Demosthenes Against the Law of Leptines John Edwin Sandys Classical Literature £9
The Terence: The Comedies Terence,Betty Radice Classical Literature £10.99
The Trial and Death of Socrates F. J. Church Classical Literature £5
The Twelve Caesars Robert Graves Classical Literature £5
The Vocabulary of High School Latin Gonzalez Lodge Classical Literature £10
The Works of Horace Rendered Into English Prose Horace Classical Literature £10
The Works of Virgil John Dryden Classical Literature £4
The Works of Virgil Virgil. , (Trans. ) John Dryden Classical Literature £3
Thirteen Satires of Juvenal John E. B. Mayor M. A. Classical Literature £5
Thirteen Satires of Juvenal: Volume Ii John E. B. Mayor M. A. Classical Literature £3.5
Thucydides Book I Thucydides (Eds. ) E. C. Marchant Classical Literature £6.5
Thucydides Book Ii E. C. Marchant Classical Literature £10
Thucydides Book Ii Thucydides (Eds. ) E. C. Marchant Classical Literature £6.5
Thucydides Book Ii (Trans. ) Richard Shilleto Classical Literature £4
Thucydides Book Vii E. C. Marchant Classical Literature £5
Thucydides I C. Foster Smith Classical Literature £15
Titus Livius Book One H. E. Gould. , J. L. Whiteley Classical Literature £9
Variorum: A Greek Translation Book (Greek Language) J. J. Evans, J. M. Moore Classical Literature £3.5
Virgil Aeneid Ii A. Sidgwick, M. A. Classical Literature £3
Virgil Aeneid V Virgil. , (Trans. ) R. D. Williams Classical Literature £6
Virgil Aeneid, Book Ii A. H. Allcroft and T. R. Mills Classical Literature £5
Virgil Georgics I-Iv: Text and Notes Ed. F. G. Plaistowe Classical Literature £3.5
Virgil's Aeneid Book Xi A. Sidgwick Classical Literature £5
Virgil: Aeneid Xii (Latin Edition) (Bk. 12) Gould,H. ,Virgil,Whiteley,J. Classical Literature £10
Vox Graeca W. Sidney Allen Classical Literature £20
World Bibliographical Series Volume 17: Greece Thanos Veremis and Mark Dragoumis Classical Literature £10
Xenophon and Arrian on Hunting Xenophon. Arrian Classical Literature £10
[Lives] 7 Volumes Translated by J. And W. Langhorne Plutarch Classical Literature £100
[Works] 2 Vols. Prudentius Classical Literature £25
A Biographical Dictionary of English Women Writers, 1580-1720 Maureen Bell, George Parfitt, Simon Shepherd (Editors) Collections £15
A Book With Seven Seals: A Victorian Childhood Agnes Maud Davies Collections £5
A Childhood in Edwardian Sussex Hutchinson, Margaret Wiscamb. Collections £4
A Feather on the Tide Alison Wolff-Wilson Collections £5
A Girl Called Johnnie: Three Weeks in an Open Boat John Frayn Turner Collections £50
A Great-Niece's Journals Margaret S. Rolt Collections £18
A Late Beginner Napier, Priscilla Hayter. Collections £3
A Lot to Ask Holt, Hazel. Collections £8
A Material Girl Hubbard, Kate. Collections £3
A Memoir of Mrs. Augustus Craven Vol 1 & 2 Maria Catherine Bishop Collections £15
A Passion for Friendship Mcleod, Kirsty. Collections £9
A Pre-Raphaelite Circle Trevelyan, Raleigh. Collections £7
A Pride of Terrys Marguerite Steen Collections £5
A Religious Rebel - the Letters of "H. W. S. " Logan Pearsall Smith Collections £6
A Scatter of Memories Margaret Gardiner Collections £40
A Singular Woman - the Life of Geraldine Aves Phyllis Wilmott Collections £20
A Slender Reputation Kathleen Hale Collections £3
A Stranger in Paradise Chimes, Julie Collections £6
A Trouser-Wearing Character: The Life and Times of Nancy Spain Rose Collis Collections £20
A Woman of Wit and Wisdom. A Memoir of Elizabeth Carter One of the "Bas Bleu" Society (1717-1806) Alice C. C. Gaussen Collections £8
Ada Cambridge: Her Life and Work 1844-1926 Audrey Tate Collections £25
Alice Elgar: Enigma of a Victorian Lady Percy M. Young Collections £20
Alma Cogan: A Memoir Sandra Caron Collections £15
Amaryllis Fleming Fergus Fleming Collections £5.5
America's Joan of Arc: The Life of Anna Elizabeth Dickinson J. Matthew Gallman, Collections £5
America's Joan of Arc: The Life of Anna Elizabeth Dickinson J. Matthew Gallman, Collections £5
An Adventure: With a Preface by Edith Olivier and a Note by J. W. Dunne Anne Moberly, Edith Olivier, J. W. Dunne Collections £50
An Injured Queen: Vol 1&2 Caroline of Brunswick Lewis Melville Collections £30
As Once in May Antonia White Collections £3
As Others See Us: By the Author of Memories Discreet and Indiscreet A Woman of No Importance Collections £90
Ashcroft Tanitch, Robert. Collections £8
Atlantic Ordeal Elspeth Huxley Collections £10
Beatrice Webb's American Diary 1898 Beatrice Webb Collections £10
Beatrix Potter's Journal: Abridged With an Introduction by Glen Cavaliero Potter, Beatrix Collections £15
Beautiful and Beloved Roderic Owen With Tristan De Vere Cole Collections £5
Benefits Forgot G. B. Stern Collections £5
Bountiful Harvest L. Eirlys Williams Collections £16
British Women Go to War 49 Colour Photographs by P. G. Hennell J. B. Priestley, P. G. Hennell (Photographs) Collections £35
Bury Me in My Boots Sally Trench Collections £3
Call Back Yesterday Lady Charnwood Collections £5
Changing Faces: A Memoir of Louisa Lady Cohen Hannah F. Cohen Collections £15
Charlotte Haldane: Woman Writer in a Man's World Adamson, Judith. Collections £95
Child of the Tropics: Victorian Memoirs Bridges, Yseult Collections £22
Chronicle of the English Augustinian Canonesses Regular of the Lateran, at St Moncia's in Louvain, 1548-1625 Dom Adam Hamilton Collections £9
Climbing Days Dorothy Pilley Collections £25
Climbing the Stairs Margaret Powell Collections £5
Colonel Barker's Monstrous Regiment: A Tale of Female Husbandry Collis, Rose. Collections £3
Comedy Queens of the Georgian Era John Fyvie Collections £5
Coversations With Sylvia Kathleen Fisher Collections £9
Dame Christian Colet Mary L. Mackenzie Collections £8
Dame Louisa Aldrich-Blake Lord Riddell Collections £9
Damn Rebel Bitches: The Women of the 45 Craig, Maggie. Collections £10
Daughter of Wyedean and Kernow Jessie M. Stonham Collections £6
Deceived With Kindness - a Bloomsbury Childhood Angelica Garnett Collections £30
Diaries 1924 -1932 Beatrice Webb Collections £12
Dorothy Heathcote's Story: Biography of a Remarkable Drama Teacher Bolton, Gavin M. Collections £40
Dorothy Richardson: The Genius They Forgot John Rosenberg Collections £3
Dorothy Wordsworth Edmund Lee Collections £7
Dr. John Brown & His Sister Isabella E. T. M'l. Collections £8
Duty and Citizenship: The Correspondence and Papers of Violet Markham Helen Jones Collections £18
Early Days Recalled Janet Ross Collections £30
Edith Evans Jean Batters Collections £4
Eleanor Ormerod, Ll. D. Economic Entomologist. Autobiography and Correspondence Robert Wallace (Ed) Collections £15
Eleanor Rathbone Johanna Alberti Collections £7
Elizabeth and Ivy Robert Liddell Collections £20
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Irene Cooper Willis Collections £6
Elizabeth Barrett Browning: In Her Letters Percy Lubbock Collections £5
Elizabeth Ham by Hersefl 1783-1820 Eric Gillett Collections £7
Elizabeth Hodgkin (Betty) D. F. Hodgkin Collections £20
Elizabeth I B. W. Beckingsale Collections £7
Emily Tennyson: The Poets Wife Ann Thwaite Collections £24
Emma, the Life of Lady Hamilton Simpson, Colin D. . Collections £3
Essays of Today and Yesterday Alice Meynell Collections £6
Etched in Arsenic Trevor L. Christie Collections £25
Eve Balfour Founder of the Soil Association & the Voice of the Organic Movement; A Biography Brander, Michael Collections £20
Evelyn Cheston Charles Cheston Collections £15
Excellent Cassandra Joan Johnson Collections £10
Fanny Burney and the Burneys Johnson, R. Brimley (Ed) Collections £7
Fanny Burney's Diary John Wain Collections £6
Fanny Jane Butler: Pioneer Medical Missionary E. M. Tonge Collections £30
Five Euphemias Sutherland, Elizabeth. Collections £6
Flaubert and an English Governess Oliver, Hermia. Collections £10
Flora Macdonald Elizabeth Gray Vining Collections £3
Flora Thompson Margaret Lane Collections £2
Florence Desmond Florence Desmond Collections £6
Fogie: The Life of Elsie Fogerty Marion Cole Collections £40
For the Love of Lesley West, Ann J. . Collections £50
Frances Perkins Champion of the New Deal Naomi Pasachoff Collections £7
Frances Wright William Randall Waterman Collections £10
Frances, Countess Lloyd George Longford, Ruth. Collections £5
Friends and Memories Maude Valerie White Collections £15
From Rock to Tower Kathleen Nugent Hicks Collections £8
From Weaving Shed to Mission Field C. J. L. Collections £140
Gabriel (Wall) 1938-84 Barbara Wall Collections £8
Gallery of Champions Helen Hull Jacobs Collections £5
Gems of Womanhood of Various Ages and Nations (The Lorne Series) Samuel Mossman Collections £45
George and Mary Sumner, Their Life and Times Joyce Coombs Collections £4
George Eliot Margaret Lonsdale Collections £30
George Eliot's Life: As Related in Her Letters and Journals Volume 1 & 2 J. W. Cross (Editor) Collections £20
Geraldine S. Cadbury Janet Whitney Collections £4
Gladys, Duchess of Marlborough Vickers, Hugo. Collections £50
God and One Redhead - Mary Slessor of Calabar Carol Christian & Gladys Plummer Collections £4
Goodbye for the Present Eleanor Acland Collections £7
Grace Darling W. A. Montgomery & M. Scott Weightman Collections £1.5
Great Hostesses Masters, Brian. Collections £4
Green Hands Barbara Whitton Collections £3.5
Guest and Memories: Annals of a Seaside Villa Una Taylor Collections £62
Happy World Mary Carbery Collections £7
Harriette Wilson Myer, Valerie Grosvenor and Limb, Sue. Collections £3
Helena Faucit Sir Theodore Martin Collections £9
Henry: 1st Duke of Beaufort and His Duchess, Mary Horatia Durant Collections £25
Horses and the Charioteer: A Biography of a World in Crisis Philippa Burrell Collections £7.5
How I Spent My Twentieth Year Millicent Stafford Collections £100
I Must Fly Scott, Sheila. Collections £4
Idylls of the Queen Philip Guedalla Collections £7
Impetuous Heart: The Story of Ethyl Smith Collis, Louise. Collections £15
In a Great Tradition Benedictines of Stanbrook Collections £6.5
In the Shadow of a Saint Lady Alice More Collections £3
Isabella Gilmore Janet Grierson Collections £3
Jane and May Morris Jan Marsh Collections £12
Jane Barker, Exile King, Kathryn R. . Collections £8
John and Sarah: Duke and Duchess of Marlborough 1660-1744 Stuart J. Reid, D. C. L. Collections £25
Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth William Knight Collections £3
Journey Into a Fog Margareta Berger-Hamerschlag Collections £15
Katherine Fry's Book Jane Vansittart Collections £7
Ladies in the Veld Brian Roberts Collections £3
Lady Butler's Autobiography With Illustrations and Sketches by the Author Elizabeth Butler Collections £100
Lady Charlotte Schreiber Edit. Earl of Bessborough Collections £4
Lady Diana Beauclerk Her Life and Work Mrs. Steuart Erskine Collections £40
Lady Dilke: A Biography Askwith, Betty. Collections £4
Lady Palmerston and Her Times, Vol. I Mabell, Countess of Airlie Collections £4
Lady Suffolk and Her Circle Lewis Melville Collections £5
Lady Unknown Healey, Edna. Collections £3
Lady Victoria Campbell: A Memoir Frances Balfour Collections £18
Lamb's Barbara S-- the Life of Frances Maria Kelly, Actress L. E. Holman Collections £10
Lesser Lives: The True History of the First Mrs Meredith and Other Lesser Lives Diane Johnson Collections £2
Letters Between Samual Butler and Miss E. M Savage no author Collections £10
Letters From Africa Elspeth Huxley Collections £3
Letters of Lady Augusta Stanley Edited by Dean of Windsor and Hector Bolitho Collections £5
Letters of Sarah Duchess of Marlborough Sarah Duchess of Marlborough Collections £3
Letters to My Daughter Edith Summerskill Collections £50
Life and Letters of Mrs. Sewell Mrs. Bayly Collections £13
Life in a Liberty Bodice Christabel Burniston Collections £2.5
Lives of the Hanoverian Queens of England Vol Ii Alice Drayton Greenwood Collections £6
Lives of the Queens of Scotland and English Princesses Vol. Ii Agnes Strickland Collections £10
Living in Two Worlds Roberts, Ursula. Collections £9
Look Back With Astonishment Dodie Smith Collections £100
Look Back With Gratitude Dodie Smith Collections £16
Look Back With Mixed Feelings Dodie Smith Collections £35
Look Back With Mixed Feelings Dodie Smith Collections £26
Lord William Russell and His Wife 1815-1846 Georgiana Blakiston Collections £12
Lucy Star: The Autobiography of Margaret Lockwood Margaret Lockwood Collections £35
Madeleine Smith Geoffrey L. Butler Collections £20
Madeleine Smith Henry Blyth Collections £7
Magic in the Distance - a Chronicle of Five Generations Violet Stuart Wortley Collections £6
Magpie Lois Vidal Collections £25
Margaret of Scotland: Queen and Saint T. Ratcliffe Barnett Collections £25
Margaret Ogilvy by Her Son J M Barrie Collections £10
Margaret Thatcher Russell Lewis Collections £6
Margery Allingham Julia Thorogood Collections £12
Maria R: Mary Queen of Scots Duke of Hamilton Collections £9
Marianne Thornton E. M. Forester Collections £7
Marie Tempest Hector Bolitho Collections £12
Marks of Distinction: The Memoirs of Elaine Blond Elaine Blond Collections £7
Mary of Modena Carola Oman Collections £3
Mary Russell Mitford and Her Surroundings Constance Hill Collections £7
Mary Sumner: Her Life and Work Mrs. Horace Porter Collections £7
Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin 1759-1797: A Bibliography of the First and Early Editions With Briefer Notes on Later Editions and Translations John Windle Collections £10
May Davis: Her Story May Davis Collections £35
Me - a Chronicle About Other People Naomi Jacob Collections £2
Memoir and Letters of Sara Coleridge, Vol I Sara Coleridge Collections £10
Memoir of Emma Tatham, With "The Angels' Spell," and Other Pieces Not Published During Her Lifetime. Benjamin Gregory Collections £35
Memoir of Mary Lundie Duncan Being Recollections of a Daughter, by Her Mother Tenth Edition Mary Grey Lundie Duncan Collections £10
Memoirs of Edward and Catherine Stanley Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D. D. (Ed) Collections £10
Memoirs of Eminently Pious Women of the British Empire Rev. Samuel Burder Collections £18
Memoirs of Mrs. Fitzherbert With an Account of Her Marriage With H. R. H. The Prince of Wales, Afterwards King George the Fourth The Hon. Charles Langdale Collections £10
Memoirs of the Court of England in 1675 Marie Catherine Baronne D'aulnoy Collections £8
Memorials of John & Mary Bruce John Collinguard Bruce Collections £75
Memories and Base Details Lady Angela Forbes Collections £40
Memory's Voyage Marjorie Dalrymple Collections £7
Miss Calder's Children: A Social History of Belper, Biography and Critique on Modern Education Narvel S. Annable Collections £20
Miss Weeton's Journal of a Governess: Vol. 2 1811-1825 J. J. Bagley Collections £20
Miss Weeton: The Journal of a Governess 1811-1825 Edward Hall Collections £50
More Frost and Snow: The Diary of Janet Burnet 1758-1795 Burnet, Janet. Collections £15
More Women in Literature: Criticism of the Seventies Fairbanks, Carol Collections £8
Mother of Oscar Melville, Joy. Collections £8
Moura Lympany, Moura and Strickland, Margot. Collections £7
Mr and Mrs Beeton H Montgomery Hyde Collections £8
Mrs Gaskell Arthur Pollard Collections £5
Mrs Keppel and Her Daughter Souhami, Diana. Collections £3
Mrs. Brookfield and Her Circle Charles & Frances Brookfield Collections £7
Mrs. Jordan: Child of Nature Philip W. Sergeant Collections £35
My Friends When Young Brigit Patmore Collections £3.5
My Ladie Dundie Katherine Parker Collections £12
My Life and Some Letters Mrs. Patrick Campbell Collections £16
My Other Family Morley, Patricia A. . Collections £5
My Picture Gallery Viscountess Milner Collections £7
Myra Hess Mckenna, Marian C. . Collections £10
Nancy Lancaster: Her Life, Her World, Her Art Becker, Robert Collections £4
Nell Gwynne Arthur Irwin Dasent Collections £9
New Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle Alexander Carlyle Collections £5
New Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle, Vol Ii Alexander Carlyle Collections £5
Night Thoughts of a Country Landlady Edith Olivier Collections £10
Notable Women of the Puritan Times W. Chapman Collections £60
O Dreams, O Destinations Phyllis Bentley Collections £3
Odd Woman Out Muriel Box Collections £5
Oh Yes! We're British: A Family History Patricia Maddocks Collections £20
Oil Paint and Grease Paint Autobiography Volume 2 Laura Knight Collections £18
Old Memories and Letters of Annie Besant Esther Bright Collections £75
Once a Wicked Lady: A Biography of Margaret Lockwood Hilton Tims Collections £40
Once Upon Another Time Douglas-Home, Jessica. Collections £7
One Jump Ahead Pat Smythe Collections £3
One Woman's Story Tibble, Anne. Collections £7
Other People's Children Kitty Wilson Collections £35
Part of the Man Marguerite Morgan Collections £5
Parties and Pleasures: The Diaries of Helen Graham James Irvine, Marion Lochhead Collections £10
Passages From the Diaries of Mrs. Philip Lybbe Powys of Hardwick House, Oxon. A. D. 1756 to 1808 Emily J. Climenson (Editor) Collections £125
Past Finding Out G. R. Balleine Collections £4
Pawn Takes Castle Bunty Kinsman Collections £30
Period Piece Gwen Raverat Collections £3
Piety and Wit Askwith, Betty. Collections £8
Politics and Society: The Journals of Lady Knightley of Fawsley Peter Gordon Collections £9
Princess Olive Margaret Shepard Collections £15
Prinny's Daughter - a Biography of Princess Charlotte of Wales Thea Holme Collections £15
Private and Official Nourah Waterhouse Collections £4
Privileged Spectator: A Sequel to 'Confessions and Impressions' Ethel Mannin Collections £10
Queen Alexandra a Pictorial Biography 1844-1925 With Literary Accompaniment Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, Count P. Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, C. Brudenell-Bruce Collections £45
Queen Anne Green, David. Collections £3
Queen Victoria's Mother Ashdown, Dulcie M. . Collections £10
Queens of Beauty and Their Romances Vol 1&2 W. Willmott Dixon Collections £18
Re-Cognitions Mary Sturge Gretton Collections £5
Recollections of Virginia Woolf by Her Contemporaries Editor: Joan Russell Noble Collections £5
Records of Female Piety; Comprising Sketches of the Lives and Extracts of the Women Eminent for Religious Excellence Rev. James a Huie Collections £150
Red Roses for Isabel: Highlights in the Life of Isabel Brown May Hill Collections £18
Remember and Be Glad Cynthia Asquith Collections £3
Reverie - Autobiography Adelaide Ross Collections £35
Roots and Stars C. C. Vyvyan Collections £4
Seeing Ourselves Borzello, Frances. Collections £6
Seize the Moment Sharman, Helen E. And Priest, Christopher. Collections £5
Selina Countess of Huntingdon no author Collections £2
Shreds and Patches Autobiographical Memoirs Mabel Constanduros Collections £6
Snapshots From a Distant Childhood Eleanor Boyle Collections £8
Some Beauties of the Seventeenth Century Allan Fea Collections £15
Some Further Portions From the Diary of Lady Willoughby Lady Willoughby Collections £25
Some Letters of Stella Benson 1928-1933 Cecil Clarabut (Editor) Collections £45
Somehow Overdone: A Sudan Scrapbook Magdalen King-Hall Collections £7.5
Sophie Dawes: Queen of Chantilly Violette Montagu Collections £25
Spiritual Pilgrim Welch, Edwin. Collections £8
Spoils of Opportunity Janet Mitchell Collections £30
Strawberry Fair Osbert Wyndham Hewett Collections £20
Such Women Are Dangerous - a Collection of Real Life Stories Harold Dearden Collections £75
Tempestuous Petticoat: The Story of an Invincible Edwardian Clare Leighton Collections £28
Tewin-Water, or the Story of Lady Cathcart; Being a Supplement to the "History of Enfield," With an Appendix of Additional Notes Edward Ford Collections £30
That Reminds Me Winifred Graham Collections £6
The Amberley Papers, Vol Ii Bertrand and Patricia Russell Collections £4
The Beacon of Memory Adelaide Phillpotts Ross Collections £45
The Beautiful Lady Craven. The Original Memoirs of Elizabeth Baroness Craven, Afterwards Margravine of Anspach and Bayreuth and Princess Berkeley of the Holy Roman Empire (1750-1828) Elizabeth Craven. A. M. Broadley, Lewis Melville Ed. Collections £45
The Book of Margery Kempe W. Butler-Bowdon Collections £7
The Bridgeburn Days Lucy Sinclair Collections £6
The Cape as I Found It Beatrice M. Hicks Collections £20
The Capel Letters The Marquess of Anglesey Collections £5
The Career of Mrs. Anne Brunton Merry in the American Theatre Gresdna Ann Doty Collections £10
The Chronicle of the English Augustinian Canonesses Regular of the Lateran, at St Monica's in Louvain 1625-1644 Dom Adam Hamilton Collections £9
The Clear Stream Shaw, Marion. Collections £7
The Code of Love Andro Linklater Collections £3
The Constant Novelist Powell, Violet Georgiana. Collections £5
The Diaries of Mary Countess of Meath, Edited by Her Husband Meath, Mary Jane Maitland Brabazon Collections £30
The Diary of Helena Morley Elizabeth Bishop (Trans. ) Collections £9
The Diary of Lady Frederick Cavendish Vol I John Bailey Collections £10
The Diary of Lady Frederick Cavendish, Vol Ii John Bailey Collections £10
The Diary of Mrs. John Graces Simcoe J. Ross Robertson Collections £6
The Early Diary of Frances Burney 1768-1778 Volume I Annie Raine Ellis (Editor) Collections £5
The Education of a Woman: The Life of Gloria Steinem Carolyn Heilbrun Collections £6
The Exile Carswell, John. Collections £6
The Girlhood of Maria Josepha Holroyd (Lady Stanley of Alderley) Recorded in Letters of a Hundred Years Ago: From 1796 Jane H. Adeane (Editor) Collections £40
The Girlhood of Mary Queen of Scots Jane T. Stoddart Collections £13
The Goal Phyllis Bottome Collections £9
The Good Deeds of a Good Woman Ali, Beatrice and Murphy, Clive. Collections £5
The Helen Smith Story Foot, Paul and Smith, Ron. Collections £4
The Home Life of Swinburne Clara Watts-Dunton Collections £8
The Hymns of Ann Griffiths John Ryan Collections £4
The Inner Life and Writings of Dame Gertrude More Dom Benedict Weld-Blundell Collections £10
The Innocence of Edith Thompson Lewis Broad Collections £2.5
The Julian Mystique Okulam, Frodo. Collections £2
The King's Daughters: The Life Stories of Three Noble Women Distinguished for Their Service in the Cause of Christ no author Collections £10
The Lady of Bleeding Heart Yard Laura Norsworthy Collections £7
The Letter-Bag of Lady Elizabeth Spencer Stanhope Volume 1 &2 A. M. W. Stirling Collections £25
The Letters of Dora Willatt, Daughter, Sweetheart and Nurse Alan Wilkinson Collections £20
The Letters of Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple Kingsley Hart Collections £5
The Letters of Gertrude Bell - 2 Vols Lady Bell Collections £30
The Letters of Lord and Lady Wolseley 1870-1911 Arthur, Sir George (Ed. ) Collections £30
The Letters of Mary Russell Mitford R. Brimley Johnson Collections £12
The Life and Friendships of Mary Russell Mitford W. J. Roberts Collections £10
The Life of Jane Welsh Carlyle Annie Elizabeth Ireland Collections £5
The Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy and the History of Christian Science Georgine Milmine Collections £7
The Life of Mrs. Jordan; Including Original Private Correspondence, and Numerous Anecdotes of Her Contemporaries James Boaden Collections £20
The Love Affairs of Mary Queen of Scots Martin Hume Collections £8
The Love of an Uncrowned Queen, Sophie Dorothea, Consort of George L. , and Her Correspondence With Philip Christopher Count Konigsmarck. [Now First Published From the Originals] W. H. Wilkins Collections £10
The Maid of the Mountains: Her Story - the Reminiscences of Jose Collins Jose Collins Collections £40
The Maiden & Married Life of Mary Powell Mary Powell Collections £30
The Memoirs of Harriette Wilson 2 Volumes Wilson, Harriette Collections £20
The Old Roof-Tree Letters of Ishbel to Her Half-Brother Mark Latimer (August-January) Ishbel Collections £10
The Order of Minoresses in England A. F. C. Bourdillon Collections £8
The Parting of Ways Grant Duff, Shiela. Collections £3
The Perrys of Aspley Guise M J Perry Collections £40
The Queen of Tarts James Graham Collections £10
The Queen's Countrywomen Godfrey Winn Collections £5
The Queeney Letters The Marquis of Lansdowne Collections £5
The Red Carnation Stories: The Book Tells About the Intrepid Russian Women Revolutionaries Vera Morozova Collections £10
The Russells in Bloomsbury Gladys Scott Thomson Collections £6
The Short Life of Catherine Booth Booth-Tucker. F De L. Collections £6
The Story of Claribel (Charlotte Alington Barnard) Phyllis Smith, Assisted by Margaret Godsmark Collections £20
The Story of My Life Ellen Terry Collections £30
The Story of Pet Marjorie L. Macbean Collections £8
The Strawberry Hill Set Brian Fothergill Collections £10
The Tale of Beatrix Potter a Biography Margaret Lane Collections £6
The True Story of Maria Marten Dorothy Gibbs Herbert Maltby Collections £16
The Tyrannous Reign of Mary Stewart George Buchanan Collections £20
The Visiting Moon Celia Furse Collections £25
The Weeping and the Laughter King, Viva. Collections £6
The Winter Queen Marie Hay Collections £7
The Wynne Diaries, 1789-1820 (World's Classics) Anne Fremantle (Editor) Collections £8
Theatres of Glass Stott, Rebecca. Collections £8
These Were Muses Mona Wilson Collections £13
Three Houses Angela Thirkell Collections £7
Through Gypsy Eyes Etchingham, Kathy Collections £50
Time Out of Mind Joan Grant Collections £16
To Tell My Story Irene Vanbrugh Collections £6
To the Four Winds Clare Sheridan Collections £5
To War With Whitaker Ranfurly, Hermione Ranfurly. Collections £4
Too Marvellous for Words! Julie Welch Collections £7
True Minds: The Marriage of Thomas & Jane Carlyle N Brysson Morrison Collections £6.5
Unbridled Spirits Davies, Stevie. Collections £7
Unbroken Thread Oliver Sandys Collections £20
Under Storm's Wing Helen Thomas Collections £6
Unknown and Yet Well Known: A Tale of Martyr Times Mrs. F. West Collections £25
Victoria and Her Daughters Nina Epton Collections £10
Violetta Thurstan--a Celebration Muriel Somerfield, Ann Bellingham Collections £10
Virginia Woolf Vol. 1: 1882-1912 Quentin Bell Collections £5
Waac Demobilized: Her Private Affairs 1918-1930 Anonymous Collections £25
Walpole's Queen of Comedy Suzanne Bloxam Collections £25
We Followed Stars Ida Cook (Mary Burchell) Collections £30
What Ever Happened to Margo ? Durrell, Margaret. Collections £50
Wheat and Woman Georgina Binnie-Clark Collections £8
When the 'Chute Went Up Shepherd, Dolly, Hearn, Peter and Sedgwick, Molly. Collections £8
Whitaker's Almanack 1956 - Complete Edition Joseph Whitaker Collections £9
William and Lucy Thirlwell, Angela. Collections £7
Without Knowing Mr. Walkley Edith Olivier Collections £15
Woman Un a Shabby Brown Coat: Ellen May Cooper Vida Henning Collections £7
Women in the Mission Field - Glimpses of Christian Women Among the Heathen John Telford B. A. Collections £85
Women Writers of the First World War: An Annotated Bibliography Ouditt, Sharon Collections £70
Wonderful Sphinx Julie Speedie. Collections £3
You Asked Me Why: An Autobiography Dorothy Easton Collections £40
28 Days Later Issues 1-5 Michael Alan Nelson and Declan Shalvey/Marek Oleksicki Comics £12.5
28 Days Later Issues 12-15 Michael Alan Nelson and Declan Shalvey/Alejandro Aragon Comics £10
28 Days Later Issues 16-19 Michael Alan Nelson and Alejandro Aragon/Ron Silas Comics £10
28 Days Later Issues 20-24 Michael Alan Nelson and Alejandro Aragon/Pablo Peppino Comics £12.5
28 Days Later Issues 6-10 Michael Alan Nelson and Declan Shalvey/Leonardo Manco Comics £12.5
A Distant Neighborhood: Volume 2 Jiro Taniguchi Comics £12.5
Akira Book Five Katsuhiro Otomo Comics £15
Akira Book Four Katsuhiro Otomo Comics £15
Akira Book One Katsuhiro Otomo Comics £15
Akira Book Six Katsuhiro Otomo Comics £15
Akira Book Three Katsuhiro Otomo Comics £15
Akira Book Two Katsuhiro Otomo Comics £15
Aliens Versus Predator Versus the Terminator Issues 1-4 Mark Schultz, Mel Rubi and Christopher Ivy Comics £40
Aliens vs Predator: Booty (One-Shot) Barbara Kesel and Ron Randall Comics £5
Aliens vs. Predator Annual #1 Various Comics £7.5
Aliens: Earth War Mark Verheiden and Sam Kieth Comics £17.5
Aliens: Genocide (The Collected Edition) Mike Richardson, John Arcudi, Damon Willis and Karl Story Comics £10
Ambassador of the Shadows (Valerian Spatiotemporal Agent) J. C. Mezieres and P. Christin Comics £12
Anime From Akira to Howl's Moving Castle: Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation Susan J Napier Comics £10
Anime News Nina! The Complete Collection Robin Sevakis Comics £25
Anime: A Critical Introduction (Film Genres) Rayna Denison Comics £12
Archie vs. Predator Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 Alex De Campi, Fernando Ruiz, Rich Koslwski and Jason Millet Comics £20
At the Earth's Core (Tarzan Versus Predator) Issues 1-4 Lee Weeks and Walter Simonson Comics £20
Battlestar Galactica Issues 1-5 (Vol 2) Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Cezar Razek Comics £17.5
Battlestar Galactica Issues 2-5 (Vol 2) Variant Covers Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Cezar Razek Comics £15
Battlestar Galactica Issues 6-11 (Volume 2) Dan Abnett and Dietrich O Smith(6)/Ceasr Razek(7-11) Comics £20
Battlestar Galactica Issues 8-9 (Vol 2) Variant Covers Dan Abnett and Cesar Razek Comics £8
Before the Rise Issues 1 and 2 (Terminator 3 Parts 1 and 2) Ivan Brandon, Goran Parlov and Salgood Sam Comics £10
Before Watchmen: Comedian Issues 1-6 Brian Azzarello and J G Jones Comics £20
Before Watchmen: Dr Manhattan Isues 1-4 J Michael Straczynski and Adam Hughes Comics £15
Before Watchmen: Minutemen Issues 1-6 Darwyn Cooke Comics £20
Before Watchmen: Moloch Issues 1 and 2 J Michael Staczynski and Eduardo Risso Comics £7.5
Before Watchmen: Nite Owl Issues 1-4 J Michael Straczynski and Andy Kubert Comics £15
Big Trouble in Little China Issues 1-5 John Carpenter, Eric Powell and Brian Churilla Comics £20
Big Trouble in Little China Issues 11-15 John Carpenter, Eric Powell and Brian Churilla (11-12)/ Fred Van Lente, Joe Eisma and Gonzalo Duarte (13-15) Comics £20
Big Trouble in Little China Issues 16-20 Fred Van Lente, Joe Eisma / Dan Mcdaid and Gonzalo Duarte Comics £20
Big Trouble in Little China Issues 21-25 Fred Van Lente, Victor Santos and Gonzalo Duarte Comics £20
Big Trouble in Little China Issues 6-10 John Carpenter, Eric Powell and Brian Churilla Comics £20
Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York Issues 1-6 Greg Pak, Daniel Bayliss and Triona Farrell Comics £25
Cinema Anime: Critical Engagements With Japanese Animation Steven T Brown (Ed) Comics £10
Commando: Heroes Fly High! Various Comics £10
Cybernetic Dawn (Terminator 2 Judgement Day) Issues 1-4 Dan Abnett, Rod Whigham and Jack Snider Comics £15
D-Day Fight or Die!(Commando) George Low Comics £12.5
Dc Sampler #3 Various Comics £10
Deadliest of the Species (Aliens/Predator) Issues 1-6 Claremont / Guice / Beatty / Barreto Comics £20
Deadliest of the Species (Aliens/Predator) Issues 8-12 Christopher Claremont and Eduardo Barreto Comics £17.5
Death of Apollo Issues 1-5 (Battlestar Galactica) Dan Abnett and Dietrich Smith Comics £17.5
Enemy of My Enemy (The Terminator) Issues 1-6 Dan Jolley, Jamal Igle and Ray Snyder Comics £20
Escape From New York Issues 1-4 Christopher Sebela, Diego Bareto and Mary Louise Comics £16
Escape From New York Issues 13-16 Christopher Sebela, Maxim Simic and Marissa Louise Comics £15
Escape From New York Issues 5-8 (Mike Henderson Covers) Christopher Sebela, Diego Barreto and Marissa Louise Comics £15
Escape From New York Issues 5-8 (Robert Sammelin Covers) Christopher Sebela, Diego Barreto and Marissa Louise Comics £15
Escape From New York Issues 9-12 (Jason Copland Covers) Christopher Sebela, Maxim Simic and Marissa Louise Comics £15
Eternal (Alien Versus Predator) Issues 1-4 Ian Edginton and Alex Maleev Comics £15
Eternal Vows (The Thing From Another World) Issues 1-4 Dave Devries, Paul Gulacy and Dan Davis Comics £20
Fantastic Annual 1970 no author Comics £12.5
Fire and Stone (Aliens vs. Predator) Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 Christopher Sebela and Ariel Olivetti Comics £15
Fire and Stone (Predator) Issues 1-4 Joshua Williamson and Christopher Mooneyman Comics £15
First Blood (Jennifer Blood) Issues 1-6 Mike Carroll and Others Comics £17.5
Flash Gordon Annual 2014 Chris Eliopoulos, Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, Jeremy Treece and Others Comics £5
Flash Gordon Issues 1-4 (Dynamite- 2014 Onwards) Jeff Parker, Evan Shaner and Jordie Bellaire Comics £12.5
Flash Gordon Issues 5-8 (Dynamite- 2014 Onwards) Jeff Parker, Evan Shaner and Jordie Bellaire Comics £12.5
Flash Gordon Issues 5-8 (Dynamite- 2014 Onwards) Jeff Parker, Evan Shaner and Jordie Bellaire Comics £12.5
Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist Issues 1 and 2 Eric Trautman, Daniel Indro and Alex Ross Comics £7
Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist Issues 1-3 Eric Trautman, Daniel Indro, Ron Adrian and Alex Ross Comics £10
Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist Issues 4-6 Eric Trautman, Daniel Indro and Alex Ross Comics £10
Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist Issues 8-10 Eric Trautman, Daniel Indro/Ron Adrian and Alex Ross Comics £10
Frank Miller's Robocop Issues 1-9 Frank Miller, Steven Grant and Juan Jose Ryp Comics £70
Heroes of the Equinox (Valerian Spatiotemporal Agent) J. C. Mezieres and P. Christin Comics £10
Hitler's Last Gamble: Battle of the Bulge Bill Cain and Dheeraj Verma. Comics £15
Invasion of the Red Sword Issues 3-6 (Flash Gordon) Brendan Deneed, Eduardo Garcia Comics £12.5
Invasion! Secret No More Keith Griffen and Bill Mantlo Comics £12.5
Jennifer Blood Issues 11-14 Al Ewing and Others Comics £12.5
Jennifer Blood Issues 21 - 24 Al Ewing and Others Comics £12.5
Jennifer Blood Issues 25-28 Al Ewing(26+27) and Mike Carroll(27+28) Comics £12.5
Jennifer Blood Issues 29-32 Mike Carroll and Others Comics £12.5
Jennifer Blood Issues 33-36 Mike Carroll and Others Comics £12.5
Jennifer Blood Issues 7-10 Al Ewing and Others Comics £12.5
Jennifer Blood Volume 1: A Woman's Work is Never Done Garth Ennis Comics £10
Jennifer Blood: Born Again Issues 1-5 Steven Grant and Others Comics £15
Jla Versus Predator John Ostrander, Graham Nolan, Randy Elliot and James Sinclair Comics £7.5
King: Flash Gordon Issues 1-2 (2015) Ben Acker, Ben Blacker and Lee Ferguson Comics £7
Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special Paul Allor, Carlos Magno and Marcelo Costa Comics £5
Kong of Skull Island Issues 1-6 James Asmus, Carlso Magno and Brad Simpson Comics £20
Kong of Skull Island Issues 7-12 James Asmus, Carlos Magno and Jeremy Lawson Comics £20
Life and Death (Aliens vs. Predator) Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 Dan Abnett, Brian Albert Thies and Rain Beredo Comics £15
Life and Death (Predator) Issues 1-4 Dan Abnett, Brian Albert Thies and Rain Beredo Comics £15
Manga in America Casey Brienza Comics £12
Mechademia Volime 9 Origins Frenchy Lunning (Ed) Comics £10
Mechademia Volume 10 World Renewal Frenchy Lunning (Ed) Comics £10
Mechademia Volume 1: Emerging Worlds of Anime and Manga Frenchy Lunning (Ed) Comics £10
Mechademia Volume 2: Networks of Desire Frenchy Lunning (Ed) Comics £10
Mechademia Volume 3: Limits of the Human Frenchy Lunning Comics £10
Mechademia Volume 4: War/Time Frency Lunning (Ed) Comics £10
Mechademia Volume 6 User Enhanced Frency Lenning Comics £10
Mechademia Volume 6: Fanthropologies Frenchy Lunning (Ed) Comics £10
Merciless: The Rise of Ming Issues 1-4 (From the Pages of Flash Gordon) Scott Beatty and Ron Adrian Comics £12.5
Mindhunter (Witchblade/Aliens/the Darkness/Predator) Issues 1-3 David Quinn, Mel Rubi and Mike Perkins Comics £12.5
Mythology: The Dc Comics Art of Alex Ross Chip Kidd, Geoff Spear and Alex Ross Comics £15
Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere Mike Carey and Glen Fabry Comics £10
Nuclear Twilight (Terminator 2 Judgement Day) Issues 1-4 Plus #0 Mark Paniccia and Gary Erskine Comics £17.5
Old Man Jack Issues 1-5 (Big Trouble in Little China) John Carpenter, Anthony Burch, Jorge Corona and Gabriel Cassata Comics £17.5
Old Man Jack Issues 6-10 (Big Trouble in Little China) John Carpenter, Anthony Burch, Jorge Corona and Gabriel Cassata Comics £17.5
Otaku: Japan's Database Animals Hiroki Azuma Comics £7.5
Overkill (Witchblade/Aliens/Darkness/Predator) Issues 1 and 2 Jenkins/Lansang/Llamas/Milla/Kemp/Dreamer Comics £8
Plastic Little: Captain's Log Satoshi Urushihara Comics £15
Predator 2 Issues 1-2 Franz Henkel, Mark Bright/Dan Barry and Randy Emberlin Comics £8
Predator Comic Number 1 Mark Verheiden, Chris Warner and Ron Randall Comics £5
Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens Issues 1-4 John Layman, Chris Mooneyman, Michael Atiyeh and Michael Heisner Comics £17.5
Predator: Dark River Issues 1-4 Mark Verheiden, Ron Randall and Rick Magyar Comics £17.5
Predator: Hell Come A-Walkin' Issues 1-2 Nancy A. Collins and Dean Ormston Comics £10
Predator: Homeworld Issues 1-4 Jim Vance, Kate Worley, Toby Cypress and Mark Lipka Comics £15
Predator: Kindred Issues 1-4 Jason R. Lamb, Scott Tolson, Brian O' Connell and Roger Peterson Comics £15
Predator: Nemesis Issues 1-2 Gordon Rennie and Colin Macniel Comics £9
Predator: Prey to the Heavens Issues 1-4 John Arcudi and Javier Saltares Comics £17.5
Predator: Primal Issues 1-2 Kevin J Anderson, Scott Kolins and John Lowe Comics £8
Predator: Xenogenesis Issues 1-4 Ian Edginton, Mel Rubi and Andrew Pepoy Comics £15
Predators (The Official Adaptation of the Film) Paul Tobin and Victor Drujiniu Comics £6
Predators (The Official Sequel to the Blockbuster Film) David Lapham and Allan Jefferson Comics £5
Predators Issues 1-4 (Official Prequel to the Movie) Marc Andreyko, David Lapham, Guilherme Balbi and Gabriel Guzman Comics £15
Prometheus: Fire and Stone Issues 1-4 Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra Comics £15
Prometheus: Life and Death Issues 1-4 Dan Abnett, Andrea Mutti and Rain Beredo Comics £15
Protoculture Addicts #89 Various Comics £7.5
Robocop Issues 1-4 Joshua Williamson and Carlos Magno Comics £12.5
Robocop Issues 5-8 Joshua Williamson and Carlos Magno Comics £12.5
Robocop Issues 9-12 Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver Comics £12.5
Robocop: Killing Machine (Platinum Foil Edition) Steven Grant and Anderson Richardo Comics £7.5
Robocop: Last Stand Issues 1-4 Frank Miller, Steven Grant and Korkut Oztekin Comics £15
Robocop: Last Stand Issues 5-8 Frank Miller, Steven Grant and Ed Brisson Comics £15
Robocop: Road Trip Issues 1-4 Rob Williams and Fabiano Neves Comics £15
Robocop: The Human Element Various Comics £15
Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams: Japanese Science Fiction From Origins to Anime Christopher Bolton, Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr. And Takayuki Tatsumi (Eds) Comics £10
Robot Volume 4 Various Comics £15
Rogue Trooper Book One Gerry Finley-Day, Dave Gibbons and Colin Wilson Comics £10
Showcase Presents Sgt. Rock Volume 3 Robert Kanigher (Feat. Cover Art by Joe Kubert Comics £35
Slow Death No. 5 Jaxon; Sheridan; Irons; Corben; Et Al Comics £7.5
Snake Plissken Chronicles Issues 1-4 (A Covers) William O'neil, Tone Rodriguez and Chris Blythe Comics £15
Snake Plissken Chronicles Issues 1-4 B Covers William O'neil, Tone Rodriguez and Chris Blythe Comics £15
Sons of Anarchy Issues 1-6 "A" Covers Christopher Golden and Damian Couceiro Comics £20
Sons of Anarchy Issues 1-6 Random Covers Christopher Golden and Damian Couceiro Comics £20
Sons of Anarchy Issues 13-16 Ed Brisson and Damian Couceiro/Martias Bergara Comics £13.5
Sons of Anarchy Issues 7-12 Ed Brisson and Jesus Hervas (7)/Damian Couceiro (8-12) Comics £20
Species: Human Race Issues 1-4 Various Comics £10
Stray Dog of Anime: The Films of Mamoru Oshii Brian Ruh Comics £12.5
Superman vs. Predator Books 1-3 David Micheline, Alex Maleev and Matt Hollingsworth Comics £15
Terminator 2: Infinity Issues 1-5 Simon Furman and Nigel Raynor Comics £17.5
Terminator 3 Issues 3 and 4 (Eyes of the Rise Parts 1 and 2) Miles Gunter, Mike Hawthorne and Rick Remender Comics £10
Terminator 3 Issues 5 and 6 (Fragmented Parts 1 and 2) Miles Gunter, Kieron Dwyer and Paul Mounts Comics £10
Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human Issues 1-4 Rob Williams and P J Holden Comics £15
Terminator: The Burning Earth Ron Fortier and Alex Ross Comics £15
The Anime Art of Hayao Miyazaki Dani Cavallaro Comics £10
The Anime Encyclopedia a Century of Japanese Animation (3rd Revised Edition) Jonathan Clements and Helen Mccarthy Comics £20
The Celts (A Corto Maltese Adventure by Hugo Pratt) Hugo Pratt Comics £15
The Chronicles of Judge Dredd: Judge Death John Wagner and Brian Bolland Comics £10
The Drunken Sailor: The Life of the Poet Arthur Rimbaud in His Own Words Nick Hayes Comics £10
The Flash Chronicles Volume 2 Various Comics £15
The Green Lantern Chronicles Volume 3 John Broome Comics £10
The Green Lantern Chronicles Volume Two John Broome Comics £10
The Ninjettes Issues 1-6 Al Ewing and Others Comics £17.5
The Spirit - a Collection of Six Stories Will Eisner Comics £20
The Terminator: 1984 Issues 1-3 Zack Whedon and Andy Macdonald Comics £10
The Terminator: 2029 Issues 1-3 Zach Whedon and Andy Macdonald Comics £10
The Thing From Another World Issues 1 and 2 Chuck Pfarrer and John B Higgins Comics £12
The Tide Turns: D-Day Invasion Doug Murray and Williams, Anthony. Comics £20
Tom Strong Collected Edition Book Three (3) Alan Moore, Chris Spouse, Karl Story Et Al Comics £12.5
Ultimate Spider-Man - Volume 12 Brian Michael Bendis Comics £12.5
Vagabond Volume 10 (Vizbig Edition) Takehiko Inoue Comics £10
Vagabond Volume 11 (Vizbig Edition) Takehiko Inoue Comics £10
Vagabond Volume 12 (Vizbig Edition) Takehiko Inoue Comics £10
Vagabond Volume 3 (Vizbig Edition) Takehiko Inoue Comics £10
Vagabond Volume 7 (Vizbig Edition) Takehiko Inoue Comics £10
Vagabond Volume 8 (Vizbig Edition) Takehiko Inoue Comics £10
Vagabond Volume 9 (Vizbig Edition) Takehiko Inoue Comics £10
Vampire Hunter D Reader's Guide Hideyuki Kikuchi and Yoshitaka Amano Comics £15
Warlands Volume 2: Atrelegis Adrian Tsang and Pat Lee Comics £10
Watching Anime, Reading Manga: 25 Years of Essays and Reviews Fred Patten Comics £10
Xenogenesis (Aliens vs. Predator) Issues 1-4 Andi Watson and Mel Rubi Comics £15
100 Best Health Foods [Jan 01, 2010] Na Na Cookery & Wine £3
100 Mince Dishes author not listed Cookery & Wine £2.5
150 of America's Favorite Comfort Foods, All Under 350 Calories Dispirito, Rocco. Cookery & Wine £5
3000 Recipe Cook Book Marguerite Patten Cookery & Wine £6
3000 Recipe Cookbook Paquenite Patten Cookery & Wine £5
500 Recipes Cooking the Chinese Way Nina Froud Cookery & Wine £0.75
500 Vegan Dishes Deborah Gray Cookery & Wine £4
A Book of Mediterranean Food Elizabeth David Cookery & Wine £5
A Cook on the Wild Side (A Channel Four Book) Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Cookery & Wine £3
A Cook's Book Stella West-Harling Cookery & Wine £15
A Cook's Year in a Welsh Farmhouse Elisabeth Luard Cookery & Wine £50
A Curious History of Food and Drink Ian Crofton Cookery & Wine £4
A Gift of Japanese Cooking Mifune Tsuji Cookery & Wine £5
A History of the Worshipful Company of Cooks no author Cookery & Wine £20
A Kitchen Primer Craig Claiborne Cookery & Wine £8
A New Way to Cook Schneider, Sally. Cookery & Wine £8.5
A Passion for Mushrooms Antonio Carluccio Cookery & Wine £4
A Return to Cooking Eric Ripert,Michael Ruhlman Cookery & Wine £8.5
A Tale of 12 Kitchens: Family Cooking in Four Countries Jake Tilson Cookery & Wine £7.5
A Year at Ballymaloe Cookery School Darina Allen Cookery & Wine £8
African Kitchen Josie Fison,Jan Baldwin Cookery & Wine £4
Alastair Little's Italian Kitchen: Recipes From La Cacciata Little, Alastair Cookery & Wine £5
All Colour Cake Decorating Course Macgregor Cookery & Wine £5
America's Great Delis: Recipes and Traditions From Coast to Coast Bellman, Sheryll. Cookery & Wine £8.5
Anjum's Eat Right for Your Body Type: The Super-Healthy Diet Inspired by Ayurveda Anand,Anjum Cookery & Wine £4.5
Anjum's New Indian Anjum Anand Cookery & Wine £5
Anne hughes:her Boke Edited by Molly Preston Cookery & Wine £8
Anton Mosimann's Fish Cuisine no author Cookery & Wine £4
Antonio Carluccio's Italia Antonio Carluccio Cookery & Wine £7.5
Antonio Carluccio's Italian Feast. Carluccio, Antonio. Cookery & Wine £4.5
Antonio Carluccio's Southern Italian Feast: More Than 100 Recipes Inspired by the Flavour of Southern Italy Antonio Carluccio Cookery & Wine £3
Arabella Boxer's Book of English Food Boxer, Arabella Cookery & Wine £8
Asian Food Festival Mitchell, Kenneth. Cookery & Wine £3.75
Au Revoir to All That: The Rise and Fall of French Cuisine Steinberger,Michael Cookery & Wine £2.5
Bacon & Butter Celby Richoux Cookery & Wine £8.5
Beers Thomas Lange & Jo Forty Cookery & Wine £7.5
Berkshire Pub Guide no author Cookery & Wine £1
Best Ever 30-Minute Cookbook Jemmi Fleetwood Cookery & Wine £3
Better Cookery Aileen King Cookery & Wine £5
Beyond the Pleasure Principle Freud Cookery & Wine £2
Big Book of Bbq no author Cookery & Wine £4.5
Big Kevin, Little Kevin: Over 120 Recipes From Around Britain and America by Tv's Odd Couple Kevin Woodford and Kevin Belton Cookery & Wine £5
Blanc Mange Raymond Blanc Cookery & Wine £8
Born to Cook: Angel Food Molyneux, Joyce. Cookery & Wine £4.5
Bruce's Cookbook Poole,Bruce Cookery & Wine £10
Bryan Webb's Kitchen Webb,Bryan Cookery & Wine £5
Bryn's Kitchen Bryn Williams (Cl Cookery & Wine £6
Cakes & Cake Decoration Denise Jarrett-Macauley Cookery & Wine £2
Carole Sobell's New Jewish Cuisine Sobell, Carole. Cookery & Wine £5
Caviare to Candy Recipes for Small Households From All Parts of the World Mrs. Philip Martineau Cookery & Wine £45
Challenging the Years Michael Volin Cookery & Wine £5
Champneys Cookbook Adam Palmer Cookery & Wine £4
Charitable Bookings Signature Dish author not listed Cookery & Wine £25
Charmaine Solomon's Complete Vegetarian Cookbook Charmaine Solomon Cookery & Wine £6
Cheats & Eats Jackie Wicks Cookery & Wine £5
Chef Gordon Ramsay Cookery & Wine £20
Chefs of Distinction Edited by Jane Middleton Cookery & Wine £10
Chic Simple: Cooking (Chic Simple) Sally Sampson Cookery & Wine £3.5
Chloe's Kitchen: 125 Easy, Delicious Recipes for Making the Food You Love the Vegan Way Chloe Coscarelli Cookery & Wine £8
Chocolates From Steeple Bumpstead Julie Haylock Cookery & Wine £4.5
Cocktails: Over 30 Classic Cocktail Mixes Oona Van Den Berg Cookery & Wine £3.5
Cognition, Brain, and Consciousness: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience, 2nd Edition Bernard J. Baars,Nicole M. Gage Cookery & Wine £25
Comfort Food: Warm and Homey, Rich and Hearty Rodgers,Rick Cookery & Wine £5
Complete Book of Cake Decorating no author Cookery & Wine £3.5
Complete Book of Food Combining: A New, Easy-to-Use Guide to the Most Successful Diet Ever Kathryn Marsden Cookery & Wine £2.5
Complete Book of Vegetarian Cookery Janet Smith Cookery & Wine £3.5
Constantia Uitsig Cookbook Gail Jennings Cookery & Wine £3.5
Cook's Handbook for Spain Albert F. Calvert Cookery & Wine £40
Cooked in Africa; A Cooking Journey Through Southern Africa author not listed Cookery & Wine £10
Cookery in Colour Marguerite Patten Cookery & Wine £8
Cookery in Colour Marguerite Patten Cookery & Wine £7
Cooking (Chic Simple) Sally Sampson Cookery & Wine £4.5
Cooking for Pleasure With Miele. Baking & Roasting no author Cookery & Wine £30
Cooking From the Lake House Organic Farm Trudie Styler,Joseph Sponzo Cookery & Wine £8
Cooking People Sophie Waugh Cookery & Wine £15
Cooking Today Marguerite Patten Cookery & Wine £12
Cooking With Turmeric: Superfood Recipes to Enrich Your Diet and Boost Your Health Garance Leureux Cookery & Wine £6.99
Country Harvest Pamela Michael Cookery & Wine £5
Country Housewife: A Compendium and Anthology of Country Lore Simone Sekers Cookery & Wine £8
Countrymans Cooking Fowler W M W Cookery & Wine £16.95
Cuisine Actuelle Patricia Wells Presents the Cuisine of Joel Robuchon. Cookery & Wine £8.75
Cuisine of the Water Gods: The Authentic Seafood and Vegetable Cookery of Mexico Quintana, Patricia. Cookery & Wine £8.5
Daily Italian Tobie Puttock Cookery & Wine £5
Dakshin, Vegetarian Delicacies From South India Chandra Padmanabhan Cookery & Wine £35
Daniel Orr Real Food: Smart & Simple Meals and Menus for Entertaining Orr, Daniel Cookery & Wine £5
Davina's Smart Carbs Davina Mc Call Cookery & Wine £4
Delia's Frugal Food Smith,Delia Cookery & Wine £8
Delia's Vegetarian Collection: Over 250 Recipes Delia Smith,Victoria Wood Cookery & Wine £10
Deliciously Ella Every Day Ella Woodward Cookery & Wine £10
Desserts to Die For Desaulniers, Marcel Cookery & Wine £4.5
Desserts Traditionnels De France Lenotre, Gaston. Cookery & Wine £25
Dishy Desserts. Darina Allen Et Cookery & Wine £3.5
Dorothy Huang's Chinese Cooking Dorothy Huang. Cookery & Wine £10
Douglas Rodriguez's Latin Flavors on the Grill Rodriguez, Douglas. Cookery & Wine £5
Dukan Everyday Easy Cookbook Dukan,Pierre Cookery & Wine £10
Dump Dinners, Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes by Cathy Mitchell Cathy Mitchell Cookery & Wine £2.75
Easy Diabetic Meals: For 2 or 4 Servings Better Homes and Gardens Editors,Kristi Fuller Cookery & Wine £3
Easy Potatoes no author Cookery & Wine £2
Edible Flowers: 25 Recipes and an A-Z Pictorial Directory of Culinary Flora Kathy Brown Cookery & Wine £10
Embracing the Beloved: Relationship as a Path of Awakening Stephen B. Levine,Ondrea Levine Cookery & Wine £2.5
Encouraging Appropriate Behavior for Children on the Autism Spectrum: Frequently Asked Questions Shira Richman Cookery & Wine £5
English Inns Illustrated General Sir Colville Wemyss Cookery & Wine £10
English Sausages Jan Davison Cookery & Wine £8.99
Entertain Ed Baines,Gus Filgate Cookery & Wine £5
Entertaining Bissell,Frances Cookery & Wine £7
Entertaining With Good Housekeeping no author Cookery & Wine £4
Esprit D'espresso Rolf Cornell, Steven Sullivan Cookery & Wine £6
Essential Equipment for the Kitchen Charlotte & Peter Fiell Cookery & Wine £15
Families & How to Survive Them Various Artists Cookery & Wine £2.5
Farlow's Game and Fish Cookbook: With the Game Conservancy Trust Barbara Thompson Cookery & Wine £10
Farmhouse Cookery- Recipes From the Country Kitchen no author Cookery & Wine £5
Fast Feasts Edelmann, Anton Cookery & Wine £4.5
Fast French: 100 Recipes for Stylish Dishes in Minutes Marie-Pierre Moine Cookery & Wine £3
Favourite Balti and Indian Recipes Khokhar, Sabiha. Cookery & Wine £4.5
Feast for the Eyes Pb Gillian Riley. Cookery & Wine £3.5
Feasts From the Place Below Sewell,Bill Cookery & Wine £3.5
Ferran Adria and Elbulli Jean-Paul Jouary With Ferran Adria Cookery & Wine £10
Festive foods:christmas Cooking Around the World Hanne Kruse Cookery & Wine £12
Fish Cookbook Unknown Cookery & Wine £4
Food Darby, William, Ghalioungui, Paul and Grivetti, Louis. Cookery & Wine £90
Food & Beverage Service Lillicrap,D. H. Cookery & Wine £3
Food and Beverage Service D. R. Lillicrap, Cookery & Wine £5
Food for Free Richard Mabey Cookery & Wine £5
Food for the Community Wilson, C. Philip. Cookery & Wine £7.5
Food for the Community: Special Diets for Special Groups Edited by C. Anne Wilson Cookery & Wine £10
Food From Your Garden & Allotment no author Cookery & Wine £5
Food Industries Manual Edited by H. B. Cronshaw Cookery & Wine £20
Food: A 20th-Century Anthology Clarissa Dickson Wright Cookery & Wine £8.5
Foolproof Mediterranean Cookery: Step by Step to Everyone's Favourite Mediterranean Recipes Roden, Claudia. Cookery & Wine £7
French Pastry,Confectionery and Sweets E. J. Kollist Cookery & Wine £35
French Regional Wine Guides: Loire Jasper Morris Cookery & Wine £2.75
French Regional Wine Guides: Rhone Arabella Woodrow Cookery & Wine £2.75
Fruits of Paradise Rebecca Hall Cookery & Wine £3
Game Cookery Humphreys, Angela. Cookery & Wine £3.5
Garden to Kitchen Expert Judith Wills. Cookery & Wine £8
Gary Rhodes Cookery Year author not listed Cookery & Wine £8
Glorious Puddings Hilary Walden Cookery & Wine £5.75
Good Bottled Beer Guide Jeff Evans Cookery & Wine £2.5
Good Housekeeping Complete Book of Cake Decorating no author Cookery & Wine £3
Good Housekeeping Confident Cooking: The Foolproof Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Essential Recipes Good Housekeeping Institute Cookery & Wine £3.5
Good Old Fashioned Puddings Sara Paston-Willias Cookery & Wine £4
Good Things Jane Grigson Cookery & Wine £7.5
Goods of the Grocer and Provision Dealer C. L. T. Beeching Cookery & Wine £10
Gooey Desserts: The Joy of Decadence Corn, Elaine. Cookery & Wine £9.5
Gordon Ramsay's Sunday Lunch: And Other Recipes From the F Word Gordon Ramsay Cookery & Wine £5
Grand Finales: A Modernist View of Plated Desserts Timothy Moriarty,Tish Boyle Cookery & Wine £15
Great British Menu Paul Lay Cookery & Wine £3.5
Great Desserts author not listed Cookery & Wine £8
Great Food Made Simple Howden Joinery Ltd. Cookery & Wine £4
Great Outdoors Cookbook Phil Vickery Cookery & Wine £7
Great Pasta Sauces Griffiths, Sally Cookery & Wine £3.75
Greedy Girl's Diet Nadia Sawalha Cookery & Wine £6
Greek Cook Book Tess Mallos Cookery & Wine £40
Hdbk of Ess Home Hints Household Tips Editor Malone Cookery & Wine £3.5
Heal Your Gut Cookbook Boynton, Hilary. ,Brackett, Mary G. Cookery & Wine £10
Healing Foods Cookbook Sen,Jane Cookery & Wine £2.75
Healthy in a Hurry Karen Ansel Cookery & Wine £3
Healthy Indian Cooking Husain,Shehzad,Illustrated Cookery & Wine £350
Healthy Indian Cooking Husain, Shehzad. Cookery & Wine £3
Healthy Thai Cooking Sri Owen,James Murphy Cookery & Wine £3.5
Henrietta Green's New Country Kitchen no author Cookery & Wine £6.5
Heston Blumenthal: The Biography of the World's Most Brilliant Master Chef Newkey-Burden, Chas. Cookery & Wine £3
Home Cookery Jessie Conrad Cookery & Wine £95
Home Economics Jane Ashley Cookery & Wine £8
Home Freezer Cook Book no author Cookery & Wine £3
Homemade Chocolate in the Raw Lauren Amerson Cookery & Wine £10
Honestly Healthy for Life: Eat With Your Body in Mind, the Alkaline Way - Forever Edgson, Vicki Corrett Natasha Cookery & Wine £8
How I Cook Gyngell,Skye Gyngell Cookery & Wine £8.5
How to Be a Better Cook Lorraine Pascale Cookery & Wine £5
How to Cook Better Shaun Hill Cookery & Wine £8.5
How to Eat: The Pleasures and Principles of Good Food (Cookery) Nigella Lawson Cookery & Wine £5
How to Lose Weight Well: The Complete Diet Plans: All the Best Recipes From the Tv Series, Plus Simple Diet Plans for Healthy Weight Loss Stacie Stewart Cookery & Wine £12.99
Hungarian Cuisine: A Complete Cookery Book Venesz, Jozsef. Cookery & Wine £15
I Quit Sugar for Life: Your Fad-Free Wholefood Wellness Code and Cookbook Sarah Wilson Cookery & Wine £4.5
I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookwilson, Sarah (2014) Paperback Sarah Wilson Cookery & Wine £4.5
In the Twilight Andre L. Simon Cookery & Wine £5
J. Bildner Cookbook Jim Bildner, Cookery & Wine £10
James Martin's Delicious!: The Deli Cookbook James Martin Cookery & Wine £4.5
Jams and Preserves Purchon, Nerys Cookery & Wine £4
Jams and Preserves: author not listed Cookery & Wine £5
Jamva Chaloji-2: More Parsi Delicacies to Tickle Your Palate Katy Dalal Cookery & Wine £30
Janie Ellice's Recipes 1846-1859 Josie A. Wentworth Cookery & Wine £2.5
Janie Ellice's Recipes 1846-1859 Josie A. Wentworth Cookery & Wine £6.5
Japan, the Beauty of Food Wolf, Reinhart and Terzani, Angela. Cookery & Wine £20
Jason Vale's 5:2 Juice Diet no author Cookery & Wine £6.99
John Slattery's Creative Chocolate Peter Marshall Cookery & Wine £25
John Torode's Chicken and Other Birds John Torode Cookery & Wine £10
John Torode's Sydney to Seoul: Recipes From My Travels in Australia and the Far East John Torode Cookery & Wine £18.99
Just Like Mother Used to Make Tom Norrington-Davies Cookery & Wine £5
Just Like Mum Used to Make Classic Recipes no author Cookery & Wine £3.5
Kale: The Secret Key to Vibrant Life Claire Chapoutot Cookery & Wine £6.99
Kids' Kitchen Amanda Grant Cookery & Wine £5
Kitchen Confidential Anthony,Anthony Bourdain,Bourdain Cookery & Wine £2.5
Kitchens of the Great Midwest J. Ryan Stradal Cookery & Wine £3
Korean Cooking Han Chung Hea Cookery & Wine £5.5
Kosher by Design Lightens Up Susie Fishbein and Bonnie Taub-Dix. Cookery & Wine £8
La France Gastronomique Willan, Anne. Cookery & Wine £5.75
La Potiniere and Friends David Brown,Hilary Brown Cookery & Wine £5
La Technique Jacques Pepin Cookery & Wine £30
La Vera Cucina: Traditional Recipes From the Homes and Farms of Italy Middione, Carlo. Cookery & Wine £8.75
Lamb, Leeks, and Laverbread: The Best of Welsh Cookery Davies, Gilli. Cookery & Wine £3.25
Le Cordon Bleu Complete Step-by-Step Cookery Book Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School Cookery & Wine £6.5
Leith's Contemprary Cooking Prue Leith Cookery & Wine £8
Len Evans' Complete Book of Australian Wine author not listed Cookery & Wine £20
Levi Roots' Reggae Reggae Cookbook Levi Roots Cookery & Wine £4.25
Light Meals Kim Macdonald Cookery & Wine £2
Little Red Gooseberries: Delicious Cooking and Eating From Penrhos, Britain's First Organic Hotel Lambert, Daphne. Cookery & Wine £6
Livwise Olivia Newton-John Cookery & Wine £5
London on a Plate author not listed Cookery & Wine £6
Lonely Planet the Food Book Mini author not listed Cookery & Wine £5
Love in a Dish and Other Pieces M. F. K. Fisher Cookery & Wine £2
Low Fat & Salads no author Cookery & Wine £3.5
Lunches Claire Macdonald Cookery & Wine £3.5
Made From Memories: 18 Projects Inspired by the Past Vivienne Bolton Cookery & Wine £4
Madeleine Cooks: A Wonderful Teacher Reveals the Secrets of Cooking Great Food Every Day Kamman, Madeleine. Cookery & Wine £5
Madhur Jaffrey's Foolproof Indian Cookery (Foolproof Cookery) Madhur Jaffrey Cookery & Wine £5
Making Sense of Wine Testing Alan Young Cookery & Wine £3
Making Your Own Liqueurs: Recipes for Making Fruits in Alcohol, Ratafias, Liqueurs From Herbs and Flowers, Bitters, Elixirs, and Love-Potions Doorn, Joyce Van. Cookery & Wine £70
Mama Toscana : The Authentic Tuscan Cookbook Alvaro Maccioni Cookery & Wine £8
Marco Made Easy: A Three-Star Chef Makes It Simple White,Marco Pierre Cookery & Wine £4.5
Marie Claire Cookbook Slater,Nigel Cookery & Wine £3
Martin Yan's China Yan, Martin Cookery & Wine £4.5
Masterchef Goes Large Masterchef Cookery & Wine £5
Maynard Adventures of a Bacon Curer Davies, Maynardzzeverfasser Cookery & Wine £5
Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design Stanley Marianski,Adam Marianski,Robert Marianski Cookery & Wine £10
Meat-Free Any Day Sarah Beattie Cookery & Wine £6.5
Meena Pathak's Flavours of India: Pathak, Meena. Cookery & Wine £4.5
Michael Jackson's Pocket Beer Book Michael Jackson Cookery & Wine £2
Michael Symon's 5 in 5 Michael Symon Cookery & Wine £7.5
Michel Gurard's Cuisine Minceur Gurard, Michel. Cookery & Wine £10
Middle Eastern Cooking Osborne, Christine. Cookery & Wine £8
Miniature Cakes, Pastries & Desserts Pam Dotter Cookery & Wine £3
Mocktails Kester Thompson Cookery & Wine £5
Modern Food Sophie Michell Cookery & Wine £5
More Fired Up: More No-Nonsense Barbecuing. Ross Dobson Ross Dobson Cookery & Wine £5
Mridula Baljekar's Real Balti Cookbook Mridula Baljekar Cookery & Wine £4.5
Mrs Beeton's All About Cookery no author Cookery & Wine £45
Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book no author Cookery & Wine £8
Mrs Bunthorpe's Respects Ursula Bloom Cookery & Wine £8
Mushroom Johnny & Sandler, Nick Acton Cookery & Wine £8
My Kind of Cooking Mark Sargeant Cookery & Wine £5
New Farm Savoury Recipes Carole Howard Cookery & Wine £2.5
New Food: From the New Basics to the New Classics Dupleix,Jill Cookery & Wine £4.5
New Great Dishes of the World Carrier, Robert Cookery & Wine £3.5
Nicholson's Real Ale Guide to the Waterways no author Cookery & Wine £1
Nigella Bites Nigella Lawson Cookery & Wine £4.75
Nigella Express, Good Food Fast Nigella Lawson Cookery & Wine £5
North Midland School Cookery Book no author Cookery & Wine £15
Nosh 4 Students - a Fun Student Cookbook, See Every Recipe in Full Colour! Joy May Cookery & Wine £2.5
Not on the Label: What Really Goes Into the Food on Your Plate Felicity Lawrence Cookery & Wine £2.5
Notes on a Cellar-Book George Saintsbury Cookery & Wine £10
On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen Mcgee, Harold. Cookery & Wine £15
One for the Pot: Game Cookery Book Fred J. Taylor Cookery & Wine £8.75
One-Pot, Slow-Pot 7 Clay-Pot Cooking Jenni Fleetwood Cookery & Wine £4.5
Opening a Restaurant or Other Food Business Starter Kit Sharon Fullen. Cookery & Wine £10
Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook (Planet Organic) Lizzie Vann Cookery & Wine £3.25
Oz Clarke's Encyclopedia of Wine Clarke, ozzzeverfasserzz0(De-588)113361270 Cookery & Wine £4
Paradise Rescued From Cabbage Patch to Cabernet Franc David Stannard Cookery & Wine £8
Passion for Pasta Antonio Carluccio Cookery & Wine £4
Passione : The Italian Cookbook Gennaro Contaldo Cookery & Wine £5
Patisserie Aaron Maree Cookery & Wine £8.5
Pepper: The Spice That Changed the World: Over 100 Recipes, Over 3000 Years of History Mcfadden, Christine. Cookery & Wine £10
Peppers a Cookbook. Berkley,Robert Cookery & Wine £4.75
Perfect Poultry no author Cookery & Wine £3
Perfection Blumenthal,Heston Cookery & Wine £5
Peter Jordan's Wild Mushroom Bible Recipes by Steven Wheeler Cookery & Wine £20
Peter Sidwell's Simply Good Taste: Great Food From the Lake District Sidwell,Peter Cookery & Wine £4
Pierre Gagnaire, Reinventing French Cuisine Gagnaire, Pierre Cookery & Wine £15
Pike Place Public Market Seafood Cookbook Rex-Johnson, Braiden Cookery & Wine £5
Plants With a Purpose: A Guide to the Everyday Uses of Wild Plants Richard Mabey Cookery & Wine £10
Poor Cook Susan Campbell and Caroline Conran Cookery & Wine £40
Potatoes : A Country Garden Cookbook Maggie Waldron,Deborah Jones Cookery & Wine £2.5
Practical Encyclopedia of Chicken Cooking author not listed Cookery & Wine £5.5
Preparing Fish & Wild Game. author not listed Cookery & Wine £6
Quaglino's: The Cookbook Richard Whittington Cookery & Wine £3.75
Radiation New World Cookery Book no author Cookery & Wine £10
Raw Food Made Easy: For 1 or 2 People Jennifer Cornbleet Cookery & Wine £2.5
Real Chocolate Chantal Coady Cookery & Wine £5.5
Recipes From Le Manoir Aux Quat' Saisons Raymond Blanc Cookery & Wine £7.5
Recipes From the French Wine Harvest: Vintage Feasts From the Vineyards Hanson, Rosi. Cookery & Wine £5
Red Meat Cook Book no author Cookery & Wine £3
Reduce Reuse Recycle no author Cookery & Wine £1.5
Refresh: Contemporary Vegan Recipes From the Award-Winning Fresh Restaurants Tal, Ruth. Cookery & Wine £3
Rich Desserts and Captain's Thin: A Family and Their Times, 1831-1931 Forster, Margaret Cookery & Wine £3.5
Rick Stein's Coast to Coast Rick Stein Cookery & Wine £5
Rick Stein's Food Heroes. Stein, Rick. Cookery & Wine £3.5
Rick Stein's Food Heroes: Stein, Rick. Cookery & Wine £4.5
Rick Stein's French Odyssey: Over 100 New Recipes Inspired by the Flavours of France Rick Stein Cookery & Wine £4.5
Rick Stein's Fruits of the Sea Rick Stein Cookery & Wine £3.5
Rick Stein's Fruits of the Sea Rick Stein Cookery & Wine £3.5
Righteous Porkchop: Finding a Life and Good Food Beyond Factory Farms Nicolette Hahn Niman, Cookery & Wine £5
Righteous Porkchop: Finding a Life and Good Food Beyond Factory Farms Nicolette Hahn Niman, Cookery & Wine £5
Ripe Enough Ripe, Cherry. Cookery & Wine £3
Rosemary, Castle Cook: Recipes From Rosemary Shrager's Cookery School on the Isle of Harris Shrager, Rosemary. Cookery & Wine £5
Ruffino the Story of a Chianti Cyril Ray Cookery & Wine £10
Sameen Rushdie's Indian Cookery. -- Rushdie, Sameen. Cookery & Wine £6
Savoury Pastry Fred T. Vine Cookery & Wine £30
Savvy Shopper: All You Need to Know About the Food You Buy Rose Prince Cookery & Wine £4
School for Cooks Rosemary Shrager Cookery & Wine £5
Scotch Missed: The Lost Distilleries of Scotland Townsend, Brian Cookery & Wine £20
Seasonal Secrets From Cooking With Class Victoria O'neill Victoria O'neill Cookery & Wine £10
Sensational Cupcakes: American Style Morov, Alisa. Cookery & Wine £4
Sensational Soups Wright, Jeni. Cookery & Wine £3
Simon Gault Cooks: Fabulous Food at Home Gault, Simon Cookery & Wine £3
Simply Delicious: A Vegetarian Cookbook Rose Elliot Cookery & Wine £2
Simply Seasonal: Claire Macdonald's Delicious Recipes for Year-Round Informal Entertaining Claire Macdonald Cookery & Wine £4.5
Slim by Design Brian Wansink Cookery & Wine £8.99
Slow Cooker Recipe Collection Louis Ceo Weber Cookery & Wine £5
Smoking Food at Home With Smoky Jo Jo Hampson Cookery & Wine £10
Social Eats: Gourmet Pop-Up Food in Your Own Home Jimmy Garcia Cookery & Wine £5
Sophie Conran's Pies Sophie Conran Cookery & Wine £3
Soup & Beyond no author Cookery & Wine £2.5
Soup for All Occasions: Recipes for Enjoying Life. New Covent Garden Food Co New Covent Garden Soup Company Cookery & Wine £2.75
Soups Unknown Cookery & Wine £2.5
Soups and Chowders Nell Heaton Cookery & Wine £6.5
South Africa Eats: (E) Phillippa Cheifitz Cookery & Wine £8
South African Cookbook for Allergies and Food Intolerance Hilda Lategan Cookery & Wine £10
Spirited Cooking: With Liqueurs, Spirit & Wines Allison,Sonia Cookery & Wine £8
Spray & Stitch: Over 30 Projects Combining Cross Stitch With Easy Spray Paint Techniques Sally Harman Cookery & Wine £4
Street Food Clare Ferguson Cookery & Wine £4
Street Food Revolution Richard Johnson Cookery & Wine £7.5
Sue Lawrence'S Scottish Kitchen Sue Lawrence Cookery & Wine £5
Summertime Blackiston,Galton Cookery & Wine £5
Super Juice Me!: 28 Day Juice Plan Jason Vale Cookery & Wine £7.99
Supper for a Song Day-Lewis, Tamasin. Cookery & Wine £8
Tamasin's Kitchen Bible Tamasin Day-Lewis Cookery & Wine £4
Tamasin's Weekend Food: Cooking to Come Home To Day-Lewis, Tamasin Cookery & Wine £5
Tastes and Temptations Varriano, John L. . Cookery & Wine £8
Thai Home Cooking From Kamolmal's Kitchen William Crawford, Kamolmal Pootaraksa, Cookery & Wine £20
The Abel & Cole Cookbook: Easy, Seasonal, Organic Abel,Keith Cookery & Wine £4.5
The Adventurous Vegetarian Hughes (Fo,Jane Cookery & Wine £10
The Art of the Needle: Designing in Fabric and Thread Jan Beaney Cookery & Wine £5
The Art of Vegetarian Cookery Betty Wason Cookery & Wine £10
The Australian Heritage Cookbook no author Cookery & Wine £10
The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook: Over 130 Delicious Recipes for the Whole Family to Enjoy Murkett,Tracey,Rapley,Gill Cookery & Wine £5
The Baggywrinkle Cookbook Sarita Armstrong Cookery & Wine £5
The Best of British Cooking no author Cookery & Wine £3.5
The Best of Mrs Beeton's British Cooking no author Cookery & Wine £2.75
The Best of Mrs. Beeton's Easy Everyday Cooking Rigel Cookery & Wine £2.5
The Best of Oriental Cookery Margaret Fulton, Cookery & Wine £3.5
The Body Book Cameron Diaz Cookery & Wine £9.99
The Book of Beer Knowledge: Essential Wisdom for the Discerning Drinker Evans, Jeff Cookery & Wine £3
The Book of Coffee Alain Stella. Cookery & Wine £15
The Book of Hot and Spicy and Indian Foods author not listed Cookery & Wine £5
The Book of Tempeh Shurtleff, William Cookery & Wine £75
The Burn Haylie Pomroy Cookery & Wine £8.99
The Caribbean Cook Williams, Patrick. Cookery & Wine £5
The Chocolate Connoisseur: For Everyone With a Passion for Chocolate Doutre-Roussel, Chloe. Cookery & Wine £4.75
The Classic Food of Northern Italy Anna Del Conte Cookery & Wine £70
The Competent Cook: Essential Tools, Techniques, and Recipes for the Modern At-Home Cook Lauren Braun Costello Cookery & Wine £5
The Compleat Imbiber 8 Edited by Cyril Ray Cookery & Wine £15
The Complete Cookery Encyclopedia. author not listed Cookery & Wine £5
The Complete Gluten-Free Baker Hannah Miles Cookery & Wine £10
The Complete Guide to Cake Decorating Deborah. (Editor). Gray Cookery & Wine £5
The Cook's Garden. Lynda Brown Cookery & Wine £2.5
The Country Kitchen Della Lutes Cookery & Wine £8
The Covent Garden Cookbook Recipes for Vegetables Fruit Nuts Herbs & Flowers Marie Stone Cookery & Wine £10
The Cuisine of the South Pacific Skinner, Gwen. Cookery & Wine £8.5
The Curry Club's Favourite Restaurant Curries Pat Chapman Cookery & Wine £2.5
The Czechoslovak Cookbook, Joza Brizova Cookery & Wine £10
The Demiveg Cook Book David Scott Cookery & Wine £3
The Devon Cook Book no author Cookery & Wine £4.5
The Diet Delusion: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on Diet, Weight Loss and Disease Taubes, Gary Cookery & Wine £9.5
The Diner's Dictionary: Word Origins of Food & Drink Ayto, John. Cookery & Wine £5
The El Paso Chile Company's Texas Border Cookbook: Home Cooking From Rio Grande Country Kerr, W. Park. Cookery & Wine £8
The Exotic Meat Cookbook: From Antelope to Zebra Edgar,Jeanette,Godwin,Rachel Cookery & Wine £5
The Family Handbook of Adolescence Schowalter, John E. And Anyan, Walter R. . Cookery & Wine £15
The Farmers' Market Cookbook Peter Gordon Cookery & Wine £3.5
The Fine Art of Food Reay Tannahill Cookery & Wine £3
The Fine Art of Food Reay Tannahill Cookery & Wine £3
The Flavour Thesaurus: Pairings, Recipes and Ideas for the Creative Cook Segnit, Niki. Cookery & Wine £5
The Food and Wine Guide to Naples and the Campania Capalbo, Carla. Cookery & Wine £8.75
The Food Lovers' Anthology no author Cookery & Wine £8
The Frenchwoman's Kitchen Tilleray, Brigitte. Cookery & Wine £4
The Fruit, Herbs & Vegetables of Italy Giacomo Castelvetro, Gillian Riley (Translator) Cookery & Wine £6
The G Plan Diet: Illustrated Edition Amanda Hamilton,Hannah Ebelthite Cookery & Wine £8.99
The Gastropub Cookbook: Another Helping Henry,Diana Cookery & Wine £5
The Good Housekeeping Book of the Home no author Cookery & Wine £3.75
The Goodness of Nuts and Seeds Natalie Seldon Cookery & Wine £4.75
The Handmade Loaf Dan Lepard Cookery & Wine £9
The Healthy Kitchen Andrew Weil,Rosie Daley Cookery & Wine £3.5
The Healthy Lifestyle Diet Cookbook Sarah Flower Cookery & Wine £4
The Impoverished Gastronome David Chater Cookery & Wine £2.5
The Italian Cooking Encyclopedia Capalbo, Carla. Cookery & Wine £6
The Italian Table: Family-Style Recipes That Bring Everyone Together Ron Suhanosky Cookery & Wine £5
The Lemon Juice Diet Cheung,Theresa Cookery & Wine £4
The Living Well With Cancer Cookbook Fran Warde & Catherine Zabilowicz Cookery & Wine £12.99
The Louise Parker Method: The 6-Week Programme Louise Parker Cookery & Wine £10
The Low-Gl Diet Made Easy Holford,Patrick Cookery & Wine £3
The Man Who Couldn't Eat Jon Reiner, Cookery & Wine £8
The Mary Berry Cookbook no author Cookery & Wine £6
The Mediterranean Cookbook Anna Macmiadhachain, Mary Reynolds, Claudia Roden, Helge Rubinstein Cookery & Wine £5
The Mezzo Cookbook John Torode Cookery & Wine £5.75
The Miller Howe Cookbook John Tovey Cookery & Wine £3
The Mirabelle Cookbook Marco Pierre White Cookery & Wine £85
The Miraculous Fever-Tree Fiammetta Rocco Cookery & Wine £3
The Mixer and Blender Cookery Book. Denny, Alison. Cookery & Wine £4
The Modern Physician Volumes I-V Edited by Dr. Andrew Wilson Cookery & Wine £50
The New Catering Repertoire H. L. Cracknell, G. Nobis Cookery & Wine £20
The New Covent Garden Soup Company'S Book of Soups New Covent Garden Soup Company Staff Cookery & Wine £2.75
The Penguin Book of Food and Drink Paul Levy Cookery & Wine £2.5
The Perfect Blend Tess Masters Cookery & Wine £9.99
The Pma Method: 14 Days to a Stronger, Healthier, Happier You Faisal Abdalla Cookery & Wine £11.99
The Poultry and Game Cookbook Ruth Martin Cookery & Wine £8
The Red Wines of Bordeaux Bolter, William. Cookery & Wine £2.75
The Red Wines of Burgundy Savage, Mark. Cookery & Wine £2.75
The Return of the Naked Chef Jamie Oliver Cookery & Wine £4.5
The River Cafe Cookbook Rogers,Ruth Cookery & Wine £5
The River Cottage Year Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Cookery & Wine £4.5
The Robert Carrier Cookbook no author Cookery & Wine £8
The Savoy Cocktail Book . . . Craddock, Harry. Cookery & Wine £15
The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy (First Edition) Michael Matthews Cookery & Wine £5
The Spanishwoman's Kitchen Aris, Pepita. Cookery & Wine £4.5
The Spark Chris Downie Cookery & Wine £3
The Superjam Cookbook Doherty,Fraser Cookery & Wine £5
The Tucci Table Stanley Tucci Cookery & Wine £8
The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Wine, Beer, Spirits & Liqueurs: The Definitive Reference Guide to Alcohol-Based Drinks Stuart Walton,Brian Glover Cookery & Wine £4
The Ultimate Game Cookbook Tom Bridge Cookery & Wine £4
The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook Amy Riolo Cookery & Wine £9.99
The Ultimate Soup Cleanse Nicole Pisani & Kate Adams Cookery & Wine £4.99
The Vegetable Book an Unnatural History Yann Lovelock Cookery & Wine £6
The Vodka Cookbook Rose, John. Cookery & Wine £8
The Wines of Spain and Portugal Oz Clarke,Charles Metcalfe,Kathryn Mcwhirter Cookery & Wine £2.75
The World Atlas of Food Grigson, Jane. Cookery & Wine £20
The World Encyclopedia of Bread and Bread Making author not listed Cookery & Wine £10
Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food Tom Kerridge Cookery & Wine £5
Tony & Giorgio author not listed Cookery & Wine £4.5
Top 100 Recipes From Food and Drink Antony Worrall Thompson, Cookery & Wine £4.5
Traditional Arab Cookery Scott, David Cookery & Wine £3
Traditional Recipes: Quick & Easy, Proven Recipes author not listed Cookery & Wine £3.5
Traveling Jamaica With Knife, Fork and Spoon: A Rightous Guide to Jamaican Cooking Robb Walsh,Jay Mccarthy Cookery & Wine £3
Tru: A Cookbook From the Legendary Chicago Restaurant Tramonto, Rick. Cookery & Wine £5
Twanapitei Canoe Trippers' Cookbook Carol Hodgins Cookery & Wine £8
Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew the Science of What We Eat Marion Nestle Cookery & Wine £10
Veg: The Greengrocer's Cookbook Gregg Wallace. Cookery & Wine £8
Victorian Household Hints Elizabeth Dury Cookery & Wine £2.5
Vinegar: Nature's Secret Weapon Maxwell Stein Cookery & Wine £2
Wanapitei Canoe Trippers' Cookbook Ii Carol Hodgins Cookery & Wine £8
Ways With Food Harriet Healy Cookery & Wine £8.75
We'll Eat Again: A Collection of Recipes From the War Years author not listed Cookery & Wine £2.5
West Country Kitchen Bissell Frances Cookery & Wine £2.5
What to Eat Now Warner,Valentine Cookery & Wine £5
Why We Eat What We Eat: How the Encounter Between the New World and the Old Changed the Way Everyone on the Planet Eats Sokolov, Raymond A. Cookery & Wine £3
Wild Food Roger Phillips Cookery & Wine £30
Wild Food From Land and Sea Marco Pierre White Cookery & Wine £3
Willie's Chocolate Factory Cookbook Willie Harcourt-Cooze. Cookery & Wine £5
Wilton Wedding Cakes a Romantic Porfolio no author Cookery & Wine £5
Wine Lover's Companion Herbst, Ron. Cookery & Wine £3.5
Wine Spectator's California Wine: A Comprehensive Guide to the Wineries, Wines, Vintages and Vineyards With Ratings and Tasting Notes for 5000 Wines Laube, James. Cookery & Wine £5
Wine Tour of the Finger Lakes Grady Wells and Reynolds, Kristian S. . Cookery & Wine £10
Wines of the Rioja Read, Jan. Cookery & Wine £10
World Cheese Book World Cheese Book - Cookery & Wine £9
Your Place or Mine: Cooking at Home With Restaurant Style Novelli, Jean-Christophe. Cookery & Wine £4
Youth and Youth Groups J. Macalister Brew Cookery & Wine £20
10m: Toward an Integrated Approach to Design author not listed Costume & Design £18
11 Montpelier Street : Memoirs of an Interior Decorator Jean Monro Costume & Design £5
A Concise History of Costume James Laver Costume & Design £8
Against Fashion Stern, Radu. Costume & Design £20
Bathroom Design : Badezimmer Design Cristina Montes Costume & Design £3
Bettina Schoeller, Guy. Costume & Design £12
Body Buildings and City Scapes no author Costume & Design £3
Body Jewellery Willcox, Donald J. . Costume & Design £20
British Achievement in Design no author Costume & Design £25
Buro Destruct Ii Robert Klanten Costume & Design £20
Can Design Hideo Saitoh Costume & Design £12
Care of Clothes Ashelford, Jane. Costume & Design £1.75
Childhood Dreams : A Book of Crib Quilt Patterns Susan B. Gallagher Costume & Design £4
Children's and Maternity Garments no author Costume & Design £20
Complete Book of Window Treatments & Curtains: Traditional & Innovative Ways to Dress Up Your Windows Carol Parks Costume & Design £3
Complete Diy Manual Lawrence Costume & Design £4
Contact Image Makers, . 5 Nick Gould Costume & Design £7.5
Costume (Eyewitness Guides) L. Roland Warne Costume & Design £5
Costume Design and Illustration Ethel Traphagen Costume & Design £15
Costume Reference 8 1918-1939 Marion Sichel Costume & Design £8
Country Classics: Authentic Projects You Can Build in One Weekend Nelson, John A. Costume & Design £3.5
Crafting Handmade Shoes: Great-Looking Shoes, Sandals, Slippers & Boots Raymond, Sharon. Costume & Design £50
Curtain Design Directory Catherine Merrick,Rebecca Day Costume & Design £10
David Hicks Living With Design no author Costume & Design £15
Decorating Entrances, Stairways and Landings Berry, Susan Costume & Design £4
Decorative Papering Wiles, Richard Costume & Design £4.5
Decorative Stitches and Trimmings no author Costume & Design £20
Design for Living : Furniture and Lighting 1950-2000 David A. Hanks, Anne Hoy, Costume & Design £15
Design in Context Penny Sparke Costume & Design £7
Diagraphics no author Costume & Design £40
Dr. Martens: The Story of an Icon Martin Roach Costume & Design £8
Early American Cut & Use Stencils Joanne C. Day Costume & Design £5
Eccentric Style: Visionary Environments author not listed Costume & Design £5
English Costume 1066-1830 Dion Clayton Calthrop Costume & Design £15
English Costume in the Age of Elizabeth Iris Brooke Costume & Design £5
Entertainment Destinations Martin M. Pegler Costume & Design £16
Exhibition Stands Arian Mostaedi, Costume & Design £35
Fashion Jane Dorner Costume & Design £5
Fashion for Extravagance: Parisian Fabric and Fashion Designs From the Art Deco Period Sara Bowman Costume & Design £8
Fashion Illustration Now Borrelli, Laird. Costume & Design £7
Finishing Touches Elizabeth Hilliard Costume & Design £3.5
Fit to Be Tied: Vintage Ties of the Forties and Early Fifties (Recollectibles) Rod Dyer,Ron Spark,Steve Sakai Costume & Design £5.75
From East to west:textiles From G. P. & J. Baker author not listed Costume & Design £8
Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander Mcqueen and John Galliano Dana Thomas Costume & Design £4.5
Grand Hotel - the Golden Age of Palace Hotels and Architectural and Social History author not listed Costume & Design £14
Handbook of Ornament: A Grammar of Art, Industrial and Architectural Designing in All Its Branches for Practical as Well as Theoretical Use Meyer, Franz Sales Costume & Design £10
Harrison & Gill Carving Out a Piece of History no author Costume & Design £10
History of Advertising Philippe Schuwer Costume & Design £10
Home Kerryn Harper Costume & Design £5
Home Decorating Gorton,Phil Costume & Design £3
Home Fires Burning Lawrence Wright Costume & Design £6
How to Tie a Tie Jin, Ryan Tristan Costume & Design £4
I'll Eat When I'm Dead Barbara Bourland (Author) Costume & Design £3.5
In an Irish House Connolly,Sybil Costume & Design £8
Interior Details Fay Sweet Costume & Design £5
James Gardner the Artfull Designer Gardner, jameszzeverfasserzz0(De-588)103759484 Costume & Design £9
Kostum Und Mode - Das Bildhandbuch John Peacock Costume & Design £18
La Mode Au Masculin John Peacock Costume & Design £25
Le Costume Occidental De L'antiquite' A' La Fin Du Xx Siecle John Peacock Costume & Design £20
Les Motifs De La Creation Loan Dei Et Cecile De Kegel Costume & Design £12
Mannermode - Das Bildhandbuche John Peacock Costume & Design £20
Massin Wolff, Laetitia. Costume & Design £40
Medical Book Illustration a Short History Carole Reeves Costume & Design £10
Modern Chairs 1918-1970 no author Costume & Design £30
Organized Living Dawner Walter Costume & Design £6.75
Originals the Directory of Illustration no author Costume & Design £10
Printed Books a Short Introduction to Fine Typography T. M. Macrobert Costume & Design £12
Regency Style Parissien, Steven. Costume & Design £12
Restyling Junk: Using Découpage With Craclking, Distressing, Antiquing and Gilding Techniques Gordon-Smith, Jane. Costume & Design £2.5
Rooms to Remember: Interiors Inspired by the Past Stoeltie, Barbara. Costume & Design £8
Safari Style Tim Beddow,Natasha Burns Costume & Design £10
Scottish Edwardian Interiors no author Costume & Design £5
Scottish Georgian Interiors no author Costume & Design £5
Scottish Renaissance Interiors no author Costume & Design £5
Seaside Style Diane Dorrans Saeks and Ed. Angelika Taschen Costume & Design £4.5
Sewing Materials no author Costume & Design £20
Sex, Drink, and Fast Cars: The Creation and Consumption of Images Bayley, Stephen. Costume & Design £4.75
Shops and Shopping, 1800-1914 Adburgham, Alison. Costume & Design £9.5
Short Cuts to Country Style (Country Living) Country Living,Caroline Atkins Costume & Design £6.5
Shut Up and Smile: Supermodels and the Dark Side Halperin,Ian Costume & Design £3
Stenciling Frankel, Candie. Costume & Design £2.5
Style for All Seasons David Emanuel Costume & Design £5
Style in Costume James Laver Costume & Design £8
Subculture: The Meaning of Style Hebdige, Dick. Costume & Design £4.5
Suburban Style: The British Home, 1840-1960 Barrett, Helena. Costume & Design £3.5
Taking Tea With Clarice Cliff : A Celebration of Her Art Deco Teaware Leonard Griffin Costume & Design £3.75
Tattoo Sourcebook: Pick and Choose From Thousands of the Hottest Tattoo Designs Tattoofinder. Com Costume & Design £9.5
Tattoo-Pedia author not listed Costume & Design £9.5
The Art of Illusion: A Trompe L'oeil Painting Course Janet Shearer Costume & Design £5
The Bathroom Diane Berger,Fritz Von Der Schulenburg Costume & Design £5
The Book of Home Restoration: Traditional Skills and Techniques to Restore and Improve Your Home author not listed Costume & Design £4.5
The Book of Public School Old Boys, University,Navy,Army,Air Force & Club James Laver Costume & Design £28
The Book of Ties Davide Mosconi and Riccardo Villarosa Costume & Design £15
The Complete Decorative Painter: Over 100 Creative Designs and Schemes for Decorating Your Home Gillie Spargo,David Japp Costume & Design £5.5
The Complete Guide to Illustration and Design Edited by Terence Dalley Costume & Design £5
The Decorating Book (Mermaid Books) Mary Gilliatt~Michael Dunne Costume & Design £5
The Decorative Thirties Martin Battersby Costume & Design £10
The Elegant Woman Gertrude Aretz Costume & Design £10
The Finest Rooms in America: Fifty Influential Interiors From the Eighteenth Century to the Present Jayne, Thomas. Costume & Design £12
The French Touch: author not listed Costume & Design £8
The Image Bank 12 no author Costume & Design £10
The National Graphic Design & Print Annual 1988 no author Costume & Design £17.5
The New Fabric Magic Melanie Paine Costume & Design £5
The New Home Decorator Stewart Walton,Sally Walton Costume & Design £3
The New Stencil Source Book Patricia Meehan Costume & Design £3.5
The Organic Company no author Costume & Design £1
The Painted House Graham Rust Costume & Design £10
The Paris Interior Ypma, Herbert. Costume & Design £10
The Smallest Room John Pudney Costume & Design £8
The World as Design Aicher, Otl. Costume & Design £75
The World of Interiors Gilt-Edged Collection Min Hogg Costume & Design £10
Thierry Mugler Baudot, Franðcois. Costume & Design £20
Ties Avril Hart Costume & Design £5
Ties Marc Solal Costume & Design £5
Tricia Guild on Colour: Decoration, Furnishing, Display Tricia Guild,Elizabeth Wilhide Costume & Design £20
Vintage Fashion Emma Baxter-Wright,Harriet Quick Costume & Design £10
Wallcoverings : The Language of Color and Pattern Chuck Fischer,Albert Hadley Costume & Design £7.5
What is Exhibition Design? Craig Berger, Lorenc, Jan and Skolnick, Lee. Costume & Design £30
Why Not Associates ?2 Alice Twemlow,Andy Altmann,David Ellis Costume & Design £10
William Morris Revisisited. Questioning the Legacy Tanya Harrod Costume & Design £5.5
Women Designers in the Usa, 1900-2000: Diversity and Difference Pat Kirkham Costume & Design £35
Women's Headdress and Hairstyles in England From Ad 600 to the Present Day De Courtais, Georgine. Costume & Design £25
Wrap & Drape Fashion E. Drudi Costume & Design £15
55 Flower Designs: For Cross Stitch, Canvaswork and Crewel Embroidery Jane Greenoff,Sue Hawkins Crafts £6
A Brush With Art Alwyn Crawshaw Crafts £4.5
A Brush With Art Crawshaw, Alwyn Crafts £3
A Creative Guide to Cross Stitch Embroidery Jan Eaton Crafts £5
A World of Beads: How to Make Your Own Unique Jewellery Case, Barbara. Crafts £6
Airbrush Painting Techniques author not listed Crafts £3
Airbrush: The Artist's Airbrush Manual Marten, Clement. Crafts £7.5
An Egg at Easter: A Folklore Study Venetia Newall Crafts £20
An Illustrated History of Medicine Jennifer Cochrane Crafts £3.5
An Introduction to Picture Framing Vivian Frank Crafts £5
Anatomy for Artists Eugene Wolff Crafts £35
Applique (Country Living Needlework Collection) Lucinda Ganderton Crafts £6.5
Architecture for Dolls' Houses Joyce Percival,Guild of Master . . . Crafts £8
Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery - the - Print on Demand Edition Judith Baker Montano Crafts £3.75
Art on the Rocks: More Than 35 Colorful & Contemporary Rock-Painting Projects, Tips, and Techniques to Inspire Your Creativity! Redondo,Marisa; Bac,F. Sehnaz; Vance,Margaret Crafts £7
Art School Colin Saxton Crafts £8
Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap Bernie Berlin Crafts £3.75
Atlas of Anatomy Trevor Weston Crafts £3.5
Beautiful Old Alphabets: Designs and Stitches (English and German Edition) Jutta Lammer Crafts £8
Beningfield's Countryside Gordon Beningfield Crafts £8
Blackwork Lesley Barnett Crafts £3
Brownies Make Things no author Crafts £0.75
Canvas Work From the Start, Anne Dyer Crafts £5
Carrickmacross Lace Nellie O Cleirigh Crafts £10
Chic on a Shoestring: Simple to Sew Vintage-Style Accessories Mary Jane Baxter Crafts £5
Chinese Calligraphy Made Easy : A Structured Course in Creating Beautiful Brush Lettering Rebecca Yue Crafts £8.5
Chinese Textiles no author Crafts £5
Classic Knitted Cotton Edgings Furze Hewitt and Billie Daley Crafts £5
Collecting & Polishing Stones Herbert Scarfe Crafts £10
Colour: For Designers and Artists (Draw Books) Paul J. Zelanski,Mary Pat Fisher Crafts £5
Complete Guide to Traditional Native American Beadwork: A Definitive Study of Authentic Tools,Materials,Techniques,and Styles Joel Monture,Larry Mcneil Crafts £15
Contemporary Crafts: Papier Mache (Letts Contemporary Crafts) Susanne Haines Crafts £4
Country: Over 275 Step-by-Step Projects and Recipes for Complete Country Style Various Crafts £10
Countryside Embroidery Book Lalla Ward Crafts £10
Craft Workshops in the Countryside no author Crafts £3
Creative Bloom: Projects and Inspiration With Fabric and Wire Jennifer Swift Crafts £3
Creative Canvas Work Elsa S. Williams Crafts £10
Creative Crafts in Fabric and Yarn Eve Harlow Crafts £5
Cross Stitch Gifts for Baby and Nursery : Over 30 Beautiful Gifts and Keepsakes Sandra Hardy,Shona Wood Crafts £5
Decorative Eggs Candace Ord Manroe Crafts £9.25
Decoupage: A Practical Guide Audrey Raymond Crafts £5
Design in Embroidery Kathleen. Whyte Crafts £5
Designer Textiles (A David & Charles Craft Book) Embroiderers' Guild Crafts £8
Designing Interactions (The Mit Press) Bill Moggridge Crafts £10
Doll's Houses William Davis, Caroline List & Nick Forder Crafts £12
Dolls' House Needlecrafts: Over 250 Projects in 1/12 Scale Venus A. Dodge Crafts £15
Dolls' House Window Treatments Eve Harwood Crafts £4.5
Don't Just Think About It Mend It ! A Complete Guide to Clothes Repair Maureen Goldsworthy Crafts £15
Donna Kooler'S 555 Fabulous Cross-Stitch Patterns Donna Kooler Crafts £5
Dorset Feather Stitchery Olivia Pass Crafts £8
Draw 50 Sharks, Whales, and Other Sea Creatures: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw Great White Sharks, Killer Whales, Barracudas, Seahorses, Seals, and More. . . Lee J. Ames,Warren Budd Crafts £2.5
Drawing & Sketching Stan Smith Crafts £5
Drawing and Painting Architecture in Landscape Adrian Hill Crafts £6.5
Drawing Boats and Water Don Davy Crafts £3
Drawing Buildings Richard Downer Crafts £4.5
Drawing in Ink: Drawing for Reproduction Harry Borgman Crafts £10
Drawing in Pen & Ink (First Steps) Claudia Nice Crafts £5
Easy to Make Papier Mache Lindy Tristram Crafts £5
Elementary Embroidery Mary Symonds Crafts £20
Embossed Greetings Cards Carol Wallis Crafts £2.75
Embroidered Textiles Sheila Paine Crafts £8.75
Embroidery and Colour Constance Howard Crafts £8
Embroidery New Approaches Jan Beaney Crafts £6
Embroidery: An Introduction to the Basic Skills and Techniques of the Craft Diana Springall,Et Al Crafts £3.5
Encyclopaedia of Drawing: Materials, Technique, and Style Clive Ashwin Crafts £6.5
Erith on Portraiture John Erith Crafts £5
Etching Craft W P Robins Crafts £8
Exploring Cross Stitch Audrey Ormrod Crafts £4
Expressive Watercolour Techniques Albert W. Potter Crafts £6
Exquisite Miniatures in Cross Stitch Brenda Keyes Crafts £5
Fabric Pictures Eugenie Alexander Crafts £5
Fabrics for Embroidery Jean Littlejohn,Dudley Moss Crafts £5.5
Faith, Hope and Light : The Art of the Stained Glass Window Running Press Staff Crafts £5
Fashionable Projects for the New Knitter Barlow, Alison. Crafts £3.5
Figure Drawing John Raynes Crafts £12
Figure Drawing Frank Medworth Crafts £18
Flower Embroidery Allianora Rosse Crafts £10
Flower Painting. Jenny. Rodwell Crafts £5
Flowers From Fabrics Pamela Woods Crafts £8.75
Flowers in Love 3 Berghe,Moniek Crafts £6
Flowers in Needlepoint Lace Doreen Holmes Crafts £6
Fold It Fly It Dr. Edmond Hui Crafts £3
Folk Art Katrina Hall Crafts £3
Four Way Bargello Dorothy Kaestner Crafts £10
Frank Clarke's Paintbox Frank Clarke Crafts £6
Frank Clarke's Paintbox 2 no author Crafts £6
French-Style-Embroidery Anon Crafts £3.5
Furnish a Doll'S House : An Illustrated Guide to Creating Miniature Furniture, Dolls and Accessories Michal Morse Crafts £5
Gender & History no author Crafts £1.75
Glass Painting Projects for Beautiful Interiors John Dunsterville Jane Dunsterville Crafts £7
Great Book of Egg Decorating Grazia Buttafuoco,Dede Varetto Crafts £8
Great Works of Craftsmanship Raymond Lister Crafts £5
Greetings Cards Using Digital Photos Cheryl Owen Crafts £6
Handmade in Britain no author Crafts £10
History of Medicine Roberto Margotta Crafts £6
How to Draw & Paint What You See Ray. Smith Crafts £5
How to Make Rubbings Michael Kingsley Skinner Crafts £4
How to Paint on Glass Bottrell, Julia. Crafts £5
Hungarian Folk Designs for Embroiderers and Craftsmen (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) Anne Szalavary Crafts £15
I Wish I Could Paint Percy V. Bradshaw & Ernest W. Haslehurst Crafts £8
Introducing Weaving Shillinglaw Crafts £4.5
Italic Handwriting Tom Gourdie Crafts £5
Jayne Persico Presents-- Glass Kiln Casting With Colour De Verre Persico, Jayne. Crafts £22
Jewellery Source Book Diana Scarisbrick Crafts £6
Jill Gordon's Countryside Views in Cross Stitch: Gordon, Jill. Crafts £3
Kaffe Fassett Glorious Needlepoint no author Crafts £5
Kate Greenaway 1881 & 1882 Transfer Designs for Quilts, Pillows, Pictures, Etc Felger,Donna,Editor Crafts £20
Kirstie Allsopp Craft Allsopp,Kirstie/ Hutcheson Crafts £4.5
Landscape in Watercolour: Curtis, David. Crafts £20
Last-Minute Knitted Gifts (Last Minute Gifts) Joelle Hoverson Crafts £7
Lipreading John Chaloner Woods Crafts £3.5
Machine Knitting: The Technique of Pattern Card Design Denise Musk Crafts £20
Machine Stitches Butler, Anne. Crafts £8
Macrame the Art of Creative Knotting Virginia I. Harvey Crafts £5
Making and Dressing Doll House Dolls Sue Atkinson,Venus A. Dodge Crafts £8
Making Dolls' House Interiors: Decor and Furnishings in 1/12 Scale Carol Lodder,Nigel Lodder Crafts £10
Making Dolls' House Furniture King, Patricia. Crafts £5
Making Dolls' House Interiors: Decor and Furnishings in 1/12 Scale Carol Lodder,Nigel Lodder Crafts £10
Making Kids' Clothes: Easy to Follow Projects Snyman,Fransie Crafts £9.25
Making Miniatures in 1/12 Scale Venus Dodge,Martin Dodge Crafts £7
Making Miniatures in 112 Scale Dodge, Venus. Crafts £10
Making Mosaics June Tanner Crafts £4.5
Making Period Dolls' House Accessories Andrea Barham Crafts £10
Making Tudor Dolls' Houses Derek Rowbottom Crafts £4
Miniature World of Pressed Flowers Nona Pettersen Crafts £3
Modelling F. J. Christopher Crafts £4
Modelling Historic Architecture Derek Bidwell Crafts £10
Modern Art of Flower Arranging Elisabeth De Lestrieux Crafts £4
Mohair Luxury Knitting Raphael & Renoir Crafts £3
Mosaics With Natural Stones Walter Lauppi Crafts £5
Napachie Pootoogook no author Crafts £3.75
Needlepoint S. Windrum Crafts £5
Needlepoint Mary Rhodes Crafts £5
Needlepoint Designs From Asia Gay Ann Rogers Crafts £20
Needlepoint for the Home Ann Ellis Crafts £6
Needlepoint Stitchery Boyles. Margaret Crafts £10
Needlework Magic Jane Iles Crafts £5
Needlework School Muriel Best,Vicky Lugg Crafts £8
New Style for Old Junk: Creative and Contemporary Ideas for Transforming Junkshop Finds Julie Collins Crafts £4
Notes on Carpet Knotting and Weaving no author Crafts £10
Off the Loom: Marein, Shirley. Crafts £5
Oriental Designs in Needlepoint Eva Brent Crafts £5.5
Paint Watercolour: Capturing the Moment Wilfred Ball Crafts £6
Painter's Progress no author Crafts £10
Painting Gardens Norman Battershill Crafts £8
Painting Peaceful County Landscapes no author Crafts £5
Painting Romantic Country Scenes in Oils Dorothy Dent Crafts £5
Painting-Watercolour Stephen Taylor Crafts £10
Paper Tearing no author Crafts £10
Paperfolding (Step-by-Step Children's Crafts) Clive Stevens Crafts £2.5
Parchment Craft no author Crafts £2.5
Patchwork Averil Colby Crafts £7.5
Patchwork Averil Colby Crafts £4.5
Patchwork (Craft Paperbacks) Averil Colby Crafts £4
Pebble Mosaics: Step-by-Step Projects for Inside and Out Ann Frith Crafts £15
Pebble Polishing and Pebble Jewellery Cedric Rogers Crafts £5
Pebbles as a Hobby Janet Barber Crafts £6
Pewterwork Edward Kitson Crafts £3
Picture It in Cross-Stitch Jo Verso Crafts £8
Portraying Children Dorothy Colles Crafts £8
Pottery Edited by Colin Clair Crafts £5
Preserved Flowers Maureen Foster Crafts £5
Quilting From Start to Finish: Traditions, Designs and Techniques Katharine Guerrier Crafts £15
Raffia Work no author Crafts £3
Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing Reader's Digest Association Crafts £8
Reflections no author Crafts £2.5
Rendering in Pen and Ink: New Edition of the Classic Book on Pen and Ink Techniques for Artists, Illustrators, Architects, and Designers Arthur L. Guptill Crafts £18
Ribbon Embroidery Daphne J. Ashby,Jackie Woolsey Crafts £5
Rock Art ! Denise Scicluna Crafts £6.5
Ron Ranson on Skies: Techniques in Watercolour and Other Media Ron Ranson Crafts £6
Samplers Pamela Clabburn Crafts £4
Samplers and Stitches Mrs Archibald Christie Crafts £25
Sew! Cath Kidston Crafts £6
Sewing Honor Gillot Crafts £5
Sharks, Whales and Dolphins (I Can Draw) author not listed Crafts £2.75
Simple Silk Painting Di Teasdale Crafts £5
Simply Sewing : Second Book Leila Aitken Crafts £5.5
Sketching John Mills Crafts £5
Sketching & Painting Out of Doors Adrian Hill Crafts £10
Smocking for Presents (Crafts for Presents) Kell Kelly,M. F. Deschenes Crafts £3.5
Spirit of the Rose David Lloyd and Annie Beagent Crafts £10
Spray and Stitch : Over 30 Projects Combining Cross Stitch With Easy Spray Paint Techniques Sally Harman Crafts £3.5
St Michael Creative Needlecraft Lynette De Denne Crafts £7.5
Stained and Decorative Glass Morris,Elizabeth Crafts £8
Starting Needlepoint Lace Valerie Grimwood Crafts £12
Stencilling: Projects, Techniques, Stencil Designs Lynne Robinson,Richard Lowther Crafts £3.5
Step - by - Step Pastel Painting Techniques Guy Roddon Crafts £8
Step-by-Step 50 Victorian Needlecraft Designs Dorothy Wood Crafts £4.5
Strip Patchwork Valerie Campbell-Harding Crafts £4.75
Techno Cozies Sue Culligan Crafts £3.75
Textiles: A Handbook for Designers (Revised Edition) Marypaul Yates Crafts £8.5
Textured Canvas Work (Milner Craft Series) Alison Park Crafts £6.5
Textured Embroidery (Milner Craft) Jenny Bradford Crafts £6.5
The Abc of Pen and Ink Rendering John Austen Crafts £10
The Airbrush Book: Art, History and Technique Tombs Curtis, Seng-Gye. Crafts £9
The Amateur: A Companion to Watercolour Thorneycroft, Peter Crafts £7.5
The Art of Louis Comfort Tiffany Tessa Paul Crafts £5
The Art of Making Armour: A Craftsman'S Guide to Creating Authentic Armour Reproductions Rob Valentine Crafts £30
The Art of Parchment Craft Janet Wilson Crafts £4
The Art of Stone Painting: 30 Designs to Spark Your Creativity F. Sehnaz Bac Crafts £7
The Artist's Drawing Book Moira Huntly Crafts £4.5
The Batsford Encyclopaedia of Embroidery Techniques Gay Swift Crafts £8
The Big Book of Greeting Cards Vivienne Bolton Crafts £8
The Book of Batik Ernst Muehling Crafts £5
The Book of Needlecraft Jutta Lammer Crafts £5.5
The Complete Book of Candle Making William E Webster Crafts £5
The Complete Book of Sewing Alison Smith Crafts £9.5
The Complete Book of Soft Dolls Pamela Peake Crafts £4.5
The Complete Candlemaker Ann Hirst Smith Crafts £5
The Complete Dolls' House Book Jean Nisbett Crafts £5
The Complete Guide to Airbrushing: Techniques and Materials Judy Martin,Michael English Crafts £9
The Complete Guide to Glass Painting: Over 90 Techniques With 25 Original Projects and 400 Motifs Gear, Alan D. Crafts £9
The Country Diary Book of Crafts Annette Mitchell Crafts £3.75
The Creative Stencil Source Book: 200 Inspiring and Original Motifs Meehan, Patricia. Crafts £7
The Decorated Doll's House Jessica Ridley Crafts £5
The Decorative Egg Book: Twenty Charming Ideas for Creating Beautiful Displays Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell Crafts £5
The Doll's House Decorator Vivienne Boulton Crafts £8
The Dolls' House D. I. Y. Book Venus Dodge,Martin Dodge Crafts £8
The Embroidered Garden Lois Vickers Crafts £8.75
The Encyclopedia of Painting Techniques Tate, Elizabeth. Crafts £4
The Glass Painting Book Jane Dunsterville Crafts £7
The History of Lace Margaret Simeon Crafts £10
The Irish Hand Timothy O'neill Crafts £30
The Magic of Watercolor Fletcher-Watson, James Crafts £8
The Miniature House Eaton, Faith. Crafts £6
The New Maiolica: Contemporary Approaches to Colour and Technique Ostermann, Matthias Crafts £10
The New Needlepoint: Stitches and Designs Margaret Boyles Crafts £6.5
The New Stencil Source Book Patricia Meehan Crafts £6
The Pen and Ink Book Joseph A. Smith Crafts £5
The Photoshop Elements 13 Scott Kelby & Matt Kloskowski Crafts £8
The Splendid Soft Toy Book Erna Rath Crafts £5
The Technique of Oil Painting Leonard Richmond Crafts £5
The Thames and Hudson Manual of Rendering With Pen and Ink Robert W. Gill Crafts £8.5
The Treasury of Decorative Art, Samplers Susan-Mayor-Amp Crafts £5
The Ultimate Decorating Book author not listed Crafts £6.5
The Wi Creative Guide to Machine Embroidery Enid Grattan-Guinness Crafts £3
The Wilcox Guide to the Best Watercolor Paints (Information to the Artist) Michael Wilcox Crafts £8
Thread Painting Liz Hubbard Crafts £6.5
Three-Dimentional Decoupage. Crook, Vivien. Crafts £3.5
Tips for Knitters. Debbie Bliss Bliss,Debbie Crafts £4
Titlea Needlepoint Gallery of Patterns From the Past Phyllis Kluger Crafts £5
Traditional Needlepoint Frances Kennett Crafts £5
Trevor Waugh's Winning With Watercolour: Waugh, Trevor. Crafts £5
Twentieth - Century Embroidery From 1978 Constance Howard Crafts £18
Twentieth - Century Embroidery in Gb to 1939 Contance Howard Crafts £15
Twentieth - Century Embroidery in Gb to 1940-1963 Constance Howard Crafts £15
Twentieth - Century Embroidery in Gb to 1964 -1977 Constance Howard Crafts £15
Twentieth Century Embroidery in Great Britain to 1939 Constance Howard Crafts £8.75
Twentieth Century Embroidery in Great Britain: 1964-1977 (History of Twentieth-Century Embroidery, Volume 3) Constance Howard Crafts £8
Twentieth-Century Embroidery in Great Britain 1940-1963 Constance Howard Crafts £15
Twentieth-Century Embroidery in Great Britain From 1978 Howard, Constance. Crafts £15
Ukrainian Easter Eggs and How We Make Them Anne Kmit,Loretta L. Luciow,Johanna Luciow,Luba Perchyshyn Crafts £25
Ultimate Christmas Book (Dk Living) Jane Newdick Crafts £4
Ultimate Floral Cross Stitch Beazley, Cook, Davidson, Marsh, Roberts, Thomas, Watts Alford Crafts £10
Upholstery and Soft Furnishing W P Matthew Crafts £5
V & a Needlepoint Collection Karen Elder Crafts £5
Vibrant Acrylics Hashim Akib Crafts £8
Victorian Crafts Revived Caroline Green Crafts £4
Victorian Cross Stitch Jane Greenoff Crafts £3.5
Walt Disney Characters Needlepoint Book Lisbeth Perrone Crafts £10
Water Mixable Oils William Newton,Michael Sanders Crafts £5
Watercolour Challenge Diana Vowles,Hannah Gordon Crafts £5
Watercolour Flowers Easton, David. Crafts £8
Watercolour Painting: The Ron Ranson Technique Ron Ranson Crafts £5
Watercolours John Holden Crafts £8
Wedding Flowers Paula Pryke Crafts £5
Wedding Flowers Antonia Swinson Crafts £4.5
Whittling Steve Tomashek Crafts £6
William Morris (Discovering Art) N. M. Wells Crafts £4
Wood Engraving R. John Beedham Crafts £20
Your House in Needlepoint Susan Higginson Crafts £8
A Mysterious Something in the Light Raymond Chandler a Life Tom Williams Crime Fiction £10
A Time to Die Smith, Wilbur A. . Crime Fiction £5
Acts of Omission Terry Stianstny Crime Fiction £5
Again the Three Just Men Edgar Wallace Crime Fiction £7
An Eye for an Eye Joseph Telushkin Crime Fiction £10
Beware of Midnight John Welcome Crime Fiction £15
Beware of Midnight John Welcome Crime Fiction £13
Bitterer Sieg John Welcome Crime Fiction £10
Black August Dennis Wheatley Crime Fiction £15
Black-Eyed Susans Julia Haeberlin Crime Fiction £10.39
Bulldog Drummond on Dartmoor Gerard Fairlie (Written by), Sapper (Based on a Story By) Crime Fiction £15
Cambridge Blues Peter Pugh Crime Fiction £7.5
Capital Crimes (London Mysteries) Martin Edwards (Edited By) Crime Fiction £12.5
Caught Tom Butler Crime Fiction £10.99
Caught Tom Butler Crime Fiction £10.99
Challenge Sapper Crime Fiction £20
Constable in the Country Nicholas Rhea Crime Fiction £5
Corridors of Guild - a Superintendent Kenworthy Novel j0hn Buxtn Hilton Crime Fiction £7.5
Cross the Line James Patterson Crime Fiction £12
Deadlock Sara Paretsky Crime Fiction £25
Deadly Odds - Crime and Mystery Stories of the Turf. Richard Peyton (Selected and Introduced By) Crime Fiction £10
Death in Russian Habit 'Sea-Lion' Crime Fiction £6.5
Devil's Due Maurice Procter Crime Fiction £9.5
Escape From Bataan John Kelly Crime Fiction £10
Go for Broke John Welcome Crime Fiction £10
Good Morning, Midnight Hill, Reginald. Crime Fiction £5.5
Hell is Where You Find It John Welcome Crime Fiction £15
Hide My Eyes Margery Allingham Crime Fiction £30
Hitch-Hiker Meg Hutchinson Writing as Margaret Astbury. Crime Fiction £7.5
Hot Summer Killing Judson Phillips Crime Fiction £10
Invitation to Kill Vernon Warron Crime Fiction £4.5
Liberation Square Gareth Rubin Crime Fiction £10
Live and Let Die Fleming, I. Crime Fiction £15
Loophole Arthur Maling Crime Fiction £5
Mr Laxworthy's Adventures E Phillips Oppenheim Crime Fiction £15
My Story Mary Roberts Rinehart Crime Fiction £10
Mysterious Mr Sabin E Phillips Oppenheim Crime Fiction £15
Nora and . . . . . Peter Whitehead Crime Fiction £6.5
Not in the Flesh Rendell, Ruth. Crime Fiction £6
On the Stretch John Welcome Crime Fiction £12
Prey Michael Chrichton Crime Fiction £6
Raymond Chandler Tom Hiney Crime Fiction £7.5
Reasons of Hate John Welcome Crime Fiction £12.5
Run for Cover John Welcome Crime Fiction £10
Sherlock Holmes: Original Illustrated Strand Edition 3 Vols in Slipcase Arthur Conan Doyle Crime Fiction £12.5
Sleeping Dog Dick Lochte Crime Fiction £15
Suddenly a Corpse Harold Q Masur Crime Fiction £10
The Adventure of the Murdered Moths and Other Radio Mysteries Ellery Queen Crime Fiction £35
The Amazing Quest of Mr Ernest Bliss E Phillips Oppenheim Crime Fiction £20
The Angels Weep Wilbur Smith Crime Fiction £4
The Back of the North Wind Nicholas Freeling Crime Fiction £10
The Baltic Convoy Showell Styles. Crime Fiction £10
The Betrayal E Phillips Oppenheim Crime Fiction £12.5
The Big Footprints Hammond Innes Crime Fiction £12
The Cross-Eyed Bear Dorothy B Hughes Crime Fiction £25
The Cruel Dead Line Robert Gaines Crime Fiction £12.5
The Curator Jacques Strauss Crime Fiction £6
The Dark Room Minette Walters Crime Fiction £7.5
The Death Game Captain a O Pollard, Vc, Mc, Dcm Crime Fiction £15
The Double Traitor E Phillips Oppenheim Crime Fiction £12.5
The Firm John Grisham Crime Fiction £15
The Good Liar Nicholas Searle Crime Fiction £8
The Good Sister Morgan Jones Crime Fiction £13.6
The Great California Game Jonathan Gash Crime Fiction £10
The Island Where Time Stands Still Dennis Wheatley Crime Fiction £10
The Little Sister Raymond Chandler Crime Fiction £40
The Living Lean Cullinman Crime Fiction £5
The Long Goodbye Raymond Chandler Crime Fiction £50
The Man From Morocco Edgar Wallace Crime Fiction £10
The Man Next Door Mignon G. Eberhart Crime Fiction £5
The Megacull Duff Hart-Davis Crime Fiction £12
The Mirror in the Ice Cream Parlour Nick Hooper Crime Fiction £7.99
The Nameless Ones Leslie Vardre Crime Fiction £10
The Night-Comers Eric Ambler Crime Fiction £15
The Occasional Gardener Nick Hooper Crime Fiction £7.99
The One Man Andrew Gross Crime Fiction £9.99
The Profiteers E Philips Oppenheim Crime Fiction £12.5
The River of Stars Edgar Wallace Crime Fiction £12.5
The Saint to the Rescue Leslie Charteris Crime Fiction £18
The Searcher Chris Morgan Jones Crime Fiction £10
The Second Man Edward Grierson Crime Fiction £20
The Secret Pact Captain a O Pollard, Vc, Mc, Dcm Crime Fiction £10
The Sign of Four (In Pitman's Shorthand) A Conan Doyle Crime Fiction £20
The Silence of the Lambs Thomas Harris Crime Fiction £15
The Spectre Trilogy (Three James Bond Thrillers) Ian Fleming Crime Fiction £9.99
The Strange World of Thomas Harris David Sexton. Crime Fiction £3.99
The Stranger House Reginald Hill Crime Fiction £10
The Sunset Law - a Superintendent Kenworthy Novel John Buxton Hilton Crime Fiction £6.5
The Tailor of Panama Le Carre, John Crime Fiction £6
The Terrible Hobby of Sir Joseph Londe, Bt. (Bart) E Phillips Oppenheim Crime Fiction £12.5
The Tiger in the Smoke Margery Allingham Crime Fiction £15
The Weight of Blood Laura Mchugh Crime Fiction £6
Tokyo Station Smith, Martin J. . Crime Fiction £6.5
Traitor's Kiss Gerald Seymour Crime Fiction £6.5
Traitor's Purse Margery Allingham Crime Fiction £15
Under Orion / the Random Factor / Some Run Crooked Janice Law / Linda J La Rosa and Barry Tanenbaum / John Buxton Hilton Crime Fiction £7.5
Wanted for Killing John Welcome Crime Fiction £12.5
Watch Her Disappear Eva Dolan Crime Fiction £10
Who Killed Robert Prentice? Dennis Wheatley, J G Links Crime Fiction £10
A History of Money and Banking in Connecticut William F. Hasse, Jr Economics £50
A New Development Model for Japan, Selected Essays 2000-2008 Akira Kojima Economics £40
An Economic History of the Low Countries 800-1800 J. A. Van Houtte Economics £10
An Introduction to the Sources of European Economic History 1500-1800 Edited by Charles Wilson and Geoffrey Parker Economics £7.5
Banking on Global Markets: Deutsche Bank and the United States, 1870 to the Present Christopher Kobrak Economics £16
Basel Ii Implementation in the Midst of Turbulence (Centre for European Policy Studies) Frederick C. Musch, Maria Teresa Sanchez Nieto (Contributor), Mathias Schmit (Contributor) Economics £8.5
China's Strategic Partnerships in Latin America Yanran Xu Economics £30
Code Red: How to Protect Your Savings From the Coming Crisis John Maulden and Jonathan Tepper Economics £10
Damaged Goods: The Inside Story of Sir Philip Green, the Collapse of Bhs and the Death of the High Street Oliver Shah Economics £10
Definitions of a Dwelling B. Wheller Economics £50
Economic Analysis of Social Common Capital Uzawa, H Economics £10
Economic Development in Africa - Report 2014 - Catalysing Investment for Transformative Growth in Africa United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Economics £6.5
Economic Development in Africa - Report 2015 - Unlocking the Potential of Africa's Services Trade for Growth and Development United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Economics £6.5
Economic Development in Africa - Report 2015 - Unlocking the Potential of Africa's Services Trade for Growth and Development United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Economics £7.5
Economic Development in Africa - Report 2016 - Debt Dynamics and Development Finance in Africa United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Economics £7.5
Economic Development in Africa - Report 2016 - Debt Dynamics and Development Finance in Africa Unctad Economics £7.5
Economic Development in Africa - Report 2017 - Tourism for Transformative and Inclusive Growth Unctad Economics £10
Economic Development in Africa - Report 17 - Tourism for Transformative and Inclusive Growth Unctad Economics £8
Economic Development in Africa - Report 2016 - Debt Dynamics and Development Finance in Africa United Nations Conference on Trade and Develoment Economics £7.5
Economics - a General Textbook for Students Frederic Benham Economics £8
Emu: A Swedish Perspective By Lars Calmfors. . . [Et Al. ] Economics £25
Financial Derivatives: Pricing, Applications, and Mathematics Jamil Baz, George Chacko Economics £20
Fixing Global Finance: How to Curb Financial Crises in the 21. Century Wolf, Martin Economics £12.5
Fragile by Design the Political Origins of Banking Crises and Scarce Credit Calomiris, Charles W. Economics £15
Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything Levitt, Steven D. Economics £8.5
Globalization and Its Discontents Stiglitz, Joseph E. Economics £10
Growth Recurring: Economic Change in World History E. L. Jones Economics £30
Hard Times - the Divisive Toll of the Economic Slump Tom Clark With Anthony Heath Economics £6.5
Hubris: Why Economists Failed to Prevent the Crisis and How to Avoid the Next One Meghnad Desai Economics £12.99
Hungry for Trade: How the Poor Pay for Free Trade Madeley, John. Economics £3
International Financial Reporting and Analysis David Alexander, Anne Britton, Ann Jorissen, Economics £12.5
International Retailing: Trends and Strategies Edited by Peter J Mcgoldrick and Gary Davies Economics £9.5
Investment Appraisal for Non-Financial Managers Kate Moran Economics £8.5
Jay Cooke Financier of the Civil War Ellis Paxson Oberholtzer Economics £50
John Maynard Keynes. - the Economist as Saviour, 1920-1937 Robert Skidelsky Economics £8.5
Living on Thin Air - the New Economy Charles Leadbeater Economics £8
Market Solutions for Social and Environmental Problems; Social Policy Bonds Ronnie Horesh Economics £9
Non-Traded and Intermediate Goods and the Pure Theory of International Trade Bharat R. Hazari, Pasquale M. Sgro and Dongc. Suh Economics £10
Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Econometrics Pesaran, M. Hashem and Potter, Simon M. . Economics £15
Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness Thaler, Richard H. Economics £10
Price and Quantity Index Numbers: Models for Measuring Aggregate Change and Difference Bert M. Balk Economics £18
Price and Quantity Index Numbers: Models for Measuring Aggregate Change and Difference Bert M. Balk Economics £18
Progressive Capitalism: How to Achieve Economic Growth, Liberty and Social Justice David Sainsbury Economics £10
Rogue Trader Leeson, Nicholas William. Economics £5
Stockholding in Europe Luigi Guiso (Editor), Michael Haliassos (Editor), Tullio Jappelli (Editor) Economics £5
Surveys: Historic and Economic J. W. Ashley Economics £8
The Black Swan the Impact of the Highly Improbable Taleb, Nassim Nicholas Economics £9
The Collected Writins of John Maynard Keynes J. M Keynes Economics £300
The Crisis for Western Political Economy and Other Essays Peter Jay Economics £7
The Death and Life of Great American Cities Jacobs, Jane Economics £8
The Demand for Housing Cloin Clark & G. T. Jones Economics £15
The Growth of Industrial Economies W. G. Hoffmann Economics £12.5
The History of the Commercial Crisis 1857-1858 and the Stock Exchange Panic of 1859 D. Morier Evans Economics £9.5
The History of the Public Revenue of the British Empire Sir John Sinclair Economics £8
The Intermediate Areas: Report of a Committe Under the Chairmanship of Sir Joseph Hunt no author Economics £10
The Money Lenders - Bankers in a Dangerous World Anthony Sampson Economics £6
The New Urban Crisis: Gentrification, Housing Bubbles, Growing Inequality, and What We Can Do About It Richard Florida (Author) Economics £14
The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession Peter L. Bernstein Economics £10
The Reconstruction of Political Economy J a Kregel Economics £30
The Storm: The World Economic Crisis & What It Means Vince Cable Economics £3
The Theory of Economic Growth W. Arthur Lewis Economics £8.5
The Trouble With Markets Roger Bootle. Economics £6.5
The Trouble With Markets: Saving Capitalism From Itself Bootle, R. P. Economics £10
The Wellesley Series - Free Trade and Protectionism - 4 Volume Set Selected and Introduced by Peter Cain Economics £40
This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly Reinhart, Carmen M. Economics £10
Transcending Capitalism: Visions of a New Society in Modern American Thought Howard Brick Economics £12
Treasure Islands Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World Shaxson, Nicholas Economics £3
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A History of the Paston Grammar School North Walsham Norfolk Forder C. R. Education £15
The Story of the Mary Datchelor School 1877-1977 Grimshaw, Clark, Brock Et Al. Education £30
"Seving a Great Cause. " A Pictorial Review of St. Andrews Cathedral School. Covering the History of a Unique School With Excepts From the Headmaster's Diary. [Signed] Canon Melville C. Newth Education £8
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A History of Colfe's Grammar School Lewisham Duncan L. L. Education £8
A History of Marlborough College During Fifty Years From Its Foundation to the Present Time A. G. Bradley Education £10
A History of Marlborough. A. G. Bradley & J. R. Taylor Education £8
A History of Oundle Schools William George Walker Education £9
A History of Sir Roger Manwood's School 1563-1963, Sandwich 1563-1963 John Cavell & Brian Kennett Education £8
A History of the Perse School Cambridge J. M. Gray Education £8
A History of the University of Oxford Vol. Iii Mallet C. E. Education £15
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A Memoir of the Reverend George Wharton, Precentor of Saint Peter's College, Radley. Roscoe Beddoes Education £8
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A School of the Lord's Service: A History of Ampleforth Anthony Marett-Crosby Education £15
A. J. Wentworth, B. A. (Retd. ) H. F. Ellis Education £6
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Voices and Texts. [1,2,& 3 + Dvd] Ed. Lynda Prescott Education £10
aa100 the Arts Past and Present [4 Vols. , 2x Illustration Books, 3xdvds] Elaine Moohan Education £20
Action Research for Teachers, a Practical Guide. Jean Mcniff, Jack Whitehead Education £10
Adult Learning : A Reader. Sutherland P. (Ed. ) Education £10
Age Frater: A Portrait of a School. Ed. George Sayer Education £6
Alleyn's: The First Century Arthur R. Chandler Education £8
Ampleforth. The Story of St Laurence's Abbey and College Anselm Cramer Education £7.5
An Eton Schoolboy's Album. Dixon M. Education £10
Ask St. Antony. The Story of Rye St. Antony School From 1930-1976. King I. B. Education £8
Assessment at 16 Ed. Keith Selkirk Education £20
Awakening the Will. Principles and Process in Adult Learning Coenraad Van Houten Education £10
Badminton School : The First 150 Years Nigel Watson Education £8.5
Badminton School: The First 150 Years. Nigel Watson Education £12
Basileon: A Magazine of King's College, Cambridge, 1900-1914 Various Education £10
Beginning to Read: Thinking and Learning About Print Adams, Marilyn Jager. Education £8
Beginning to Read: Thinking and Learning About Print Adams, Marilyn Jager. Education £8
Bilingual Education: Evaluation, Assessment, and Methodology C. J. Dodson Education £7
Bilingual Education: Evaluation, Assessment, and Methodology Ed. C. J. Dodson Education £7
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Biographical History of Gonville and Caius College, 1349-1901. Vol. Iii Venn J. Education £25
Biographical History of Gonville and Caius College. Vol. Vi Straton F. J. M. (Ed. ) Education £12
Biographical History of Gonville Nd Caius College. Vol. Vii Prichard M. J. & Skemp J. B. (Eds. ) Education £25
Blue Skirts Into Blue Stockings, or, Recollections of Christ's Hospital Louie Angus Education £6
Bridge Built Halfway a History of Memorial University College, 1925-1950 [Signed] Malcolm Macleod Education £8
Brief Separations Heinicke & Westheimer Education £6
Cambridge University Press, 1584-1984 Black, Michael H. Education £8.5
Cardiff University. A Celebration. Cunningham V. & Goodwin J. Education £8
Casual Thinking in the Child: A Genetic and Experimental Approach Laurendeau & Pinard Education £6
Change in Higher Education ; The Non-University Sector. An International Perspective. Goedegebuure L. C. J. & Mek V. L. (Eds. ) Education £25
Children's Literature in a Multiliterate World Eds. Daly & Limbrick Education £10
Children's Literature in a Multiliterate World Eds. Daly & Limbrick Education £10
Children's Speech and Literacy Difficulties : Book 2 - Identification and Intervention. Stackhouse J. Wells W. (Eds. ) Education £10
Class, Ideology and Community Education. Cowburn W. Education £18
Clifton College Register, 1862 to 1962. Council of Clifton College Education £10
Common Threads. Women, Mathematics and Work. [Signed] Harris M. Education £12
Coordinating Physical Education Across the Primary School. Carole Raymond Education £7.5
Coordinating Services for Included Children. Joined Up Action. Roaf C. Education £6
Creating a Learning Society? Learning Careers and Policies for Lifelong Learning Stephen Gorard, Gareth Rees Education £15
Deprived Children. The Mersham Experiment; A Social and Clinical Study Hilda Lewis Education £8
Developmental Dyspraxia. A Practical Manual for Parents and Professionals. Portwood M. Education £6
Dimensions of Dyslexia Assessment, Vols 1 & 2. Ed. Gavin Reid Education £10
Dorothea Beale of Cheltenham Raikes, Elizabeth Education £6
Drama Scripts for People With Special Needs. Vickers S. Education £15
Dyslexia in Children: Multidisciplinary Perspectives Eds. Angela Fawcett & Rod Nicolson Education £10
Dyslexia in Practice. A Guide for Teachers. Townend J. & Turner M. Education £7
Early Victorian Cambridge D. A. Winstanley Education £8
Early Victorian Cambridge D. A. Winstanley Education £7.5
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Education and Health R. Gamlin Education £6
Education and Social Justice. The Changing Composition of Schools and Its Implications. Gorard S. Education £10
Education in Depressed Areas (Ed. ) A. Harry Passow Education £5
Education in Industrial Wales 1700-1900. A Study of the Works Schools System in Wales During the Industrial Revolution. Leslie Wynne Evans Education £6
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Educational Handicap, Public Policy, and Social History: A Broadened Perspective on Mental Retardation Seymour B. Sarason & John Doris Education £10
Educational Television and Radio in Britain. Present Provisions and Future Possibilities Peston, Taylor, Postgate Et Al. Education £15
Eton School Register Being a Continuation of Stapylton's Eton School Lists 1893-1899 no author Education £7
Eton School Register Being a Continuation of Stapylton's Eton School Lists 1893-1899 no author Education £8
Eton School Register Being a Continuation of Stapylton's Eton School Lists 1893-1899 no author Education £8
Eton: A Dame's Chronicle Nora Byron Education £8
Ever the Teacher. William G. Bower's Writings as President of Princeton [Signed] W. G. Bowen Education £10
Family Counseling Service in a University Community. Margaret Gilbert Benz, Ph. D. Education £20
Fifty Years of St Peter's College, Radley. Rev. T. D. Raikes Education £10
Floreat Landubriense: Celebrating a Century and a Half of Education at Llandovery College R. Brinley Jones Education £8
Forgotten Promise: Race and Gender Wars on a Small College Campus: A Memoir Kreuter, Gretchen V. Education £5
Frances Mary Buss and Her Work for Education. Ridley A. E. Education £10
From 'Me'# to 'We' Clara E. Grant Education £15
Gathering Up the Threads: A Study in Family Biology Florence Ada Keynes Education £7
Genetics and Education Arthur R. Jensen Education £6
George Birkbeck, Pioneer of Adult Education Thomas Kelly Education £10
Gilbert Murray, a Life West, Francis Education £7
Godliness and Good Learning Four Studies on a Victorian Ideal David Newsome Education £5
Greening the College Curriculum. A Guide to Environmental Teaching in the Liberal Arts. Collett J. & Karakashian S. (Eds. ) Education £10
H. A. P. Sawyer, St. Bees and Shrewsbury, a Memoir. Rupert Martin Education £5
Haileybury College - Past and Present. Milford L. S. Education £18
Handbook to the University of Oxford no author Education £10
Happiest Days. The Public Schools in English Fiction. [Signed] Richards J. Education £30
Harmsworth Self-Educator: A Golden Key to Success in Life. [ 8 Vols ] Ed. Arthur Mee Education £25
Headmastering Man Stowers Johnson Education £75
Helen Keller. Souvenir. No. 2. 1892-1899. Commemorating the Harvard Final Examination for Admission to Radcliffe College, June 29-30, 1899. no author Education £7
Henry Carr, an African Contribution to Education Taiwo, C. O. Education £150
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Holistic Education: Teaching of Science in the Affective Domain Isadore L. Sonnier Education £20
Hope for the Handicapped Jessie E. Thomas Education £12
Identifying and Supporting Children With Specific Learning Difficulties. Looking Beyond the Label to Assess the Whole Child. Macintyre C. & Deponio P. Education £12
Implementing Intensive Interaction in Schools: Guidance for Practitioners, Managers and Coordinators Mary Kellett and Melanie Nind Education £17.5
In the Days of Miss Beale. A Study of Her Work and Influence. Steadman F. C. Education £12
International Dialogues About Visual Culture, Education and Art. Mason R. , Eca T. (Eds. ) Education £8
Isabel Fry: Portrait of a Great Teacher Beatrice Curtis Brown Education £8
Isabel Fry: Portrait of a Great Teacher Beatrice Curtis Brown Education £5
Keeping Students in Higher Education. Successful Practices & Strategies for Retention. Moxley D. , Najor-Durack A. & Dumbrigue C. Education £6
Ladies College Goudhurst: Now Goudehurst College Doddington Hall Nantwich Cheshire Margaret Kendon Education £25
Law & Laughter George A. Morton Education £7
Le Piccole Virtu. Natalia Ginzburg Education £9
Learning to Learn From Text. Effective Reading in the Content Areas. Morris A. & Stewart-Dore N. Education £18
Letterland Early Years - Handbook Judy Manson, Mark Wendon, Lyn Wendon Education £10
Littlefield Annals, Marlborough. 1872-1905. Compiled From the Marlborough College Register, the Marlburian, the School Lists, and Other Sources of Information. Richardson H. Education £20
Looking After Literacy: A Whole Child Approach to Effective Literacy Interventions Caroline Walker-Gleaves, David Waugh Education £10
Lost Lectures or the Fruits of Experience Maurice Baring Education £8
Madre Piccola Cristina Ali Farah Education £10
Management Skills for Sen Coordinators in the Primary School Sylvia Phillips, Jennifer Goodwin and Rosita Heron Education £9.5
Marlborough: An Open Examination Written by the Boys Various Education £8
Marx and Education in Russia and China Price, Ronald F. Education £15
Master's History of the College of Corpus Christi and the Blessed Virgin Mary in the University of Cambridge. John Lamb Education £99
Medical Education in the Millennium. Jolly B. & Rees L. (Eds. ) Education £15
Merton College Register Ii, 1891-1989 no author Education £8
Mission to the Middle Classes: The Woodard Schools 1848-1891 Heeney, Brian Education £7
Muhlenberg Essays in Honor of the College Centennial. no author Education £10
My Six Convicts. A Psychologist's Three Years in Fort Leavenworth Prison Donald Powell Wilson Education £5
National Union of Teachers Souvenir. Portsmouth. no author Education £20
New Media in Trhe Classroom. Rethinking Primary Literacy. Cathy Burnett & Guy Merchant Education £10
New School. A History of the New School for Social Research. Rutkoff P. M. & Scot W. B. Education £9
New University Jack Simmons Education £12
North Dakota Study Group on Evaluation the Assessment of Hands-On Elementary Science Programs Hein G. (Ed. ) Education £12
Offspring of the Vic Denis Richards Education £8
Offspring of the Vic. A History of Morley College. Richards D. Education £12
Organized Sunday School Work in America, 1908-1911, Triennial Survey of Sunday School Work in America 1908-1911 Hartsborn, W. H. ; Lawrance, Marion; & Cork, Hugh (Editors) Education £8
Paster Agnorum. A Schoolmaster's Afterthoughts. Skrine J. H. Education £15
Perse Playbooks No. 2 Poems and Ballads by Boys of the Perse School, Cambridge and an Essay on Boy Poets no author Education £20
Perspectives on Behaviour. A Practical Guide to Effective Interventions for Teachers. Ayers H. , Clarke D. & Murray A. Education £7
Philosophers as Educational Reformers: The Influence of Idealism on British Educational Thought and Practice Peter Gordon & John White Education £7
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Portrait of a University 1851-1951 to Commemorate the Centenary of Manchester University H. B. Charlton Education £7
Primary Schools and the Future. Celebration, Challenges and Choices. Patrick Whitaker Education £6
Publicising Your School Medgett, Davidzzeverfasser Education £8.5
Raising Achievement in the Primary School. Stringer J. & Powell R. Education £10
Recurrent Education and Lifelong Learning. World Yearbook of Education 1979. Schuller T. & Megarry J. (Eds. ) Education £12
Saint Marl's School. A Centennial History Edward Tuck Hall Education £7
School for Barbarians. Education Under the Nazis. Mann E. Education £50
School is a Journey: The Eight-Year Odyssey of a Waldorf Teacher and His Class Finser, Torin M. Education £9
Schools and Communities. Working Together to Transform Children's Lives. West-Burnham J. , Farrar M. & Otero G. Education £6
Second Series of Eton School Lists, Comprising the Years Between 1853 and 1892, With Notes and Index. Stapylton H. E. C. Education £18
Self Portrait of a Village School. Longtown School Log Book 1873-1910 Nina Wedell Education £12
Sicut Columbae. A History of S. Peter's College, Radley 1847-1924. Being a Continuation of the Rev. T. D. Raike's "Fifty Years of Radley". Bryans E. Education £10
Sidney Sussex College G. M. Edwards Education £50
Small Victories: The Real World of a Teacher, Her Students, and Their High School Freedman, Samuel G. Education £7
Spartan Education. Warren E. H. Education £12
Speech Correction in the Schools Jon Eisenson & Mardel Ogilvie Education £10
Spotlight on Special Educational Needs : Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. Fogell J. & Long R. Education £6.5
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Standards and Criteria in Higher Education. Moodie G. C. (Ed. ) Education £12
Student Diagnosis, Placement, and Prescription. A Criterion-Referenced Approach. Worner R. B. Education £12
Studies in Education (Scripta Hierosolymintana) (Volume 13) A. M. Dushkin & C. Frankenstein Education £7
Teach Them All to Read Cohen S. A. Education £12
Teaching African American Literature. Theory and Practice. Graham M. , Pineault-Burke S. & Davis M. W. Education £15
Teaching Athletic Skills in Physical Education. 215 Competitive Skills Activities for 8 Sports. Craine H. C. Education £12
Teaching the National Curriculum (And More) Through Drama. Sharpless S. Education £12
Teaching, Tutoring and Training in the Lifelong Learning Sector Wallace, Susan Education £12
Technospaces. Inside the New Media. Munt S. R. (Ed. ) Education £10
The Art Teacher's Book of Lists: Grades K-12 Hume, Helen D. Education £16
The Best of Both Worlds. . ? A Review of Research Into the Education of Pupils of South Asian Origin Taylor, Monica Jean With Hegarty, Seamus Education £15
The British Academy, 1949-1968, Wheeler, Robert Eric Mortimer Education £7
The Case of Peter Pan, or, the Impossibility of Children's Fiction Rose, Jacqueline. Education £6
The Cautious Expert: A Social Analysis of Developments in the Practice of Educational Psychology Quicke, J. C. Education £10
The Child's Conception of Geometry Piaget, Inhelder & Szeminska Education £8
The Christ's Hospital Book. 'Old Blues' Education £7.5
The College of Corpus Christi and of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A Contribution to Its History From 1952 to 1994. Woodhead A. G. Education £12
The College of Corpus Christi and of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A History From 1822 to 1952. Bury P. Education £12
The College of Corpus Christi and of the Blessed Virgin Mary: A History From 1922 to 1952 Bury, Patrick Education £10
The Decroly Class. A Contribution to Elementary Education. Hamaide A. Education £15
The Educational Writings of Shri R. V. Parulekar. Shri R. V. Parulekar (Ed. Naik) Education £15
The Eton Register Part I 1841-1850 no author Education £8
The Eton School Lists, From 1791 to 1850, [Every Third Year After 1793,] With Notes, Also a List of Provosts and Fellows, Masters and Assistant Masters ; Cricket Elevens and Boat's Crews. Stapylton H. E. C. Education £15
The Forbidden Apple: Sex in the Schools Victor J. Ross & John Marlowe Education £10
The Forge: The History of Goldsmiths' College, 1905-1955 Ed. Dorothy Dymond Education £6.66
The Foundation of the University of Vilnius (1579). Royal and Papal Grants. Rabikauskas P. Education £10
The Glenalmond Register. Recording Those Who Entered Trinity College Glenalmond 1950-1985 and Supplement 190-1949. no author Education £20
The History of Farmor's School, Fairford 1738-1938. Hedges H. W. Education £30
The History of Ridley Hall, Cambridge. (2 Volumes. ) Bullock Education £15
The History of the Royal Agricultural College Cirencester Sayce R. Education £7
The Illustrated History of Oxford University Ed. John Prest Education £15
The Jubilee Book of the Girls' Public Day School Trust, 1873-1923 Laurie Magnus Education £6
The Learning Society. International Perspectives on Core Skills in Higher Education. Dunne E. Education £12
The Life of Jonathan Baldwin Turner Mary Turner Carriel Education £7.5
The Magazine of the College, Goudhurst [Bound: No. 1 December 1923 - No. 10 June 1928] Kendon, Horne, Bridgewater Et Al. Education £10
The Making of Our Middle Schools. Brown E. E. Education £10
The Micropolitics of Inclusive Education. An Ethnography. Benjamin S. Education £12
The Micropolitics of Inclusive Education. An Ethnography. Benjamin S. Education £12
The New Idea of a University Duke Maskell & Ian Robinson Education £7
The Old Boys. The Decline and Rise of the Public School. Turner D. Education £10
The Old Grammar Schools. Foster Watson Education £6
The Reconstruction of Southern Education. The Schools and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Orfield G. Education £12
The Ripe Harvest; Educating Migrant Children. Arnold B. Chetney Education £6
The Scholastic Forge: The Autobiography of a Schoolmaster D. R. Morgan Education £5
The Seven Cs of Consulting. Cope M. Education £12
The Sewing Circles of Herat. A Memoir of Afghanistan. Lamb C. Education £9.99
The Shady Hill School: The First Fifty Years Edward Yeomans Education £8
The Story of Mary Datchelor School 1877 - 1957 Grimshaw, Clark, Brock Et Al. Education £7.5
The Story of the Mary Datchelor School 1877-1957 Pearse, Grimshaw, Clark Et Al. Education £15
The Story of the Mary Datchelor School 1877-1957. Grimshaw, Clark, Brock Et Al. Education £10
The Tes Guide to Surviving School Inspection Laar, Bill Education £6
The University of Cambridge in the Eighteenth Century D. A Winstanley Education £8
The University of Cambridge. An 800th. Anniversary Portrait. Pagnamenta P. (Ed. ) Education £15
The Warden. A Portrait of John Sparrow. Lowe J. Education £7
The Whip and the Rod. An Account of Corporal Punishment Among All Nations and for All Purposes Prof. R. G. Van Yelyr Education £10
The World of Learning 1952 [None Given] Education £7.5
They Dreamt of a School: A Centenary History of Methodist Ladies' College Kew, 1882-1982 Zainu'ddin, Ailsa Gwennyth. Education £10
Underachievement in Schools. West A. & Pennell H. Education £10
Uppingham School Roll 1888-1960. The Uppingham Association Education £8
Uses of the Sociology of Education. The Seventy-Third Tearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, Part Two Ed. C. Wayne Goedon Education £10
Village Education in Nineteenth-Century Oxfordshire. The Whitchurch School Log Book (1868-93) and Other Documents. Horn P. (Ed. ) Education £8
Warrington Academy, 1757-86: Its Predecessors and Successors O'brien, P. Education £8
Welsh Independent Grammar Schools to 1600. Their Charters of Foundation, Deeds, Statutes, Customs, &C. Knight L. S. Education £12
Westminster School: A History Lawrence E. Tanner Education £7.5
Women's Education in Developing Countries. Barriers, Benefits, and Policies. King E. M. & Hill M. A. (Eds. ) Education £7.25
Working With Support Staff. Their Roles and Effective Management in Schools. Kerry T. Education £5.75
Writer Identity and the Teaching and Learning of Writing Cremin, Teresa, Locke, Terry Education £7
Young People Reading. Empirical Research Acoss International Contexts. Eds. Arizpe & Hodges. Education £10
Your Child at School Eileen Elias Education £7.5
Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics Ii Guagliano M and Aliabadi M. Eds Engineering £29
Analysis of Rigid Frames: An Application of Slope Deflection Amirikian, A Engineering £6
I. C. S Reference Library 93. Sulphuric Acid Alkalies and Hydrochloric Acid Qualitative Analysis. International Correspondence Schools Engineering £10
Mines and Miners of Cornwall Xiii. The Lizard - Falmouth - Mevagissey A. K. Hamilton Jenkin Engineering £12
Modern Mining Practice. A Practical Work of Reference on Mining Engineering, Volume 1. George Mitcheson Bailes Engineering £10
Recent Developments on Computational and Applied Mechanics B. Daya Reddy Engineering £20
Sir George Cayley. The Inventor of the Aeroplane Pritchard J. Laurence Engineering £20
Timber Ports of Great Britain and Ireland no author Engineering £8
101 Ways to Use Your Oscilloscope Middleton, Robert G Engineering £8
2 Vols. A Dictionary of Electrical Engineering (Two Volumes) Hobart, H. M. (Ed. ) Engineering £25
2nd North American Conference on Multiphase Technology Edited by G. Gregory and C. Redus Engineering £21
3 Vols. Engineering Workshop Practice Judge a W Engineering £10
4 Vols. The Modern Electrical Engineer Arthur Arnold Engineering £16
4 Vols. Wonders of World Engineering Clarence Winchester Engineering £40
A Century in Oil: The Shell Transport and Trading Company 1897-1997 Stephen Howarth Engineering £4
A Century in Oil: The Shell Transport and Trading Company 1897-1997 Stephen Howarth Engineering £5
A Concise Encyclopaedia of Metallurgy Merriman A Engineering £10
A Constraint Model of Space Planning K. B. Yoon Engineering £25
A First Course in Wireless Decibel Engineering £10
A Guide to Draughtsmanship for Architects, Civil and Mechanical Engineers and Surveyors W Horace Smith Engineering £6
A History of Dams. Smith, Norman Alfred Fisher Engineering £10
A History of Tin Mining and Smelting in Cornwall D. B. Barton Engineering £30
A Treatise on Chemical Engineering Geoffrey Martin Engineering £50
A Treatise on the Richards Steam-Engine Indicator (Manufactured by Elliot Bros. , London,) and the Development and Application of Force in the Steam-Engine. Charles T. Porter Engineering £40
Absorption Towers: With Special Reference to the Design of Packed Towers for Absorption and Stripping G. A. Morris & J. Jackson Engineering £15
Adhesion 3 author not listed Engineering £9
Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology: Volume 24 Jeffery Lewins (Editor), Martin Becker (Editor) Engineering £35
Advances in Polymer Science: Polymer Latexes, Epoxide Resins, Polyampholytes M Ballauff, a E Batog, J Bolze, and 6 More. Engineering £25
Air Band Radio Handbook David J. Smith Engineering £2.5
Aircraft Propulsion, Theory and Performance Morley a W Engineering £15
All About Your Wireless Set P P Eckersley Engineering £10
Amateur Single Sideband no author Engineering £12
Amorphous Insulators and Semiconductors Edited by M. F. Thorpe and M. I. Mitkova Engineering £50
An Introduction to Electrical Instrumentation Gregory, B. A. Engineering £3
An Introduction to Electronics Yarwood J. Engineering £12
An Introduction to Physical Electronics A. H. W. Beck and H. Ahmed. Engineering £5
Analog Interface and Dsp Sourcebook author not listed Engineering £12
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Xiii P. Nolan, R. A. Adey, G. Rzevski Engineering £25
Applications of High-Performance Computing in Engineering Iv H. Power, Editor. Engineering £12
Applications of Superconductivity Edited by Harold Weinstock Engineering £30
Applied Mechanics Ward, John James, Stephens Engineering £3
Autobiography of Sir John Rennie Autobiography of Sir John Rennie Engineering £50
Automated Synthetic Methods for Speciality Chemicals Edited by W. Hoyle Engineering £10
Automated Synthetic Methods for Speciality Chemicals Edited by W. Hoyle Engineering £10
B. L. Coombes Jones, Bill Engineering £5
Basic Principles of Colloid Science Everett, D. H. Engineering £5
Bearing Metals and Alloys Henry Norman Bassett Engineering £20
Behavior of Materials at Cryogenic Temperatures: A Symposium Presented at the 68th Annual Meeting American Society for Testing and Materials 1965 no author Engineering £8
Big Book of Scroll Saw Woodworking: More Than 60 Projects and Techniques for Fretwork, Intarsia & Other Scroll Saw Crafts author not listed Engineering £8
Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems: Theory and Operation Nigel Horan Engineering £12
Birmingham and the Black Country's Canalside Industries Shill, Ray Engineering £10
Biscuit Joiner Handbook Hugh Foster. Engineering £3
Boron A. G. Massey, J. Kane Engineering £12
Boundary Elements Xx. C. A. Brebbia, M. Chopra, A. J. Kassab (Editors) Engineering £22
Boundary Elements Xxii H. Power, C. A. Brebbia (Editors) Engineering £10
Brunel: Engineering Giant Hay, Peter Engineering £3
Building Construction. Vol. 2 William Barr Mckay Engineering £7.5
Burn-In: An Engineering Approach to the Design and Analysis of Burn-In Procedures Jensen, Finn Engineering £3
Ceramic and Graphite Fibers and Whiskers: A Survey of the Technology John L. Margrave, L. R. Mccreight, Sr. H. W. Rauch, W. H. Sutton Engineering £5
Channel Tunnel Visions 1850-1945 Dreams and Nightmares Keith Wilson Engineering £5
Chaos and Transport in Fluids and Plasmas V. Stefan Engineering £25
Characterization of High Tc Materials and Devices by Electron Microscopy Edited by Nigel D. Browning, Stephen J. Pennycook Engineering £18
Characterization of Radioactive Waste Forms and Packages: 383 International Atomic Energy Agency Engineering £15
Chemical Engineering: Introductory Aspects (Dimensions of Science) Robert Field Engineering £2.5
Chemicals and Materials From Renewable Resources Joseph J. Bozell, Editor Engineering £12
Chemicals and Materials From Renewable Resources Joseph J. Bozell, Editor Engineering £12
Choosing Safety: A Guide to Using Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Decision Analysis in Complex, High-Consequence Systems Frank, Michael V. Engineering £12
Cindal Aluminium Alloy no author Engineering £10
City Fathers Bell, Colin and Bell, Rose. Engineering £3
Cleaning Printed Wiring Assemblies in Today's Environment Hymes, Les. Engineering £5
Clothing-Industry Adjustment in Developed Countries De La Torre, Jos R. . Engineering £3
Cluster Dissection and Analysis: Theory Fortran Programs, Examples, Helmuth Spath Engineering £10
Coal, Carpets and Choirs Richards, Bill Engineering £25
Communication Skills for Engineers and Scientists, 3rd Edition John Venables Engineering £3
Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements Viii P. Anagnostopoulos (Editor), G. M. Carlomagno (Editor), C. A. Brebbia (Editor) Engineering £50
Computational Methods for Smart Structures and Materials Ii Editors: C. A. Brebbia, A. Samartin Engineering £18
Computational Methods in Contact Mechanics V J. Dominguez and C. A. Brebbia Engineering £30
Computer Handling of Chemical Structure Information By Michael F. Lynch, Judith M. Harrison (And) William G. Town; With a Contribution by Janet E. Ash Engineering £9
Computer Methods and Experimental Measurements for Surface Treatment Effects M. H. Aliabadi and C. A. Brebbia (Eds. ) Engineering £50
Concrete Houses and Small Garages Albert Lakeman Engineering £10
Conference Proceedings. Vol. 1. Electromagnetic Processing of Materials International Congress Volume 1 author not listed Engineering £20
Conference Proceedings. Vol. 2. Electromagnetic Processing of Materials International Congress Volume 2 no author Engineering £20
Confidential Frequency List Oliver P Ferrell Engineering £6
Consolidated Gold Fields Johnson, P. E. . Engineering £3
Consolidated Gold Fields: A Centenary Portrait Johnson, Paul Engineering £4.5
Contemporary Research in the Mechanics and Mathematics of Materials R. C. Batra, M. F. Beatty (Editors) Engineering £30
Continuity and Change: Preservation in City Planning Papageorgiou-Venetas, Alexander. Engineering £5
Copper Flashings and Weatherings: A Practical Handbook Copper Development Association Engineering £4
Correct System Design Ernst-Rudiger Olderog, Bernhard Steffen (Eds. ) Engineering £20
Creative Plastics David Rees Engineering £3.5
Creep Behavior of Advanced Materials for the 21st Century R. S. Mishra, A. K. Mukherjee (Editors) Engineering £25
Creep Strength in Steel and High-Temperature Alloys author not listed Engineering £30
Current Trends in Integrated Optoelectronics author not listed Engineering £5
Cynon Coal: History of a Mining Valley Cynon Valley History Society Engineering £12
Dam and Blast: Civil Engineering as a Career Roy E. Coxon Engineering £5
Data-Communication. Data Networks, Protocols and Design Lars Ewald, Sture Westman Engineering £10
Decks 1-2-3 (Home Depot . . . 1-2-3) Home Depot Books Engineering £4
Defects and Diffusion in Semiconductors; An Annual Retrospective V. Ed. By D. J. Fisher Engineering £22
Diagnostics for Experimental Thermonuclear Fusion Reactors 2 Edited by Peter E. Stott [Et Al. ] Engineering £40
Dictionary of Fire Technology author not listed Engineering £10
Different Engines: How Science Drives Fiction and Fiction Drives Science (Macmillan Science) N. Hook,M. Brake Engineering £4
Digital Circuits and Microprocessors: Solutions Manual Nenad M. Marinovic Engineering £10
Digital Integrated Electronics Taub, Herbert, Schilling, Donald L. Engineering £3
Direct Current and Alternating Current Circuits Lancaster, Gordon Engineering £5
Display Cabinets You Can Customize Greef, Jeff Engineering £3.5
Disposal of Refuse and Other Waste Skitt, John. Engineering £5
Disposal of Weapon Plutonium: Approaches and Prospects Edited by Erich R. Merz, Carl E. Walter Engineering £30
Douglas's Encyclopaedia. The Standard Book of Reference for the Food Trades no author Engineering £10
Dyes Classified by Intermediates R. Norris Shreve Engineering £10
Dynamics and Chemistry of Hydrometeors Edited by Ruprecht Jaenicke Engineering £25
Edwardian Inventions, 1901-1905 Dale, Rodney and Gray, Joan K. . Engineering £2
Electrical Engineering. A Survey of Principles and Applications G. E. Williams and B. J. Prigmore Engineering £12
Electrical Hobbies Collins Nutshell Books F. G Rayer Engineering £6
Electrical Machine Design - the Design and Specification of Direct and Alternating Current Machinery Alexander Gray Engineering £15
Electronic Instrumentation Fundamentals Malvino, Albert Paul Engineering £9
Electronic Weighing Norden, K. Elis. Engineering £5
Electronics A. T. Starr Engineering £10
Electronics Reliability: Calculation and Design G. W. A. Dummer, N. B. Griffin Engineering £9
Elemental Analysis of Airborne Particles Sheldon Landsberger, Marsha Creatchman. Engineering £25
Elementary Perspective: Arranged to Meet the Requirements of Architects and Draughtsmen and of Art Students Crosskey, Lewes R Engineering £20
Emerging Technologies in Ndt D. Hemelrijck (Editor), A. Anastaopoulos (Editor), N. E. Melanitis (Editor) Engineering £38
Emission Spectrochemical Analysis T. Tibor, J. Mika, E. Gegus Engineering £10
Engineering Metallurgy: Applied Physical Metallurgy Volume 1 Raymond A. Higgins Engineering £3.5
Engineering Without Wheels Swindin, Norman Engineering £5
English Vernacular Houses a Study of Traditional Farmhouses and Cottages Mercer, Eric Engineering £15
Essays on Mining and Kindred Subjects Henry John Nash Engineering £20
Experimental Electrical Engineering E. T. A. Rapson Engineering £5
Experimental Methods for Microgravity Materials Science Research Edited by Robert A. Schiffman Engineering £50
Experimental Researches in Electricity Michael Faraday Engineering £8
Exploring Programmable Ics Clement S. Pepper Engineering £10
Fire Technology Building Construction no author Engineering £10
Fire Technology Calculations Sheen and Gray Engineering £10
Fire Technology Chemistry and Combustion no author Engineering £10
Fireworks Plimpton, George. Engineering £5
Foundation Engineering West's Piling & Construction Company Limited Engineering £7
Foundations of Science Mathematics Sivia, D. S. , Rawlings, S. G. Engineering £5
Fractals and Local Order in Polymeric Materials G. V. Kozlov, Gennady Zaikov (Editors) Engineering £25
Fred Dibnah Story Don Haworth Engineering £4.5
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering. Based on the Rationalized Mks. System of Units M. K. Edward Hughes Engineering £3
Furniture Restoration and Repair for Beginners Kevin Jan Bonner Engineering £3
Gamma Titanium Aluminides 1999 Edited by Young-Won Kim, Dennis M. Dimiduk, Michael H. Loretto Engineering £75
Gas and Particle Phase Measurements of Atmospheric Organic Compounds Douglas A. Lane (Editor) Engineering £25
General Building Repairs, Dilapidations and Alterations - Vol Iii Alfred Geeson Engineering £7.5
Geodetic Control Surveys H Oakley Sharp Engineering £15
Geometrical Drawing for Art Students I. H. Morris Engineering £6
Getting the Most From Your Personal Computer's Hard Disc (Bernard Babani Publishing Radio & Electronics Books) J. W. Penfold Engineering £4
Girdle Round the Earth Hugh Barty-King. Engineering £7.5
Glynogwr and Gilfach Goch: A History Meirion Davies Engineering £10
Granular Materials Edited by S. Joseph Antony, W. Hoyle, Yulong Ding Engineering £17
Great Dams in Southern Africa Olivier, Henry. Engineering £10
Guide to Food Transport author not listed Engineering £4.5
Guide to Utility Stations. Klingenfuss,Joerg Engineering £6
Handbook for Radio Operators author not listed Engineering £10
Handbook of Engineering Management Dennis Lock Engineering £10
Handbook of Stroboscopy Van Veen, Frederick Engineering £5
Heating and Hot Water Supply for Domestic and Other Buildings Colin Penn and Donald Soley Engineering £10
High Temperature Superconductors: Synthesis, Processing and Applications Ii. U. Balachandran, P. J. Mcginn (Editors) Engineering £12
High Temperature Superconductors: Synthesis, Processing and Large-Scale Applications Edited by U. Balachandran, P. J. Mcginn, J. S. Abell Engineering £15
High-Level Languages for Microprocessor Projects D Taylor & L Morgan Engineering £10
Home Handyman Encyclopaedia (All Colour Paperbacks) author not listed Engineering £3
How the World Was One the Turbulent History of Global Communications Clarke, Arthur Charles Engineering £3
How to Repair and Restore Furniture William Cook Engineering £3
How to Save Millions by Reducing Inventories of Spare Parts Dr. Rene Wasserman Engineering £12
Hydraulic Engineering Software Viii Editors, W. R. Blain, C. A. Brebbia. Engineering £25
Hydraulic Information Management W. R. Blain, C. A. Brebbia Engineering £25
Hydrometallurgical Process Fundamentals author not listed Engineering £20
Hyperfiltration and Ultrafiltration in Plate-And-Frame Systems Madsen, Rud Frik. Engineering £25
Imagination and a Pile of Junk: A Droll History of Inventors and Inventions Norton, Trevor Engineering £3
Industrial Art Explained John Gloag Engineering £5
Information Theory and Its Engineering Applications Bell, D. A Engineering £10
Inhibition of Chain Reaction V v Azatyan, E T Denisov, Engineering £25
Inhibition of Chain Reaction V v Azatyan, E T Denisov, Engineering £23
Innovations in Fluid Power Edited by C. R. Burrows and K. A. Edge Engineering £25
Instant Furniture Refinishing George Grotz Engineering £5
Integrated Electronics: Analog and Digital Circuits and Systems Analog and Digital Circuits and Systems Millman, Jacob Engineering £9
Interim Catalogue of Standard Chemical and Bacteriological Apparatus no author Engineering £10
Introduction to Chemical Process: Fundamentals and Design Kenneth Solen, John Harb Engineering £10
Introduction to Polymers Young, Robert and Lovell, P. A. . Engineering £5
Introduction to Telecommunication Systems P. H. Smale Engineering £3.5
John William Hinchley Chemical Engineer Hinchley Edith M Engineering £12
Jones' Instrument Technology Jones, E. L. And Noltingk, B. E. . Engineering £3
King Cotton: A Tribute to Douglas A. Farnie John F. Wilson, Ed. Engineering £10
Lead Mining in the Peak District Peak District Mines Historical Society Engineering £3
Learning the Art of Electronics: A Hands-On Lab Course Thomas C. Hayes, Paul Horowitz Engineering £30
Lettering for Draftsmen, Engineers and Student;: A Practical System of Freehand Lettering for Working Drawings Charles William Reinhardt Engineering £20
Lewis Morris and the Cardiganshire Mines Bick, David Ewart. Engineering £6
Linear Ic Equivalents & Pin Connections Michaels, Adrian. Engineering £5
Linear Integrated Circuit Applications Clayton, George B. Engineering £5
Lives of the Engineers Vermuyden Myddelton Perry Early Engineering Samuel Smiles Engineering £10
Lives of the Engineers. Boulton and Watt. The Steam Engine. Popular Edition Samuel Smiles Engineering £10
Lives of the Engineers: Harbours- Lighthouses- Bridges: Smeaton and Rennie Smiles, Samuel Engineering £10
Lives of the Engineers: History of Roads Metcalfe and Telford Samuel Smiles Engineering £10
Lives of the Engineers: The Locomotive, George and Robert Stephenson Samuel Smiles Engineering £10
Lmpc 2007 Proceedings of the 2007 International Symposium on Liquid Metal Processing and Casting Edited by Peter D. Lee, Alec Mitchell, Jean-Pierre Bellot and Alain Jardy Engineering £45
M a C Catalogue 86 The Metal Agencies Co. Ltd. Engineering £20
Making Picture Frames in Wood (Home Craftsman) Manly Banister Engineering £3
Man, Machines and Tomorrow Thring, M. W. Engineering £4
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions 1937-1938 Edited by T. Makesom Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1916-17. no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1917-18. no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1921-22 no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1924-25. no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1925-26. no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1926-27 no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1927-28. no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1928-29. no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1929-30. no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1930-31. no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1932-33. no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1933-34. no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1935-36. no author Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1940-41. Ed. By T. Makemson Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1941-42. Ed. By J. Bolton Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1942-43. Ed by J. Bolton Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1946-47. Ed. By T. Makemson Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1947-48. Ed. By T. Makemson Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1948-49. Ed. G. M. P. Mckellen Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1949-50 Ed. G. M. P. Mckellen Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1950-51. Ed. G. M. P. Mckellen Engineering £5
Manchester Association of Engineers. Transactions. Session 1955-56 Ed. G. M. P. Mckellen Engineering £5
Marc Mimram / Passerelle Solferino Paris / Solferino Bridge Paris: Solferino Bridge, Paris Francoise Fromont Engineering £18
Marine Diesel Oil Engines: A Manual of Marine Oil Engine Practice Sothern J. W. M Engineering £10
Masters of the Coalfield: People and Place Names in Glamorgan and Gwent Eyers, Michael. Engineering £5
Masterworks of Technology: The Story of Creative Engineering, Architecture, and Design Lewis, E. E. Engineering £4
Materials for Engineering Production Part One - Volume One Ferrous Materials P. S. Houghton Engineering £12
Materials for Engineering Production Part One - Volume Two Ferrous Materials P. S. Houghton Engineering £12
Materials for Engineering Production Part Two - Volume Two Non-Ferrous Materials P. S. Houghton Engineering £12
Materials for Engineers (Technical College Series)2nd Ed M. H. A. Kempster Engineering £4
Materials Handling in the Machine Shop Colin Hardie Engineering £5
Mathematical Programming and Electrical Networks Dennis Jack Bonnell Engineering £12
Mathematics for Civil Service Candidates James Reader and Hubert Watson Engineering £20
Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists Jeffrey, Alan Engineering £5
Mathematics Slide Rule Graphs Mechanics I. C. S. Reference Library Engineering £28
Matrix Structural Analysis Sack, Ronald L Engineering £15
Meccano Magazine 1932 no author Engineering £30
Mechanical Engineering Science for National Certificate. Vol. 2: Second Year Mechanics, Heat and Hydraulics Walker John Dyson Engineering £3
Mechanics and Applied Heat With Electrotechnics Moorfield S H Winstanley H H Engineering £3
Mechanics of Materials Robinson, J. Lister. Engineering £5
Mechanics of Materials and Machines Stanley Repton Oulsnam Engineering £5
Memoirs of a Woman Engineer Gardiner, Jane. Engineering £20
Metallurgical Developments in High-Alloy Steels. Special Report Eighty-Six. no author Engineering £20
Metallurgy for Engineers Rollason Engineering £3
Metals at High Temperatures Frances Hurd Clark Engineering £10
Methane and Associated Hazards to Construction Compiled by R. Hartless Engineering £7
Miller & Freund's Probability and Statistics for Engineers Richard A. Johnson Engineering £10
Mines and Miners of Cornwall. 6. Around Gwennap. A. K. Hamilton Jenkin Engineering £12
Mining for Metals in Wales F. J. North Engineering £8
Model Boilers and Boilermaking Karl Noble Harris Engineering £15
Model Building Byelaws Illustrated G Eric Mitchell Engineering £10
Modeling and Model Based Control of a Three Way Catalytic Converter. Mario Balenovic Engineering £10
Modeling of Casting, Welding, and Advanced Solidification Processes - Xii Editors: Steve L. Cockcroft and Daan M. Maijer Engineering £60
Modelmaking for Industrial Design Ralph P. Knoblaugh Engineering £12
Modern Chlor-Alkali Technology Volume 4 Editor, N. M. Prout and J. S. Moorhouse Engineering £40
Modern Mining Practice. A Practical Work of Reference on Mining Engineering, Volume 3. George Mitcheson Bailes Engineering £10
Modern Physical Metallurgy author not listed Engineering £4
Modern Radio Science 1999 Edited by Maria A. Stuchly Engineering £20
Modern Radio Science 1999 Edited by Maria A. Stuchly Engineering £18
Molecular Manufacturing Edited by Claudio Nicolini; Assistant Editor, Sergei Vakula Engineering £12
Motor Engine Castings, Mixing Cast Iron, Machine Moulding, Foundry Appliances, Malleable Casting, Brass Founding. no author Engineering £15
Multiple Choice Questions in Electrical Principles and Technology J. O. Bird Engineering £10
Multiple Choice Questions in Science for Engineering J. O. Bird Engineering £6
My Lamp Still Burns Morgan Robert Engineering £8
Nano-Engineering in Science and Technology Michael Rieth Engineering £12
National Infrastructures for Radiation Safety International Conference on National Infrastructures for Rad. Engineering £22
New Sideband Handbook No. 103 Don Stoner, w6tns Engineering £50
New Technology, Skills, and Management Campbell, Adrian and Warner, Malcolm. Engineering £3
Odhams Practical and Technical Encyclopaedia no author Engineering £4
Oil Production Methods, With a Chapter on Accounting Systems Paine Paul M. And B. K. Stroud Engineering £15
On the Compatibility of Flexible Instruments Catrinus Jepma (Editor), Wytze Van Der Gaast (Editor) Engineering £25
On the Steam Engines in Cornwall Thomas Lean Engineering £10
One Saturday Afternoon: The Albion Colliery, Cilfynydd Explosion of 1894 Evans, Richard Meurig. Engineering £10
Organization and Management for Decommissioning of Large Nuclear Facilities International Atomic Energy Agency Engineering £15
Oxford Illustrated Encyclopedia of Invention and Technology author not listed Engineering £3.5
Paper : Its Making, Merchanting and Usage S. Carter Gilmour Engineering £5
Passport to World Band Radio author not listed Engineering £3
Peerless Powell Duffryn of the South Wales Coalfield Leslie M. Shore Engineering £20
Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook Perry, Robert H. ,Green, Don W. Engineering £30
Petroleum: Twenty-Five Years Retrospect 1910-1935 author not listed Engineering £10
Phosphating and Metal Pre-Treatment: A Guide to Modern Processes and Practice Freeman, D. B. Engineering £30
Physicochemical Measurements in Metals Research R. A. Rapp (Ed. ) Engineering £15
Physiochemical Measurements in Metals Research R. A. Rapp (Ed. ) Engineering £15
Pictorial Guide to Tape Recorder Repairs Belt Forest H. Engineering £12
Pine Furniture Making Anthony Hontoir Engineering £3.5
Plasma Polymers and Related Materials Mehmet Mutlu Engineering £9.5
Plastics Edited by J. D. Beadle Engineering £12
Plastics in the Furniture Industry D. N Buttrey Engineering £5
Plastics Moulding Plant W. R. Groves Engineering £6
Plastics. Volume 2 Edited by J. D. Beadle Engineering £18
Plumbing Practice Clarke, James Wright Engineering £20
Polymer Research in Microgravity James Patton Downey, Editor, John A. Pojman, Editor Engineering £10
Polyurethanes L. N. Phillips, D. B. V. Parker Engineering £12
Porous Media. Theory and Experiments Edited by R. De Boer Engineering £25
Power in Woodwork Stokes, Gordon. Engineering £5
Power of Speech: A History of Standard Telephones and Cables, 1883-1983 Young, Peter Engineering £3
Power Semiconductor Circuits S. B. Dewan & A. Straugen Engineering £8
Practical Coal Mining 2 Vol 2 Edited by Professor W. S. Boulton Engineering £7
Practical Coal Mining 3 Vol 3 Edited by Professor W. S. Boulton Engineering £7
Precision Workshop Methods H J Davies Engineering £10
Principles and Operation of Electrical Machinery Central Stations no author Engineering £10
Principles and Technology of Modfets Volume 1. Morkoc, H and Unlu, H and Ki, G Engineering £8
Principles and Technology of Modfets. Vol 2. H. Morkoc, H. Unlu, G. Ji. Engineering £15
Principles of Direct Current Electrical Engineering James R Barr and D. J. Bolton Engineering £10
Principles of Electrical Technology Cotton, H. Engineering £5
Principles of High Polymer Theory and Practice: Fibers Plastics Rubber Coatings Adhesives Schmidt, Alois X. , and Charles A. Marlies Engineering £7.5
Principles of Phase Diagrams J S Marsh With a Forward by John Johnston Engineering £50
Principles of Servomechanisms Dynamics and Synthesis of Closed-Loop Control Systems Brown, Gordon S. And Donald P. Campbell Engineering £7
Productionoperations Management Hill, Terry Engineering £3
Properties of Complex Inorganic Solids Edited by Antonios Gonis, Annemarie Meike, and Patrice E. A. Turchi Engineering £35
Protective Relays Application Guide General Electric Company Engineering £25
Pulp and Paper: Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Volume 3 (Pulp & Paper Vol. 3) Jp Casey Engineering £20
Pumps and Pumping Edward Molloy Engineering £5
Radar Simply Explained Hallows, R W Engineering £5
Radc Reliability Engineer's Toolkit: An Application Oriented Guide for the Practicing Reliability Engineer Seymour F. Morris, Preston R. Macdiarmid, Anthony J. Feduccia, Bruce W. Dudley, Jerome Klion, David Garafalo Engineering £10
Radio Stations Guide Maurice L. Jay, B. B. Babani Engineering £10
Rebel's Progress Earley,Tom Engineering £8
Reliability Engineering and System Safety, Vol. 24, No. 1 G. E. Apostolakis, F. R. Farmer, R. W. Van Otterloo (Editors) Engineering £10
Reuse in Electronic Design Peter Conradi Engineering £7
Rhondda Cynon Taff Collieries John Cornwell Engineering £12
Roof Coverings Ernest G. Blake Engineering £35
Sanitation no author Engineering £12
Scanners 7 Peter Rouse Engineering £6
Scientists and War Sir Solly Zuckerman Engineering £5
Selling Solar Damian Miller, Engineering £9
Separation of Fullerenes by Liquid Chromatography Edited by Kiyokatsu Jinno Engineering £15
Seven Wonders of the Industrial World Cadbury, Deborah. Engineering £3
Seven Wonders of the Industrial World Deborah Cadbury Engineering £3
Shoring George H. Blagrove Engineering £18
Site Carpentry Austin,C. K. Engineering £5
Small Electric Motors (How to Make and Use Them) Fully Illustrated Powell, F. E. Engineering £5
Software for Electrical Engineering Analysis and Design V. Edited by Wessex Institute of Technology Engineering £15
Solid/Liquid Separation Lexicon Editors, Reinhard Bott and Thomas Langeloh; Scientific Advisor, Harald Anlauf; Authors, Harald Anlauf. . . [Et Al. ] Engineering £18
Solidification Processing 1987 Proceedings of the Third International Conference Engineering £50
Solutions Manual for Introduction to Switching Theory and Logic Design By Frederick J, Hill and Gerald R. Peterson Engineering £12
Spanish - English Dictionary of Mining Terms Frederick Lucas Engineering £12
Spc Digital Telephone Exchanges F. J. Redmill and A. R. Valdar Engineering £12
Sports Grounds and Buildings F. A. M. Webster Engineering £10
Steam and Internal Combustion Engineering W. W. F. Pullen Engineering £50
Stonework (Weekend Diy) Alan Bridgewater,Gill Bridgewater Engineering £5
Storage Batteries and Boosters, Incandescent Lamps, Electric Arc Lamps, Electric Signs, Electric Heating, Electric-Wiring Practice. no author Engineering £10
Stoves, Hearths and Chimneys Williams, Keith Engineering £5
Structural Intermetallics 2001 Edited by K. J. Hemker, D. M. Dimiduk, H. Clemens, R. Darolia, H. Inui, J. M. Larsen, V. K. Sikka, M. Thomas, J. D. Whittenberger Engineering £75
Structural Surveys of Dwelling Houses Gordon, Ian Angus, Melville, Ian Alexander Engineering £3
Studies of Blast Furnace Phenomena Louis Emmanuel Gruner Engineering £20
Supplement to Ttl Data Book. Volume 2. Advanced Low-Power Schottky and Advanced Schottky. Texas Instruments Engineering £20
Surface Modification Technologies Xii T. S. Sudarshan (Editor), K. A. Khor (Editor), M. Jeandin (Editor) Engineering £40
Surface Structure of Needle-Felted Gas Filters Igwe, G. J. I. . Engineering £8
Surface Treatment Iv : Computer Methods and Experimental Measurements J. Kenny, C. A. Brebbia Engineering £14
Symposium on the Chemistry and Properties of Cellulose Society of Dyers and Colourists Engineering £12
Symposium: Die Verfestigung Von Stahl. Steel-Strenfthening Mechanisms. Mecanismes De Durcissement Des Aciers. no author Engineering £12
Synchrotron Radiation Techniques in Industrial, Chemical, and Materials Science Edited by Kevin L. D'amico, Louis J. Terminello, and David K. Shuh Engineering £12
System Designs Into Silicon Jan Johansson and John Forskitt Engineering £11
System-Based Vision for Strategic and Creative Design. Vol 1 Franco Bontempi Engineering £25
System-Based Vision for Strategic and Creative Design. Vol 2 Franco Bontempi Engineering £25
System-Based Vision for Strategic and Creative Design. Vol 3 Franco Bontempi Engineering £25
Technological Change Saul, Samuel Berrick and Saul, S. B. . Engineering £4
Technology and Transition: A Survey of Biotechnology in Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic States Anthony Rimmington With Rod Greenshields. Engineering £10
Telecommunication Principles a and B Clarke Riddiford Engineering £10
Television Engineering Principles and Practice Vol. 1 Amos S & Birkinshaw D Engineering £6
Television Microprocessor Ic Data Files John Edwards Engineering £5
Terence Conran's Diy Book: author not listed Engineering £5
Terrestrial Field Dissipation Studies Ellen L. Arthur, Editor, Aldos C. Barefoot, Editor, Val E. Clay, Editor Engineering £8
The Apple Corps Guide to the Well-Built House Locke, Jim. Engineering £3.5
The Backroom Boys : The Secret Return of the British Boffin Francis Spufford Engineering £2
The Bennet College Reference Library: Engineering Professional Staff of the Bennett College Engineering £5
The Builder's Clerk. A Guide to the Management of a Builder's Business Thomas Bales Engineering £12
The Chemistry and Application of Amino Crosslinking Agents or Aminoplasts no author Engineering £15
The Chronicle Vols 1 - 11 no author Engineering £50
The Chronicle Vols 12 - 26 no author Engineering £50
The Cruel Inheritance: Life and Death in the Coalfields of Glamorgan Williams, Roger and David Jones Engineering £8
The Curious Life of Robert Hooke : The Man Who Measured London Lisa Jardine Engineering £5
The Design and Construction of Steam Turbines: A Manual for the Engineer Harold Medway Martin Engineering £10
The Design of Renovations Friedman, Donald Flanell and Oppenheimer, Nathaniel. Engineering £8
The Design of Structural Members Part Two: With Model Answers to R. I. B. A Final Examination Questions Jackson H T Engineering £5
The Diary of a Nose Jean-Claude Ellena Engineering £7.5
The Early Factory Masters Chapman, S. Engineering £4
The Economy of Timber in Building R G Bateson Engineering £6
The Elements of Electro-Technics A. P. Young Engineering £9
The Engines of Our Ingenuity: An Engineer Looks at Technology and Culture Lienhard, John H. Engineering £4.5
The English Mechanic. Vols. 1-9 no author Engineering £500
The Fed: History of the South Wales Miners in the Twentieth Century Hywel Francis, David Smith Engineering £4.5
The Gas Welding of Aluminium. The Ada Information Bulletin No. 5 no author Engineering £5
The Geometry of Sheet Metal Work for Students and Craftsmen, Alfred Dickason Engineering £10
The Green Bubble Bell, Robert. Engineering £4
The History of Astronomy From Herschel to Hertzsprung Kevin Krisciunas Engineering £8
The Illustrated Carpenter & Builder Technical Series No. 19 Steel Construction. An Easy Introduction to the Science of Designing and Building in Steel no author Engineering £5
The Illustrated Carpenter & Builder Technical Series No. 20 Quantity Surveying George Metson Engineering £5
The Institute of Mechanical Engineers Proceedings 1956 Vol 170 no author Engineering £15
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers Proceedings 1957 Vol 171 no author Engineering £15
The Iron Cradle Len Ley Engineering £18
The Kinetics of Phase Transformations in Metals J. Burke Engineering £10
The Lead, Copper and Barytes Mines of Shropshire Michael Shaw Engineering £12
The Life of Sir William Fairbairn, Bart William Pole Engineering £10
The Making of the Machine Age Hope-Simpson, Jacynth. Engineering £3
The Missing Technician in Industrial Production Gloag J Engineering £4
The Model Engineer and Light Machinery Review, Vol. 57, July - December 1927 Percival Marshall Engineering £18
The Modern Practice of Coal Mining. Explosives and Blasting and Transmission of Power. Daniel Burns and George L Kerr Engineering £30
The Mouseman of Kilburn: Story of Robert Thompson Thompson, James Engineering £5
The Photoelastic Effect and Its Applications Edited by Jean Kestens With the Cooperation of the Permanent Committee for Stress Analysis & the Society for Experimental Stress Analysis Engineering £10
The Practical Design of Plate Girder Bridges Bird, Harold Hughes Engineering £40
The Repair and Maintenance of Houses Melville Ian A. And Ian A. Gordon Engineering £7.5
The Right Way to Do House Repairs and Decorations V. Coulter & W. Gray Engineering £5
The Science and Practice of Welding 5th Edition Davies A. C. Engineering £10
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Proceedings Vol Xl the Sixty-Seventh Session no author Engineering £18
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Proceedings Vol Xliii the Seventieth Session no author Engineering £18
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Proceedings Vol Xlvi the Seventy-Third Session no author Engineering £18
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Proceedings Vol Xlvii the Seventy-Fourth Session no author Engineering £18
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Proceedings Vol Xlviii the Seventy-Fifth Session no author Engineering £18
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Proceedings Vol Xxxvii the Sixty-Fourth Session no author Engineering £18
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Proceedings Vol. Xli the Sixty-Eighth Session no author Engineering £18
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Proceedings Vol. Xliv the Seventy-First Session no author Engineering £18
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Proceedings Vol. Xlix the Seventy-Sixth Session 1933 no author Engineering £12
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Proceedings Vol. Xxxix the Sixty-Sixth Session no author Engineering £18
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Vol Lxx the Ninety-Seventh Session no author Engineering £10
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Vol Lxxi the Ninety-Eigth Session no author Engineering £10
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Vol Lxxvi the One Hundred and Third Session no author Engineering £10
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Vol Lxxvii the One Hundred and Fourth Session no author Engineering £10
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Vol Lxxviii the One Hundred and Fifth Session no author Engineering £10
The South Wales Institute of Engineers Vol. Lxxv the One Hundred and Second Session no author Engineering £10
The South Wales Institute of Engineers. Vol Lxxiv. The One Hundred and First Session 1958/59 no author Engineering £10
The Stress of Hot Environments D. Mck. Kerslake Engineering £18
The Timetable of Technology Harpur, Patrick. Engineering £3
The Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Energy H. Cotton Engineering £10
The Ttl Data Book. Texas Instruments Engineering £5
The Ttl Data Book. Volume 3. Bipolar Programmable Logic and Memory author not listed Engineering £5
The World Rubber Industry Colin Barlow, Sisira Jayasuriya and C. Suan Tan Engineering £25
Thermochemical Processes C. B. Alcock Engineering £22
Thermoplastics: Effects of Processing Edited by R. M. Ogorkiewicz Engineering £5
These Poor Hands: The Autobiography of a Miner Working in South Wales Coombes, B. L. Engineering £7.5
Titanium Alloys at Elevated Temperature: Structural Development and Service Behaviour Edited by M. Winstone Engineering £60
Title Osbourne Alan Engineering £20
Tools for Woodwork Hayward, Charles Harold. Engineering £50
Towers International Transistor Selector: Specification Data for the Identification, Selection and Substitution of Transistors T. D. Towers Engineering £7.5
Towers' International Fet Selector: Specification Data for the Identification, Selection, and Substitution of Fet's Towers, T. D. Engineering £20
Town and Country Planning in the Uk J. Barry Cullingworth and Vincent Nadin Engineering £6
Traction and Transmission Volume 8 no author Engineering £100
Traction and Transmission Volume 9 no author Engineering £100
Transmission Lines and Networks Johnson, Walter Curtis Engineering £4.5
Tribology in Environmental Design 2000. The Characteristics of Interacting Surfaces - a Key Factor in Sustainable and Economic Products. Ed. By M. Hadfield and C. Ciantar Engineering £30
Truth About Cb Antennas William I. Orr,Stuart D. Cowan Engineering £15
Ultrasonic Machining of Intractable Materials A. I. Markov Engineering £12
Understanding Telemetry Circuits John D. Lenk Engineering £18
United Kingdom Table of Radio Refrequency Allocations Dept. Of Trade and Industry Staff Great Britain Engineering £4
V. M. O. S. Projects R. A. Penfold Engineering £5
Vhdl: A Logic Synthesis Approach David Naylor and Simon Jones Engineering £15
Viscoelasticity Atomistic Models Statistical Chemistry A. Abe, A. C. Albertsson, H. J. Cantow. Engineering £22
Vol 1. Modern Marine Engineer's Manual. Osbourne Alan Engineering £10
Volume 6, Advances in Electrochemical Science and Engineering Richard C. Alkire, Dieter M. Kolb, Engineering £22
Water Purification Using Heat Pumps F. A. Holland. . . [Et Al. ] Engineering £18
Water Resources and Natural Control Processes Edited by Lawrence K. Wang and Norman C. Pereira Engineering £30
Water Softening and Purification. The Softeing and Clarification of Hard and Dirty Waters Collet, Harold Engineering £8
White Heat Pursell, Carroll W. Engineering £3.5
Wiggin Electrical Resistance Materials Henry Wiggin Engineering £8
Wireless World, Volume 63, January - December 1957 Hugh S. Pocock Engineering £30
Wireless World, Volume 64, January - December 1958 Hugh S. Pocock Engineering £30
Wood Adhesives Edward H. Pinto Engineering £20
Wood Joiner's Handbook Allen, Sam. Engineering £4.5
Wood Machinist Trainee Manual Construction Industry Training Board Engineering £10
Wooden Puzzles and Games: Intriguing Projects You Can Make Wells, Kenneth. Engineering £3
Workshop Sense - a Book Written for Munition Workers and Other Entrants Into Productive Industry W a J Chapman Engineering £10
Workshop Technology: Pt. 3 Chapman W. A. J. Engineering £5
World Wide Aeronautical High Frequency Radio Handbook Martin C. Cooke Engineering £8
Worsted Drawing and Spinning Walker, H Engineering £7
My Prefect Cousin: A Short Biography of Paul Hamilton Eldon, Kevin Film/Dance/Theatre £3
'Allo 'Allo!: The War Diaries of Rene Artois Haselden, John Film/Dance/Theatre £3
'Strange Places, Questionable People' John Simpson Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
'Terror and Pity Reign in Every Breast' Ranger, Paul. Film/Dance/Theatre £10
30 Years of Last of the Summer Wine Morris Bright, Robert Ross Film/Dance/Theatre £3
A Beautiful Mind. Nasar, Sylvia Film/Dance/Theatre £3
A Century of Dance Driver, Ian Film/Dance/Theatre £6
A Concise Encyclopedia of the Theatre Robin May Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
A Critical Handbook of Japanese Film Directors: From the Silent Era to the Present Day Alexander Jacoby Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
A Jobbing Actor Le Mesurier, John Film/Dance/Theatre £25
A Life in Questions Jeremy Paxman Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
A Mach Lad - a Life Story of a Leading Shakespearian Actor, Emrys James David Wyn Davies Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
A Positively Final Appearance: A Journal, 1996-1998 Guinness, Alec Film/Dance/Theatre £3
A Prima Donna's Progress Sutherland, Joan. Film/Dance/Theatre £2
A Right Royal Bastard Miles, Sarah Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
A Story Lately Told Anjelica Huston Film/Dance/Theatre £5.99
A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in London, Ireland and New York Anjelica Huston Film/Dance/Theatre £3
A Woman Loved Andrei Makine Film/Dance/Theatre £12
A World Elsewhere: The Autobiography of Sir Michael Hordern Hordern, Michael Film/Dance/Theatre £5
A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey Fellowes Film/Dance/Theatre £3
A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey (Companion to Series 5) Fellowes, Jessica Film/Dance/Theatre £4
According to Dora Dora Bryan, Kay Hunter Film/Dance/Theatre £25
According to the Rolling Stones Dora Loewenstein Philip Dodd Film/Dance/Theatre £50
Act One Janette Scott Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Acting Shakespeare Sir John Gielgud, John Miller Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Adventure in Repertory: Northampton Repertory Theatre 1927-48 Dyas Aubrey Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Adventures of a Ballet Historian Ivor Guest Film/Dance/Theatre £30
Against Type Gary Fishgall Film/Dance/Theatre £7
Alan Partridge Steve Coogan,Peter Baynham,Armando Iannucci,Patrick Marber Film/Dance/Theatre £5
All My Lives Mervyn Thompson Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
All of Me Barbara Windsor Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
All the World's a Stage Harwood, Ronald. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
All Those Tomorrows Mai Zetterling Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
Allo 'Allo: The War Diaries of Rene Artois: Vol 1 John Haselden,Etc. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Allo 'Allo: V. 2: The War Diaries of Rene Artois Haselden,John; Etc. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Alphaville Godard, Jean Luc and Whitehead, Peter James Palmer. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Alphaville: A Film Godard, Jean Luc Film/Dance/Theatre £4
American Prince: My Autobiography Tony Curtis Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
An Actor and His Time John Gielgud,John Miller,John Powell Film/Dance/Theatre £2
An Actor and His Time John Gielgud Film/Dance/Theatre £5
An Affair to Remember: My Life With Cary Grant Donaldson, Maureen Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
An Appalling Talent John Baxter Film/Dance/Theatre £40
And Furthermore Judi Dench Film/Dance/Theatre £3
And Furthermore Dench, Judi Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
And Its Goodnight From Him . . . Autobiography of the Two Ronnies Corbett, Ronnie Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Andre Antoine Jean Chothia Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Annie Horniman Gooddie, Sheila. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Anton's Dance Class Anton Du Beke. Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Apocalypse on the Set Taylor Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Apple Sauce: The Story of My Life as Told to Pamela Wilcox Michael Wilding, Pamela Wilcox Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
Arise Sir David Jason : The Biography of Britain's Best-Loved Star Hildred,Stafford; Ewbank,Tim Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Artists in Exile: How Refugees From Twentieth-Century War and Revolution Transformed the American Performing Arts Horowitz, Joseph. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
As Much as I Dare Arnold Wesker Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Audrey Hepburn Christine Kidney. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Audrey Hepburn, Elegant Spirit Sean Hepburn Ferrer Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Auntie's War: The Bbc During the Second World War Stourton Edward Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
Australian Film, a Bibliography Brian Reis Film/Dance/Theatre £20
Backcloth Bogarde, Dirk Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Backing Into the Limelight: The Biography of Alan Bennett Games, Alexander. Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Baggage: My Childhood Street-Porter,Janet Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Bardot Glenys Roberts Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Barry Norman : 100 Best Films of the Century Barry Norman Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Bbc Hand-Book 1928 no author Film/Dance/Theatre £18
Bbc Hand-Book 1929 no author Film/Dance/Theatre £15
Bbc Handbook 1942 no author Film/Dance/Theatre £18
Bbc Year Book 1951 no author Film/Dance/Theatre £9
Bbc Year Book 1952 no author Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Bbc Year-Book 1931 no author Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Bbc Year-Book 1933 no author Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Beerbohm Tree's Olivia Truman, Olivia Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Before I Forget: Autobiography and Drawings Mason, James Film/Dance/Theatre £50
Behaving Badly: The Life of Richard Harris 1930-2002 Goodwin, Cliff Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Being an Actor Callow, Simon Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Bernard Shaw and the Actresses Margot Peters Film/Dance/Theatre £15
Bette Davis David Thomson Film/Dance/Theatre £6.39
Billie Whitelaw. . . Who He? Billie Whitelaw Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Blessings in Disguise Guinness, Alec Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Blessings in Disguise Guinness, Alec Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Blind Fortune Drake, Fabia. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Bliss: The Screenplay Carey Lawrence Film/Dance/Theatre £15
Blockbusters: Why Big Hits and Big Risks Are the Future of the Entertainment Business Anita Elberse Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Blood Simple Coen, Joel. Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Bogart: A Life in Hollywood Jeffrey Meyers Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Bogart: A Life in Hollywood Jeffrey Meyers Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Book Whoopi Goldberg Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Bounder! : The Biography of Terry-Thomas Graham. Mccann Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Brando Unzipped Porter, Darwin. Film/Dance/Theatre £20
Brassey's Guide to War Films Alun Evans Film/Dance/Theatre £9.5
Brecht, a Biography Volker, Klaus Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Britain Can Take It: The British Cinema in the Second World War Anthony Aldgate, Jeffrey Richards. Film/Dance/Theatre £6
British Cinema in the 1980'S: Issues and Themes Hill, John Film/Dance/Theatre £10
British Cinema Now Auty, Maryn, Roddick, Nick and Auty, Martyn. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Bruce Lee: A Life Polly, Matthew Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit Thomas, Bruce. Film/Dance/Theatre £2
By Jack Rosenthal Rosenthal, Jack and Lipman, Maureen. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Camerado Donald Spoto Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Caritas: A Play in Two Acts Arnold Wesker Film/Dance/Theatre £12.5
Cassell Companion to Cinema author not listed Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
Caught in the Act John Stuart Film/Dance/Theatre £50
Celia Johnson Fleming, Kate. Film/Dance/Theatre £5.5
Celia Johnson: A Biography Fleming, Kate Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Celluloid Sky Sanders Film/Dance/Theatre £18
Change Lobsters, and Dance: An Autobiography Lilli Palmer Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
Changing Stages Richard Eyre Nicholas Wright Film/Dance/Theatre £18
Charles Laughton, a Difficult Actor Callow, Simon Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Cinema Eye, Cinema Ear: Some Key Film-Makers of the Sixties Taylor, John Russell Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts (Routledge Key Guides) Susan Hayward Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Cinematography: Theory and Practice: Imagemaking for Cinematographers, Directors & Videographers Brown, Blain. Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Circle Dancing June Watts. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Claire King : Bad Girl Claire King Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Clark Gable: A Biography Warren G. Harris Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Classical Dance Volume 2 Grazioso Cecchetti Film/Dance/Theatre £70
Classical Music on Cd author not listed Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Clint Eastwood: Quote, Unquote Bob Mccabe Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Colin Firth: The Biography Alison Maloney Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Collecting Theatre Memorabilia Speaight, George. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Comedy and Error Simon Day. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Coming Next Week: A Pictorial History of Film Advertising Sweeney, Russell C. Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Conference of the Birds. The Story of Peter Brook in Africa. Heilpern, John. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Confessions of an Actor Laurence Olivier Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Conversations With Ayckbourn Ayckbourn, Alan and Watson, Ian. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Coometaire Numero 13 Printemps 1981 no author Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Curtain Up: Agatha Christie: A Life in Theatre Julius Green Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Dad's Army - the Lost Episodes. The Complete Scripts for Six Classic Early Recordings Now Missing From the Dad's Army Archives Perry, Jimmy, Croft, David Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Dad's Army : The Home Front Perry Webber, David Croft Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
Dad's Army : The Story of a Classic Television Show Graham Mccann Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Dad's Army : Walmington Goes to War: The Complete Scripts Jimmy Perry, David Croft, Richard Webber Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
Dad's Army: The Defence of a Front Line English Village Paul Ableman, Jimmy Perry, David Croft Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Dad's Army: The Making of a Television Legend Bill Pertwee Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Dances of the Tewa Pueblo Indians Jill D. Sweet Film/Dance/Theatre £7
David Garrick Alan Kendall Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Days of Vision : Working With David Mercer: Television Drama Then and Now Don Taylor Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
De Niro a Biography John Baxter Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Dean and Me: A Love Story Lewis,Jerry,Kaplan,James Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Dean and Me: A Love Story Lewis, Jerry, Kaplan, James Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Dear Alec Harwood, Ronald. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Detours and Lost Highways Hirsch, Foster. Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Diaghilev Sjeng Scheijen. Film/Dance/Theatre £7
Diaries, 1920-22 Bertolt Brecht Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Distant Voices, Still Lives Farley, Paul Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Don't Fence Me In Renee Houston Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Double Feature Terence Stamp Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Duende: A Journey in Search of Flamenco Webster, Jason. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Early English Stages 1300 to 1660 Michael Wood Film/Dance/Theatre £30
Edmund Yates: His Recollections and Experiences. 2 Volumes. Yates, Edmund Film/Dance/Theatre £30
Elvis + Marilyn Geri Depaoli Film/Dance/Theatre £15
Encounters. Astaire, Jarvis. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Encyclopedia of British Film Mcfarlane, Brian and Slide, Anthony Film/Dance/Theatre £4
English Dance Airs Fleming Williams-Shaw Film/Dance/Theatre £40
Entertainment and Ritual, 600 to 1600 Peter A. Bucknell Film/Dance/Theatre £15
European Theories of the Drama Barrett Harper Clark Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Everymania the Hisotry of the Everyman Theatre N. Macdermott Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Evil Spirits : The Life of Oliver Reed Cliff Goodwin Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Expressionism and Modernism in the American Theatre: Bodies, Voices, Words Walker J. Film/Dance/Theatre £25
Eyes Wide Open. Frederic. Raphael Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Family Fictions Harwood, Sarah. Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Fanny Kemble Rushmore Robert Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Fanny Kemble Marshall, Dorothy. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Fanny Kemble: A Reluctant Celebrity Jenkins, Rebecca. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Fathers and Sons Richard Madeley Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Featuring Australia the Cinema of Charles Chauvel Cunningham Film/Dance/Theatre £35
Figuring the Past Vidal,Belen Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Filling the Gap Terry Thomas Film/Dance/Theatre £30
Film Award Annual: British Films of 1947 Truby, Jeffrey Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Film Policy Albert Moran Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Film: A Very Short Introduction Michael Wood Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Films and British National Identity Richards, Jeffrey H. . Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
Flickering Shadows: A Lifetime in Films John Mitchell Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Folk Dances of the Greeks; Origins and Instructions Theodore and Efleida Petrides Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Following Balanchine Robert Garis Film/Dance/Theatre £15
For the Love of Radio 4: An Unofficial Companion Caroline Hodgson,Pippa Greenwood Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Forty Years of Coronation Street Stephen F. Kelly Judith Jones Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Frank Sinatra Nancy Sinatra Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Frederick Wiseman Atkins, Thomas V. . Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Free Association Steven Berkoff Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
French Film Armes, Roy. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Gaby Deslys James Gardiner Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Garbo and Gilbert in Love: Hollywood's First Great Celebrity Couple Shindler, Colin Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Garbo: Her Story. Gronowicz, Antoni. Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Gary Cooper David Thomson Film/Dance/Theatre £6.39
Gavin & Stacey: From Barry to Billericay Jones Ruth and Corden James Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Gertrude Lawrence as Mrs. A Richard Stoddard Aldrich Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Get the Picture: The Movie Lover's Guide to Watching Films Piper, Jim. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Gielgud: A Theatrical Life Croall, Jonathan Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Girls' Own Stories Robson Zalcock Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Give Me Ten Seconds Sergeant, John. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Godfrey's Ghost: From Father to Son Ridley,Nicolas Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Golden Girl Shirley Eaton Film/Dance/Theatre £48
Grace Robert Lacey Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Granville Barker and the Dream of Theatre Dennis Kennedy Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
Greta and Cecil Diana Souhami Film/Dance/Theatre £7.99
Halfway to Hollywood: Diaries 1980 to 1988 Palin, Michael. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
He That Plays the King: A View of the Theatre Kenneth Tynan Film/Dance/Theatre £10
He Who Dares Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Heath Ledger: His Beautiful Life and Mysterious Death Mcshane, John. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Helen Faucit: Fire and Ice on the Victorian Stage Carlisle, Carol Jones. Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Hello : The Autobiography Leslie Phillips Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
Hello Darlin': Tall (And Absolutely True) Tales About My Life Larry Hagman,Todd Gold Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Hiroshima Mon Amour Marguerite Duras Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Hollywood England Alexander Walker Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Hollywood Renaissance Diane Jacobs Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Hollywood's Canada Pierre Berton Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Holmes of the Movies: The Screen Career of Sherlock Holmes Davies, David Stuart Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Home Fun Cecil H Bullivant Film/Dance/Theatre £5
How It Happened Here Brownlow, Kevin. Film/Dance/Theatre £20
I Put a Spell on You: Dancing Women From Salome to Madonna Buonaventura, Wendy Film/Dance/Theatre £5
I've Started, So I'll Finish Magnus Magnusson Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Identity and Memory Foster, Gwendolyn Audrey. Film/Dance/Theatre £12
If I Don't Write It, Nobody Else Will Sykes, Eric Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
If Not Now, When?: Living the Baby Boomer Adventure Rantzen,Esther Film/Dance/Theatre £3
In Defence of Opera Hamish F. G. Swanston Film/Dance/Theatre £7
Ingrid Bergman David Thomson Film/Dance/Theatre £6.39
Ingrid: Ingrid Bergman, a Personal Biography Chandler, Charlotte Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
International Politics and Film: Space Vision Power Short Cuts Klaus Dodds, Sean Carter Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Italian Cinema Hawkins Rooney Film/Dance/Theatre £20
Jack's Life Mcgilligan, Patrick. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
James Bond: The Legacy Cork, John. Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
James Dean on Location Marceau Devillers Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Jane Fonda Heroine for Our Time Thomas Kiernan Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Japanese Cinema: Texts and Contexts Alistair Phillips, Julian Stringer Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Jessie Matthews: A Biography Michael Thornton Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
John Gielgud : A Celebration Brandreth, Gyles Film/Dance/Theatre £3
John Mortimer: The Devil's Advocate: The Unauthorised Biography Lord, Graham Film/Dance/Theatre £4
John Webster, Citizen and Dramatist M. C. Bradbrook Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Judi Dench Miller, John H. . Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Judi Dench With a Crack on Her Voice John Miller Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Judy Garldand John Fricke Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Julie Andrews Richard Stirling. Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Katharine Hepburn: A Celebration (Legends) Sheridan Morley Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Kean Giles Playfair Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Kenneth Tynan Dominic Shellard Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Kenneth Williams' Complete Acid Drops Kenneth Williams Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Kevin Costner: Prince of Hollywood Kelvin Caddies Film/Dance/Theatre £3
King Lear Shakespeare, William. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
King of Comedy: The Life and Art of Jerry Lewis Shawn Levy Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Kino: History of the Russian and Soviet Film Jay Leyda Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Larger Than Life. The Biography of Robert Morley Margaret Morley Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Last Man Standing: Tales From Tinseltown Roger Moore Film/Dance/Theatre £12
Last of the Summer Wine : The Finest Vintage Morris Bright, Robert Ross Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Last of the Summer Wine: The Finest Vintage Bright, Morris. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Laughter in the Second Act Donald Sinden Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Launder and Gilliat Brown, Geoff Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Laurel Before Hardy Owen-Pawson Mouland Film/Dance/Theatre £18
Lauren Bacall by Myself Lauren Bacall Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Lauren Bacall: Her Films and Career Quirk, Lawrence J. Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Let's Dance (Practical Handbook) Paul Bottomer Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Letter to Louise: The Story of the Daughter She Gave for Adoption More Than Twenty-Five Years Ago Collins, Pauline. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Letters Tynan, Kenneth and Tynan, Kathleen. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Letters to the Intimate Theatre Strindberg August Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Lewis & Sybil: A Memoir. Casson, John Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Life in the Theatre Tyrone Guthrie Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Life With Googie John Mccallum Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Lights, Camera, Action! Tony Bilbow John Gau Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Little Tich Findlater, Richard and Powell, Mary Lucas. Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Love Child Allegra Huston Film/Dance/Theatre £7
Lucky Man : A Memoir Michael J. Fox Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Lucky Man: A Memoir Michael J. Fox Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Mad World, My Masters John Simpson Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Mamma Mia! How Can I Resist You?: The Inside Story of Mamma Mia! And the Songs of Abba Judy Craymer,Benny Andersson,Bjorn Ulvaeus Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Margot Fonteyn Camera Studies by Gordon Anthony With an Appreciation by Everleigh Leith Gordon Anthony Film/Dance/Theatre £12
Maria Callas Sutherland, Robert. Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Maria Callas, a Tribute Rmy, Pierre-Jean. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Maria Callas: The Tigress and the Lamb Bret, David Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Marie Lloyd Gillies, Midge. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Marilyn Monroe Clayton, Marie. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Marilyn Monroe Morley, Sheridan and Leon, Ruth. Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Marilyn Monroe Barbara Leaming Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Marilyn Monroe : The Biography Spoto, Donald. Film/Dance/Theatre £14
Marilyn: Last Take - Last Days of Marilyn Monroe Peter Harry Brown, Patte Barham Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Marlon Brando Patricia Bosworth Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Matty an Autobiography Matthews, A. E. Film/Dance/Theatre £20
Meditations : Essays on Brecht, Beckett and the Media Esslin Martin Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Modern German Drama Garten H. F. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Modern Theories of Drama: A Selection of Writings on Drama and Theatre, 1840-1990 George W. Brandt Film/Dance/Theatre £30
Money Into Light Boorman, John. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Montgomery Clift Robert Laguardia Film/Dance/Theatre £10
More or Less Kenneth More Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
More Than Night Naremore, James. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Mrs Jordan's Profession: The Story of a Great Actress and a Future King Claire Tomalin Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Mrs. Siddons, Tragic Actress Ffrench Yvonne Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Mummy's Boy Larry Lamb. Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Musical Stages. An Autobiography Rodgers Richard Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
My Alphabet: A Life From a to Z Nick Hewer Film/Dance/Theatre £4
My Life as Me. A Memoir Humphries, Barry. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
My Love Affair With a Theatre Derek Salberg Film/Dance/Theatre £4
My Secrets Collins Joan Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Naked at the Feast. The Biography of Josephine Baker Lynn Haney Film/Dance/Theatre £3
National Hereos A. Walker Film/Dance/Theatre £12
Ned Sherrin's Theatrical Anecdotes Sherrin, Ned. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Ned Sherrin: The Autobiography Ned Sherrin Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Never Grow Up Jackie Chan Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Never Grow Up Jackie Chan Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
New Readings in Theatre History Bratton, J. S. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
News From No Man's Land : Reporting the World John Simpson Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Nice Work. The Story of Thirty Years in British Film Production Adrian Brunel Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
Nijinsky Romola Nijinsky Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Niv : The Authorised Biography of David Niven Graham Lord Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Nostalgia Isn't What It Used to Be Simone Signoret Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
Nostalgia Isn't What It Used to Be Signoret, Simone. Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Nothing is Impossible: Reflections on a New Life Christopher Reeve Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Nureyev Peter Watson Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
Nureyev: His Life Solway, Diane. Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Oh Yus It's Arthur Mullard Mullard Arthur Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Oliver Stone Beaver, Frank Eugene. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Olivier at Work: The National Years Olivier, R Plowright, J Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
On Acting Laurence Olivier Film/Dance/Theatre £2
On Further Reflection: 60 Years of Writing Miller, Jonathan Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Once a Saint Ian Ogilvy Film/Dance/Theatre £15
Only Fools and Horses, the Bible of Peckham, Volume I Sullivan,John Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Only Fools and Horses: Bible of Peckham V. 2 (Vol 2) John Sullivan Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Orson Welles Higham, Charles. Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
Orson Welles and Roger Hill: A Friendship in Three Acts Todd Tarbox Film/Dance/Theatre £9.5
Other People's Shoes Walter, Harriet. Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
Otherwise Engaged Donald Spoto Film/Dance/Theatre £30
Our Betty Liz Smith Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Out of Sight Frank, Scott Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Out of Sight Frank, Scott M. And Leonard, Elmore. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Over the Limit: My Secret Diaries 1993-8 Bob. Monkhouse Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Overture and Beginners Michael Denison Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Pandora's Box (Lulu) G. W. Pabst,Christopher Holme,Frank Wedekind Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Parcel Arrived Safely, Tied With String Crawford, Michael H. . Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Particular Pleasures J. B. Priestley Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Passing Performances: Queer Readings of Leading Players in American Theater History Edited by Robert A. Schanke and Kim Marra; Foreword by Jill Dolan Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
Patterns of Realism Roy Armes Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Paul Newman Dan O'brien Film/Dance/Theatre £7
Performance Analysis: An Introductory Coursebook author not listed Film/Dance/Theatre £7
Performance and Politics in Popular Drama David Bradby,Louis James,Bernard Sharratt Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Peter Brook: A Biography Trewin J. C. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Peter Ustinov Miller, John H. . Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Poirot and Me David Suchet Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Political Theatre During the Spanish Civil War Jim Mccarthy Film/Dance/Theatre £50
Porridge: The Scripts Clement,Dick; Frenais Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Practical Theatre Sally Mackey. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Private Passions Michael Berkeley Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Public Places author not listed Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Pulping Fictions Cartmell, Deborah. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Putting on a Play Michael Legat Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Racine or, the Triumph of Relevance Odette De Mourgues Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Rags to Richie: The Story So Far Richie, Shane Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Raising the Laugh Ray, Ted. Film/Dance/Theatre £12
Ralph Richardson-An Actor's Life Garry O'connor Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Reflected Glory Noble, Peter Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Remembering Charlie Jerry Epstein Film/Dance/Theatre £15
Remembering Charlie: A Pictorial Biography Epstein, Jerry Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Resistible Theatres: Enterprise and Experiment in the Late Nineteenth Century John Stokes Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Rex: An Autobiography Harrison, Rex. Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Richard Burton Munn, Michael. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Richard Burton Ferris, Paul. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Richard Burton, My Brother Jenkins, Graham Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Richard Burton, My Brother Jenkins, Graham and Turner, Barry A. . Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Richard Burton--a Brother Remembered Jenkins, David B. And Rogers, Sue F. . Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Ring Up the Curtain Maltby H F Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Rising Damp : The Complete Scripts Eric Chappell, Richard Webber Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Robert Atkins: An Unfinished Autobiography With Contributions by J. C. Trevin and A. C. Sprague George Rowell Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Robert Mitchum: Baby, I Don't Care Lee Server Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Robert William Elliston: Manager Murray, Christopher. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Round Up the Usual Suspects: The Making of Casablanca - Bogart, Bergman, and World War Ii Aljean Harmetz Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Run-Through Houseman, John. Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
Russell Brand Memoir Russell Brand. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Russian Dramatic Theory From Pushkin to the Symbolists: An Anthology Laurence Senelick Film/Dance/Theatre £8
Samba Guillermoprieto, Alma. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Sarah Bernhardt (Women Who Made History) De Polnay, Peter Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Scene and Hird Hird, Thora. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Scenes From Provincial Stages: Essays in Honour of Kathleen Barker Richard Foulkes Editor Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Scrappy Little Nobody Anna Kendrick Film/Dance/Theatre £13.6
Screen Scores Rebecca Coyle Film/Dance/Theatre £25
Scruffy the Adventures of a Mongrel in Movieland Burbidge Claude Film/Dance/Theatre £12
Second Take Australian Film Makers Talk Caputo Burton Film/Dance/Theatre £14
Seeing is Believing Peter Biskind Film/Dance/Theatre £7
Sergio Leone Christopher Frayling Film/Dance/Theatre £30
Shaft Ernest Tidyman Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Shakespeare and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, 1913-1929 Cochrane, Claire. Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Sid James Cliff Goodwin Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Sj Perelman a Life Herrmann D Film/Dance/Theatre £7
Smile and Be a Villain Toibin Niall Film/Dance/Theatre £4
So You Wanna Be a Director Annakin, Ken Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Something Sensational to Read in the Train: The Diary of a Lifetime Brandreth, Gyles Daubeney Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Spike Milligan Humphrey Carpenter Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Spike Milligan Carpenter, Humphrey. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Stage Blood: Five Tempestuous Years in the Early Life of the National Theatre Blakemore, Michael , 1928- Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Stage by Stage Jean Scott Rogers Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Stand Up and Sock It to Them Sister Dafydd, Gwenno Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Stand Up. . . And Be Counted: The Other Side of Greengrass Bill Maynard, John Sheard Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Stanislavsky System of Acting: Legacy and Influence in Modern Performance Rose Whyman Film/Dance/Theatre £30
Star Gazing Jackie Stacey Film/Dance/Theatre £20
Stark Naked: The Autobiography of Graham Stark Graham Stark,Blake Edwards Film/Dance/Theatre £6
Steady Barker. The Autobiography of Eric Barker Eric Barker Film/Dance/Theatre £15
Still Me Reeve,Christopher Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Still Me Reeve,Christopher Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Still Memories John Mills Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Stories of My Life, Me Katherine Hepburn. Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Studying Film Abrams, Nathan. Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Swansea's Grand Ian Parsons Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Sydney Valentine 1865-1919 Rollinson, Edward. Film/Dance/Theatre £20
Thanks for Nothing Jack Dee. Film/Dance/Theatre £5.5
That's Another Story Julie Walters Film/Dance/Theatre £3
The Ages of Gielgud - an Actor at Eighty Ronald Harwood Film/Dance/Theatre £4
The Algebraic Theory of Spinors Claude Charles Chevalley Film/Dance/Theatre £28
The American Vein Wicking Vahimagi Film/Dance/Theatre £6
The Archers William Smethurst Film/Dance/Theatre £10
The Art of Beowulf By Mark Cotta Vaz & Steve Starkey; Preface by Robert Zemeckis; Foreword by Neil Gaiman Film/Dance/Theatre £15
The Art of Mime Irene Mawer Film/Dance/Theatre £10
The Art of W. C. Fields William Everson Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe Wolfe, Donald M. . Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Best of British Comedy: Porridge: The Best Jokes, Gags and Scenes From a True British Comedy Classic Webber, Richard Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
The Bigger Little Book of Hollywood Cliches Ebert, Roger. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
The Biography of Warren Beatty Amburn Ellis Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Blair Witch Project Dossier author not listed Film/Dance/Theatre £3
The Book What I Wrote: Eric, Ernie and Me Braben, Eddie. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
The Cambridge History of American Theatre - Vol Iii Post-World War Ii to the 1990s Don B. Wilmeth Film/Dance/Theatre £30
The Centre of the Bed Bakewell, Joan. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
The Cinema Book Cook, Pam. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
The Cinema of Otto Preminger G. Pratley Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Classical Drama of France Will G. Moore Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Complete A-Z of Dad's Army Jimmy Perry, David Croft, Richard Webber Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Complete Fawlty Towers Cleese, John Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
The Complete One Foot in the Grave Richard Webber Film/Dance/Theatre £3
The Dance Goes on: The Life and Art of Elizabeth Twistington Higgins Mbe Alexander, Marc Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
The Desire to Desire Doane, Mary Ann. Film/Dance/Theatre £20
The Devil Rides Out O'grady, Paul. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
The Diaghilev Ballet in London Cyril Beaumont Film/Dance/Theatre £28
The Divine Garbo Sands Film/Dance/Theatre £8
The Divine Sarah Arthur Gold Robert Fizdale Film/Dance/Theatre £6
The Divine Sarah Gold, Arthur and Fizdale, Robert. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
The Dramatic List: A Record of the Performances of Living Actors and Actresses of the British Stage Charles E Pascoe Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Early Diaries: Including an Unnatural Pursuit and How's That for Telling 'Em, Fat Lady? Gray, Simon Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
The Eighth Veil Ann Todd Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The End of an Earring Pam St Clement Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
The English Theatre: A Short History Nicoll A Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
The Everyman Book of Theatrical Anecdotes Sinden, Donald Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
The Films of Kirk Douglas. Thomas, Tony Film/Dance/Theatre £4
The Films of Marlene Dietrich author not listed Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Films of Peter Weir Don Shiach Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Fry Chronicles Fry, Stephen C. . Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Greatest Movie Car Chases of All Time Crosse, Jessezzeverfasser Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
The History of the British Film 1906-1914 Rachael Low Film/Dance/Theatre £20
The Hollywood Omnibus P. G. Wodehouse Film/Dance/Theatre £25
The Illustrated Guide to Film Directors Quinlan, David. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Interrelated Arts in Leisure: Perceiving and Creating Arnold, Nellie D. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Jersey Lily Sonia Hillsdon Film/Dance/Theatre £4
The John G: The Authorized Biography Sheridan Morley Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
The Joy of Dancing the Next Steps : Ballroom, Latin and Jive for Social Dancers Peggy Spencer Film/Dance/Theatre £2
The Julie Christie Handbook - Everything You Need to Know About Julie Christie Emily Smith Film/Dance/Theatre £12
The Kenneth Williams Diaries Williams, Kenneth S. And Davies, Russell. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
The Kenneth Williams Diaries author not listed Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
The Largest Theatre in the World: Thirty Years of Television Drama Shaun Sutton Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
The Last of the Summer Wine: A Country Companion Ableman,Paul Film/Dance/Theatre £3
The Lavender Bus Priscilla Al Clark Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Life of Graham: The Authorised Biography of Graham Chapman Bob Mccabe Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Long Kickline D. Marsden Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Lowest Form of Wit Leonard Rossiter, Cartoons by Honeysett Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Luminous Darkness. The Theatre of Jon Fosse Leif Zern Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
The Macmillan International Film Encyclopedia Katz, Ephraim. Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
The Making of Inspector Morse Sanderson, Mark. Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
The Man Who Fell to Earth Tevis, Walter S. Film/Dance/Theatre £6
The Measure of a Man Sidney Poitier Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Missing Reel Rawlence Film/Dance/Theatre £6
The Nature of Ballet Monhan J Film/Dance/Theatre £7
The New Hollywood Jim Hillier Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
The New Statesman L. Marks,L. M. Gran Film/Dance/Theatre £4
The Old Vic Story: A Nation's Theatre, 1818-1976 Roberts, Peter Film/Dance/Theatre £4
The Other Side of the Rainbow Mel Torme Film/Dance/Theatre £4
The Overlook Film Encyclopedia the Gangster Encyclopedia Phil Hardy Film/Dance/Theatre £30
The Poet at the Piano Kakutani, Michiko. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
The Pomping Folk in the Nineteenth-Century Theatre J. C. Trewin Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Primal Screen John Brosnan Film/Dance/Theatre £20
The Producer and the Play Marshall Norman Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Richard Burton Diaries Burton, Richard and Williams, Chris. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Rough Guide to Film Richard Armstrong,Tom Charity,Lloyd Hughes,Jessica Winter,Rough Guides Film/Dance/Theatre £3
The Secret Woman: A Life of Peggy Ashcroft O'connor, Garry. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
The Seventh Hollywood Album Wilson Film/Dance/Theatre £8
The Singing Detective Dennis Potter Film/Dance/Theatre £3
The Sorrow and the Pity. A Film. Ophuls, Marcel. Film/Dance/Theatre £20
The Story of Nell Gwyn and the Sayings of Charles Ii Peter Cunningham Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Street Where I Live Lerner, Alan Jay. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
The Tale of the Tales: The Beatrix Potter Ballet Rumer Godden,Beatrix Potter Film/Dance/Theatre £5
The Theatre of P. G. Wodehouse Jasen, David A. Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
The Theatre of the Absurd Esslin, Martin Film/Dance/Theatre £8
The Theatre: A Concise History Hartnoll, Phyllis. Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
The Theatres of George Devine Irving Wardle Film/Dance/Theatre £10
The Time Out Film Guide author not listed Film/Dance/Theatre £4
The Traditional Theater of Japan Yoshinobu Inoura Film/Dance/Theatre £12
The Two of Us: My Life With John Thaw Sheila Hancock Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
The Undeclared War Puttnam, David and Watson, Neil. Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
The Unexpurgated Beaton : The Cecil Beaton Diaries as He Wrote Them, 1970-1980 Beaton,Cecil Walter Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
The View From Here: Life at Seventy Bakewell, Joan. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
The Wireless Stars. Nobbs, George. Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
The Wordsworth Book of Movie Classics [An Illustrated Celebration of the Silver Screen] author not listed Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Theater Ingmar Bergman as Theater Director. Fall/Winter 1979 no author Film/Dance/Theatre £13
Theater of the Avant-Garde, 1890-1950: A Critical Anthology Bert Cardullo,Robert Knopf Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Theatre and Playhouse: An Illustrated Survey of Theatre Buildings From Ancient Greece to the Present Day Richard Leacroft, Helen Leacroft Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Theatre and Stage an Encyclopaedic Guide Vols 1 and 2 Edited by Harold Downs Film/Dance/Theatre £40
Theatre as Actopm Kleberg, Lars. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Theatre: History, Criticism and Reference David Cheshire Film/Dance/Theatre £3.5
Things I Couldn't Tell My Mother: My Autobiography Sue Johnston Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Third Take Australian Film Makers Caputo Burton Film/Dance/Theatre £14
Thou Swell, Thou Witty: Life and Lyrics of Lorenz Hart Dorothy. Hart Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Time of My Life Patricia Kirkwood,Hodge Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
Time Out of Mind Jane Lapotaire Film/Dance/Theatre £5
To Catch a Sunbeam G. A. Household Film/Dance/Theatre £7
Tommy Cooper: Always Leave Them Laughing Fisher, John Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Tony Hancock: The Definitive Biography Fisher, John Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Total Recall Schwarzenegger, Arnold. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Tribal Dancing and Social Development W. D. Hambly Film/Dance/Theatre £18
Twenty Five Thousand Sunsets the Wilcox Herbert Sydney Wilcox Film/Dance/Theatre £7.5
Us Playscript 9 no author Film/Dance/Theatre £20
Victoria Wood the Biography Brandwood, Neil Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Waiting for the Boat Dennis Potter Film/Dance/Theatre £2.5
Walt Disney Hollywood's Dark Prince; A Biography Eliot, Marc Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Walt Disney World: The First Decade Walt Disney Co. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
Watch Me: A Memoir Anjelica Huston Film/Dance/Theatre £12
Watching Tom Sutcliffe Film/Dance/Theatre £2
Waving the Flag Higson, Andrew. Film/Dance/Theatre £10
What a Performance: A Life of Sid Field John Fisher Film/Dance/Theatre £30
What Fresh Lunacy is This? Robert Sellers Film/Dance/Theatre £6.5
What's It All About? Cilla Black Film/Dance/Theatre £2
When the Wind Changed Goodwin, Cliff. Film/Dance/Theatre £3
When You're Smiling: The Illustrated Biography of Les Dawson Mick Middles Film/Dance/Theatre £3
Where Have I Gone? My Life in a Year Pauline Quirke. Film/Dance/Theatre £5.5
Who's There: The Life and Career of William Hartnell Carney, Jessica. Film/Dance/Theatre £10
Who's Who in the Theatre: A Biographical Record of the Contemporary Stage Parker John Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Wiv a Little Bit O'luck: The Life Story of Stanley Holloway Holloway S. Film/Dance/Theatre £30
Woody Allen on Woody Allen (Directors on Directors) Stig Bjorkman Film/Dance/Theatre £3
World Cinema 4: Ireland Mcilroy, Brian. Film/Dance/Theatre £14
X-Rated: The Paranormal Experiences of the Movie Star Greats Munn, Michael. Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Yes, Mr Bronson: Memoirs of a Bum Actor Michael Sheard and Moore, Roger. Film/Dance/Theatre £4
You Lucky People!: The Tommy Trinder Story Newley Patrick Film/Dance/Theatre £5
Young Orson: The Years of Luck and Genius on the Path to Citizen Kane Patrick Mcgilligan Film/Dance/Theatre £9
Yul: The Man Who Would Be King: A Memoir of Father and Son Brynner, Rock Film/Dance/Theatre £4.5
Prophecy for Profit Sasha Fenton and Jan Budkowski Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
A Dictionary for Dreamers Tom Chetwynd Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
A Glossary of Words Used in East Anglia Founded on That of Forby Walter Rye Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
Above Top Secret: The Worldwide Ufofo Cover-Up Timothy Good Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
Acquainted With the Night: A Book of Dreams Nancy Price Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
After Death What? Cesare Lombroso Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
Alien Intelligence Holroyd, Stuart. Folklore/Myths/Legends £7
All Silver and No Brass Henry Glassie Folklore/Myths/Legends £12
An Abc of the Old Science of Astrology Sidney Randall Folklore/Myths/Legends £15
Arthur's Kingdom of Adventure; The World of Malory's Morte Darthur Muriel Whitaker Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
Arthurian Chronicles Wace and Layamon; Translated by Eugene Mason Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
Arthurian Myth and Legend Mike Dixon-Kennedy Folklore/Myths/Legends £6
Atlantis Destroyed Castleden, Rodney. Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Automata John Nevil Maskelyne Folklore/Myths/Legends £50
Aviation Ghosts: Stories of Paranormal Activity Along Line Sse 165 Degrees By Kevin Desmond Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
Badshah Khan; Islamic Peace Warrior Heathcote Williams Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Bandits E. J. Hobsbawm Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
Brewer's Dictionary of Modern Phrase & Fable author not listed Folklore/Myths/Legends £25
Celtic Saints in Their Landscape Elizabeth Rees Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Cheiro's Language of the Hand Cheiro Folklore/Myths/Legends £12
Cheiro's Year Book for 1930 no author Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
Chinese Fairy Tales & Fantasies Moss Roberts (Translater & Editor) Folklore/Myths/Legends £35
Dancing the Dream: The First Nations and the Church in Partnership [Inscribed by Editor] Ed. Joyce Carlson. Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Dreams and Dreaming Norman Mackenzie Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
Encyclopaedia of Irish Folklore, Legend and Romance Dr. Daithi O Hogain Folklore/Myths/Legends £15
Extraterrestrials--Where Are They Ben Zuckerman & Michael H. Hart (Editors) Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Fairfield Folk; A History of the British Fairground and Its People Frances Brown Folklore/Myths/Legends £15
Fairlop Oak and Fairlop Fair author not listed Folklore/Myths/Legends £15
Finding Arthur: The True Origins of the Once and Future King Ardrey, Adam. Folklore/Myths/Legends £15
Folk Lore in Shakespeare Land J. Harvey Bloom Folklore/Myths/Legends £15
From Ritual to Romance Jessie L. Weston Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
Gateway to Oblivion: The Great Lakes' Bermuda Triangle Cochrane, Hugh F. Folklore/Myths/Legends £6
Ghosts of the Wild West Roberts, N Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
Giants of Britain; Being a Short Treatiise Dealing With the Story of Giants of All Ages J. Foster Forbes Folklore/Myths/Legends £100
Gods and Mortals in Classical Mythology Grant, Michael and Hazel, John. Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
Guinevere Norma Lorre Goodrich Folklore/Myths/Legends £7
Haunted Britain; Spooky Places to Visit Richard Jones Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Haunted Castles Marc Alexander Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland Richard Jones Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
History of Pedlars in Europe Laurence Fontaine; Translated by Vicki Whittaker Folklore/Myths/Legends £20
Hrafnkels Saga Freysgoda; A Study Sigurdur Nordal Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
Indaba My Children: African Tribal History, Legends, Customs and Religious Beliefs Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa Folklore/Myths/Legends £20
Jason Karl's Great Ghost Hunt : A Spectral Journey Through Britain's Haunted Realms Jason Karl Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
King Arthur & the Grail: The Arthurian Legends and Their Meaning Richard Cavendish Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
King Arthur & The Grail : The Arthurian Legends and Their Meaning Richard Cavendish Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
King Arthur Hero and Legend Richard Barber Folklore/Myths/Legends £7
King Arthur's Round Table; An Archaeological Investigation Martin Biddle Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
King Arthur, King of Kings Markale, Jean. Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
King Arthur: The Truth Behind the Legend Castleden, Rodney. Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Lady Charlotte, a Biography of the Nineteenth Century Guest, Revel and John, Angela V. . Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
Lavengro George Borrow Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Legends and Traditions of Cheshire Woods, Fred Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Mazes and Labyrinths in Great Britain John Martineau Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Memoirs of Bartholomew Fair Henry Morley Folklore/Myths/Legends £20
Moral Essays on Some of the Most Curious & Significant English, Scotch & Foreign Proverbs Samuel Palmer Folklore/Myths/Legends £75
Myths & Legends of China E. T. Chalmers Werner Folklore/Myths/Legends £40
Myths and Legends of Maoriland A. W. Reed Folklore/Myths/Legends £20
Myths of the Zodiac Hugh Lloyd-Jones Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
Northumberland Dreaming: A Past Life Remembered Mary Rhees Mercker Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Nothing is Impossible: The Real-Life Adventures of a Street Magician Dynamo Folklore/Myths/Legends £3.5
Of Gods & Men Frederic Raphael Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
Ozark Folklore: An Annotated Bibliography, Vol 2 Vance Randolph Folklore/Myths/Legends £12.5
Pears Encyclopaedia of Myths & Legends; Ancient Near and Middle East Ancient Greece and Rome Sheila Savill & Elizabeth Locke Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Poltergeists Rupert Matthews Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Reminiscences of a Showman Vic Taylor Folklore/Myths/Legends £7
Robin Hood; Anthology of Sholarship & Criticism Knight, Stephen A. (Editor) Folklore/Myths/Legends £30
Robin Hood; The Man Behind the Myth Graham Phillips & Martin Keatman Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Rymes of Robyn Hood; An Introduction to the English Outlaw R. B. Dobson & J. Taylor Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
Saving Belief: A Discussion of Essentials (Library of Anglican Spirituality) Austin Farrer Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Singing for Power: The Song Magic of the Papago Indians of Southern Arizona Underhill, Ruth Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
Speaking of Indians Ella Cara Deloria Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
Stories for Ramu Deepak Dubey Folklore/Myths/Legends £30
Supernatural: Meetings With the Ancient Teachers of Mankind Graham Hancock Folklore/Myths/Legends £7
Tales of the Plumed Serpent : Aztec, Inca and Mayan Myths Diana Ferguson Folklore/Myths/Legends £7
The 12th Planet (The First Book of the Earth Chronicles) Zecharia Sitchin Folklore/Myths/Legends £8
The Arthurian Legends Richard Barber Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
The Bird Talisman; An Eastern Tale Henry Allen Wedgwood Folklore/Myths/Legends £20
The Compleat Astrologer Derek & Julia Parker Folklore/Myths/Legends £15
The Complete Books of Charles Fort author not listed Folklore/Myths/Legends £12
The Complete Book of Ghosts - a Fascenating Exploration of the Spirit World From Apparitions to Haunted Places Paul Roland Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
The Dancing Healers: A Doctor's Journey of Healing With Native Americans Hammerschlag, Carl A. Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
The Enchanted Forest: Legends of the Scolt Lapps Robert Crottet Folklore/Myths/Legends £35
The Epic of Gilgamesh: The Babylonian Epic Poem and Other Texts in Akkadian and Sumerian Andrew George (Translator) Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
The Folio Book of Days Selected by Roger Hudson Folklore/Myths/Legends £20
The Gemini Syndrome: A Scientific Evaluation of Astrology Culver, Roger B. Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion James George Frazer Folklore/Myths/Legends £15
The Kumulipo a Hawaiian Creation Chant Ed. Martha Warren Beckwith Folklore/Myths/Legends £8
The Legacy of King Arthur Chris Barber & David Pykitt Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
The Matrix of Creation. Technology of the Gods. Richard Heath Folklore/Myths/Legends £6.5
The Mystery of Telepathy Joe Cooper Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
The Public Conscience; State Trials Vol. 2 Thomas, Donald E. And Howell, Thomas Stevens. Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
The Restoration of Cock Robin Norman Iles Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
The Robin Hood Handbook Mike Dixon-Kennedy Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
The Romany Rye George Borrow Folklore/Myths/Legends £6.5
The Story of Prince Rama Brian Thompson Folklore/Myths/Legends £15
The Witch's Handbook Malcolm Bird Folklore/Myths/Legends £75
The World of Camelot King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Illustrated by Color Plates Michael Foss. Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
The Zincali George Borrow Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
Till Doomsday in the Afternoon: The Folklore of a Family of Scots Travellers, the Stewarts of Blairgowrie Ewan Maccoll and Peggy Seeger Folklore/Myths/Legends £15
Tom Seller's Magical Mixture Tom Sellers Folklore/Myths/Legends £10
When the Golden Bough Breaks; Munz, Peter Folklore/Myths/Legends £5
When the Sky Fell: In Search of. : In Search of Atlantis Rand & Rose Flem Ath Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
Whispers From Space Macvey, John W. Folklore/Myths/Legends £7.5
Glosario. Antologia Nueva De Canales: 1 Nemesio Canales Foreign Language £9.99
Les Vacances De Zéphir Jean De Brunhoff Foreign Language £55
A Journal of the First Two Campaignes of the Seven Years' War Horace St Paul (Ed. George Grey Butler) Foreign Language £45
A Literary History of France; Vol 2 - the Seventeenth Century 1600 - 1715 P J Yarrow Foreign Language £7
A Short Syntax of New Testament Greek Rev. H. P. V. Nunn Foreign Language £8
Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica Vol. 39, No. 6 2001-11 (Chinese Edition) no author Foreign Language £8
Agner: Il Gigante Di Pietra [Signed] Bepi Pellegrinon Foreign Language £10
Aime Cesaire: Le Negre Inconsole Roger Toumson Foreign Language £8
Albanian English Phrase Book Bajraktari Et Al. Foreign Language £40
Alles Weh Ist Heimweh Dianne Connelly Foreign Language £15
Alte Deutsche Städte in Ansichten Aus Drei Jahrhunderten. Die Blauen Bücher no author Foreign Language £5
Amo. Insel-Bucherei Nr. 3 Henry Van De Velde Foreign Language £7.5
An Die Sterngeborenen. Erinnerung Fur Die Erwachten Solara Foreign Language £7
An Introduction to Modern Literary Arabic David Cowan Foreign Language £35
An Italian Quartet Robin Fulton Foreign Language £5
Annales De L'empire, Sous Charlemagne Voltaire Foreign Language £10
Anthologie De La Litterature Ivoirienne Kone, Lezou & Mlandhoro Foreign Language £10
Appleton's New English-Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionary Arturo Cuyas Foreign Language £5
Archäologie. Koepp, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Foreign Language £10
Atala and Rene' De Chateaubriand Foreign Language £10
Atala, Rene Chateaubriand Foreign Language £5
Aufbruch Mit Benedikt: Oblaten, Eine Christliche Lebensform [Signed] Irmgard Schmidt-Sommer, Gabriele F. Heitfeld-Panther, Et Al. Foreign Language £100
Aus Dieser Erde Quillen Meine Freuden / O Deutschland Meine Ferne Liebe / Trinkt a Augen Erich Blaschker Foreign Language £10
Aus Guter Familie Gabriele Reuter Foreign Language £10
Aventures De Robinson Crusoe Daniel De Foe Foreign Language £30
Babar en Famille Jean De Brunhoff Foreign Language £65
Baudelaire Pichois, Claude & Ziegler, Jean Foreign Language £15
Bhargava's Concise English Dictionary Prof. R. C. Pathak Foreign Language £10
Bibliothèque Rose Illustrée: La Vie Et Les Adventures De Robinson Crusoe Daniel De Foe Foreign Language £7
Bilder Aus Der Deutschen Vergangenheit (Volumes I-Ii-Iii/2-Iv-V) Gustav Freytag Foreign Language £50
Birds Without Wings ((in Hebrew) Loiuse De Bernieres Foreign Language £8
Bleak House. Band 1 Und 2. (Komplett) Charles Dickens. [Trans. Richard Zoozmann] Foreign Language £15
Boberias. Antogia Nueva De Canales; 3 Nemesio Canales Foreign Language £6.99
Bonniers Konversations Lexikon, Nationalupplaga. Iv;1 Finlay-Fyllodier no author Foreign Language £6
Boyer's Royal Dictionary. Abridged in Two Parts N. Salmon Foreign Language £45
Cambridge University Guide to the Ancient Hellenic Tradition. Ed. R. Easterling Foreign Language £12
Captain Corelli's Mandolin (In Hebrew) Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £8
Captain Corelli's Mandolin (In Hebrew) Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £7
Cervantes Bruno Frank Foreign Language £5
Chamissos Werke in Einem Band. Chamisso, Adelbert Von Foreign Language £5
Chronik Des See Krieges 1939-45 Rohwer Hummelchen Foreign Language £8
Cinq-Mars Ou Une Conjuration Sous Louis Xiii Alfred De Vigny Foreign Language £8
Collection De Chroniques, Memoires Et Autres Documents Froissart Foreign Language £20
Commentaire Numero 10 Ete' 1980 no author Foreign Language £5
Commentaire Numero 11 Automne 1980 no author Foreign Language £5
Complete English-Russian / Russian-English Dictionary (2 Vols. ) A. Alexandrov Foreign Language £50
Corelli Kapitany Mandolinja (Hungarian Edition. ) Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £8
Costa Rica Guillén, Diana. Foreign Language £10
Da Falcade Ad Asiago Sui Sentieri Dei Partigiani. Percorso Escursionistico "Via H. W. Tilman" [Signed by Cpt. John Ross. ] Roberto Mezzacasa Foreign Language £10
Das Attentat Auf Die Berliner U-Bahn Horst Bosetzky Foreign Language £7
Das Attentat in Der Geschichte Demandt Alexander Foreign Language £7
Das Madchen Auf Der via Flaminia Alfred Hayes Foreign Language £5
Das Parisier Abendkleid Joseph Hergesheimer Foreign Language £5
Das Ringen Mit Der Wahrheit Albert Speer Gitta Sereny Foreign Language £8
Das Zeitalter Der Entdeckungen Prof. Dr. S. Gunther Foreign Language £6
De Neue Assistent A J Cronin Foreign Language £5
De Wereldoorlog (1914-1918) Kolonel Gudmund Schnitler Foreign Language £10
Demosthene Plaidores Civils Tome 1 L Gernet Foreign Language £8
Der Bamberger Totentanz Wunderlich & Jemiller Foreign Language £15
Der Kalte Engel Horst Bosetzky Foreign Language £7
Der Prozess Gegen Die Hauptkriegsverbrecher Vor Dem Internationalen Militargerichtshof: Nurnberg 14. November 1945 - 1. Oktober 1946 Internationaler Militargerichtshof Nurnberg Foreign Language £28.5
Der Richter Und Sein Henker Durrenmatt Foreign Language £6
Der Rote Hund Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £15
Der Rote Hund Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £18
Der Rote Seindenschal Greene Foreign Language £5
Der Roßtäuscher. Annette Von Droste Zu Hülshoff. Foreign Language £10
Descubrimiento, Conquista Y Colonización De Puerto Rico 1493-1599. Ricardo E. Alegria Foreign Language £7
Desde Aquel Dia (Panorama De Narrativas) Graham Swift Foreign Language £10
Deutsche Fachwerkbauten - Die Blauen Bucher. Phleps, Hermann Foreign Language £6
Deutsche Trachten - Die Blauen Bücher no author Foreign Language £7
Deutsches Leben Part One A. S. Macpherson Foreign Language £10
Diario Di Guerra 1944-1945 Richard Tolson Foreign Language £10
Diario Partigiano (31 Marzo-24 Giugno 1944) Giorgio Vicchi Foreign Language £10
Dichtung Und Religion Walter Jens, Foreign Language £6
Dictionnaire Pratique Français-Japonais Pour La Conversation Vaccari, Oreste; Vaccari, Enko Elisa Foreign Language £7.5
Die Ahnfrau Franz Grillparzer Foreign Language £15
Die Bronzezeit in Frankfurt Am Main Und Im Rhein-Main-Gebiet: Auswahlkatalog (Archäologische Reihe) Meier-Arendt, Walter. Foreign Language £10
Die Diomedesgestalt in Der Ilias Andersen, ØIvind. Foreign Language £100
Die Geschichte Der "Patria". Erich Gershon Steiner Foreign Language £8
Die Keltenfürsten Vom Glauberg. Ein Frühkeltischer Fürstengrabhügel Am Hang Des Glauberges Bei Glauburg-Glauberg, Wetteraukreis. Fritz R Herrmann Foreign Language £7
Die Koralle. Gas - Erster Teil. Gas - Zweiter Teil. A Trilogy by Georg Kaiser. Georg Kaiser Foreign Language £20
Die Mutter Maxim Gorki Foreign Language £6
Die Panne Friedrich Durrenmatt Foreign Language £7.5
Die Straße Der ÖLsardinen Steinbeck, John Foreign Language £5
Die Yacht Georgina Brown. Foreign Language £4
Do Something, General!: Chronique De Bosnie-Herzégovine, 12 Juillet 1993-24 Janvier 1994 Briquemont, Francis. Foreign Language £8
Een Eeuw Loodsen Op en Om De Schelde. Het Leven en Werken Van De Loodsen in De Scheldemonden. Es, Rinus Van, A. O. Foreign Language £10
Ein Rückblick Aus Dem Jahre 2000 Auf 1887 [A Retrospective, From 2000 to 1887] Edward Bellamy Foreign Language £20
El Gaucho a Través De La IconografíA. Bonifacio Del Carril Foreign Language £15
Eleonora Duse Segantini Von Menedelssohn Foreign Language £5
Entdeckungsreisen in Agypten 1815 - 1819: In Den Pyramiden, Tempeln Und Grabern Am Nil Belzoni, Giovanni Battista Foreign Language £8
Entretiens Sur L'antiquite Classique: Le Culte Des Souverains Dans L'empire Romain. (Volume Xix) Elias Bickerman Et Al. Foreign Language £8.5
Extrait Du Catalogue Des Editions "Czytelnik" no author Foreign Language £8
Facundo Sarmiento Foreign Language £20
Faglar Utan Vingar Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £10
Fahnenflucht Bosetzky, Horst Foreign Language £5.5
Famiglia in Valsugana. Dati E Notizie Su Un Gruppo Familiare Tra Valsugana E Rovereto Giovanni Gozzer Foreign Language £6
Fantasie Veneziane Diego Valeri Foreign Language £15
Fenêtres D'istanbul. Conte Moderne. Gisele Foreign Language £6
Forme Di Dipendenza Nel Mondo Greco Paradiso Foreign Language £8
Franz Schubert Bernhard Paumgartner Foreign Language £7
Fugler Uten Vinger Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £6.5
Fugler Uten Vinger Louis De Bernires Foreign Language £6
Gaudeamus Igitur Juvenes Dum Sumus! (Allgemeine Deutsche Kommersbuch) Friedrich Silcher & Friedrich Erk Foreign Language £30
Geheimbünde Freimaurer Und Illuminaten, Opus Dei Und Schwarze Hand Graichen, Gisela Foreign Language £7.5
Geographical Evaluation of the Chinese Fang-Chih Cheng-Siang Chen (Professor) Foreign Language £10
Géographie Des Frontières Jacques Ancel Foreign Language £10
Géographie Sociale Le Sol Et L'état Camille Vallaux Foreign Language £15
Géopolitique Et Géostratégie: La Pensée Politique, L'espace Et Le Territoire Au Xxe Siècle Claval, Paul. Foreign Language £10
German Self-Taught by the Natural Method With Phonetic Pronounciation. (Marlborough's Self-Taught Series) W. E. Weber Foreign Language £10
Geschichte Des Abfalls Der Vereinigten Niederlande Von Der Spanischen Regierung Friedrich Von Schiller Foreign Language £15
Geshcichte Aegyptens Deutsch Von Prof. Dr. Hermann Ranke J. H. Breasted Foreign Language £12
Gil Blas Corrige; Ou Histoire De Gil Blas De Santillane. (4 Vols. ) Le Sage Foreign Language £110
Goethes Gespräche; Ohne Die Gespräche Mit Eckermann. In Auswahl. Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von Foreign Language £10
Goring Roger Manvell & Heinrich Fraenkel Foreign Language £9.5
Gouts Et Saveurs D'europe Joel Robuchon Foreign Language £9
Grammatica Italiana Di Base Trifone, Pietro, Palermo, Massimo Foreign Language £10
Guida Alle Alpi Orientali John Ball Foreign Language £6.5
Guida Sentimentale Di Venezia Diego Valeri Foreign Language £15
Gustav Wolf : Schöpfer Visionärer Kunst. Banghard, Karl / Brähler, Barbara Foreign Language £10
Hacia Otra Luz Más Pura Sergio Chaple Foreign Language £55
Hako Otoko (The Box Man) Kobo Abe Foreign Language £100
Hakobune Sakura-Maru (The Ark Sakura) Kobo Abe Foreign Language £75
Hakobune Sakura-Maru (The Ark Sakura) Signed Kobo Abe Foreign Language £200
Hammurabi's Gesetz, Von J. Kohler U. A. Ungnad. Band 2. Syllabische Und Zusammenhangende Umschrift Nebst Vollstandigem Glossar, Bearbeitet Von Arthur Ungnad. J. Kohler & A. Ungnad Foreign Language £10
Handbuch Der Kirchen-Geschichte. (7 Volumes in 10 Bindings) Majonica, Rudolf. Foreign Language £30
Hauspostille. Illustriert Von Christoph Meckel. Bertolt Brecht Foreign Language £7.99
Het Vrouwenleger Van Senor Vivo Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £6
Hindustani Self-Taught and Grammar, in One Volume Capt. C. A. Thimm Foreign Language £20
Histoire De Gil-Blas De Santillane Lesage Foreign Language £25
Histoire De L'allemagne Tome 1 Et Tome 2 Pierre Gaxotte Foreign Language £7.5
Histoire De Manon Lescaut L'abbe Prevost Foreign Language £20
Histoire Du Pays Et Duche De Nivernois Guy Coquille Foreign Language £1200
Histoire Du Quebec Contemporain Paul-Andre Linteau, Rene Durocher, Jean-Claude Robert Foreign Language £5
Historia De Bolivia Guzmán, Augusto. Foreign Language £10
Historia De La Literatura Argentina Primera Parte Los Gauchescos Volúmenes I & Ii Ricardo Rojas Foreign Language £15
Historical and Geographical Dictionary of Japan With 300 Illustrations, 18 Appendixes and Everal Maps. E. Papinot Foreign Language £200
Holderlins Werke in Zwei Band Holderlin Foreign Language £10
I Quattro Poeti Italiani: Dante, Petrarca, Ariosto, Tasso Di A. Buttura Foreign Language £20
Il Comandante Pagnoca. Appunti E Testimonianze Per Una Biografia Di Giobatta Bitto (1919-2003) Pier Paolo Brescacin (Ed. ) Foreign Language £7.5
Il Fiore Reciso: Una Campagna Giornalistica Per Venezia Caniato, Lanfranco. Foreign Language £10
Il Mostro E Il Sapiente: Studi Sull'erotica Greca Vattuone, Riccardo. Foreign Language £20
Il Piombo E L'ala: Testimonianze, Ricordi, Pagine Sparse Giuseppe Gozzer Foreign Language £7.5
Il Teatro Della Acque Petruccioli Et Al. Foreign Language £30
Jean Cocteau: Gemälde, Zeichnungen, Keramik, Tapisserien, Literatur, Theater, Film, Ballett Cocteau, Jean Foreign Language £9.99
Jean Santeuil Marcel Proust Foreign Language £20
Johnny Got His Gun. Johnny Cogio Su Fusil. Dalton Trumbo & Luis Bunuel Foreign Language £15
Journal De Jean Heroard Sur L'enfance Et La Jeunesse De Louis Xiii (1601 - 1628) Soulié Et De Barthélemy Foreign Language £50
Jüdisches Wien no author Foreign Language £5
K?Lavuzu ?Air Olan?N M. ?Eref ÖZsoy Foreign Language £6
Kanatsz Kular De Bernières, Louis. Foreign Language £10
Kangaruu Noto (Kangaroo Notebook) Signed Kobo Abe Foreign Language £250
Kapitein Corelli's Mandoline Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £8
Kaptein Corellis Mandolin Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £8
Kapten Corellis Mandolin Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £5
Kelai Li S Mandolin Captain (Simplified Chinese Edition) Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £10
Kelai Li S Mandolin Captain (Simplified Chinese Edition) Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £8
Kokkinos Skylos, O Taxideutis Louis De Bernirese Foreign Language £8
Kolloidchemie Der Eiweisskorper Pauli & Valko Foreign Language £8
Kozui Wa Waga Tamashii Ni Oyobi (The Flood Invades My Spirit) Volumes 1 & 2 Kenzaburo Oe Foreign Language £400
Kreuz Trinitat Analogie: Trinitarische Ontologie Unter Dem Leitbild Des Kreuzes, Dargestellt Als Asthetische Theologie Sturmius-M. Wittschier Foreign Language £15
Kulturgeschichte Griechenlands in Der Antike Paul Cartledge Foreign Language £28
L'altra Faccia Della Costiera Amalfitana. Guida Storica, Turistica, Escursionistica Roberto. Mezzacasa Foreign Language £10
L'ancien Regime De Tocqueville Foreign Language £10
L'expédition De Crimée Jusqu'à La Prise De Sebastopol. Chroniques De La Guerre D'orient Baron De Bazencourt Foreign Language £85
L'incidenza Dell'antico. Studi in Memoria Di Ettore Lepore. Volume Primo Ed. Alfredina Storchi Marino Foreign Language £10
La Calamiteuse Progenniture Du Cardinal Gutzman Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £7.5
La Camera Dei Deputati Dallo Statuto Albertino Alla Costituzione Repubblicana no author Foreign Language £6.5
La Chartreuse De Parme ( 2 Volumes) Stendhal Foreign Language £7.5
La Chasse Au Snark Une Agonie en Huit Crises Lewis Carroll Aragon (Tr) Foreign Language £600
La Collina Della Grazie Gianpaolo Sasso Foreign Language £10
La Comunidad Indigena en American U en Chile. Su Pasado Historico Y Sus Perspectivas Prof. Alejandro Lipschutz Foreign Language £10
La Divina Commedia Di Dente Alighieri Dante Alighieri (Ed. Dr. E. Moore. ) Foreign Language £30
La Familia De Pascual Duarte Camilo José Cela Foreign Language £10
La Figlia Del Partigiano Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £6
La Fontaine Monica Sutherland Foreign Language £5
La France Libre. Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite. 16 Juillet 1945 no author Foreign Language £15
La France Libre. Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite. 17 Juillet 1941 no author Foreign Language £15
La Géographie Française à L'époque Classique (1918-1968) Paul Claval & Andre-Louis Sanguin Foreign Language £20
La Guerra De Don Emmanuel. De Bernieres, L. Foreign Language £5
La Guerra De Las Partes Pudendas De Don Emmanuel Louise De Bernieres Foreign Language £10
La Guerra Des Fesses De Don Emmanuel Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £5
La Henriade, Par Monsieur De Voltaire, Avec Un Essai Sur La Poesie Epique & Les Variantes. Nouvelle Edition Voltaire Foreign Language £85
La Legende De St. Julien L'hospitalier Gustave Flaubert Foreign Language £350
La Mandolina Del Capita Corelli. De Bernieres, L. Foreign Language £10
La Maquina Torcedora De Tabaco. Y Las Luchas en Torno a Su Implantacion en Cuba Martin Duarte Hurtado Foreign Language £20
La Marche Des Femmes Sur Grande-Bassam Henriette Diabate Foreign Language £7.5
La Personnalite Geographique De La France Paul Vidal De La Blanche Foreign Language £8
La Planete en 3-D Kunck Takaoki Foreign Language £10
La Presenza E Le Attività Umane, Fattori Di Controllo Della Vulnerabilità Dei Sistemi Montani E Dei Rischi Che Ne Derivano. Atti (1991) no author Foreign Language £8
La Prusse Et Son Roi Pendant La Guerre De Crimee G. Rotham Editeur: Calmann Levy Foreign Language £50
La Scrittura E L'interpretazione. Antologia Della Letteratura Italiana 6. (2 Volumes) Luperini, Cataldi & Marchiani Foreign Language £15
La Scrittura E L'interpretazione. Antologia Della Letteratura Italiana. 5 (Completo Di Due Tomi) Luperini, Cataldi & Marchiani Foreign Language £15
La Storia Di Re Lear Melania G. Mazzucco; Emanuela Orciari [Illustrator] Foreign Language £8.5
La Strada Che Va in Città Natalia Ginzburg Foreign Language £9
La Tetralogie De L'anneau Du Nibelung Richard Wagner Foreign Language £40
La Torture Et L'armée Pendant La Guerre D'algérie: 1954-1962 Branche, Raphaëlle. Foreign Language £10
La Vie Dans Les Deserts D N Kachkarov & E P Korovine Foreign Language £10
La Vita Come Testimonianza: Moralità E Civiltà. Lungo La Vita Di Vittorio Gozzer Vittorio Gozzer Foreign Language £7
Langs De Waterkant Hans Vogelesang & Anton Pieck Foreign Language £10
Le Deluge Henryk Sienkiewicz Foreign Language £25
Le Feu Gabriele D'annunzio Foreign Language £10
Le Pays De La Promesse : Palestine Samuel Manning Foreign Language £70
Le Président Kennedy. La Nouvelle Vague à La Maison Blanche. Nicolas Chatelain Foreign Language £6
Le Rire. Essai Sur La Signification Du Comique Henri Bergson Foreign Language £6.5
Leben Und Denken: Selections From the Autobiographical Writings of Albert Schweitzer Schweitzer Foreign Language £6
Les Annees Sans Pardon Victor Serge Foreign Language £8.99
Les Avantures De Telemaque, Fils D'ulysse. François Fénelon Foreign Language £100
Les Batailles De Picardie Guide Illustres Michelin Foreign Language £20
Les Camps De L'apocalypse, Les Exterminateurs a L'oeuvre Philippe Aziz Foreign Language £10
Les Camps De L'apocalypse, Les Martyrs De Terezin Philippe Aziz Foreign Language £50
Les Contes Drolatiques - 2 Vols (Illustres De 600 Dessins Par A. Robida. ) Balzac Foreign Language £50
Les Enfants Du Paradis Marcel Carne Prevert Foreign Language £4.5
Les Grandes Pestes en France (Floreal) (French Edition) Monique Lucenet, Foreign Language £7
Les Mots Jean-Paul Sartre Foreign Language £10
Les Oeuvres De Tabarin - Avec Les Adventures Du Capitaine Rodomont - La Farce Des Bossus. Nouvelle Edition. Preface & Notes: Georges D'harmonville Foreign Language £40
Les Vierges Aux Rochers Gabriele D'annunzio Foreign Language £18
Literarische Anthropologie Alexander Kosenina Foreign Language £5
Llyfrau Darllen Vol. 1 Enid Blyton Foreign Language £15
Logarithmisch-Trigonometrische Tafeln - Für Alte (Sexagesimale) Teilung Mit Sechs Dezimalstellen C. Bremiker Foreign Language £8
Luther Sa Vie Et Son Oeuvre (Trois Volumes) Felix Kuhn Foreign Language £75
Mandolina Kapitana Corelliho Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £8
Mandolina Kapitana Corelliho Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £8
Marivaux Theatre Complet Marivaux Foreign Language £7
Meditaciones Acres. Antologia Nueva De Canales: 2 Nemesio Canales Foreign Language £9.99
Memoires De Jean De Wit, Grand Pensionnaire De Hollande. De Wit Foreign Language £50
Memoires De Monsieur Le Marquis D'argens Avec Quelques Lettres Sur Divers Sujects Le Marquis D'argens Foreign Language £120
Memoires Du Marquis De Beauvais-Nangis Et Journal Du Proces Du Marquis De La Boulaye Monmerque Et A. H. Taillandier Foreign Language £50
Metropolisation Et Politique Paul Claval & Andre-Louis Sanguin Foreign Language £8
Milet Practical English-Turkish Conversation Guide author not listed Foreign Language £9.99
Miroirs D'encre Michel Beaujour Foreign Language £15
Missione Beriwind in Cansiglio H. W. Tilman Foreign Language £10
Missione Simia [ Signed ] Raffaela Angiolillo Foreign Language £7.5
Missione Simia. H. W. Tilman, Un Maggiore Inglese Tra I Partigiani H. W. Tilman, J. Ross Foreign Language £10
Moetsukita Chizu (The Ruined Map) Kobo Abe Foreign Language £100
Mon-Plaisir Par Mr. J, D, B, D, M Premiere Partie no author Foreign Language £30
Montoire Verdun Diplomatique. Le Secret Du Marechal Louis-Dominique Girard Foreign Language £12
Mord Auf Dem Golfplatz. Ein Fall Fur Poirot. Agatha Christie Foreign Language £6
Mozart: Sein Charakter, Sein Werk Alfred Einstein Foreign Language £7
Nanfang Caomu Zhuang (Plants of the Southern Region. ) Ji Han Foreign Language £30
Napoleon. (Collection Genies Et Realites) Lucas-Dubreton, Benoist-Mechin Et Al. Foreign Language £10
Neve: 25 Acquerelle Di Vittore Ceretti Ed. Graziella Buccellati Foreign Language £10
Notre-Dame De Paris (2 Vols. ) Victor Hugo Foreign Language £25
Nouveaux Morceaux Choisis De Buffon. Buffon (Ed. L. T. Ventouillac) Foreign Language £20
O Bandolim Do Capitao Corelli Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £10
O Bandolim Do Capitão Corelli Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £10
Odorico Da Pordenone Relazione Del Viaggio in Oriente E in Cina (1314? - 1330) no author Foreign Language £15
Oeuvres Completes Moliere Foreign Language £10
Oeuvres Completes De Moliere [Two Volumes] Moliere Foreign Language £75
Oevres Completes De Moliere no author Foreign Language £7.5
Oevres Completes De Moliere (3 Volumes) Ed. Felix Lemaistre Foreign Language £45
Os Citrinos J Duarte Amaral Foreign Language £15
Ouvres Completes De Moliere en Six Volumes Moliere Foreign Language £25
Paginas Confidenciales. Sus Luchas - Sus Pasiones - Sus Triunfos - Las Mujeres en Su Vida. Domingo Faustion Sarmiento Foreign Language £15
Papiaments Leerboek E. R. Goilo Foreign Language £10
Papiamentu Textbook E. R. Goilo Foreign Language £10
Papiamentu: Problems and Possibilities : Papers Presented at the Conference on Papiamentu no author Foreign Language £10
Papiers Et Correspondance De La Famille Impériale . Tome Premier no author Foreign Language £20
Parallele Des Romains Et Des Francois Par Rapport Au Gouvernement Tome Premier Bonnot De Mably Foreign Language £50
Partizanin Kizi Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £7.5
Partizanova Dcera Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £7
Passato Prossimo: La Resistenza Bellunese Raccontata Ai Giovani Luigi Dall'armi Foreign Language £7.5
Pest, Not Und Schwere Plagen Manfred Vasold Foreign Language £7
Pieces Fugitives De Voltaire Voltaire Foreign Language £60
Pierre Le Grand Henri Troyat Foreign Language £10
Politische Geographie Aus Natur Und Geisteswelt Dr. Emil Schone Foreign Language £7
Pomo Pero. Paralipomeni D'un Libro Di Famiglia Luigi Meneghello Foreign Language £7
Popolazione E Peste Del 1630 a Carmagnola Mario Abrate Foreign Language £10
Population & Démographie Au Moyen ÂGe Guyotjeannin Foreign Language £10
Relation De La Campagne en Brabant Et en Flandres, De L'an M. Dcc. Xlvii. Frederic Henri Scheurleer Foreign Language £100
Revista Chilena De Historia Y Geografia. Publicada Por La Sociedad Chilena De Historia Y Geografia. No. 124 no author Foreign Language £10
Rode Hund Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £15
Romulus Der Grosse Durrenmatt Foreign Language £5
Römische Kunst. Bernard Andreae Foreign Language £8.5
Samlade Arbeten, Femte Bandet: Lyriska Dikter, Smarre Episka Dikter. Johan Ludvig Runeberg Foreign Language £7
Samtliche Werke Heinrich Heine Foreign Language £20
Schattenlichter: Lyrik = Shadowlights: Poetry Holloway, Evelyn Foreign Language £7
Secme Siirler Orhan Veli Foreign Language £7
Seminaires De Topologie Et De Geometrie Differentielle Ehresmann Foreign Language £70
Señor Vivo Et Le Baron De La Coca (La Cosmopolite) Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £7
Shi Ni Isogu Kujiratachi [Signed] Kobo Abe Foreign Language £250
Souvenirs Militaires Du Colonel De Gonneville, Publiés Par La Comtesse De Mirabeau, Sa Fille, Et Précédés D'une éTude Par Le Général Baron Ambert. Foreign Language £25
Spamers Illustrierte Weltgeschichte. Band Vi Otto Spammer Foreign Language £12
Srdecne Pozdravy Z Notwithstandingu Loiuis De Bernieres Foreign Language £6
Stelle Perdute Dario Fontanive Foreign Language £6.5
Storia Contemporanea Del Bellunese. Guida Alle Ricerche Silvio Lanaro Et Al. Foreign Language £10
Story of the Stone Cao Xuequin Foreign Language £35
Sueno De Azucar Oscar Alfaro Foreign Language £10
Suna No Onna (Woman in the Dunes) [With Author's Card & Photograph] Kobo Abe Foreign Language £800
Svenska Drottningar. Nagra Blad Ur Vara Havder Enst Westerberg Foreign Language £10
Swedish: A Comprehensive Grammar Holmes & Hinchiffe Foreign Language £20
Synonymes Francois Leurs Differentes Significations Et Le Choix Qu'il en Faut Faire Pour Parler Avec Justesse L'abbe Girard Foreign Language £45
Syvius Henri Bosco Foreign Language £15
Sämtliche Werke. Vol. Xxxi Friedrichs Von Schiller Foreign Language £20
Tangram. Das Alte Chinesische Formenspiel. -Het Oude Chinese Vormenspel. Joost Elffers Foreign Language £10
Teach Yourself : Japanese C. J. Dunn & S. Yanada Foreign Language £10
Teach Yourself Arabic A. S. Tritton Foreign Language £8
Temas Pacenos Ed. Dr. David Maldonado Villagran Foreign Language £7
Tempel Der Heiligen Gottes no author Foreign Language £40
The Baron of Piccadilly R Fitzsimons Foreign Language £6.5
The Dragon Magazine University College of Wales Vol Lxx No. 1 1950 no author Foreign Language £5
The New Testament in Tibetan no author Foreign Language £50
The Purgatorio of Dante Alighieri Isaac Gollancz Foreign Language £15
The Romance Character of Romanian Alexandru Graur Foreign Language £10
Theatre Complet Tome 1 Marivaux Foreign Language £6.5
Thomas Morus. Historische Tragodie. Oscar Von Redwitz Foreign Language £10
Three Way. Chinese Commercial / Telegraphic Code Book. C. C. C. /S. T. C. Romanised Mandarin , Romanised Cantonese. Compiled by the Organizational Surveys Unit, Hong Kong Goverment. Foreign Language £50
Tito Le Florentin Andre Laurie Foreign Language £25
Translation of "Ko-Ji-Ki", or, "Records of Ancient Matters". Second Edition. With Annotations by W. G. Aston. Basil Hall Chamberlain Foreign Language £150
Täter Neben Hitler: Ereignisse-Tatsachen-Zusammenhänge Przybylski, Peter Foreign Language £6
Ue Shindorei-Gari (Ue the New Slave Hunt) Signed Kobo Abe Foreign Language £200
Un Certain Soir. [ Signed ] Michel Andre Foreign Language £40
Un Judio Lee El Nuevo Testamento Levine, ÉTan. Foreign Language £8.5
Uomini E Montagne. Dall'himalaya Alla Guerra Partigiana Sulle Alpi Harold William Tilman Foreign Language £10
Versoix Genevoise. Simple Memento De Sa Petite Histoire Marcel Laroix Foreign Language £7.5
Versuche 20-21 Versuche 31 Brecht B Foreign Language £20
Viaggio Nell'italiano Rosella Bozzone Costa Foreign Language £10
Vogels Zonder Vleugels Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £7
Vogels Zonder Vleugels. De Bernieres, L. Foreign Language £20
Vorgeschichtlicher Schmuck Aus Mitteleuropa Im Frankfurter Museum Für Vor- Und Frühgeschichte: Auswahlkatalog Gallay, Gretel. Foreign Language £5
Voyage Aux Pyrenees H. Taine Foreign Language £15
Vtaky Bez Kridel Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £10
Waan en Eigenwaan Jane Austen Foreign Language £10
Wegwijzers Op Het Water: Loodsen, Bakens en Tonnen Cees Van Der Meulen, J. Waaleman Bruynzeel, J. A. Van Wallenburg Foreign Language £15
Weise Du Schufest Die Wehr, Die Hamburgs Pockenschutz Grundet Felix Brahm & Tatjana Timoschenko Foreign Language £20
Wilhelm Raabe an Introduction to His Novels Barker Fairley Foreign Language £10
Wohin Soll Die Nachtigall Gerhard Schone Foreign Language £15
Xénophon Et Les Grâces Du Pouvoir: De La Charis Au Charisme Vincent Azoulay Foreign Language £20
Y Beibl Cymraeg Newydd author not listed Foreign Language £10
Yuzbasi Corelli'nin Mandoline Louis De Bernieres Foreign Language £5
Zucker Aus Cuba Rudolf Brunngraber Foreign Language £5
A Hundred Years War: The Wiradjuri People and the State Read, Peter Foreign Topography/Travel £225
A Lady's Visit to the Gold Diggings of Australia in 1852-53 \Mrs. \charles Clacy Foreign Topography/Travel £7.5
A Land Without Gods Chevalier, Jacques M. And Buckles, Daniel. Foreign Topography/Travel £20
A Long Journey Together India, Pakistan and Banladesh. Banerjee S. Sashanka Foreign Topography/Travel £50
A Stranger in Paris: 36 Sepia Views Captain Robert Batty of the Grenadier Guards Foreign Topography/Travel £10
A Summer on the Canadian Prairie Gorrgina Binnie-Clark Foreign Topography/Travel £50
A Travelogue in Greece and a Folklore Calendar Constantinidou-Partheniadou, Sofia Foreign Topography/Travel £25
A Vade-Mecum From India to Europe by Way of Egypt John Barker Foreign Topography/Travel £250
A West Indian Pepper Pot T. R. St. -Johnston Foreign Topography/Travel £60
Africa From the Seventh to the Eleventh Century M. El Fasi and I. Hrbek Foreign Topography/Travel £50
After King Philip's War Calloway, Colin G. . Foreign Topography/Travel £8
Aleppo and Devonshire Square. Davis Ralph. Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Alexandria: A History and a Guide E. M. Forster Foreign Topography/Travel £50
An Englishwoman's Twenty Five Years in Tropical Africa George Hawker Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Arabian Adventurer: The Story of Haji Williamson Stanton Hope Foreign Topography/Travel £60
Arlington, Texas: Birthplace of the Metroplex 1838-1910 Arista Joyner (Editor) Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Ataturk Founder of a Modern State. Edited by Ali Kazancigil and Ergun Ozbudun. Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Australia's First Frontier-The Spread of Settlement in New South Wales 1788-1829 T. M. Perry Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Baedeker's Northern France no author Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Barbot on Guinea Barbot, Jean, Jones, Adam, Law, Robin, Hair, Paul Edward Hedley and Hair, P. E. H. . Foreign Topography/Travel £30
Beauties of the Bosphorus 2 Vols Miss Pardoe Foreign Topography/Travel £85
Blue Guide Paris Graydurant Del Foreign Topography/Travel £15.95
Bounteous Days Constance Sitwell Foreign Topography/Travel £7.5
Bruce's Travels and Adventures in Abyssinia James Bruce (J. Moruison Clingan, Ed) Foreign Topography/Travel £75
Buryats - Traditions & Culture. no author Foreign Topography/Travel £95
Calcutta Various Foreign Topography/Travel £20
Camping Voyages on German Rivers A a Macdonell Foreign Topography/Travel £100
Canada 1763-1841: Immigration & Settlement Norman Macdonald Foreign Topography/Travel £35
Canadian Scenery N. P. Willis Foreign Topography/Travel £80
Catlin's Letters and Notes on the North American Indians George Catlin Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Chianti Classico the Land of the Gallo Nero Fulvio Roiter Foreign Topography/Travel £40
China Born Noyes, Henry S. . Foreign Topography/Travel £5
Chinese Maps: Images of "All Under Heaven" Smith, Richard J. Foreign Topography/Travel £75
Chopsticks Only Work in Pairs Du, Shanshan. Foreign Topography/Travel £3.5
Circling the Caribbean Tom Marvel Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Clare - a District History Noye. J Robert Foreign Topography/Travel £20
Compassing the Vaste Globe of the Earth Bridges, Roy C. , Bridges, R. C. And Hair, P. E. H. . Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Crooked Trails Frederick Remington Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Cuba's Nicolas Guillen Ellis, Keith. Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Cyprus 1878 the Journals of Sir Garnet Wolseley. Edited by Anne Cavendish. Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Dalmatian Dreams. Edward Canning-Freeman. Foreign Topography/Travel £20
Denmark Sven Skovmand (Text) & Henrik Saxgren (Photographs) Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Diary of a Colonial Officer's Wife Laura Boyle Foreign Topography/Travel £17.5
Discovering Tiwanaku Hugo Boero Roja (Translated Into English by Ricardo Bonel) Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Doc Holliday: A Family Portrait Tanner, Karen Holliday Foreign Topography/Travel £20
Dorfgeschichten Vol 9. 10 Huerbach Foreign Topography/Travel £5
Dorfgeschichten Vol 1. 2 Berthold Huerbach Foreign Topography/Travel £5
Dorfgeschichten Vol 3. 4 Berthold Huerbach Foreign Topography/Travel £5
Dust of the Danakil Ian Mathie Foreign Topography/Travel £6.5
East Asian History, Number 2, the Continuation of Papers on Far Eastern History Ed. Geremie Barme Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Elizabeth Macarthur and Her World Hazel King Foreign Topography/Travel £7.5
Estonia Population, Cultural and Economic Life. Edited by Albert Pullerits. Foreign Topography/Travel £15
European Vision and the South Pacific, 1768-1850: A Study in the History of Art and Ideas Smith, Bernard Foreign Topography/Travel £17.5
Farthest North Fridtjof Nansen Foreign Topography/Travel £50
Five Years at Panama: The Trans-Isthmian Canal Wolfred Nelson Foreign Topography/Travel £50
Fom the River to the Hills - Campbelltown 150 Years. Warburton. Elizabeth Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Foreign Correspondent Anthony Lawrence Foreign Topography/Travel £10
France Gordon Home Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Francis Galton's Art of Travel (1872) Galton, Francis. Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Gari Gari H. A. Bernatzik Foreign Topography/Travel £8
German Journey Christopher Sidgwick Foreign Topography/Travel £200
Great Lion of Bechuanaland Edwin W. Smith Foreign Topography/Travel £40
Guide to Bangkok Seidenfaden, Erik. Foreign Topography/Travel £40
Historic Delhi: An Anthology H. K. Kaul Foreign Topography/Travel £40
History of Cyprus. Georgiades. P. Cleanthis Foreign Topography/Travel £18
History of Decatur County Georgia Frank S. Jones Foreign Topography/Travel £20
History of Perth County to 1967 William & Hugh J M Johnston Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Ian Fleming Introduces Jamaica no author Foreign Topography/Travel £12
In the Tropics Rev. Jabez Marrat Foreign Topography/Travel £18
In the Villiage Bailey, Anthony. Foreign Topography/Travel £8
Incas and Other Men. Woodcock George. Foreign Topography/Travel £12.5
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl: Written by Herself Jacobs, Harriet A. Foreign Topography/Travel £40
India Living in an Ornate World. Wellings James Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Journey Down a Blind Alley Mary Borden Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Journey Without Maps Graham Greene Foreign Topography/Travel £60
Juan Maria Schuver's Travels in North-East Africa, 1880-1883 Schuver, Juan Maria, James, Wendy, Baumann, Gerd and Johnson, Douglas Wilson. Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Life in the White Man's Grave: A Pictorial Record of the British in West Africa Allison, Philip. Foreign Topography/Travel £12.5
Malaya 1941-42 None Stated Foreign Topography/Travel £12
Mediterranean Winter Rsorts, Vol. Ii, Northafrica Reynolds Ball Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Naples, a Travellers' Companion Seward, Desmond. Foreign Topography/Travel £60
Neither Devil Nor Child: How Western Attitudes Are Harming Africa Tom Young Foreign Topography/Travel £12.5
News From Tartary Fleming. Peter Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay B. N. Putilov (Glenys Ann Kozlov, Trans. ) Foreign Topography/Travel £12.5
Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay, Traveller, Scientist and Humanist B. N. Putilov (Trans. By Glenys Ann Kozlov) Foreign Topography/Travel £12.5
Nowhere Near Greenland Barry Weightman Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Omoo Melville, Herman. Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Oscar's Brazil a Journey to the Heart of a Nation. Tom Watt Et Al Foreign Topography/Travel £14
Over the Reefs Gibbings R Foreign Topography/Travel £7.5
Paris Le Pantheon. no author Foreign Topography/Travel £7.5
Peeps at Russia and Belgium L. Edna Walter & George W. T. Omoonde Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Peregrinations of a Pariah no author Foreign Topography/Travel £8
Peronne & Ses Environs Apres Le Depart Des Boches N/A Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Persia: History and Heritage John A. Boyle (Editor) Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Persia: History and Heritage John A. Boyle (Ed. ) Foreign Topography/Travel £20
Pieter Van Broeke's Journal of Voyages to Cape Verde, Guinea and Angola 1605 - 1612 Ed. J D Lafleur Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Prutky's Travels in Ethiopia and Other Countries Prutky, Remedius, Pankhurst, Richard and Arrowsmith-Brown, J. H. . Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Rangers and Pioneers of Texas: With a Concise Account of the Early Settlements, Hardships, Massacres, Battles, and Wars, by Which Texas Was Rescued From the Rule of the Savage and Consecrated to the Empire of Civilization Sowell, A. J. Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Recollections Lawson, Henry and Cronin, Leonard. Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Returning to Nothing: The Meaning of Lost Places Read, Peter Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Richard Burton, the Making of an Arabist Simon Digby Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Romantic Readers and Transatlantic Travel: Expeditions and Tours in North America, 1760-1840 Jarvis, Robin Foreign Topography/Travel £30
Sahara Man - Travelling With the Tuareg. Jeremy Keenan. Foreign Topography/Travel £20
Scenes in America Deserta Reyner Banham Foreign Topography/Travel £100
Shanghai Dongtan: An Eco-City no author Foreign Topography/Travel £30
Sicily Pierre Sebilleau Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Splendours of Moscow and Its Surroundings Marcel Girard, Vladimir Chernov, James Hogarth, Gerard Bertin Foreign Topography/Travel £12
St. Eustatius Y Attema Foreign Topography/Travel £30
Sun Yat-Sen and Communism Shao Chuan Leng & Norman D. Palmer Foreign Topography/Travel £7.5
Supper With the President Mathie, Ian. Foreign Topography/Travel £6.5
Tahiti; The Marriage of Loti Loti, Pierre. Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Tales of the Samurai De Benneville, James S. . Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Taming Ancient Rivers of Greece. Moore, Jack Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Tea and the Domestication of the Turkish State Hann, C. M. Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Temperate Chile a Progressive Spain. Smith Anderson W. Foreign Topography/Travel £45
The Agreements of the People's Republic of China With Foreign Countries 1949-1990 Wolfgang Bartke Foreign Topography/Travel £30
The Australians Ross Terrill Foreign Topography/Travel £12
The Bear Watches the Dragon Lukin, Alexander. Foreign Topography/Travel £20
The Centenary Companion to Australian Federation Helen Irving (Ed. ) Foreign Topography/Travel £15
The Discovery of River Gambra Richard Jobson Foreign Topography/Travel £15
The Eastern Marchlands of Europe H. G. Wanklyn Foreign Topography/Travel £40
The Economic Transformation of Cuba Edward Boorstein Foreign Topography/Travel £10
The Emperor Far Away. David Eimer. Foreign Topography/Travel £16
The Expedition of the St. Jean-Baptiste to the Pacific, 1769-1770 Surville, Jean De, Labe, Guillaume and Dunmore, John. Foreign Topography/Travel £10
The Expedition to Borneo of H. M. S. Dido for the Suppression of Piracy; Volume Ii Henry Keppel Foreign Topography/Travel £7.5
The Good Country Cranbourne Shire. Gunson Niel Foreign Topography/Travel £12
The Gotthard: Switzerland's Lifeline Arthur Wyss-Niederer Foreign Topography/Travel £30
The Heart of the Forest Adrian Cowell Foreign Topography/Travel £8
The History and Topography of Holland and Belgium Professor N. G. Van Kampen, Translated by William Gray Fearnside Foreign Topography/Travel £120
The Hudson's Bay Company 1670 - 1920 Sir William Schooling, K. B. E. Foreign Topography/Travel £20
The Hundred Flowers Roderick Macfarquhar Foreign Topography/Travel £70
The Indomitable Servant Mercedes Mackay Foreign Topography/Travel £18
The Italy of the Italians E. R. P. Vincent Foreign Topography/Travel £15
The Itinerario of Jeronimo Lobo Jeronimo Lobo Foreign Topography/Travel £12.5
The Kingdom of the Barotsi Upper Zambezia. Alfred Bertrand, Translated by A. B. Miall. Foreign Topography/Travel £50
The Lady Named Thunder: A Biography of Dr. Ethel Margaret Phillips (1876-1951) Phillips, Clifford H. Foreign Topography/Travel £12
The Penetration of Africa t0 1815 Robin Hallett Foreign Topography/Travel £20
The Red Chapels of Banteai Srei Sacheverell Sitwell Foreign Topography/Travel £10
The Right to Be Nuba: The Story of a Sudanese People's Struggle for Survival Suleiman Musa Rahhal Foreign Topography/Travel £7.5
The Rocky Mountains: A Vision for Artists in the Nineteenth Century Patricia Trenton & Peter H. Hassrick Foreign Topography/Travel £10
The Rules of Play: National Identity and the Shaping of Japanese Leisure David Leheny Foreign Topography/Travel £8.5
The Sea and the Jungle H. M. Tomlinson Foreign Topography/Travel £40
The Spell of Lake Eyre Roma Dulhunty Foreign Topography/Travel £18
The West Indies With British Guiana and British Honduras George Manington Foreign Topography/Travel £9
The Wilder Shores of Marx Daniels, Anthony. Foreign Topography/Travel £70
The Willow Pattern Hilderic Friend Foreign Topography/Travel £75
The Yukon Arthur Cherry Hinton & Philip H. Godsell Foreign Topography/Travel £7.5
Things Chinese J. Dyer Ball Foreign Topography/Travel £40
This Grand Beyond: The Travels of Isabella Bird Bishop Bird, Isabella; Cicely Palser Havely (Editor) Foreign Topography/Travel £7.5
Thomas Davies in Early Canada R. H. Hubbard (Editor) Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Through China's Wall Graham Peck Foreign Topography/Travel £7.5
Through Forbidden Tibet Harrison Forman Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Through the Alps to the Apennines P G Konody Foreign Topography/Travel £30
Travelers in Ancient Lands - a Portrait of the Middle East, 1839 -1919. Louis Vaczek and Gail Buckland. Foreign Topography/Travel £35
Travellers in Africa: British Travelogues, 1850-1900 Youngs, Tim. Foreign Topography/Travel £100
Travels Mungo Park Foreign Topography/Travel £100
Travels in Italy, 1776-1783: Based on the Memoirs of Thomas Jones Hawcroft, Francis W. Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Travels in New England and New York Timothy Dwight Foreign Topography/Travel £30
Travels in the Island of Iceland, During the Summer of the Year 1810 George Steuart Mackenzie Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Travels With a Donkey in the Cevennes R. L. Stevenson Foreign Topography/Travel £20
Trumpets From Mont-Parnesse Gibbings Robert Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Turkey Beyond the Maeander George E. Bean Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Turkey's Southern Shore Bean, George Ewart. Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Turkish Athens: The Forgotten Centuries 1456-1832 Mackenzie, Molly. Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Under the Sun: Inpressions of Indian Cities: With a Chapter Dealing With the Later Laife of Nana Sahib Percival Landon Foreign Topography/Travel £25
Underdevelopment and Rural Structures in Southeastern Turkey. Aydin Zulkuf Foreign Topography/Travel £15
Venetian Life William Dean Howells Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Venice Muraro, Michelangelo and Grabar, Andr. Foreign Topography/Travel £11.5
Venice Carnival Paolo Alei and Virginio Favale. Foreign Topography/Travel £12
Village, Town and Jungle Life in India A. C. Newcombe Foreign Topography/Travel £60
Visions of India: The Sketchbooks of William Simpson 1859-62 Mildred Archer Foreign Topography/Travel £10
Warriors Hanley, Gerald. Foreign Topography/Travel £8
Wild Animals and Wedding Outfits: Voyage of Self-Discovery Around the World Anna Bromley Foreign Topography/Travel £7.5
With the Empress Dowager of China Carl, Katharine A. . Foreign Topography/Travel £15
100 Oldtime Roses for Gardeners of Today Allan A. Swenson Gardening/Botany £5
1997 Iucn Red List of Threatened Plants Kerry S. Walter Gardening/Botany £20
50,000 Bluebells Liverpools Garden Festival 1984 author not listed Gardening/Botany £3
500 More Fuchsias Miep Nijhuis Gardening/Botany £5
A Book of Aromatics Roy Genders Gardening/Botany £1.5
A Book of Gardening Penelope Hobhouse Gardening/Botany £6
A Century in Photographs: Gardening Griffiths, Mark Gardening/Botany £8
A Chalk Garden F C Stern Gardening/Botany £5
A Colour Atlas of Post-Harvest Diseases & Disorders of Fruits & Vegetables. Vol. 1 : General Introduction & Fruits. Snowdon A. L. Gardening/Botany £30
A Concise Guide to the Flowers of Britain and Europe. Polunin O. Gardening/Botany £10
A Cottage Flora Morter, Peter. Gardening/Botany £4
A Country Garden. Armitage E. Gardening/Botany £10
A Dictionary of Plant Pathology Holliday, Paul Gardening/Botany £10
A Family of Roses Sam Mcgredy & Sean Jennett Gardening/Botany £3
A Gallery of Flowers Germain Bazin Gardening/Botany £5
A Garden by the Avon Muriel Marston Gardening/Botany £9
A Garden for All Seasons Buczacki, Stefan. Gardening/Botany £5
A Garden Treasury Blackall, Elizabeth. Gardening/Botany £3
A Gift of Flowers no author Gardening/Botany £2
A Glossary of Garden History Symes, Michael. Gardening/Botany £4
A Glossary of Garden History Symes, Michael. Gardening/Botany £3
A Guide to Gardening in Eastern Africa Gaby Remnant Gardening/Botany £5
A Guide to Hardy Ferns Richard Rush Gardening/Botany £9
A Guide to Hardy Ferns Richard Rush Gardening/Botany £8
A Handbook of Crocus and Colchicum for Gardeners E. A. Bowles Gardening/Botany £10
A Heriatge of Flowers Tovah Martin Gardening/Botany £5
A Heritage of Roses Le Rougetel, Hazel. Gardening/Botany £6
A History of the Fragrant Rose Paterson, Allen. Gardening/Botany £6
A Nation of Gardeners Way, Twigs. Gardening/Botany £9
A Naturalist in Western China. Wilson E. H. Gardening/Botany £9
A Paradise Out of a Common Field Morgan, Joan and Richards, Alison. Gardening/Botany £10
A Paradise Out of a Common Field the Pleasures and Plenty of the Victorian Garden Joan Morgan and Alison Richards Gardening/Botany £10
A Passion for Roses Delbard, Henri and Fabrice Moireau. Gardening/Botany £3.5
A Passion for Roses Delbard, Henri and Fabrice Moireau. Gardening/Botany £3.5
A Prospect of Flowers Andrew Young Gardening/Botany £3
A Selection From the Libarary of the Society of Herbalists Arranged by the Marchioness Dowager of Londonderry and Shown at Londonderry House Park Lane, W. 1 no author Gardening/Botany £10
A Shortcut to Perfect Planting Cassy, Rob. Gardening/Botany £3
A Vision of Eden: The Life and Work of Marianne North Royal Botanic Garden Kew Gardening/Botany £10
A Westmorland Rock Garden no author Gardening/Botany £5
A Year at Kew Smith, Rupert Gardening/Botany £4.5
A Year in a Victorian Garden Bright, Henry Arthur Gardening/Botany £6
Acacias a Field Guide to the Acacias of Southern Africa L. Davidson Gardening/Botany £10
Adrian Blooms Guide to Cacti and Succulents no author Gardening/Botany £1.5
African Violets : The Complete Guide Joan Hill,Gwen Goodship Gardening/Botany £3
African Violets: The Complete Guide Hill, Joan and Gwen Goodship. Gardening/Botany £4.5
Ainsworth & Bisby's Dictionary of the Fungi. Ainsworth G. C. Gardening/Botany £8
Alan Titchmarsh's Avant-Gardening Titchmarsh, Alan. Gardening/Botany £3
All About Gardening G. H. Preston Gardening/Botany £6
Alpine Flowers for the Gardens W. Robinson Gardening/Botany £8
Alpine Lawns Anne Ashberry Gardening/Botany £3
Alpine Plants A J Macself Gardening/Botany £2
Alpines T C Mansfield Gardening/Botany £3
Alpines From Mountain to Garden. Wilford R. Gardening/Botany £12
Alpines in Colour and Cultivation T C Mansfield Gardening/Botany £3
Alpines. An Essential Guide. Mitchell M. Gardening/Botany £12
American Household Botany. A History of Useful Plants 1620-1900. Sumner J. Gardening/Botany £12
An Analysis of the Timber Situation in the United States : 1989-2040. Haynes R. W. Gardening/Botany £12
An Annotated Bibliography of Canonical Correspondence Analysis and Related Constrained Ordination Methods 1986- 1993 H. Birks Gardening/Botany £5
An Anthology of Garden Writing Buchan, Ursula. Gardening/Botany £6
An Elementary Text-Book of Botany. Prantl K. , & Vines S. H. (Ed. ) Gardening/Botany £10
Ancient Roman Gardens. Linda Farrar Gardening/Botany £10
Annual & Biennial Garden Plants A. E Speer Gardening/Botany £10
Annuals: A Complete Guide to Success and Growing Bird, Richard Miller. Gardening/Botany £5
Arcady in Troy George B. Warren Gardening/Botany £50
Aristocrats of the Flower Border G. A Phillips Gardening/Botany £5
Arranging Flowers From the Raoadside, Fields and Woods Amelia Leavitt Hill Gardening/Botany £7
Atlantic Oakwoods. Malcolm D. Et Al (Eds. ) Gardening/Botany £12
Atlas Ecologique Des Fougeres Et Plantes Alliees. Illustration Et Repartrition Des Pteridophytes De France. Prelli R. & Boudrie M. Gardening/Botany £30
Australian Country Garden Style Country Style Gardening/Botany £5
Beatrix the Gardening Life of Beatrix Jones Farrand 1872-1959 Brown, Jane Gardening/Botany £12
Beautiful Gardens of South Africa Gardiner, Nancy. Gardening/Botany £15
Beautiful Gardens Round the World Peter Cpats Gardening/Botany £3
Begonias Lesley Young Gardening/Botany £2
Bellingrath Gardens no author Gardening/Botany £5
Ben Lawers and Its Alpine Flowers National Trust for Scotland Gardening/Botany £3
Bensley Design Studios no author Gardening/Botany £9
Best Loved Plants author not listed Gardening/Botany £4
Better Gardening Robin Lane Fox Gardening/Botany £5
Bonsai (Success With) Jochen Pfisterer Gardening/Botany £2
Border Carnations J. H. W Galbally Gardening/Botany £2
Borders Hobhouse, Penelope. Gardening/Botany £5
Bouquet Myrna Davis Gardening/Botany £3
Brenda Colvin a Career in Landscape Gibson, Trish. Gardening/Botany £10
Bringing a Garden to Life Jenny Steel Gardening/Botany £5
British Garden Flowers George M. Taylor Gardening/Botany £10
British Gardeners Miles Hadfield Gardening/Botany £20
British Plant Life. Turrill W. B. Gardening/Botany £15
British Plant Life. Turrill W. B. Gardening/Botany £15
Bromeliads Wall, Bill. Gardening/Botany £3
Bromeliads a Wisley Handbook Rhs Gardening/Botany £2
Bulb Gardening. Hampden M. Gardening/Botany £20
By Pen & by Spade Wheeler, David Martyn. Gardening/Botany £6
Camellias E. B. Anderson Gardening/Botany £3
Camellias for Everyone Claude Chidamian Gardening/Botany £3
Camellias for Everyone Claude Chidamian Gardening/Botany £2
Camellias Kinds and Culture H. Harold Hume Gardening/Botany £7
Carnations for Everyman Montagu C. Allwood Gardening/Botany £4
Carnations for Everyman Montagu C. Allwood Gardening/Botany £3
Cassell's Trees of Britain and Northern Ireland David More and John White Gardening/Botany £60
Census Catalogue of the Flora of Ireland Mary Scannell and Donal Synnott Gardening/Botany £10
Changing Pacific Forests. Historical Perspectives on the Forest Economy of the Pacific Basin. Dargavel J. & Tucker R. (Eds. ) Gardening/Botany £5
Chelsea Leslie Geddes-Brown. Gardening/Botany £5
Chelsea Flower Show Faith and Geoff Whiten Gardening/Botany £3
Childrens Gardens Hon. Mrs Evelyn Cecil Gardening/Botany £30
Chrysanthemum Stopping and Timing S. G. Gosling Gardening/Botany £4
Chrysanthemum Stopping Illustrated John B Stevenson Gardening/Botany £3
Cider Apples From Tree to Factory. Bulmer G. Gardening/Botany £5
Cites Bulb Checklist Aaron P Davis Gardening/Botany £5
Clematis Andrew Mikolajski Gardening/Botany £4
Clematis Stanley B Whitehead Gardening/Botany £5
Clematis: For Colour and Versatility Keith Fair and Carol Fair. Gardening/Botany £4
Climbers and Wall Plants Peter Q Rose Gardening/Botany £3
Climbing and Screening Plants Noel J. Prockter Gardening/Botany £8
Climbing Plants for Walls and Gardens C. E. Lucas Phillips Gardening/Botany £6
Climbing Roses no author Gardening/Botany £2
Climbing Roses Old and New. Thomas G. S. Gardening/Botany £8
Coleus Roy and Kenneth Pedley Gardening/Botany £4
Collecting Garden Plants Taylor, Jane H. M. . Gardening/Botany £3
Collecting Garden Plants Taylor, Jane H. M. . Gardening/Botany £3
Collectors Alpines Royton E. Heath Gardening/Botany £10
Collins Guide to Alpines and Rock Garden Plants Anna N Griffith Gardening/Botany £5
Collins Guide to Bulbs Patrick M. Synge Gardening/Botany £5
Collins Guide to Bulbs Patrick M Synge Gardening/Botany £5
Colour Diana Saville Gardening/Botany £3
Colour in the Winter Garden Graham Stuart Thomas Gardening/Botany £6
Colour in the Winter Garden. Thomas G. S. Gardening/Botany £12
Colourful Gardening - Roses Richard Ross Gardening/Botany £3.5
Colourful Hanging Baskets Tessa Evelegh Gardening/Botany £2
Common Aquatic Weeds L W Weldon, R D Blackburn. D S Harrison Gardening/Botany £3
Common or Garden Tyler Whittle Gardening/Botany £6
Common Sense Rock Gardening F Kingdon Ward Gardening/Botany £3
Common to This Country Botanical Discoveries of Lewis and Clark Susan H. Mungerg Gardening/Botany £10
Commonsense Gardener Buczacki, Stefan. Gardening/Botany £7
Complete Book of Gardening J. Coutts Gardening/Botany £10
Compost Gardening W E Shewell Cooper Gardening/Botany £3
Concise Dictionary of Gardening A. J. Macself Gardening/Botany £5
Conifers and Heathers Step by Step Garen Guides Gardening/Botany £2
Conservatories & Garden Rooms. Alan. Toogood Gardening/Botany £2.5
Conservatory Gardening Alan Toogood Gardening/Botany £2
Consider the Lilies W. E. Marshall Gardening/Botany £5
Containers Philip Swindells Gardening/Botany £3
Contributions to Horticultural Literature 1843-1892 William Paul Gardening/Botany £60
Conversion of Tropical Moist Forests Myers, Norman. Gardening/Botany £3
Cool Green Leaves and Red Hot Peppers Christine Mcfadden,Michel Michaud Gardening/Botany £5
Cottage Gardens Mary Moody Gardening/Botany £1
Cougar Annie's Garden Horsfield, Margaret. Gardening/Botany £5
Creating Eden Barrett, Marilyn. Gardening/Botany £3
Creating Period Gardens Banks, Elizabeth. Gardening/Botany £6.5
Creative Gardening Readers Digest Gardening/Botany £7
Creative Herb Gardening Holt, Geraldene. Gardening/Botany £2
Culpeper's Complete Herbal. Culpeper N. Gardening/Botany £12
Current Research on the Biology of Threatened Plant Species of the Mediterranean Basin and Macaronesia : A Database ; Being Vol. 4 of "Bocconea" (1994). Iriondo J. M. , De Hond L. J. & Gomez-Campo C. Gardening/Botany £15
Das Neue Rosenbuch Eckart & Fritz Haenchen Gardening/Botany £5
Dear Friend and Gardener. Letters on Life and Gardening. Christopher Lloyd; Beth Chatto Gardening/Botany £12
Delphiniums Roy Genders Gardening/Botany £5
Delphiniums G>a>R Phillips Gardening/Botany £3
Delphiniums for All no author Gardening/Botany £2
Der Japanische Garten Helena Attlee and Alex Ramsay Gardening/Botany £12
Desert Plants Gary Lyons. Gardening/Botany £25
Design a Garden With Tricia Guild Guild, Tricia. Gardening/Botany £7.5
Designing Your Ideal Garden Stevens, David Gardening/Botany £7
Devon and Cornwall Synge, Patrick Millington. Gardening/Botany £4
Dictionary of Shrubs in Colour S. Millar Gault Gardening/Botany £8
Discovering English Gardens Kay N. Sanecki Gardening/Botany £2.5
Down to Earth Anne Scott James, Ills Osbert Lancaster Gardening/Botany £3
Down to Earth Gardening Lawrence D. Hills Gardening/Botany £9
Dream Gardens Vivian Russell Gardening/Botany £5
Dwarf Bulbs for the Rcok Garden E. B. Anderson Gardening/Botany £3
Dwarf Shrubs Donald Wyman Gardening/Botany £2
Dwarf Shrubs H E Bawden Gardening/Botany £2
Earthly Paradises Carroll, Maureen. Gardening/Botany £9
Eccentric Gardens Jane Owen Gardening/Botany £6
Ecological Studies in the Mixed Dipterocarp Forests of Brunei State P. S. Ashton Gardening/Botany £20
Edith Wharton's Italian Gardens Russell, Vivian Gardening/Botany £10
Effective Flowering Shrubs Micahel Haworth Booth Gardening/Botany £4
Encyclopedia of American Forest R. Davis Gardening/Botany £20
English Cottage Gardens Edward Hyams and Edwin Smith Gardening/Botany £3
English Cottage Gardens Hyams, Edward. Gardening/Botany £6
English Names for British Bryophytes. Edwards S. R. Gardening/Botany £20
English Private Gardens Judy Johnson & Susan Berry Gardening/Botany £5
English Rock Garden 2 Vols R. Farrer Gardening/Botany £20
English Water Gardens Cooper, guyzzeverfasserzz0(De-588)111467241 Gardening/Botany £4
Ensnared With Flowers Victoria Bray Gardening/Botany £5
Epimediums and Other Herbaceous Berberidaceae Barker, David. Gardening/Botany £2
Essential Garden Answers Buczacki, Stefan. Gardening/Botany £3
Essential Garden Answers Stefan Buczacki Gardening/Botany £5
Esther Deans Gardening Book Allan Seale Gardening/Botany £3
Euphorbias Walker, Timothy Edward Hanson. Gardening/Botany £4
Euphorbias: The Hardy Plant Society Don Witton Gardening/Botany £2.5
Every Man His Own Gardener Being a New and Much More Complete Gardeners Calendar Thomas Mawe, John Abercrombie Gardening/Botany £120
Everyday Gardening in India E. W. Grindal Gardening/Botany £5
Everything in the Garden Arnold Wiles Gardening/Botany £3
Excelsa No. 1 no author Gardening/Botany £5
Excelsa No. 2 no author Gardening/Botany £5
Excelsa No. 3 no author Gardening/Botany £5
Exploitation and Structural Changes in the North Swedish Boreal Forest 1800 to 1992 Lars Ostlund Gardening/Botany £10
Exploring Britain Great Gardens Readers Digest Gardening/Botany £3
Fighting Like the Flowers Lawrence D. Hills Gardening/Botany £5
Finding Wild Flowers. Fitter R. S. R. Gardening/Botany £7
Fire-Clearance Husbandry. Traditional Techniques Throughout the World. Steensberg A. Gardening/Botany £8
First Time Gardening Percy Throwers Gardening/Botany £2
Flora Britannica. Mabey R. Gardening/Botany £20
Flora in Focus: Botanical Gardens Dan Smit and Nicky Den Hartogh. Gardening/Botany £2
Flora of Radnorshire. Woods R. G. Gardening/Botany £15
Flower Garden Penelope Hobhouse Gardening/Botany £9
Flowering Plants author not listed Gardening/Botany £3
Flowering Shrubs The Time Life Encyclopaedia of Gardening Gardening/Botany £2.5
Flowering Shrubs J. Pokorny Gardening/Botany £2
Flowering Shrubs and Trees for South African Gardens Sima Eliovson Gardening/Botany £3
Flowers and Herbs of Early America Lawrence Griffith and Lombardi, Barbara Little. Gardening/Botany £12
Flowers From the Cottag Garden David Macfadyen Gardening/Botany £2.5
Flowers in Medieval Manuscripts Fisher, Celia B. . Gardening/Botany £10
Flowers of South-West Europe. A Field Guide. Polunin O. & Smythies B. E. Gardening/Botany £10
Flowers of the Coast New Naturalist Ian Hepburn Gardening/Botany £20
Foliage Gardens Bird, Richard Miller and Huntington, Lucy. Gardening/Botany £2
Foliage House Plants James Underwood Crockett Gardening/Botany £3
Foliage Plants Frederick A. Boddy Gardening/Botany £3
Food and Drink From Your Garden Daniel Green Gardening/Botany £4
For Love of a Rose Antonia Ridge Gardening/Botany £2.5
Forest Dreams, Forest Nightmares: The Paradox of Old Growth in the Inland West Langston, Nancy. Gardening/Botany £5
Forests : Market and Intervention Failures. Five Case Studies. Wibe S. & Jones T. (Eds. ) Gardening/Botany £12
Fountains and Springs Ernst Erik Pfannschmidt Gardening/Botany £8
Fountains and Water Features Rosalind Hopwood. Gardening/Botany £2.5
Four Hedges a Gardeners Chronicle Clare Leighton Gardening/Botany £5
Fragrant and Aromatic Plants Sanecki, Kay N. . Gardening/Botany £2
From Agar to Zenry Freethy, Ron. Gardening/Botany £5
From Bud to Seed Clare Foster and Carol Sharp. Gardening/Botany £4.5
From Bud to Seed Clare Foster and Carol Sharp. Gardening/Botany £4.5
From Bud to Seed Clare Foster and Carol Sharp. Gardening/Botany £2
Fuchsia Clark, David. Gardening/Botany £5
Fuchsia Lexicon Ron Ewart Gardening/Botany £6
Fuchsia Lexicon Ron Ewart Gardening/Botany £5.5
Fuchsias Gerda Manthey, Leo B. Boullemier and Christie, David. Gardening/Botany £5
Fuchsias Goulding, Edwin and Jones, Alison. Gardening/Botany £7
Fuchsias Clapham, Sidney. Gardening/Botany £6
Fuchsias (Success With) Reinhard Heinke Gardening/Botany £2
Fuchsias in Colour Brian & Valerie Proudley Gardening/Botany £3
Fuchsias in Colour Brian and Valerie Proudley Gardening/Botany £3
Fuchsias the Complete Guide Goulding, Edwin Gardening/Botany £5
Fuchsias: The Complete Handbook Miep Nijhuis Gardening/Botany £6.5
Garden Answers Stephen Anderton Gardening/Botany £3
Garden Archaeology. A Handbook. Currie C. Gardening/Botany £8
Garden Construction in Pictures Adrienne and Peter Oldale Gardening/Botany £6.5
Garden Diy Water Features Edwards, Mark U. And Chris Maton. Gardening/Botany £4.5
Garden Flora. The Natural and Cultural History of the Plants in Your Garden. Noel Kingsbury Gardening/Botany £12
Garden Genuis Arthur Hellyer Gardening/Botany £5
Garden Opne Today Beverley Nichols Gardening/Botany £9
Garden Ornaments Hankinson, Moira, Hankinson, Nicholas and Mel Yates. Gardening/Botany £6
Garden Planning and Design P Francis Hunt Gardening/Botany £3
Garden Planning and Improvement Walter Brett & J. S. Dakers Gardening/Botany £5
Garden Projects - Planning and Building a Beautiful Garden. author not listed Gardening/Botany £8
Garden Roses Stanley B. Whitehead Gardening/Botany £5
Garden Shrubs Arthur Hellyer Gardening/Botany £5
Garden Shrubs and Their Histories Alice M. Coats Gardening/Botany £10
Garden Styles Fieke Hoogvelt Gardening/Botany £5
Gardenage, or the Plants of Ninhursaga. Grigson G. Gardening/Botany £7
Gardener's Abc Kelly, John G. . Gardening/Botany £4
Gardener's Book of Colour Lawson, Andrew J. . Gardening/Botany £35
Gardeners' Guide to Perennials Noel J. Prockter Gardening/Botany £2.5
Gardenign on Sand Christine Kelway Gardening/Botany £7
Gardening and Beyond Florence Bellis Gardening/Botany £5
Gardening by the Sea Wisley Handbook 43 F W Shepherd Gardening/Botany £3
Gardening Dictionary Buczacki, Stefan. Gardening/Botany £8
Gardening From Scratch Anne Search. Gardening/Botany £3.5
Gardening in a Small Space Pearson, Robert. Gardening/Botany £2
Gardening in a Small Space Wisley Handbook Rhs Gardening/Botany £2
Gardening in Miniature Baxendale, Martin. Gardening/Botany £3
Gardening in Ornamental Containers Waite, Ray. Gardening/Botany £2
Gardening in Ornamental Containers Waite, Ray. Gardening/Botany £2
Gardening in the Shade Margery Fish Gardening/Botany £20
Gardening Made Easy no author Gardening/Botany £7.5
Gardening on Chalk and Lime Robert Jackson Gardening/Botany £3
Gardening on Chalk and Lime Robert Jackson Gardening/Botany £4
Gardening on Chalk and Limestone E Bertram Anderson Gardening/Botany £5
Gardening on Lime Judith M. Berrisford Gardening/Botany £5
Gardening on Lime and Chalk (Wisley Handbooks) J. R. B. Evison Gardening/Botany £2.5
Gardening Techniques Titchmarsh, Alan. Gardening/Botany £3
Gardening the Country Way Robin Page Gardening/Botany £2.5
Gardening With Colour Lance Hattatt Gardening/Botany £5
Gardening With Colour Lance Hattatt Gardening/Botany £8
Gardening With Conifers and Heathers Toogood, Alan R. . Gardening/Botany £2
Gardening With Green Fingers Violet Stevenson Gardening/Botany £5
Gardening With the Enemy Janet Thomson Gardening/Botany £3
Gardening Year Roddy Llewellyn Gardening/Botany £4
Gardens Miles Hadfield Gardening/Botany £4
Gardens - Pleasures of Life Series William Beach Thomas Gardening/Botany £5
Gardens and Gardening The Studio Garden Annual 1932 Gardening/Botany £5
Gardens in Central Europe Patrick Bower and Nicolas Sapieha Gardening/Botany £8
Gardens of a Golden Afternoon Jane Brown, Edwin Lutyens , Gertrude Jekyll Gardening/Botany £9
Gardens of a Golden Afternoon Brown, Jane. Edwin Lutyens & Gertrude Jekyll Gardening/Botany £10
Gardens of England. Cook E. T. And Parsons B (Ill. ) Gardening/Botany £15
Gardens of Illusion Maitland, Sara and Matthews, Peter H. . Gardening/Botany £6
Gardens of New Zealand Marbara Matthews and Conon Fraser Gardening/Botany £3
Gardens of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Marchioness of Salisbury. Gardening/Botany £3
Gardens of the Heart Chivers, Susan. Gardening/Botany £8
Gardens of the National Trust Graham Stuart Thomas Gardening/Botany £5
Gardens Through Time Owen, Jane C. And Gavin, Diarmuid. Gardening/Botany £8
Gazebos and Other Garden Structure Design no author Gardening/Botany £3.5
Gentians Mary Bartlett Gardening/Botany £3
Gentians Mary Bartlett Gardening/Botany £3
Gentians David Wilkie Gardening/Botany £5
Geoff Hamilton Search, Gay and Tony Hamilton. Gardening/Botany £5
Geoff Hamilton a Man and His Garden Search, Gay and Tony Hamilton. Gardening/Botany £3
Geoff Hamilton's Gardener's Challenge Hamilton, Geoff, Lightfoot, Marion and Lightfoot, Paddy. Gardening/Botany £3
Georgian and Regency Roses no author Gardening/Botany £2
Geranium Growing H. G. Witham Fogg Gardening/Botany £2
Geraniums Alan Shellard Gardening/Botany £4
Glorious Disarray Robinson, Joyce Henri and Ann Swarbrick. Gardening/Botany £4.5
Grasses The Hardy Plant Society Gardening/Botany £2.5
Grasses : An Illustrated Guide to Varieties: A Step-by-Step Handbook for Cultivation and Care Jo Chatterton Gardening/Botany £2
Great Botanical Gardens of the World Edward Hyams and William Macquitty Gardening/Botany £5
Great Gardens Readers Digest Gardening/Botany £3
Great Gardens of the World Ronald King Gardening/Botany £3
Green Gardener Betty Dougherty Gardening/Botany £5.5
Greenhouse Gardening Aura Garden Handbook Gardening/Botany £2
Grey E L James Gardening/Botany £3.25
Ground Cover Plants Wisley Handbook 26 Rhs Gardening/Botany £2
Grow Your Own Vegetables Roger Grounds Gardening/Botany £3
Growing Miniature and Patio Roses Eagle, Barry and Eagle, Dawn. Gardening/Botany £5
Growing Old Fashioned Flowers Roy Genders Gardening/Botany £3
Growing Old Fashioned Flowers Roy Genders Gardening/Botany £3
Growing Perpetual Flowering Carnations Steven Bailey Gardening/Botany £4
Growing Roses for Small Gardens Gibson, Michael. Gardening/Botany £5
Guide to Philippine Flora and Fauna. Vol. Ii - Economic Ferns, Endemic Ferns, Gymnosperms. Zamora P. M. & Co L. Gardening/Botany £20
Guide to Water Gardening Smith, William L. . Gardening/Botany £2
Guide to Wisley Gardens no author Gardening/Botany £1.5
Guidelines for the Translocation of Threatened Plants in Australia. Australian Network for Plant Conservation Translocation Working Group Gardening/Botany £9
Hamlyn Colour Guide to Indoor Plants Jan Pribyl Gardening/Botany £3
Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Plants Elisabeth Chan and Invernizzi, Luca. Gardening/Botany £2
Hanging Baskets Joyce, David Henry. Gardening/Botany £3
Hardy Chrysanthemums Alex Cumming Gardening/Botany £5
Hardy Ferns : How I Collected and Cultivated Them. Bellairs N. Gardening/Botany £30
Hardy Foliage Plants Richard Gorer Gardening/Botany £5
Hardy Heaths and the Heather Garden John F. Letts Gardening/Botany £3
Hardy Heaths and the Heather Garden John F Letts Gardening/Botany £3
Hardy Herbaceous Perennials Vol 2 Leo Jjelitto Gardening/Botany £12
Hardy Ornamental Flowering Trees and Shrubs A D Webster Gardening/Botany £3
Hardy Perennials Alan Toogood Gardening/Botany £3
Hardy Perennials (Rhs Practicals) Royal Horticultural Society Gardening/Botany £2.5
Heaths and Heathers author not listed Gardening/Botany £2
Hedges Pollock, Michael L. . Gardening/Botany £3
Hedges and Screens (Wisley Handbook) Rhs Gardening/Botany £2
Helechos De Mbaracayu. Una Guia De Los Helechos De La Reserva Natural Del Bosque Mbaracayu, Paraguay. Pena-Chocarro M. Gardening/Botany £8
Herbaceous Perennials David Squire Gardening/Botany £2
Herbaceous Plants C E Pearson Gardening/Botany £3
Herbaceous Plants Wisley Handbook 6 no author Gardening/Botany £1
Herbacheous Borders and the Waterside Sudell Gardening/Botany £9
Herbal Aphrodisiacs From World Sources, Including Anaphrodisiacs Meyer, Clarence Gardening/Botany £9
Herbs Marshall Cavendish Gardening/Botany £2
Herbs for Health and Beauty Roy Genders Gardening/Botany £5
Herbs in the Garden Allen Paterson Gardening/Botany £6
Herbs of Greece. Niebuhr A. D. Gardening/Botany £8
Hevea M J Dijkman Gardening/Botany £8
Hidden Gardens Penny David Gardening/Botany £7
Highgrove, Portrait of an Estate Hrh Prince of Wales and Charles Glover Gardening/Botany £5
History of British Ferns Edward Newman Gardening/Botany £30
History of Sustained-Yield Forestry : A Symposium. Steen H. K. (Ed. ) Gardening/Botany £60
Hooker's British Flora Vol. 1 no author Gardening/Botany £10
Hortus Second L. H. Bailey & Ethel Zoe Bailey Gardening/Botany £10
House Plants Aura Garden Guide Gardening/Botany £1
House Plants Aura Garden Guides Gardening/Botany £1
Houseplants Wisley Handbook Rhs Gardening/Botany £2
How Flowers Changed the World Eiseley, Loren C. And Ackerman, Gerald. Gardening/Botany £4
How to Grow Roses in South Africa Kenneth R. Van Der Spuy Gardening/Botany £8
Hugh Johnson on Gardening Johnson, Hugh. Gardening/Botany £5
Hugh Johnson's Gardening Companion. The Principles and Practice of the Gardener's Art. Johnson H. Gardening/Botany £15
Ideas for Interesting Gardens More, Daphne. Gardening/Botany £4
Images De La Roses no author Gardening/Botany £10
In for a Penny Wilfrid Blunt Gardening/Botany £5
In for a Penny Wilfrid Blunt Gardening/Botany £5
In Praise of Roses Harry Wheatcroft Gardening/Botany £3
In Search of Lost Roses Christopher, Thomas. Gardening/Botany £6
In Veronica's Garden Alfred Austin Gardening/Botany £8
In Your Greenhouse With Percy Thrower Percy Thrower Gardening/Botany £2.5
Indoor Bonsai Barbara Lockett Gardening/Botany £2
Indoor Bonsai Barbara Lockett Gardening/Botany £2
Indoor Trees Jack Kramer Gardening/Botany £3
Ingenious Mr. Fairchild Leapman, Michael. Gardening/Botany £9
Ingenious Mr. Fairchild Leapman, Michael. Gardening/Botany £9
Ingenious Mr. Fairchild Leapman, Michael. Gardening/Botany £4
Interior Landscape Dictionary. Steele J. Gardening/Botany £9
Interrelationships Between Microorganisms and Plants in Soil V. Vancura and F. Kunc Gardening/Botany £12
Irish Gardens Olda Fitzgerald Gardening/Botany £9
Ivies Peter Q. Rose Gardening/Botany £5
Japanese Gardens Sadao Hibi Gardening/Botany £6
Journal of the Rhs Vol Xcv 1970 no author Gardening/Botany £1.5
Journal of the Rhs Vol. Lxi Part 7 no author Gardening/Botany £5
Kew, Garden for Science and Pleasure F Nigel Hepper Gardening/Botany £5
Know and Grow Vegetables P J Salter Gardening/Botany £2
La Mortella the Place of Myrtles Susana Walton Gardening/Botany £9
Ladybirds Natural Pest Control Darren J Mann Gardening/Botany £2
Lakeland Gardens Bird, Richard Miller. Gardening/Botany £5
Lawns and Landscaping Bruce Cassiday Gardening/Botany £3
Lawrence Johnston, Creator of Hidcote Garden Alvilde Lees-Milne Gardening/Botany £35
Le Pteridofite Della Provincia Di Varese Adalberto Peroni Gardening/Botany £20
Leaves Jefferson-Brown, M. J. And Glover, John L. . Gardening/Botany £3
Leaves Jefferson-Brown, M. J. And Glover, John L. . Gardening/Botany £3
Leaves Jefferson-Brown, M. J. And Glover, John L. . Gardening/Botany £3
Letters to America Vicki Weissman Gardening/Botany £4
Light and Plant Life: Studies in Biology No. 124 Jean M Whatley & F. R. Whatley Gardening/Botany £3.5
Lilies of the World Huybert B. Drysdakes Woodcock and William Thomas Stearn Gardening/Botany £9
Lilies Their Culture and Management H Drysdale Woodcock & J Coutts Gardening/Botany £8
Lilies: A Guide to Choosing and Growing Lilies (Royal Horticultural Society) Michael Jefferson-Brown Gardening/Botany £5
Lillies and Their Cultivation H G Witham Fogg Gardening/Botany £2
List of Plants in Xishuangbanna no author Gardening/Botany £10
Living Tradition in the Garden Richard Gorer Gardening/Botany £3
Livre Rouge De La Flore Menacee De France Tome I Especes Prioritaires no author Gardening/Botany £20
Loisaida Nyc Community Gardens. Pasquali M. Gardening/Botany £12
Lovely Fuchsias A. G. Puttock Gardening/Botany £2
Making a Cottage Garden Whiten, Faith and Whiten, Geoff. Gardening/Botany £4
Making the Nost of Your Garden Richard Bisgrove Gardening/Botany £5
Manual of Alpine Plants Ingwersens Gardening/Botany £5
Manual of General Silviculture for India. Champion H. G. & Griffith A. L. Gardening/Botany £60
Manual of Grasses. Darke R. & Griffiths M. (Eds. ) Gardening/Botany £12
Margaret Mee's Amazon no author Gardening/Botany £9
Martha Stewart's Gardening : Month by Month Stewart, Martha and Zeschin, Elizabeth. Gardening/Botany £8
Mediterranean Plants & Gardens Lancaster, Roy. Gardening/Botany £3
Michaelmas Daisies and Other Garden Asters E. R. Ranson Gardening/Botany £5
Middletons Gardening Guide Norman Stewart Gardening/Botany £2
Miniature Bulbs Roy Genders Gardening/Botany £3
Miniature Chrysanthemums and Koreans Roy Genders Gardening/Botany £3.5
Miniature Chrysanthemums and Koreans Roy Genders Gardening/Botany £3
Miniature Rock Gardening in Troughs and Pans. Heath R. E. Gardening/Botany £12
Miniature Roses Mccann, Sean and Mcgredy, Sam. Gardening/Botany £5
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Bulletin Number 2. no author Gardening/Botany £5
Miniture Roses Roy Genders Gardening/Botany £5
Miniture Roses for Home and Garden Sean Mccann Gardening/Botany £3
Miniture Shrubs Royton E Heath Gardening/Botany £3
Miracle Plants Bloomfield, Frena Gray and Bernardi, Mary. Gardening/Botany £1
Missouri Botanical Garden. Green for 150 Years 1859-2009. E Mcnulty, Photographs by Ian Adams Gardening/Botany £15
Modern Landscape Michael Spens Gardening/Botany £15
Modern Shrubs E H M Cox & P a Cox Ills Margaret Stones Gardening/Botany £3
Monet's Garden: Through the Seasons at Giverny Russell, Vivian Gardening/Botany £8
Mountains in Flowers Volkmar and Ernst Krause Gardening/Botany £3
Mr Marshal's Flower Album Marshal, Alexander and Fisher, John. Gardening/Botany £10
National Chrysanthemum Society Year Book 1970 author not listed Gardening/Botany £2
Neptunes Garden L R Brightwell Gardening/Botany £6
New Atlas of the British & Irish Flora. An Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Preston C. D. , Pearman D. A. & Dines T. D. (Eds. ) Gardening/Botany £75
New Encyclopedia of Garden Plants & Flowers. Reader's Digest Gardening/Botany £12
New Zealand Native Plants for Your Garden Julian Matthews Gardening/Botany £50
New Zealand Trees & Ferns. Murdoch Riley Gardening/Botany £5
Nobbut a Lad Titchmarsh, Alan. Gardening/Botany £5
Northen Gardeners Handbook Fred Loads Gardening/Botany £2
Odd Lots Cooper, Thomas. Gardening/Botany £5
Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities Notes From a Gloucester Garden Kim Smith Gardening/Botany £12
Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities Notes From a Gloucester Garden Kim Smith Gardening/Botany £12
On the Nature of Things Keeney, Gavin. Gardening/Botany £5
One Mans Garden Miles Hadfiled Gardening/Botany £6
Orchids J. W. Blowers Gardening/Botany £2
Orchids Stewart, Joyce L. . Gardening/Botany £4
Orchids Paul, Michel. Gardening/Botany £5
Orchids as Indoor Plants Brian and Wilma Rittershausen Gardening/Botany £2
Orchids for Everyone no author Gardening/Botany £4
Orchids for Everyone Brian Williams,Etc. Gardening/Botany £4
Orchids for Everyone no author Gardening/Botany £4
Orchids for the Outdoor Garden A. W. Darnell Gardening/Botany £9
Orchids Rhs Wilma and Brian Rittershausen Gardening/Botany £5
Orchids: A Selection From the Famous Orchid Album Illustrated by Nugent Fitch First Published in 1882 Nugent Fitch Gardening/Botany £20
Organic Gardening Bonar, Ann. Gardening/Botany £2
Organic Gardening Ann Bonar Gardening/Botany £2
Organic Gardening Lacey, Roy. Gardening/Botany £6
Ornamental Grasses Roger Grounds Gardening/Botany £5
Ornamental Shrubs Winter Flowering Edward Hyams Gardening/Botany £2
Ornamental Trees for Amateurs W. J. Bean Gardening/Botany £2
Over to Flowers M James Gardening/Botany £3
Oxford Gardens. The University's Influence on Garden History. Batey M. Gardening/Botany £8
Palms Martin Gibbons Gardening/Botany £4
Pansies, Violas and Violettas Rodney Fuller Gardening/Botany £6
Parks and Gardens of Britain Taylor, Chris. Gardening/Botany £5
Passalong Plants Steve Bender and Felder Rushing Gardening/Botany £4.5
Pelargoniums for All Purposes John Cross Gardening/Botany £5
Penelope Hobhouse'S Natural Planting Penelope Hobhouse,Jerry Harpur Gardening/Botany £6
Peonies in the Little Garden Mrs Edward Harding Gardening/Botany £3
Perennials Noel Prockter Gardening/Botany £3
Perfect Palnts Graham Rice Gardening/Botany £2
Perfume in the Garden Roy Genders Gardening/Botany £3
Pergolas, Arbours, Gazebos, Follies Stevens, David Gardening/Botany £3
Pests and Pathogens Plant Responses to Foliar Attack (Environmental Plant Biology) P. G. Ayres Gardening/Botany £10
Pests of Ornamental Plants. Becker P. Gardening/Botany £15
Pests: How to Control Them on Fruit and Vegetables Pauline Pears and Bob Sherman Gardening/Botany £2.5
Photographing Plants & Gardens Nichols, Clive. Gardening/Botany £6
Photographing Plants & Gardens Nichols, Clive. Gardening/Botany £6
Phytohormones in Soils Microbial Production and Function W. T. Frankenberger Gardening/Botany £80
Pictorial Guide to Shrubs and Climbing Plants Margaret Daykin Gardening/Botany £2
Plant Communities and Soils of the Lowland and Southern Upland Regions of Scotland. Birse E. L. & Robertson J. S. Gardening/Botany £15
Plant Geography of the Pacific as Based on a Census of Phanerogam Genera. M. M. J. Van Balgooy Gardening/Botany £15
Plant Life Berry, Susan and Bradley, Steve. Gardening/Botany £3
Plant People Carolyn Fry. Gardening/Botany £8
Plant Problems Stefan Buczacki Gardening/Botany £5
Plant Tissue Culture as a Source of Biochemicals E. John Staba Gardening/Botany £10
Planta Europa Proceedings 2 to 8 September 1995, Hyeres, France John Newton Gardening/Botany £10
Planting Native Trees and Shrubs Kenneth Beckett Gardening/Botany £1
Planting Noah's Garden: Further Adventures in Backyard Ecology Stein, Sara Bonnett. Gardening/Botany £10
Planting Schemes From Monet's Garden Russell, Vivian. Gardening/Botany £3.5
Plants for Ground-Cover. Thomas G. S. Gardening/Botany £10
Plants for Shade Wisley Handbook 25 Rhs Gardening/Botany £2
Plants Life a Gardeners Guide Susan Berry and Steve Bradley Gardening/Botany £3
Plants of Colonial Days Raymond L. Taylor Gardening/Botany £2.5
Plants of New Zealand R. M. Laing Gardening/Botany £12
Plants That Changed Our Gardens Mea Allan Gardening/Botany £3
Plants With Impact John Kelly Gardening/Botany £3
Plants With Impact John Kelly Gardening/Botany £5
Plants With Impact. John Kelly Gardening/Botany £3
Plantsman's Paradise. Travels in China. Lancaster R. Gardening/Botany £40
Pleasure From Plants Edward Hyams Gardening/Botany £5
Pleasures and Problems of a Rock Garden Louise Beebe Wilder Gardening/Botany £7
Pleasures From Plants Edward Hyams Gardening/Botany £5
Polska Czerwona Ksiega Roslin (Polish Plant Red Data Book): Pteridophyta and Spermatophyta Kazimierz Zarzycki Gardening/Botany £20
Poormans Nosegay Lesley Gordon Gardening/Botany £5
Poormans Nosegay Lesley Gordon Gardening/Botany £6
Poormans Nosegay Lesley Gordon Gardening/Botany £6
Portrait of Alpine Plants R. C. Elliot Gardening/Botany £2.5
Portraits of Alpine Plants. Rolfe R. Gardening/Botany £25
Postcards From Kew author not listed Gardening/Botany £2
Pots and Containers: A Practical Guide Spielberg, Sue. Gardening/Botany £3.75
Poulsen on the Rose Svend Poulsen Gardening/Botany £4
Primroses and Auriculas Hyatt, Brenda. Gardening/Botany £3
Primroses and Polyanthus Ward, Peter. Gardening/Botany £5
Primroses and Polyanthus a Guide to the Species and Hybrids Peter Ward Gardening/Botany £8
Primula. Richards J. Gardening/Botany £30
Primulas Sidney Clapham Gardening/Botany £5
Primulas: The Complete Guide Robinson, Mary. Gardening/Botany £8
Private Gardens of Paris Madison Cox Gardening/Botany £5
Propagation Carr, David. Gardening/Botany £3
Pruning: Amateur Gardening J P Wood Gardening/Botany £4
Readers Digest Encylopedia of Garden Plants and Flowers no author Gardening/Botany £5
Reinventing the Garden Jones, Louisa. Gardening/Botany £10
Rhododendron Hybrids a Guide to Their Origins Homer E. Salley Gardening/Botany £15
Rhododendrons and Azaleas Bonar, Ann. Gardening/Botany £2
Rhododendrons and Azaleas Mervyn Kessell Gardening/Botany £6
Rhododendrons and Azaleas for Your Garden Fairweather, Christopher. Gardening/Botany £4
Rhododendrons in America Ted Van Veen Gardening/Botany £3
Rhododendrons. Their History, Geographical Distribution, Hybridization and Culture. Krussmann G. Gardening/Botany £12
Rhs Encyclopedia of Garden Design Dorling Kindersley Gardening/Botany £6
Rhs Encyclopedia of Gardening. Brickell C. (Ed. ) Gardening/Botany £12
Rhs Shorter Dictionary of Gardening Pollock, Michael L. And Griffiths, Mark D. . Gardening/Botany £10
Rock Garden Primer Archie Thornton Gardening/Botany £7
Rose Growing Complete E. B. Le Grice Gardening/Botany £9
Roses James Underwood Crockett Gardening/Botany £3
Roses Jack Harkness Gardening/Botany £3
Roses of Quality Charles H. Rigg Gardening/Botany £5
Royal Botanic Garden Library Manjil v Mathew Gardening/Botany £2
Royal Gardens Roy Strong Gardening/Botany £3
Royal Gardens of Europe Plumptre, George. Gardening/Botany £8
Rsoe Garden Richard A. Matera Gardening/Botany £6
Russian Parks and Gardens. Hayden P. Gardening/Botany £15
Sacred Gardens Jay, Roni. Gardening/Botany £3
Sacred Gardens: Inspirational and Practical Ideas for Creating Peaceful and Tranquil Places Martin Palmer,David Manning Gardening/Botany £6
Sanders Encyclopedia of Gardening no author Gardening/Botany £3
Sanders Encylopedia of Gardening no author Gardening/Botany £3
Saxifrages and Related Genera Fritz Kohlein Gardening/Botany £5
Saxifrages or Rockfoils Walter Irving and Reginald A. Malby Gardening/Botany £6
Scented Containers : Great Ideas for Year-Round Fragrance Sue Fisher Gardening/Botany £3
Scented Plants Bonar, Ann. Gardening/Botany £2
Science and Conservation in African Forests: The Benefits of Long-Term Research Edited by Richard Wrangham, Elizabeth Ross Gardening/Botany £10
Scotlands Gardens G. Allan Little Gardening/Botany £4
Seaside Gardening Christine Kelway Gardening/Botany £30
Seasons in the Garden Toogood, Alan R. . Gardening/Botany £3
Secret Gardens of Paris Alexandra D'arnoux Gardening/Botany £8
Seed Growers Guide to Herbs and Wild Flowers no author Gardening/Botany £2
Seeds of Fortune Shephard, Sue. Gardening/Botany £10
Seeing Beyond Fertiliser Trees. A Case Study of a Community Based Participatory Approach to Agroforestry Research and Development in Western Kenya. Kiptot E. Gardening/Botany £20
Sertum Anglicum 1788 De Brutelle Gardening/Botany £15
Seven Gardens or Sixty Years of Gardening E. B. Anderson Gardening/Botany £3
Shrub Roses of Today Graham Stuart Thomas Gardening/Botany £6
Shrubs Jarrold Gardening/Botany £1
Shrubs Aura Garden Guide Gardening/Botany £2
Shrubs and Trees for the Smaller Garden Frances Perry Gardening/Botany £3
Shrubs in Colour A G L Hellyer Gardening/Botany £3
Shrubs in Colour and Cultivation T C Mansfield Gardening/Botany £3
Simple Gardening A J Macself Gardening/Botany £3
Simple Plant Propagation Courtier, Jane. Gardening/Botany £3
Soil Conditions and Plant Growth. 10th. Ed. Russell E. W. Gardening/Botany £10
Some Nineteenth Century Gardeners Geoffrey Taylor Gardening/Botany £5
South African Aloes. Barbara Jeppe Gardening/Botany £15
South African Wild Flowers for the Garden Sima Eliovson Gardening/Botany £10
Southern African Plant Red Data Lists Janice Golding Gardening/Botany £15
Souvenirs D'eden Les Jardins Secrets Du Vatican Jean Louis Soularue Gardening/Botany £10
Sprouts the Miracle Food Steve Meyerowitz, Michael Parman and Beth Robbins. Gardening/Botany £3
Stalking the Good Life Euell Gibbons Gardening/Botany £6
Start to Plant Flower Gardens Graham a Pavey Gardening/Botany £5
Strawberry Growing Complete Edward Hyams Gardening/Botany £3
Streptocarpus Rex Dibley and Gareth Dibley. Gardening/Botany £3
Success With Indoor Ferns Amberger-Ochsenbauer, Susanne. Gardening/Botany £2
Success With Seed The Hardy Plant Society Gardening/Botany £2.5
Success With Unusual Plants Compton, James and Russell, David W. . Gardening/Botany £5
Successful Gardening David Carr Gardening/Botany £3
Summer Annuals Phillips, Roger and Rix, Martyn. Gardening/Botany £3
Summer Garden Glory Adrian Bloom. Gardening/Botany £5
Sustainable Use of Genetic Resources Under the Convention on Biological Diversity. Exploring Access and Benefit Sharing Issues. W. Lesser Gardening/Botany £12
Synopsis of the British Flora John Lindley Gardening/Botany £15
Take Two Plants Ferguson, Nicola. Gardening/Botany £7
Tales of the Rose Tree Brown, Jane. Gardening/Botany £10
Tales of the Rose Tree Brown, Jane. Gardening/Botany £8
Taylors Encylopedia of Gardening no author Gardening/Botany £5
Techniques and Methods of Ethnobotany as an Aid to the Study, Evaluation, Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiersity David R. Given Gardening/Botany £20
That Rock Garden of Ours Frederick E Hulme Gardening/Botany £18
The 500 Best Garden Plants Taylor, Patrick. Gardening/Botany £3
The Alpine Plants of China. Zhang J. (Ed. ) Gardening/Botany £10
The Amateur's Flower Garden Hibberd, Shirley. Gardening/Botany £8
The Arcadian Friends. Inventing the English Landscape Garden. Richardson T. Gardening/Botany £9
The Armchair Book of the Garden Dr D G Hessayon Gardening/Botany £3
The Art of Pebble Mosaics Howarth, Maggy. Gardening/Botany £3
The Book of Old Roses Griffiths, Trevor. Gardening/Botany £4
The Book of the Carnation. Brotherston R. P. Gardening/Botany £10
The Book of the Rose Micahel Gibson Ills Donald Myall Gardening/Botany £8
The Book of the Winter Garden. Fish D. S. Gardening/Botany £8
The Border Book Anna Pavord Gardening/Botany £5
The Botanical Wall Chart. Art From the Golden Age of Scientific Discovery. Laurent A. Gardening/Botany £20
The Bulb Book Paul Schauenberg Gardening/Botany £3
The Checklist of Species, Hybrids, and Cultivars of the Genus Fuchsia Incorporating 1976 Addendum 1, 1978 Addendum 2, 1980 Addendum 3, 1982 Addendum 4 Boullemier, Leo B. Gardening/Botany £8
The Chelsea Flower Shwo Faith & Geoff Whiten Gardening/Botany £4
The Collected Works of Geoffrey Jellicoe: Gardens & Design, Gardens of Europe Volume Ii Jellicoe, Geoffrey Alan. Gardening/Botany £15
The Collingridge Guide to Collectors' Alpines. Their Cultivation in Frames and Alpine Houses. Heath R. E. Gardening/Botany £7
The Colour Garden (Red) Mcdonald, Elvin. Gardening/Botany £3
The Complete Bok of Gardening Alan Titchmarsh Gardening/Botany £3
The Complete Book of Hardy Perennials Richard Bird Gardening/Botany £7
The Complete Books of Gardening Micahel Wright Gardening/Botany £8
The Complete Gardener Thomas Mawe Gardening/Botany £60
The Complete Guide to Conservatory Gardening Seddon, George and Bicknell, Andrew. Gardening/Botany £3
The Complete Guide to Conservatory Plants Bonar, Ann. Gardening/Botany £3
The Complete Guide to Growing Marihuana Dave Fleming Gardening/Botany £5
The Conservatory Abbs, Barbara. Gardening/Botany £3
The Conservatory for Plants & People Toogood, Alan R. . Gardening/Botany £2
The Conservatory Gardener Swithinbank, Anne. Gardening/Botany £7
The Container Garden Nigel Colborn Gardening/Botany £3
The Cool Greenhouse All Year Round L. N. Flawn & V. L. Flawn Gardening/Botany £2.5
The Cornish Garden Cornwall Garden Society Gardening/Botany £9
The Cottage Garden. And the Old-Fashioned Flowers. Genders R. Gardening/Botany £9
The Cottage Gardener George Johnson Gardening/Botany £20
The Cottage Gardener's Companion Lane, Clive, Pat Collison and Taylor, Pat. Gardening/Botany £5
The Craft of the Cottage Garden T a Lowe Gardening/Botany £5
The Cultivation of Asaparagus no author Gardening/Botany £2
The Culture of the Chrysanthemum Keith Luxford Gardening/Botany £6
The Delights of Herb Growing Margaret Brownlow Gardening/Botany £3
The Dianthus Will Ingwersen Gardening/Botany £3
The Dictionary of Indoor Plants Roy Hay, F R Mcquown Gardening/Botany £3
The Dictionary of Shrubs in Colour Crowson, Ernest. Gardening/Botany £5
The Dried Flower Garden Mitchell, Ann K. , Mallett, Yvonne, Silver, Chris and Bonsall, Derick. Gardening/Botany £4
The Dry Garden. Chatto B. Gardening/Botany £12
The Easy Care Garden Steven Williams Gardening/Botany £3
The English Flower Garden J O Baker Gardening/Botany £2
The English Garden Laurence Fleming & Alan Gore Gardening/Botany £5
The English Garden Edwin Hyams Gardening/Botany £12
The English Garden Abroad Quest-Ritson, Charles. Gardening/Botany £8
The English Heather Garden D Fyfe Maxwell & P. S. Patrick Gardening/Botany £3
The English Landscape Garden Hadfield, Miles. Gardening/Botany £4
The English Rock Garden 2 Vols Reginald Farrer Gardening/Botany £15
The English Rock-Garden. 2 Vols. Farrer R. Gardening/Botany £20
The Englishman's Flora Geoffrey Grigson Gardening/Botany £15
The Englishman's Flora. Grigson G. Gardening/Botany £15
The Englishman's Garden Lees-Milne, Alvilde and Verey, Rosemary. Gardening/Botany £3
The Englishmans Garden Alvilde Lees-Milne and Rosemary Verey Gardening/Botany £8
The Essential Gardener Buczacki, Stefan. Gardening/Botany £6
The Essentials of Bonsai no author Gardening/Botany £5
The Faber Book of Gardens Robinson, Phil Gardening/Botany £10
The Finest Plants for the Garden author not listed Gardening/Botany £3
The Flower Garden E. R. Janes Gardening/Botany £3
The Flower Garden in England Richard Gorer Gardening/Botany £3
The Flower Garden in England Richard Gorer Gardening/Botany £3
The Flower Garden in England Richard Gorer Gardening/Botany £5
The Flower Patch Garden Book Flora Klickmann Gardening/Botany £8
The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Denbighshire Jean A. Green Gardening/Botany £10
The Forest Industrial Sector of Russia: Opportunity Awaiting Charles A. Backman Gardening/Botany £40
The Forest Service and the Greatest Good Lewis, James P. . Gardening/Botany £10
The Fragrant Garden John Hemphill and Rosemary Hemphill Gardening/Botany £6
The Fragrant Garden H L v Fletcher Gardening/Botany £3
The Fragrant Year Helen Van Pelt Wilson & Leonie Bell Gardening/Botany £6
The Furnished Landscape Patrick Nuttgens Gardening/Botany £3
The Garden as I Know It An Unspeakable Scot Gardening/Botany £4
The Garden Gate Verey, Rosemary. Gardening/Botany £1.5
The Garden Triumphant Stuart, David. Gardening/Botany £6
The Gardener's Diary in Colour Bowler, Vivien. Gardening/Botany £6
The Gardener's Guide to Growing Cannas Cooke, Ian Gardening/Botany £5
The Gardener's Guide to Rare, Exotic and Difficult Plants Foster, Raymond. Gardening/Botany £6
The Gardener's Guide to Rare, Exotic and Difficult Plants Foster, Raymond. Gardening/Botany £5
The Gardener's London Macleod, Dawn. Gardening/Botany £8
The Gardeners Du Boulay, Shirley. Gardening/Botany £5
The Gardeners Assistant Vol Iv William Watson Gardening/Botany £5
The Gardeners' Book Craig, Diana. Gardening/Botany £3
The Gardening Handbookgardening Handbook, The Peter Machoypeter Machoy Gardening/Botany £5
The Gardening Year. Reader's Digest. Gardening/Botany £7
The Gardens and Parks at Hampton Court Palace Longstaffe-Gowan, Todd and Russell, Vivian. Gardening/Botany £7
The Gardens in the Royal Park at Windsor Lanning Roper Gardening/Botany £5
The Gardens of Buckingham Palace Peter Coats Gardening/Botany £3
The Gardens of Winterthur in All Seasons. Bruce H. Gardening/Botany £8
The Genius of Gardening Thacker, Christopher. Gardening/Botany £7
The Gladiolus 1944 no author Gardening/Botany £5
The Glorious Trees of Great Britain. Browne P. Gardening/Botany £20
The Glory of the English Garden Keen, Mary and Perry, Clay. Gardening/Botany £10
The Golden Age of Botanical Art. Rix M. Gardening/Botany £20
The Great American Forest Rutherford Platt Gardening/Botany £5
The Great Gardens of Europe Eliana Ferioli Gardening/Botany £3
The Great Lakes Forest Flader, Susan. Gardening/Botany £5
The Greatest Glass House the Rainforest Recreated Sue Minter Gardening/Botany £12
The Harry Wheatcroft Book of Roses no author Gardening/Botany £4
The Herb Bible: The Ultimate Herb Reference Book Peter Mchoy,Pamela Westland Gardening/Botany £5
The Herbal of the Count Palatine Trew, Christoph Jacob, Ehret, Georg Dionysius and Blackwell, Elizabeth. Gardening/Botany £5
The Herbarium Handbook. Bridson D. & Forman L. (Eds) Gardening/Botany £15
The History of the Rose in the Holy Land Throughout the Ages Asaph Goor Gardening/Botany £10
The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening, a Practical and Scientific Encyclopaedia of Horticulture, Etc. 3 Vols. Only (Of 4). Nicholson G. Gardening/Botany £15
The Illustration of Plants and Gardens 1500 - 1850 Vera Kaden Gardening/Botany £6
The Independent Order of Foresters Warren Potter and Robert Oliver Gardening/Botany £3
The Indolent Gardener. William C. Pryor Gardening/Botany £10
The Indoor Garden Readers Digest Gardening/Botany £3
The John Tradescants Leith-Ross, Prudence. Gardening/Botany £9
The John Tradescants: Gardeners to the Rose and Lily Queen Leith-Ross, Prudence. Gardening/Botany £5
The Joy of the Ground. Cran M. Gardening/Botany £30
The Landscaped Rock and Water Garden Frank W Orme Gardening/Botany £5
The Life and Times of the Rose Cowles, Fleur. Gardening/Botany £5
The Little Green Book of Gardening: 250 Tips for an Eco Lifestyle Diane Mills Gardening/Botany £2.5
The London Town Garden 1740-1840 Longstaffe-Gowan, Todd Gardening/Botany £15
The Lore and Legends of Flowers Robert L. Crowell Ills Anne Ophelia Dowden Gardening/Botany £10
The Lost Gardens of Heligan Tim Smit Gardening/Botany £5
The Lotus Book of Water Gardening Bill Heritgae Gardening/Botany £2
The Lotus Book of Water Gardening Bill Heritage Gardening/Botany £2
The Magic Tree National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens. Gardening/Botany £7
The Making of the English Garden Girling, Richard and Rose, Graham. Gardening/Botany £6
The Man Who Painted Roses - Pieere Joseph Redoute Antonia Ridge Gardening/Botany £5
The Manual of Cultivated Orchid Species. Bechtel H. , Cribb P. & Launert E. Gardening/Botany £12
The Manuleae. A Tribe of Scrophulariaceae. Hilliard O. M. Gardening/Botany £12
The Miniature Palms of Japan Yoshihiro Okita and Hollenberg, J. Leland. Gardening/Botany £6
The Miracle Houseplants Virgine F. & George A. Elbert Gardening/Botany £3
The Mixed Border Lloyd, Christopher. Gardening/Botany £3
The Modern Garden G. C. Taylor Gardening/Botany £5
The Mystic Garden Swinscow, T. D. V. Gardening/Botany £4
The Naming of Names. The Search for Order in the World of Plants. Pavord A. Gardening/Botany £12
The National Botanic Garden of Wales author not listed Gardening/Botany £9
The Natural Gardens of North Carolina Wells, Bertram Whittier. Gardening/Botany £3
The Naturalist's Garden Feltwell, John. Gardening/Botany £3
The New Practical Window Gardener Being Practical Directions for the Cultivation of Flowering and Foliage Plants Etc. Mollison J. R. Gardening/Botany £45
The New Small Garden Lady Allen of Hurtwoos & Susan Jellicoe Gardening/Botany £3.5
The New Small Garden Lady Allen of Hurtwood & Susan Jellicoe Gardening/Botany £5
The New York Botanical Garden Tripp, Kim E. , Todd Forrest, Long, Gregory A. And Skillion, Anne. Gardening/Botany £15
The New York Botanical Garden Tanner, Ogden and Auchincloss, Adele. Gardening/Botany £3
The Observer Good Gardening Guide Joy Larkcom, Arthur Hellyer, Peter Dodd Gardening/Botany £6
The Orchid-Grower's Manual, Etc. Williams B. S. Gardening/Botany £10
The Organic Garden Sue Stickland. Gardening/Botany £3
The Oxford Companion to Gardens Goode, Patrick and Lancaster, Michael. Gardening/Botany £9
The Oxford Companion to Gardens. Jellicoe G. Et Al (Eds. ) Gardening/Botany £12
The Oxford Companion to the Garden author not listed Gardening/Botany £8
The Peat Garden and Its Plants Alfred Evans Gardening/Botany £6
The Penguin Encyclopedia of Gardening Huxley, Anthony Julian. Gardening/Botany £5
The Penguin Encyclopedia of Gardening Huxley, Anthony Julian. Gardening/Botany £5
The Perfect Plants for Every Place: Choosing the Best Plants for Your Garden Susan Berry,Steve Bradley Gardening/Botany £5
The Planetary Garden and Other Writings Gilles Clement Gardening/Botany £12
The Plantfinder's Guide to Ornamental Grasses. Roger Grounds Gardening/Botany £8
The Pleasure Garden Anne Scott-James & Osbert Lancaster Gardening/Botany £6
The Pleasures of Gardening Buchan, Ursula. Gardening/Botany £6
The Pockey Gallery of Art - Roses no author Gardening/Botany £3
The Poison Diaries Duchess of Northumberland Gardening/Botany £7
The Political Economy of Forest Use and Management Nadkarni, Mangesh Venktesh, Pasha, Syed Ajmal and Prabhakar, L. S. . Gardening/Botany £3
The Pollination of Flowers. Proctor M. & Yeo P. Gardening/Botany £60
The Polyanthus Roy Genders Gardening/Botany £3
The Pond Specialist : The Essential Guide to Designing, Building, Improving and Maintaining Ponds and Water Features (Specialist Series) Gill Bridgewater Gardening/Botany £3
The Practical Gardener Readers Digest Gardening/Botany £3
The Present Day Rock Garden Sampson Clay Gardening/Botany £5
The Propagation of Alpine Plants and Dwarf Bulbs Halliwell, Brian. Gardening/Botany £5
The Queens Hidden Garden David Bellamy Marjorie Lyon Gardening/Botany £3
The Rock Garden. Jenkins E. H. Gardening/Botany £7
The Rock Gardeners Handbook Alan Titchmarsh Gardening/Botany £3
The Rose Clements, Julia. Gardening/Botany £6
The Rose Annual 1946 Courtney Page Gardening/Botany £3
The Rose Expert. Hessayon D. G. Gardening/Botany £3
The Rose Garden Cyril C. Harris Gardening/Botany £3
The Royal Gardens in Windsor Great Park Lyte, Charles. Gardening/Botany £3
The Salad Garden Arter, Elisabeth. Gardening/Botany £3
The Salad Garden Arter, Elisabeth. Gardening/Botany £3
The Shell Gardens Book Peter Hunt Gardening/Botany £5
The Shell Guide to Gardens Arthur Hellyer Gardening/Botany £3
The Shell Guide to the Gardens of England and Wales Sarah Hollis and Moore, Derry. Gardening/Botany £3
The Shell to Gardens Arthur Hellyer Gardening/Botany £3
The Sinharaja Forest 1972 Th. W Hoffmann Gardening/Botany £1.5
The Speaking Garden Edward Hyams Gardening/Botany £3
The Spring Garden Michael Jefferson Brown Gardening/Botany £3
The Startling Jungle Lacey, Stephen. Gardening/Botany £6
The Story of a Man and a Garden Howard H Callaway Gardening/Botany £2
The Story of Gardening Hobhouse, Penelope. Gardening/Botany £10
The Story of My Rock Garden Reginald A. Malby Gardening/Botany £10
The Story of My Rock Garden Reginald a Gardening/Botany £3
The Strawberry Into the 21st Century Dale, Adam and Luby, James P. . Gardening/Botany £10
The Summer Garden Jill Billington Gardening/Botany £5
The Thrifty Gardener Alys Fowler Gardening/Botany £10
The Timber Press Dictionary of Plant Names. Erhardt W. Et Al Gardening/Botany £15
The Transplanted Gardener Elliott, Charles. Gardening/Botany £5
The Treasury of Flowers Alice M. Coats Gardening/Botany £8
The Trees, Shrubs, and Plants of Virgil. Sargeaunt J. Gardening/Botany £10
The Tuberous Begonia Brian Langdon Gardening/Botany £3
The Tuberous Begonia Brian Langdon Gardening/Botany £3
The Tulip Pavord, Anna. Gardening/Botany £8
The Use of Herbicides in the Forest Willoughby, Ian and Dewar, Jim. Gardening/Botany £3
The Victorian Flower Garden Geoffrey Taylor Gardening/Botany £3
The Victorian Flower Garden. Davies, Jennifer. Gardening/Botany £5
The Victorian Flower Garden. Davies, Jennifer. Gardening/Botany £4.5
The Victorians and Their Flowers Nicolette Scourse Gardening/Botany £9
The Water Garden Plumptre, George and Palmer, Hugh. Gardening/Botany £7
The Water Gardening Handbook John Dawes Gardening/Botany £6
The Weekend Gardener Max Davidson Gardening/Botany £3
The Well-Furnished Garden Balston, Michael Gardening/Botany £5
The Wheat Industry in Australia. Callaghan A. R. & Millington A. J. Gardening/Botany £8
The Wisley Book of Gardening no author Gardening/Botany £5
The Wood and the Trees: Augustine Henry Sheila Pim Gardening/Botany £7
The World of Kew Carolyn Fry Gardening/Botany £7
The World of Roses Betram Park Gardening/Botany £8
The Writer in the Garden Evans, Roger Gardening/Botany £3.5
Three Seasons of Summer Clarke, Ethne and Heuff, Marijke. Gardening/Botany £6
Timber a Centenary History of the Timber Trade Fereration 1892-1992 Robert Fitzgerald Gardening/Botany £8
Tomorrow's Table Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food Ronald, Pamela C. zzeverfasserzz0(De-588)136123805 Gardening/Botany £5
Toms Weeds Mea Allan Gardening/Botany £5
Transitory Gardens, Uprooted Lives Diana Balmori and Margaret Morton Gardening/Botany £15
Trees and Shrubs in Garden Design Raymond Foster Gardening/Botany £5
Trees of Southern Africa. Palgrave K. C. Gardening/Botany £12
Tresco Abbey Garden Mike Nelhams Gardening/Botany £3
Tropical Deforestation a Socio Economic Approach C. J. Jepma Gardening/Botany £10
Tropical Rain Forests of the Far East. Whitmore T. C. Gardening/Botany £48
Tthe Gardeners Bedside Book Kenneth A. Beckett Gardening/Botany £5
Tulips: The Complete Guide to Selecting and Growing Sam Benvie. Gardening/Botany £3
Twentieth Century Gardening Charles Eley Gardening/Botany £5
Variegated Plants Conder, Susan and Lawson, Andrew J. . Gardening/Botany £10
Visions of Arcadia Woods, May. Gardening/Botany £8
Visions of Arcadia. European Gardens From Renaissance to Rococo. Woods M. Gardening/Botany £8
Wagtails Book of Fuchsias Vol Iii Eilen Saunders Gardening/Botany £10
Water Features for Your Garden. Peter Mchoy Gardening/Botany £2
Water Gardening Fracnes Perry Gardening/Botany £5
Water Gardening Swindells, Philip Gardening/Botany £3
Water Gardening Philip Swindells Gardening/Botany £3
Water Gardening Stein, Siegfried. Gardening/Botany £2
Water Gardens Frances Perry Gardening/Botany £2
Water Gardens Roddy Llewellyn Gardening/Botany £2
Water Gardens Bird, Richard Miller and Huntington, Lucy. Gardening/Botany £3
Wayside and Woodland Blossoms. 3 Vols. Step E. Gardening/Botany £25
Wayside and Woodland Blossoms. A Guide to British Wild-Flowers. 3 Vols. Step E. Gardening/Botany £35
Weed Guide. Schering Agriculture Gardening/Botany £8
West Country Gardens Sales, John. Gardening/Botany £4.5
West Midland Gardens Ron Sidwell Gardening/Botany £3
Western American Alpines. Gabrielson I. N. Gardening/Botany £8
Westmorland Rock Garden no author Gardening/Botany £3
Westonbirt Deni Bown Gardening/Botany £3
Who Does Your Garden Grow? Alex Pankhurst. Gardening/Botany £5
Wild and Old Garden Roses Gordon Edwards Gardening/Botany £6
Wild Flowers of Chalk & Limestone. Lousley J. E. Gardening/Botany £12
Wild Orchids of Britain With a Key to the Species. Summerhayes V. S. Gardening/Botany £30
Wild Orchids of Britain With a Key to the Species. Summerhayes V. S. Gardening/Botany £30
Wildlife Garden Roy Vickery Gardening/Botany £3
Winter Flowering Plants C H Middleton Gardening/Botany £2
Winter Gardening Steve Bradley Gardening/Botany £8
With Broadax and Firebrand Dean, Warren. Gardening/Botany £5
Woodland Garden A G Puttock Gardening/Botany £3
Woodland Plants and Sun Lovers Harold & Joan Bawden Gardening/Botany £3
World of Flowers Geoffrey Smith Gardening/Botany £3
Yesterdays Gardens Alastair Forsyth Gardening/Botany £3
Zen Rock Gardening Abd Al Hayy Moore Gardening/Botany £3
Quilts Colouring Book no author Gift £3
A Common Glory Middlemiss, Bob Historical Novels £7
Bellary Bay John Welcome Historical Novels £12
Cassandra, Princess of Troy Bailey, Hilary Historical Novels £8
Free Lance George Shipway Historical Novels £7.5
Tamburlaine Must Die Louise Welsh. Historical Novels £4.5
The Long Ships Frans G Bengtsson Historical Novels £30
The Vinegar Tree Maureen Peters Historical Novels £15
1066 the Year of the Three Battles Mclynn, Frank. History £18
'Farmer ' George's Black Sheep - the Lives & Loves of George Iii's Siblings Charles Neilson Gattey History £8
'O Horrable Murder': The Trial, Execution and Burial of King Charles I Partridge, Robert B. History £8
'This is War!': The Diaries and Journalism of Anthony Cotterell, 1940-1944 Jennie Gray History £7.5
1066 Plague War and Hellfire Rebecca Rideal History £9.5
1848: Year of Revolution Rapport-Mike History £6
313 Days to Christmas a Human Record of War and Imprisonment Mackay, alanzzeverfasserzz0(De-588)157122123 History £7.5
50 Years of Service O. G. Goring History £3.5
A Battlefield Atlas of the English Civil War Baker-Anthony History £5
A Bibliography of Modern History Roach(ed) History £10
A Bibliography of Printed Works Relating to Oxfordshire Cordeaux and Merry History £10
A Brief History of the Tudor Age Jasper Ridley History £3
A Brief Stop on the Road From Auschwitz Rosenberg, Göran History £8.5
A Century of the Scottish People, 1830-1950 Smout, T. C. History £3
A Collection of the State Papers of John Thurloe, Esq; Secretary, First, to the Council of State, and Afterwards to the Two Protectors Oliver and Richard Cromwell. In Seven Volumes. Containing the . . . . . . . Vol. Iv. Only Thomas Birch M. A. F. R. S History £75
A Concise History of Mexico From Hidalgo to Crdenas, 1805-1940 Bazant, Jan. History £4
A Dedicated Life - Tributes Offered in Memory of Rosalind Moss Edited by T. G. H. James and J. Malek History £7.5
A Dictionary of European Land Battles Sweetman, John. History £9.5
A Distant Mirror - the Calamitous 14th Century Barbara Tuchman History £10
A Girl at Government House - an English Girl's Rem,Iniscences: "Below Stairs" in Colonial Australia Edited by Helen Vellacott History £8
A Great and Glorious Adventure no author History £20
A Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of the Swansea Region Stephen Hughes, Paul Reynolds History £10
A Handlist of Inclosure Acts and Awards Relating to the County of Oxford author not listed History £7.5
A Help to English History Peter Heylyn History £150
A History of Archaeological Thought Trigger, Bruce G. History £12.5
A History of Britain - at the Edge of the World - 3000 Bc-Ad 1603 Simon Schama History £7.5
A History of Britain - at the Edge of the World? 3000bc-ad1603 Schama, Simon. History £10
A History of Eastern Europe Since the Middle Ages By Emil Niederhauser; Translated by PÚ³Al BۀOdy History £20
A History of England - Early Medieval England M. T. Glanchy History £12
A History of England - England in the Later Middle Ages M. H. Keen History £12
A History of England - England Under the Tudors G. R. Elton History £12
A History of Modern Britain Marr, Andrew. History £6
A History of Modern Germany - the Reformation Hajo Holborn History £12
A History of Private Life - From Pagan Rome to Byzantium Editor Paul Beyne. Translator Arthur Goldhammer History £9.5
A History of the Forest of Exmoor Edward T. Macdermot History £16
A History of the Japanese People - From the Earliest Times to the End of the Meiji Era Capt. F. Brinkley, R. A. History £50
A History of the Roman World From 30 B. C. To A. D. 138 Salmon, Edward Togo. History £6.5
A Journal of the Siege of Gibraltar 1779-1783 Captain Spilsbury, 12th Regiment History £125
A Libation to the Gods - the Story of the Roman Aqueducts E. M. Winslow History £10
A Man of Singular Virtue William Roper History £6
A Memoir of Baron Bunsen: Two Volumes Frances Baroness Bunsen History £75
A More Perfect Union Holistic Worldviews and the Transformation of American Culture After World War Ii Linda Sargent Wood History £12
A More Perfect Union Holistic Worldviews and the Transformation of American Culture After World War Ii Linda Sargent Wood History £12
A Nervous Splendour - Vienna 1888 - 1889 Frederic Morton History £12
A New Face on the Countryside: Indians, Colonists, and Slaves in South Atlantic Forests, 1500-1800 Timothy Silver History £10
A Pacifist at War: The Silence of Francis Cammaerts Jenkins, Ray. History £12
A People's History of Britain Fraser, Rebecca. History £8
A Short History of the Netherlands (Holland and Belgium) Alexander Young History £55
A Stranger to Khaki: Memoirs of a National Service Officer Weston, Peter. History £7
A Venetian Affair Andrea Di Robilant. History £8
A. W. Franks: Nineteenth-Century Collecting and the British Museum Edited by Majorie Caygill and John Cherry History £16
Ad 43 Manley, John. History £7.5
Aegean Prehistory: A Review Edited by Tracey Cullen History £15
After Livingstone - an African Trade Romance Fred L, M. Moir History £7
Against the Barbarians, and Other Reflections on Familiar Themes M. E. Bradford History £30
Agents of Empire: Spanish Ambassadors in Sixteenth-Century Italy Michael J. Levin History £14
Agriculture in China's Modern Economic Development Lardy, Nicholas R. . History £3
Albert Speer: His Battle With Truth Sereny, Gitta. History £3
Albert: Uncrowned King Weintraub, Stanley History £10
Always Among Us: Images of the Poor in Zwingli's Zurich Wandel, Lee Palmer. History £8.5
America and the Return of Nazi Contraband: The Recovery of Europe's Cultural Treasures Michael J. Kurtz, History £10
American Chimney Sweeps - an Historical Account of a Once Important Trade George Lewis Phillips History £10
American Emperor: Aaron Burr's Challenge to Jefferson's America David O. Stewart, History £9
Among the Dead Cities: Was the Allied Bombing of Civilians in Wwii a Necessity or a Crime Grayling, A. C. History £7.5
An Account of the Preservation of King Charles Ii. After the Battle of Worcester Drawn Up by Himself. To Which Are Added, His Letters to Several Persons King Charles Ii History £100
An American Aristocracy: Southern Planters in Antebellum Philadelphia Daniel Kilbride, History £12
An Atlas of Middle Eastern Affairs Kinsbury & Pounds History £7.5
An Economic History of Modern Britain: Machines and National Rivalries (1887-1914) With and Epilogue (1914-1918) Sir John Clapham History £8.5
An Economic History of Modern Britain: The Early Railway Age 1820-1850 J. H. Clapham History £8.5
An Encyclopedia of World History - Ancient, Medieval and Modern, Chronologically Arranged Compiled and Edited by William L. Langer History £25
An Illuminated Chronicle - Some Light on the Dark Ages of Saint Milburga's Lifetime Mary Gifford Brown History £6.5
An Island Polity the Archaeology of Exploitation in Melos Edited by Colin Renfrew and Malcolm Wagstaff History £30
Ancient Greek Democracy: Readings and Sources Edited by Eric W. Robinson History £14
Anglo-Ottoman Encounters in the Age of Revolution: Collected Essays: Volume One Allan Cunningham Edited by Edward Ingram History £35
Anglo-Saxon Charters - an Annotated List and Bibliography P. H. Sawyer History £8.5
Annual Register of Officers and Members of the Society of Colonial Wars Published by Authority of the General Assembley History £20
Anyone Here Been Raped Anthony Behr History £8
Archaeologia no author History £8
Archaeologia or Miscellandous Tracts Relating to Antiquity - Volume Cii (Second Series, Volume Lii) no author History £14
Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Published by the Society of Antiquaries of London Volume Xcvi (Second Series, Volume Xlvi) no author History £14
Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity - Volume Cv (Second Series, Volume Lv) no author History £15
Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity - Index to Volumes 51-100 (Second Series, Volumes 1-50) no author History £8
Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity - Volume Cix no author History £14
Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity - Volume Cviii no author History £12
Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity - Volume Ciii (Second Series, Volume Liii) no author History £14
Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity - Volume Cvii no author History £12
Archaeology and Women: Ancient and Modern Issues Edited by Sue Hamilton, Ruth D. Whitehouse and Katherine I. Wright History £20
Archaeology, the Basics Gamble, Clive. History £4
Aristophanes Against War - the Acharnians - the Peace - Lysistrata Translated by Patric Dickinson History £7
Armada - 1588-1988 ( Official Catalogue) Rodrguez-Salgado, M. J. And Rodrg?Uez-Salgado, M. J. . History £5.5
Art and Production in the World of the Caesars T. J. Cornell, M. H. Crawford, J. A. North History £7.5
Art and Thought in the Hellenistic Age - the Greek World View 350-50bc John Onians History £12
As Big as the West: The Pioneer Life of Granville Stuart Clyde A. Milner Ii and Carol A. O'connor History £12
Aspects of Anglo-Scandinavian York Hall, Richard History £15
Aspects of European History, 1494-1789zzh[Electronic Resource] Lee, Stephen J. History £4
Aspects of Medieval Wakefield and Its Legacy By John Goodchild History £10
Aspects of Saxo-Norman London: Ii - Finds and Environmental Evidence Edited by Alan Vince History £30
Assassination: A History of Political Murder Porter, Lindsay. History £8.5
At the Heart of a Tiger: Clemenceau and His World 1841-1929 Dallas, Gregor. History £12
Athenian Officials, 684-321 B. C Robert Develin History £75
Athens: Its Rise and Fall (In Two Volumes) Vol. I and Vol. Ii Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton History £10
Augustus Jonathan Edmondson, Ed History £75
Australia's Ambivalence Towards Asia Jv D'cruz and William Steele History £10
Authority and Conflict: England 1603-1658 Hirst, Derek. History £5
Ayesha's Gift Martin Sixsmith History £14
Bandit Territories: British Outlaw Traditions Helen Phillips History £10
Banker, Traitor, Scapegoat, Spy: The Troublesome Case of Sir Edgar Speyer Lentin, A. History £6.5
Bannockburn 1314: A New History Brown, Chris History £7
Be Your Own House Detective: Tracing the Hidden History of Your Own House Mac Dowdy,David Austin,Judith Miller History £6.5
Before the Revolution - a View of Russia Under the Last Tzar Kyril Fitzlyon and Tatiana Browning History £7.5
Belisarius the Last Roman General Hughes, Ian History £20
Bending Adversity Japan and the Art of Survival David Pilling History £10
Beneath Another Sky: A Global Journey Into History Norman Davies History £20
Benjamin Franklin's Vision of American Community: A Study in Rhetorical Iconology Lester C. Olson History £15
Benjamin Franklin's Vision of American Community: A Study in Rhetorical Iconology Lester C. Olson History £15
Bishop Fell and Nonconformity - Visitation Documents From the Oxford Diocese, 1682-83 - Volume Lii Edited by Mary Clapinson History £7
Bitter Freedom: William Stone's Record of Service in the Freedmen's Bureau Suzanne Stone Johnson (Editor), Robert Allison Johnson (Editor), Lou Falkner Williams (Introduction) History £9
Blazing Star: Earl of Rochester Alexander Larman History £20
Blessington-D'orsay Sadleir History £7.5
Blood Rites Barbara Enhrenreich History £7.5
Bloody Mary: The Life of Mary Tudor Erickson,Carolly History £7.5
Bolivar Salvador De Madariaga History £8.5
Book of Viking Age England Richards, J. D. History £8.5
Boots on the Ground - Britain and Her Army Since 1945 General Sir Richard Dannatt History £10
Borrowed Time: The Story of Britain Between the Wars Hattersley, Roy. History £6
Boundaries in China Edited by John Hay History £35
Brenhinedd Y Saesson or the Kings of the Saxons Trans. Thomas Jones History £40
Bridging the Gap - Reminiscences Smorczewski, Ralph. History £16
Britain After the Glorious Revolution 1689-1714 Edited by Geoffrey Holmes History £7.5
Britain and the Commonwealth H. Victor Wiseman History £7
Britain Then & Now Ziegler, Philip. History £8
Britannia: 100 Documents That Shaped a Nation Graham Stewart History £15
British Archives: A Guide to Archive Resources in the United Kingdom Janet Foster & Julia Sheppard History £7.5
British School at Athens - the First Hundred Years Helen Waterhouse History £10
Burned Bridges Nichevo History £8
By Permission of Heaven: The Story of the Great Fire of London Tinniswood, Adrian History £10
Byzantine and Medieval Cyprus: A Guide to Monuments Parthog, Gwynneth Der. History £18
Caesar Against the Celts Jiménez, Ramon L. History £15
Calendar of the Correspondence of Philip Doddridge Dd 91702-1751) Geoffrey F. Nuttall History £8
Calendar of the Court Books of the Borough of New Woodstock 1588-15945 - Volume No. 63 Edited by Royston F Taylor History £8
Calendar of the Court Books of the Borough of New Woodstock 1588-1595 Edited by Royston F Taylor History £10
Calendar of the Court Books of the Borough of Witney 1538-1610 Edited by James L. Bolton and Marjorie M. Maslen History £10
Calendar of the Court Books of the Borough of Witney 1538-1610 - Volume Liv Edited by James L. Bolton and Majorie M. Maslen History £7
Came the Dawn - 50 Years an Army Officer Brigadier Paul Crook History £7.5
Cannington Cemetery - Britainnia Monograph Series No 17 Philip Rahtz, Sue Hirst and Susan M. Wright History £20
Captain Sam Brady Marie Mcclure History £2.5
Captives: Britain, Empire and the World, 1600-1850 Colley, Linda. History £12.5
Castle Street: The Pottery Cynthia Gaskell Brown History £20
Castles Burning a Childs Life in War Magda Denes History £3
Catalogue of Tracts of the Civil War and Commonwealth Period Relating to Wales and the Borders no author History £7.5
Catherine the Great Rounding,Virginia History £5.5
Celtic Warrington and Other Mysteries - Book Two - East to South Mark Olly History £8.5
Celtic Warriors, 400 Bc-1600 Ad Newark, Timothy. History £6
Centuries of Darkness: A Challenge to the Conventional Chronology of Old World Archaeology James, Peter History £10.5
Champagne and Shambles: The Arkwrights and the Downfall of the Landed Aristocracy Beale, Catherine. History £12.5
Chichester Excavations 3 Alec Down History £12
Chichester Excavations Ii Alec Down History £9
Children of Fire: A History of African Americans Thomas C. Holt, History £9
Children of the Ghetto Israel Zangwill History £6.5
Children Working Underground R. Meurig Evans History £2
China and the American Dream Madsen, Richard. History £3.5
China, Hong King, Taiwan, Inc Willem Van Kemenade History £3
Christopher Columbus: The Grand Design Taviani, Paolo Emilio. History £12
Chronicle of the Roman Emperors: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial Rome Scarre, Christopher. History £9.5
Chronicles of the Age of Chivalry Elizabethl Hallam History £7.5
Church and Chapel in Oxfordshire 1851 - the Return of the Census of Religious Worship - Volume 55 Edited by Kate Tiller History £7
Cicero and the Roman Republic F. R. Cowell History £3
Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution Simon Schama History £10
Civilization: The West and the Rest Ferguson, Niall. History £7.5
Clarendon's History of the Great Rebellion no author History £15
Clarendon's History of the Great Rebellion: Folio No 237 no author History £10
Claros Varones De Castilla: A Critical Edition With Introduction and Notes by Robert Brian Tate Fernando Del Pulgar History £10
Class Conflict, Slavery, and the United States Constitution Staughton Lynd History £7.5
Classical Art and the Cultures of Greece and Rome Onians, John History £15
Claudius - Emperor of Rome, Conqueror of Britain Douglas Jackson History £12
Cleopatra: Last Queen of Egypt Tyldesley, Joyce A. History £9.5
Coal and Men Watkins History £12.5
Conan Doyle - Portrait of an Artist Julian Symonds History £7.5
Confronting the Classics Traditions, Adventures and Innovations Beard, Mary History £9.5
Conquest - the Roman Invasion of Britain John Peddie History £10
Conquest and Colonisation: The Normans in Britain, 1066-1100 Golding, Brian. History £4.5
Conquest: The Roman Invasion of Britain Peddie, John History £7.5
Cornwall in Prehistory Rowe, Toni-Maree. History £8.5
Criminal Ancestors: A Guide to Historical Criminal Records in England and Wales Hawkings, David T. History £7.5
Cromwell to Cromwell: Reformation to Civil War Schofield, John History £4.5
Crusader Castles Kennedy, Hugh History £25
Cry Hungary!: Uprising 1956 Gadney, Reg History £8
Culture and Contradiction : Dialectics of Wealth, Power, and Symbol Hermine G. De Soto History £15
Culture and Society in Britain, 1850-1890: A Source Book of Contemporary Writings Edited by J. M. Golby History £7.5
Culture in Australia: Policies, Publics and Programs Edited by Tony Bennett, David Carter History £8.5
Darling Monster: The Letters of Lady Diana Cooper to Her Son John Julius Norwich, 1939-1952 Cooper, Diana History £10
Dartmoor Stone Stephen H. Woods History £40
David Stukeley - Science, Religion and Archaeology in Eighteenth Century England David Boyd Haycock History £35
Days of Fear Frank Gallagher History £45
Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There is Another Way for Africa Moyo, Dambisa. History £6.5
Dear Lupin. . . . . . Letters to a Wayward Son Roger Mortimer and Charlie Mortimer History £7.5
Death by Fame: A Life of Elisabeth, Empress of Austria Sinclair, Andrew. History £8
Debs at War, 1939-1945: How Wartime Changed Their Lives De Courcy, Anne. History £6
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Volumes 1-3 and Volumes 4-6 in Slipcase Edward Gibbon History £60
Defying Rome: The Rebels of Roman Britain De La Bédoyère, Guy. History £10
Delphi Peter Hoyle History £6.5
Democracy, Empire, and the Arts in Fifth-Century Athens Edited by Deborah Boedeker and Kurt A. Raaflaub History £20
Diamonds in the Desertn - the Story of August Stauch and His Times Olga Levinson History £15
Dianne De Poytiers Marie Hay History £12.5
Dinorben - a Hill-Fort Occupied in Early Iron Age and Roman Times Excavations, 1912-69 Willoughby Gardner and H. N. Savory History £15
Discovery Programme Reports 6. Geomagnetic Survey on the Hill of Tara, Co. Meath 1998-9; Excavations at Raith Na Rig, Co. Meath, 1997 Joe Fenwick and Conor Newman; Helen Roche Et Al History £20
Division & Discord: The Supreme Court Under Stone and Vinson, 1941-1953 (Chief Justiceships of the United States Supreme Court) Melvin I. Urofsky, History £7.5
Division & Discord: The Supreme Court Under Stone and Vinson, 1941-1953 (Chief Justiceships of the United States Supreme Court) Melvin I. Urofsky, History £7.5
Divorced, Beheaded, Died: The History of Britain's Kings and Queens in Bite-Sized Chunks Flude, Kevin. History £4
Down the Dig: Monmouth - an Adventure in Archaeology Stephen Clarke History £10
Dragon Lady - the Life and Legend of the Last Empress of China Seagrave, Sterling. History £15
Dreadnought: Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War Robert K. Massie History £6
Dress Accessories, C. 1150-C. 1450 Egan, Geoff. History £15
Dwin Bramall Michael Tillotson, Sir Alistair Horne and Horne, Alistair. History £15
Dying and Death in Later Anglo-Saxon England Victoria Thompson History £12
Eaa 19 Two Post-Medieval Eartherware Pottery Groups From Fulmodeston Near Fakenham, Norfolk Peter Wade-Martins Ills by Susan White History £7.5
Early Sparta G. L. Huxley History £7.5
East Anglian Archaeology Report No. 9 Norfolk North Elmham (Vol Ii) no author History £8
East Anglian Archaeology - Report No. 8 Norfolk Norfolk Archaeological Unit History £6
East Anglian Archaeology Report No. 1 Suffolk Suffolk County Council History £10
East Anglian Archaeology Report No. 10 Norfolk - Village Sites in Launditch Hundred Peter Wade-Martins History £7
East Anglian Archaeology Report No. 15 Excavations in Norwich 1971-1978 Part I Editor: Aan Carter History £8
East Anglian Archaeology Report No. 2 Norfolk Norfolk Archaeological Unit History £12
East Anglian Archaeology Report No. 5 Norfolk Norfolk Archaeological Unit History £10
East of Trebizond Michael Pereira History £10
Edward Iv Ross, Charles Derek. History £15
Edwina - Countess Mountbatten of Burma Richard Hough History £7.5
Edwina Mountbatten: A Life of Her Own Morgan, Janet P. History £8.5
Eels With Dill Sauce: Memories of an Eccentric Children Ilse, Countess Von Bredow History £10
Egypt at Highclere - the Discovery of Tutankhamun Fiona Carnarvon History £4.5
Egypt in the Age of the Pyramids Guillemette Andreu History £7.5
Eighth Army: From the Western Desert to the Alps, 1939-1945 Neillands, Robin History £9.5
Elizabeth I (Women in History) Anne Somerset History £3.5
Elizabeth the Great (Time Reading Program Special Edition) Elizabeth Jenkins History £3
Elizabeth's Bedfellows: An Intimate History of the Queen's Court Whitelock Anna History £4.5
Elizabethan Life in Town and Country Byrne, M. St. Clare History £3
Eminent Edwardians Piers Brendon History £6.5
Enemies at the Gate: English Castles Under Siege From the 12th Century to the Civil War Humphrys, Julian. History £12
Enforcing Foreign Arbitral Awards Against Russian Entities Kaj Hober History £75
Englands Apprenticeship 1603-1763 Charles Wilson History £8.5
English, Irish and Irish-American Pioneer Settlers in Nineteenth-Century Brazil Marshall, Oliver History £10
Engraved Gems From Dalmatia: From the Collections of Sir John Gardner Wilkinson and Sir Arthur Evans in Harrow School, at Oxford and Elswhere By Sheila Hoey Middleton; Photographs by Robert Wilkins History £15
Engraved Gems From Dalmatia: From the Collections of Sir John Gardner Wilkinson and Sir Arthur Evans in Harrow School, at Oxford and Elswhere By Sheila Hoey Middleton; Photographs by Robert Wilkins History £15
Enviornmentaql Archaeology - the Journal of Human Palaeoecology. Volume 12, Number 2 Varioius History £7.5
Environmental Archaeology - the Journal of Human Palaeoecology Volume 11, Number 2 Various History £7.5
Environmental Archaeology - the Journal of Human Palaeoecology Volume 12, Number 1 Various History £7.5
Environmental Archaeology - the Journal of Human Palaeoecology - Volume 16, Number 2 Special Issue: Recent Studies in Australian Palaeoecology and Zooarchaeology: A Volume in Honour of the Late Su Solomon Various History £7.5
Environmental Archaeology - the Journal of Human Palaeoecology Volume 11, Number 1 Various History £78.5
Environmental Archaeology 10 - Number 2 - the Journal of Human Palaeoecology Jennifer Jenkins,Constant Leung History £7.5
Environmental Archaeology, 10 - Part 1 - the Journal of Human Palaeoecology Glynis Jones History £7.5
Envy and the Greeks P Walcot History £10
Essays - Political, Historical, and Miscellaneous Vol. I. Archibald Alison History £7.5
Essays on Arcaeology Presented to Stuart Piggott - to Illustrate the Monuments Edited by J. V. S. Megaw History £10
Etty: A Diary, 1941-43 Etty Hillesum History £3
Europe in the Neolithic Whittle, A. W. R. . History £14
Eva Peron George Bruce History £10
Everyday Life in Medieval England Dyer, Christopher History £12
Excavations at Brough-on-Humber, 1958-1961 Wacher, J. S. History £16
Excavations at Medieval Cripplegate, London: Archaeology After the Blitz, 1946-1948: Based on the Work of Professor W. F. Grimes for the Roman and Mediaeval London Excavation Council, and Related Research by the Museum of London and by University College Milne, Gustav. History £8.5
Excavations at the Dominican Priory St Mary's of the Isle, Cork Maurice F. Hurley & Cathy M. Sheehan History £25
Excavations at the Orsett 'Cock' Enclosure, Essex, 1976 G. A. Carter History £8
Experiencing Rome: Culture, Identity and Power in the Roman Empire Edited by Janet Huskinson History £12
Experiment and Design: Archaeological Studies in Honour of John Coles Edited by A. F. Harding History £25
Experiment and Design: Archaeological Studies in Honour of John Coles Edited by A. F. Harding History £25
Fairweather Eden: Life in Britain Half a Million Years Ago as Revealed by the Excavations at Boxgrove Pitts, Michael W. History £6.5
Falling Leaves Return to Their Roots = Luo Ye Gui Gen; The True Story of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter Mah, Adeline Yen History £4
Familiar Letters and Miscellaneous Papers of Benjamin Franklin Edited by Jared Sparks History £95
Farah Shahbanou of Iran - Queen of Persia Lesley Blanch History £10
Fayed: The Unauthorized Biography Bower, Tom. History £8
Fear of Enemies and Collective Action Ioannis D. Evrigenis History £25
Festivals and Customs - Sir Benjamin Stone's Pictures Sir Benjamin Stone History £15
Feudal Society: (1) the Growth of Ties of Dependence (2) Social Classes and Political Organization Marc Bloch. Trans L a Manyon History £12
Fields of Conflict: Progress and Prospect in Battlefield Archaeology Edited by P. W. M. Freeman, A. Pollard History £50
First Emperor: China's Terracotta Army; Ed. By Jane Portal. Edited by Jane Portal History £7.5
Fishbourne - a Roman Palace and Its Garden Barry Cunliffe History £8
Five Euphemias: Women in Medieval Scotland, 1200-1420 Sutherland, Elizabeth History £8.5
Flags and Emblems of the World R. O. Dennys Obe, Fsa, Rouge Croix Pursuivant of Arms History £12
Folio No 1075: The Story of the Renaissance Vincent Cronin History £50
Folio No 231:Rise and Fall of Athens Plutarch History £12.5
Folio No 285: The Life of Charlemagne no author History £7.5
Folio No 346: The Conquest of New Spain Bernal Diaz History £12.5
Folio No 415: The Reminiscences of Captain Cronow no author History £10
Folio No 479: Greville's England 1818-1860 Charles Greville History £12.5
Folio No 479:Greville's England no author History £8
Folio No 519: History of the Myddle Gough History £10
Folio No 573: The First Colonists no author History £10
Folio: Egypt Revealed 902 James History £10
Foreign Affairs Journal, Number 43 Various History £2.5
Forgotten Fatherland: The Search for Elisabeth Nietzsche Macintyre, Ben History £8.5
Forgotten Firebrand: James Redpath and the Making of Nineteenth-Century America John Mckivigan History £14
Forgotten Firebrand: James Redpath and the Making of Nineteenth-Century America John Mckivigan History £14
Four sisters:the Lost Lives of the Romanov Grand Duchesses Helen Rappaport History £4.5
France, 1814-1914 Robert Tombs History £7.5
Francis Younghusband and the Great Game Anthony Verrier History £7.5
Freedom at Midnight - How Britain Gave Away an Empire Larry Collins & Dominique Lapierre History £9.5
Friend or Foe: An Anglo-Saxon History of France Horne, Alistair. History £12
From Dawn to Decadence - 1500 to the Present: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life Jacques Barzun History £6.5
From Goring House to Buckingham Palace O. G. Goring History £3.5
From Hastings to Culloden (Battlefields in Britain) Brigadier Peter Young and Professor John Adair History £10
From the Gracchi to Sulla - Sources Fro Roman History, 133-80bc - Lactor 13 Translated and Edited by D. L. Stockton History £20
Frontiers of the Roman Empire Hugh Elton History £30
Gathering the People, Settling the Land - Anglo-Saxon to Post-Medieval S Foreman, J Hiller and D Petts History £18
Genetic & Population Studies in Wales Edited by Peter S. Harper & Eric Sunderland History £12
George & Martha Washington: A Revolutionary Marriage Flora Fraser History £9.5
Germany in the Later Middle Ages, 1200-1500 William Stubbs Edited by Arthur Hassall History £40
Germany: The Third Reich, 1933-45 (Access to History) Geoff Layton History £2
Geronimo Debo, Angie. History £6
Geronimo - a Biography Alexander B. Adams History £8
Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through a Country's Hidden Past Tremlett, Giles. History £6
Gold Run: The Rescue of Norway’S Gold Bullion From the Nazis, 1940 Robert Pearson History £10
Golda Meir the Romantic Years Ralph Martin History £8.5
Gorbachev in Power White, Stephen. History £6
Government and Industry in Britain J. W. Grove History £7
Grahame Clark: An Intellectual Life of an Archaeologist Fagan, Brian M. History £7.5
Greek Fire - the Influence of Ancient Greece on the Modern World Taplin, Oliver. History £7.5
Greek Sport and Social Status Golden, Mark. History £20
Greek Tragedy: A Literary Study Kitto, H. D. F. History £7.5
Greville's England - Selections From the Diaries of Charles Greville 1818-1860 Christopher Hibbert History £7.5
Grevilles Journals - 8 Volumes C. C. Greville History £150
Guide to Anglo-Saxon Antiquities British Museum History £7
Guns Off Cape Ann Kenneth Poolman History £10
H. R. H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands Alden Hatch History £15
Hadden's Journal and Orderly Books. A Journal Kept in Canada and Upon Burgoyne's Campaign in 1776 and 1777 Lieut. James M. Hadden With Explanatory Chapter and Notes by Horatio Rogers History £20
Hampshir Marriage Licences 1669-1680 Arthur J. Willis History £10
Hampshire Marriage Licences 1607-1640 Arthur J. Willis History £30
Harold & William: The Battle for England, 1064-1066 Patterson, Benton Rain History £7.5
Havana Dreams - a Story of Cuba Gimbel, Wendy. History £8
Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore Hughes,Bettany History £7
Helicon History of Ireland - Independent Ireland Ronan Fanning History £10
Henry Viii W. Norman Pittenger History £10
Her Brilliant Career Ten Extraordinary Women of the Fifties Cooke, rachelzzeverfasserzz0(De-588)113578431 History £8.5
Herakleion Archaeological Museum author not listed History £6.5
Herakles in the Art of Classical Greece Rainer Vollkammer History £40
Hereford City Excavations - Volume 4 - Further Sites & Evolving Interpretations Alan Thomas & Andy Boucher (Eds. ) History £14
Hide and Seek: The Archaeology of Childhood Wileman, Julie. History £8.5
High Road to England Faber, Richard History £7.5
Highland Warrior: Alasdair Maccolla and the Civil Wars Stevenson, David History £10
Historical Demography T. H. Hollingsworth History £9.5
Historical Tables 58 Bc - Ad 1965 S H Steinberg History £7.5
Historiography in the Twentieth Century: From Scientific Objectivity to the Postmodern Challenge Iggers, Georg G. History £4
History and Legends of the European Waterways Pilkington, Roger. History £8.5
History of England (4 Volume Set) Lord Macaulay History £16
History of England (4 Volumes) Lord Macaulay History £12
History of Ireland - From the Earliest Times to the Present Day - Volumes I,Ii & Iii Rev. E. A. D'alton History £30
History of King County Washington Volume 2 no author History £30
History of Mankind Cultural and Scientific Development: The Ancient World: 1200bc to ad500, From About 500bc to the Christian Era, From the Begininnings of the Christian Era to About ad500 Luigi Pareti, Assisted by Paolo Brezzi & Luciano Petech History £30
History of Morgan's Cavalry: An Account of One of the Most Successful Units of Confederate Cavalry During the American Civil War by One of Its Officers Basil W. Duke History £15
History of the Archaic Greek World, Ca. 1200-479 Bce. Jonathan M. Hall History £12.5
History of the Balkans - Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Jelavich, Barbara History £10
History of the Balkans: Twentieth Century Barbara Jelavich History £10
History of the Celtic People ( One Volume Edition - Rise of the Celts and the Greatness and Decline of the Celts Henri Hubert History £10
History of the Greek Revolution and of the Reign of King Otho George Finlay History £35
History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France, From the Year 1807 to the Year 1814 Major-General Sir W. F. P. Napier, K. C. B History £500
Hong Kong author not listed History £2.5
Household and Farm Inventories in Oxfordshire, 1550-1590 Edited by M. A. Havinden History £8
I Deserted Rommel Gunther Bahnemann History £10
Illustrated English Social History Four Volumes Trevelyan History £15
In Memoriam: Some Obituaries on the Passing of Some Cherished Ideas, Institutions and Ways of Life Michael Wynn Jones History £6
In Quest of the Lost Legions: The Varusschlacht Clunn, Tony History £12
In Search of a Past Fraser, Ronald History £8.5
In Search of Ancient North Africa - a History in Six Lives Barnaby Rogerson History £20
In the Footsteps of William Wallace Young, Alan History £9.5
In War and Peace: Port Talbot 1939-1999 Denys Parsons History £25
Index to the Probate Records of Oxfordshire 17433-1857 and the Oxfordshire Peculiars 1547-1856 - Vol 61 Edited by D. M. Barratt, Joan Howard-Drake and Mark Priddey History £10
Industrious and Fairly Covilized - the Glastonbury Lake Village John Coles , Stephen Minnitt History £10
Inside Out Edith Young History £4
Inspections of Chyurches and Parsonage Houses in the Diocese of Worcester in 1674. 1676, 1684, and 1687 Edited by Paul Morgan History £8
Insular Inscriptions Howlett, D. R. History £18
Insurrection: The Brtish Experience 1795-1803 Roger Wells History £7
Interviews With Ali Pacha Peter Oluf Brondsted Edited by Jacob Isager History £10
Into Enemy Arms: The Remarkable True Story of a German Girl's Struggle Against Nazism, and Her Daring Escape With the Allied Airman She Loved Michael Hingston History £7.5
Introducing Egyptian Hieroglyphs Barbara Watterson History £6.5
Introduction to British Prehistory Edited by J. V. S. Megaw and D. D. A. Simpson History £15
Inventing American Tradition: From the Mayflower to Cinco De Mayo Jack David Eller History £14
Involuntary Jouirney to Siberia Andrei Amalrik History £6.5
Ireland Since the Famine Lyons, F. S. L. History £6
Iron-Age Farm - the Butser Experiment Peter J. Reynolds History £7
Is Paris Lost: The English Occupation, 1422-1436 Butler, Raymond Reagan. History £8.5
Islam in Britain author not listed History £5
Jefferson and the Press: Crucible of Liberty Jerry W. Knudson History £10
John Glynn Arthur Paterson History £2.5
John Peebles' American War Edited by Ira D. Gruber History £35
John Stark : Maverick General Ben Z. Rose History £20
John Williams, V. C. - a Biography W. G. Lloyd History £7.5
Journal of Australian Colonial History - Eureka: Releasing the Spirit of Democracyn - Vol 10, No. 1 Editor - David Andrew Roberts History £7.5
Joyfully Read - a Sketch of the Life of Harry Macinnes By His Mother - Mrs Macinnes History £8
Kindly Ones Jonathan Littell, History £3.5
King Charles 2nd - 2 Vols Antonia Fraser History £6
L. B. J. - the Man From Johson City Clarke Newlon History £8
Lady Margaret a Memoir of Lady Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond & Derby, Mother of Henry Vii E. M. G. Routh History £20
Landscapes of Monastic Foundation: The Establishment of Religious Houses in East Anglia C. 650-1200 Pestell, Tim. History £30
Last Man Down: The Fireman's Story Richard 'Pitch' Picciotto History £6
Leila Edward Gerald French History £8
Letters on Hume's History of Great Britain - Books Relating to the Scottish Enlightenment Daniel Macqueen History £10
Letters to His Sone by the Earl of Chesterfield on the Fine Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman ( 2 Vols) Introduced by Oliver H. G. Leigh History £60
Leyland's Itinerary in England and Wales Lucy Toulmin Smith History £30
Libertas as a Political Idea at Rome During the Late Republic and Early Principate Ch. Wirszubski History £10
Life and Times of General Sir Edward Cecil Viscount Wimbledon, Colonel of an English Regiment in the Dutch Service, 1605-1631 . . . (2 Vols) Charles Dalton History £50
Lindow Man - the Body in the Bog I. M. Stead, J. B. Bourke, Don Brothwell History £7.5
Linear B and Related Scripts Chadwick, John History £3.5
List & Analysis of State Papers Foreign Series Elizabeth I - Vol. I - August 1589 - June 1590 Edited by Richard Bruce Wernham History £50
Living Archaeology Rahtz, Philip A. History £7.5
Locations of British Cavalry, Infantry and Machine Gun Units 1914-1924 Robert Gould History £4.5
Locations of British Cavalry, Infantry and Machine Gun Units 1914-1924 Robert W. Gould History £7
London Clerical Workers, 1880-1914 Development of the Labour Market Michael Heller History £30
London Under Ackroyd, Peter History £6
London's Underworld Edited by Peter Quennell History £7.5
Long Walk to Freedom: Mandela, Nelson History £8
Lord Hervey - Eighteenth-Century Courtier Robert Halsband History £8
Lord, Please Don't Take Me in August: African Americans in Newport and Saratoga Springs, 1870-1930 Myra B. Young Armstead History £10
Louis Xiv Vincent Cronin History £6
Lucrezia Borgia Ferdinand Gregorovius History £6
Major Problems in American Foreign Relations Edited by Dennis Merrill & Thomas G. Paterson History £20
Making of Modern Britian Marr, Andrew. History £7
Mallowan's Memoirs Max Mallowan History £8
Mao and China - From Revolution to Revolution Stanley Karnow History £10
Margery Perham and British Rule in Africa Edited by Alison Smith and Mary Bull History £30
Mary Queen of Scots Antonia Fraser History £4
Mary Queen of Scots 2 Vols Antonia Fraser History £6
Mary Tudor: The Tragical History of the First Queen of England Loades, D. M. History £10
Masada: Herod's Fortress and the Zealots' Last Stand Yadin, Yigael History £7.5
Mathematics in Archaeology Clive Orton History £8.5
Mazzini Mack Smith, Denis History £7.5
Meaning and Context: Quentin Skinner and His Critics Edited and Introduced by James Tully History £75
Measure of Wealth: The English Land Tax in Historical Analysis Donald E. Ginter, History £20
Medal Rolls 23rd Foot - Royal Welch Fusiliers Napoleonic Period With Biographical Notes on Officers, N. C. O. S and Men Compiled by Norman Holme & Major E. L. Kirby History £7
Medieval Ireland Downham, Clare (Author. ) History £15
Medieval Moated Sites of S. E. Ireland Terence B. Barry History £20
Medievalia Et Humanistica - Number 26 Civil Strife and National Identity in the Middle Ages Clogan, Paul Maurice. Editor History £7.5
Memoirs of George the Fourth Robert Huish History £45
Memoirs of Her Late Royal Highness Charlotte Augusta,. . . . . . . . . Historical Memoir of the House of Saxe-Coburg Saalfeld. Collected and Arranged by Robert Huish History £30
Memoirs of Leonora Christina - Daughter of Christian Iv. Of Denmark - Written During Her Imprisonment in the Blue Tower at Copenhagen 1663-1685 Leonora Christina Translated by F. E. Bunnett History £50
Memoirs of Madame Campan on Marie Antoinette and Her Court: Two Volumes Madame Campan History £30
Memoirs of My Life Folio Society History £9
Men and Gods on the Roman Nile Jack Lindsay History £8
Mid-Victorian Britain, 1851-75 Best, Geoffrey Francis Andrew. History £2.5
Middle Saxon Palaces at Northampton - Archaeological Monograph No. 4 John H. Williams, Michael Shaw, Varian Denham History £12
Mission With Mountbatten Alan Campbell-Johnson History £8
Modern Sicily After 1713 - a History of Sicily By Denis Mack Smith History £9.5
Monarch of All I Survey - Bechuanaland Diaries 1929-37 Sir Charles Rey Edited by Neil Parsons & Michael Crowder History £10
Montcalm and Wolfe Parkman History £10
Montrose: The King's Champion Max Hastings History £75
Monty's Grandfather - a Life's Service for the Raj Brian Montgomery History £10
Moskva 850 Let (Russian Edition) "Moscow 850th Anniversary" Jubilee Edition in 2 Volumes V. A. Edited by Vinogradov, History £50
Motya - Unearthing a Lost Civilization Gaia Servadio History £4
Mrs Ftizherbert and George Iv (In Two Volumes) W,G, Wukjubs History £25
Mubarak Al-Sabah: The Foundation of Kuwait Souad M. Al-Sabah History £27.5
Mussolini's Shadow Moseley, Ray. History £15
My Idealed John Bullesses Yoshio Markino History £12
Mycenae - an Archaeological History and Guide Alan J. B. Wace History £14
Myth and Politics in Ancient Near Eastern Historiography Mario Liverani; Edited and Introduced by Zainab Bahrani and Marc Van De Mieroop History £8.5
Myth and Politics in Ancient Near Eastern Historiography Mario Liverani, Zainam Bahrani (Editor), Marc Van De Mieroop (Editor) History £8.5
Nancy - the Life of Lady Astor Christopher Sykes History £7
Napoleon Iii: A Life Bresler, Fenton S. History £7.5
Napoleon in Egypt: 'The Greatest Glory' Strathern, Paul History £9
Napoleon the Last Phase Lord Roseberry History £7.5
Napoleon's Proconsul in Egypt: The Life and Times of Bernardino Drovetti Ridley, Ronald T. History £9
Nathanael Greene - Stragist of the American Revolution Theodore Thayer History £10
Nationalism, Capitalism, and Colinization in Nineteenth-Century Quebec - the Upper St Francis District J I Little History £25
Nations and Nationalism Since 1780: Programme, Myth, Reality Hobsbawm, E. J. History £5
Neath Antiquarian Society - Transactions 1982-83 no author History £3
Nelson and the Nile the Naval War Against Bonaparte 1798 Lavery, Brian History £12.5
Never a Shot in Anger Gerald Mortimer History £10
Nicholas and Alexandra Robert K Massie History £4
Nonsuch Palace; The Material Culture of a Noble Restoration Household Biddle, Martin. History £60
North Wales in the Civil War Norman Tucker History £10
Observation on Naval Affairs and on Some Collateral Subjects; Including Instances of Injustice Experienced by the Author: The Earl of Dundonald History £20
On the Parish Raymond K. J. History £7.5
One Man's Hand J. P. R. Wallis History £12
One Man's Hand: The Story of Sir Charles Coglan and the Liberation of Southern Rhodesia J. P. R. Wallis History £10
Our History is Still Being Written Choy, Armando, Chui, Gustavo, Moises Sio Wong, So Wong, Moiss and Waters, Mary-Alice. History £3
Our Oldest Enemy: A History of America's Disastrous Relationship With France Miller, John J. History £8
ourselves1900-1930 - With 243 Illustrations From Contemporary Sources Irene Clephane History £6.5
Overturned Chariot: The Autobiography of Phan-BộI-ChâU Translated With an Introduction and Notes by Vinh Sinh and Nicholas Wickenden History £10
Oxford Council Acts 1626-1665 M. G. Hobson, H. E. Salter, Edited by J. Carter History £22
Oxfordshire and North Berkshire Protestation Returns and Tax Assessments 1641-42 - Volume 59 Edited by Jeremy Gibson History £10
Oxfordshire Forests 1246-1609 - Volume No. 64 Edited by Beryl Schumer History £10
Papa Kuenzler & the Armenians Ida Alamuddin History £30
Paris in the Revolution: Folio No 226 no author History £7.5
Parish Register of Howden Volume 5 Baptisms 1659-1703 Transcribed and Edited by Carole Boddington History £10
Passion and Order: Restraint of Grief in the Medieval Italian Communes Carol Lansing History £16
Paston Letters and Papers of the Fifteenth Century Edited by Norman Davis History £20
Path of Empire: Panama and the California Gold Rush Aims Mcguinness History £15
Path of Empire: Panama and the California Gold Rush Aims Mcguinness History £15
Patronage in Ancient Society Edited by Andrew Wallace- Hadrill History £80
Pembrokeshire Under Fire: The Story of the Raids of 1940-41 W. L. Richards History £20
Personal Letters of King Edward Vii Edited by Lieut,-Col. J. P. C. Sewell History £25
Pest Und Ruhr Im 16. Und 17. Jaaahrhundert Grundlagen Einer Statistisch-Topographischen Beschreibung Der Grossen Seuchen, Insbesondre in Der Stadt Uelzen Woehlkens, Erich History £10
Peter the Great: His Life and World Robert K. Massie History £7.5
Pictorial History of Civilization in Java Dr W. F. Stutterheim Translated by Mrs A. C. Winter-Keen History £60
Pistols at Dawn Hopton, Richard. History £12.5
Plague Among the Magnolias: The 1878 Yellow Fever Epidemic in Mississippi Deanne Stephens Nuwer History £12
Political Ideologies: An Introduction Various History £3
Poor Relief in England and Wales 1601-1834 Geoffrey W. Oxley History £8
Popular History of the British Navy W. H. G. Kingston History £40
Portsmouth Record Series - No. 1 - Borough Sessions Papers 1653-1688 Compiled by Arthur J. Willis & Margaret J. Hoad History £8
Portsmouth Record Series - No. 4 - Maps of Portsmouth Before 1801 Compiled by D. Hodson History £8
Portsmouth Record Series - No. 5 - Records of University Adult Education 1886-1939 Compiled by Edwin Welch History £8
Portsmouth Record Series - No. 6 - Portsmouth Dockyard Papers 1774-1783 the American War Compiled by R. J. B. Knight History £8
Portsmouth Record Series - No. 7 - Records of the Portsmouth Division of Marines 1764-1800 Edited by J. A. Lowe History £8
Portsmouth Record Series - Number 3 - Book of Original Entries 1731-51 Edited by N. W. Surry and J. H. Thomas History £8
Portugal in Africa Malyn Newitt History £20
Pre-Classical From Crete to Archaic Greece John Boardman History £7.5
Prehistoric Communities in Northern England: Essays in Economic and Social Reconstruction Edited by Graeme Barker History £7
Preserving the Monarchy: The Comte De Vergennes, 1774-1787 Price, Munro. History £22.5
Pretty Creatures: Children and Fiction in the English Renaissance Michael Witmore History £12.5
Prince Rupert Kitson, Frank. History £7.5
Princess Victoria Melita: Grand Duchess Cyril of Russia, 1876-1936 Van Der Kiste, John. History £30
Prisoners of Honour - the Dreyfus Affair David L. Lewis History £6
Probate Records of the Courts of the Bishop and Archdeacon of Oxford 1516-1732 - 2 Vols Based on an Index Compiled by Ernest Cheyne - Revised by D. M Barratt History £15
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume 76, Colloquium on Hiberno-Roman Relations and Material Remains Various History £15
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume 76, Excavations at Clontuskert Priory, Co. Galway Thomas Fanning History £15
Public Organization in Ancient Greece Nicholas F. Jones History £80
Queen Mary and Others Osbert Sitwell History £8
Racial Prejudice in Imperial Rome A. N. Sherwin-White History £15
Ralph Fitch, Elizabethan in the Indies Michael Edwardes History £8.5
Rationalities in History: A Weberian Essay in Comparison D'avray, D. L. History £5.5
Rebels & Informers: Stirrings of Irish Independence Knox, Oliver. History £10
Rebels Under Sail - the American Navy During the Revolution William M. Fowler Jr History £6
Recent Archaeological Discoveries on National Road Schemes, 2004: Proceedings of a Seminar for the Public, Dublin, September 2004 Edited by Jerry O'sullivan and Michael Stanley History £20
Record of Service in the Great War 1914-18 by Members of the Council's Staff London County Council History £12
Records of the Columbia Historical Society of Washingto, D. C. 1971-1972 Francis Coleman Rosenberger History £7.5
Red Azalea Min, Anchee. History £3
Red Prelude - a Biography of Zhelyabov David Footman History £7.5
Redundancy and Recession in South Wales C. C. Harris and the Redundancy and Unemployment Research Group, School of Social Studies, University College of Swansea History £20
Religions of Rome - Volume I - a History Mary Beard, John North and Simon History £12.5
Renaissance Essays Denys Hay History £8
Renovating Russia: The Human Sciences and the Fate of Liberal Modernity, 1880-1930 Daniel Beer History £14
Report on My Husband Josefa Slanska History £8.5
Representative Government in Ireland - Dail Eireann 1919-48 J. L. Mccracken History £15
Revolution in Texas: How a Forgotten Rebellion and Its Bloody Suppression Turned Mexicans Into Americans Benjamin Heber Johnson History £12.5
Revolutionary Europe, 1780-1850 Sperber, Jonathan History £7.5
Rhetoric and the Republic: Politics, Civic Discourse, and Education in Early America Mark Garrett Longaker History £12
Richard the Lionheart: The Mighty Crusader Miller, David History £8.5
Riding for Caesar: The Roman Emperors' Horse Guards Michael Speidel History £20
Rites of Peace - the Fall of Napoleon & the Congress of Vienna Adam Zamoyski History £15
Roman Britain Shotter, D. C. A. History £6.5
Roman Britain John Wacher History £6
Roman Britain: A New History De La Bédoyère, Guy. History £16
Roman Infantry Equipment: The Later Empire Stephenson, I. P. History £8.5
Roman Sites on the Cumberland Coast - a New Schedule of Coastal Sites R. L. Bellhouse History £7.5
Roman Wales Manning, W. H. History £5
Romans in Britain Rodney Legg History £6
Rome and the Friendly King David Braund History £90
Rome in the Dark Ages Peter Llewellyn History £10
Rome in the Late Republic: Problems and Interpretations Beard, Mary History £4.5
Rome's Wars in Parthia: Blood in the Sand Sheldon, Rose Mary History £20
Royal Dukes - the Father and Uncles of Queen Victoria Roger Fulford History £7.5
Ruins Reused: Changing Attitudes to Ruins Since the Late Eighteenth Century Thompson, M. W. History £10
Rulers of the Ancient World (5 Volume Set) no author History £50
Rural England 1086-1135 - a Study of Social and Agrarian Conditions Reginald Lennard History £12
Sacharissa - Some Account of Dorothy Sidney, Countess of Sunderland Her Family and Friends 1617-1684 Julia Cartwright History £10
Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self Tomalin, Claire. History £9
Sandstorm: Libya in the Time of Revolution Hilsum, Lindsey. History £6
Scotland: A New History Lynch, Michael History £4
Secular Buildings and the Archaeology of Everyday Life in the Byzantine Empire Edited by Ken Dark History £40
Select Charters and Other Illustrations of English Constitutional History From the Earliest Times to the Reign of Edward the First Arranged and Edited William Stubbs - Revised H. W. C. Davis History £5
Serving Under Ruperra 1900-1939 a Collection of Memories Compiled by Pat Moseley and Rudry Local History Group History £10
Shared Enthusiasm - the Story of Lord & Lady Beveridge by Her Son Philip Beveridge Mair History £7.5
Shropshire History and Archaeology - Sharpstone Hill and the Wall, Kynnersley no author History £8
Shropshire History and Archaeology Volume Lxxxiii 2008 no author History £8
Shropshire History and Archaeology Volume Lxxxiv 2009 no author History £8
Shropshire History and Archaeology Volume Lxxxvii 2012 Edited By History £8
Siege of Quebec John Knox History £10
Sigh for a Merlin : Testing the Spitfire Alex Henshaw History £7.5
Simon Schama the Face of Britain - the Nation Through Its Portraits Simon Schama History £18
Sir Henry Morgan - Buccaneer and Governor W. Adolphe Roberts History £6
Smith of Smiths Hesketh Pearson History £6.5
Sophie Electress of Hanover - a Personal Portrait Maria Kroll History £8
Southwest Virginia's Railroad: Modernization and the Sectional Crisis in the Civil War Era Kenneth W. Noe History £7
Spanish and English Ruins in Jamaica William B. Goodwin History £10
Speak You Also a Survivor's Reckoning Steinberg, Paul History £7.5
St George: Let's Hear It for England!. Alison Maloney Maloney,Alison History £5
St Peter's Street Northampton - Excavations 1973-1976 John H Williams History £14
St. Martin's Ride Binding, Paul. History £7.5
Stansty, a Story of the Land and Its People Quentin Dodd History £8.5
Stasiland: Stories From Behind the Berlin Wall. Funder, Anna. History £3.5
Stonehenge: The Biography of a Landscape Darvill, Timothy History £12.5
Story of a Secret State: My Report to the World Karski, Jan. History £15
Stuart Britain 1603-1714 - Who's Who in British History C. P. Hill History £10
Surviving Poverty in Medieval Paris: Gender, Ideology, and the Daily Lives of the Poor Sharon Farmer History £10
Tacitus Dialogus and Agricola Germania Translated by W. Peterson and M. Hutton History £8
Target England: Flying With the Luftwaffe in World War Ii Blandford, Edmund L. History £5
Technology in the Ancient World Henry Hodges History £6
The 2nd Battalion the Welch Regiment - Illustrated With Brief Hisatorical Account of the Services of the Regiment Photographs by Fred. Bremner History £80
The Acropolis: The Acropolis Museum Servi, Katerina. History £5
The Aegean Bronze Age Dickinson, O. T. P. K. History £9.5
The Age of Humanism and Reformation - Europe in Fourteenth, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries A. G. Dickens History £6
The Ancient Spartans J. T. Hooker History £9.5
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles Translated and Collated Anne Savage History £8
The Annual Outing and Other Excursions Alan Delgado History £8.5
The Archaeology of Ancient Greece Whitley, James. History £9.5
The Archaeology of Greek Colonisation: Essays Dedicated to Sir John Boardman author not listed History £7.5
The Archaeology of Wetlands John Coles History £7
The Armed Forces of South Africa With an Appendix on the Commandos Major G. Tylden History £40
The Audacious Crimes of Colonel Blood the Spy Who Stole the Crown Jewels & Became the King's Secret Agent Hutchinson, Robert History £9.5
The Autobiography of Dr. Alexander Carlyle of Inveresk 1722-1805 Edited by John Hill Burton History £16
The Awakening Giant - Britain in the Industrial Revolution E. R. Chamberlin History £9.5
The Battle for North America Parkman, Francis History £7.5
The Battle of Bosworth Bennett, Michael J. History £6
The Berlin Airlift Tusa, Ann. History £7.5
The Bernadottes Their Political and Cultural Achievements Translated by Paul Britten Austin History £10
The Bloody Bozeman - the Perilous Trail to Montana's Gold Dorothy M. Johnson History £8
The Brightwell Parish Diaries - Volume 62 Edited by Mark Spurrell History £10
The British Abroad: The Grand Tour in the Eighteenth Century Black, Jeremy History £10
The British Aristocracy Mark Bence-Jones and Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd History £10
The British Dominions Year Book 1916 The British Dominions General Insurance Company Limited History £8.5
The Buffalo Soldiers - a Narative of the Negro Cavalry in the West William H. Leckie History £18.5
The Cambridge Cultural History of Britain; 9 Volume Set Boris Ford (Ed. ) History £65
The Cambridge Illustrated History Iii the Middle Ages 1250-1520 Edited by Robert Fossier Translated by Sarah Hanbury Tenison History £12
The Capel Letters 1814-1817 - Being the Correspondence of Lady Caroline Capel and Her Daughters With the Dowager Countess of Uxbridge From Brussels and Switzerland Edited by the Marquess of Anglesey History £12
The Castilian Crisis of the Seventeenth Century: New Perspectives on the Economic and Social History of Seventeenth-Century Spain Edited by I. A. A. Thompson and Bartolome Yun Casalilla History £25
The Casualties of Peterloo M. L. Bush History £40
The Celts: A History Ó HÓGáin, Dáithí History £10
The Chamber Order Book of Worcester 1602-1650 Edited by Shelagh Bond History £10
The Changing of Kings - Memories of Burma 1934-1949 Leslie Glass Foreword by Jan Morris History £20
The City That Shone - an Autobiography (1895-1922) Vivian De Sola Pinto History £7.5
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy Burckhardt, Jacob History £3
The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order Samuel P. Huntington History £3
The Climax of Rome Michael Grant History £4
The Collection: Journalism, Reviews, Essays, Short Stories, Lectures Ackroyd, Peter History £8
The Colonial Earth Bonyhady, Tim. History £20
The Confederacy as a Revolutionary Experience Thomas, Emory M. History £4.5
The Conquest of Maya J. Leslie Mitchell History £10
The Constitutional History of Modern Britain Since 1485 Sir David Lindsay Keir History £7.5
The Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Ii - Approved Souvenir Programme King George's Jubilee Trust History £3
The Correspondence of Bishop Secker - Volume 57 Edited by A. P. Jenkins History £10
The Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield From October 1639 to September 1640 Edited and Calendared by C. M. Fraser and Kenneth Emsley History £10
The Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield From October 1639 to September 1640 Edited and Calendared by C. M. Fraser and Kenneth Emsley History £10
The Courts of Europe at the Close of the Last Century - Volume I Only Henry Swinburne History £30
The Crisis of Feudalism: Economy and Society in Eastern Normandy C. 1300-1550 Guy Bois History £25
The Dark Age of Greece: An Archaeological Survey of the Eleventh to the Eighth Centuries Bc Snodgrass, Anthony M. History £20
The Day the War Ended: Ve-Day 1945, in Europe and Around the World Gilbert, Martin History £8.5
The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb and the Architecture of an American Myth Alperovitz, Gar History £8
The Decline and Fall of the Ottoman Empire Palmer, Alan Warwick. History £8.5
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon History £120
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 8 Vol Set Gibbon History £45
The Decline of Merry England Storm Jameson History £6
The Desert and the Dream - a Study of Welsh Colonization in Chubut 1865-1915 Glyn Williams History £12
The Development of the French Economy, 1750-1914 Heywood, Colin. History £2
The Devil's Wind - the Story of the Naval Brigade at Lucknow From the Letters of Edmund Hope Verney Major-General G. L. Verney History £7.5
The Diaries of a Cosmopolitan: Count Harry Kessler 1918-1937 Translated and Edited by Charles Kessler History £8
The Discovery of the Greek Bronze Age Fitton, J. Lesley. History £10
The Discovery of the Past Schnapp, Alain History £6
The Divided Loyalist: Crevecoeur's America Hector St John De Crevecoeur History £8
The Dorset Lay Subsidy Roll of 1332 Mills (Ed. ) History £4.5
The Dragon Wakes - China and the West, 1793-1911 Christopher Hibbert History £6.5
The Dream King - Ludwig Ii of Bavaria Wilfrid Blunt History £7.5
The Dream King - Ludwig Ii of Bavaria Wilfrid Blunt History £4.5
The Druids Stuart Piggott History £6
The Duff Cooper Diaries, 1915-1951 Cooper, Duff History £10
The Dukes - the Origins, Ennoblement and History of 26 Families Brian Masters History £7.5
The Earliest Wheeled Transport - From the Atlantic to the Caspian Sea Stuart Piggott History £15
The East African Coast - Select Documents From the First to the Earlier Nineteenth Century Edited by G. S. P. Freeman-Grenville History £15
The East Midlands in the Early Middle Ages Pauline Stafford History £20
The Empire of the French: A Chronology of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1792-1815 Taylor, Brian History £12.5
The End of Roman Britain Michael E. Jones History £50
The Enemy Combatant Papers American Justice, the Courts, and the War on Terror Edited by Karen J. Greenberg and Joshua L. Dratel With Jeffrey S. Grossman History £15
The Enemy Combatant Papers American Justice, the Courts, and the War on Terror Edited by Karen J. Greenberg and Joshua L. Dratel With Jeffrey S. Grossman History £15
The English Westerners' Brand Book 1971-72 Edited by Francis B. Taunton History £7.5
The Eve of the Greek Revival: British Travellers' Perceptions of Early Nineteenth-Century Greece Angelomat-Tsounkarak, Helen. History £30
The Face Finder M. M. Gerasimov History £6
The Faithful Mohawks John Wolfe Lydekker History £8
The Fall of Paris: The Siege and the Commune 1870-1 Alistair Horne History £7.5
The Falsification of Macedonian History Nicolaos K. Martis Translated by John Philip Smith History £8.5
The Fatal Shore Hughes, Robert. History £8
The Fire of Liberty Esmond Wright History £7
The First Colonists no author History £10
The First Colonists - Hakluyt's Voyages to North America A. L. Rowse History £10
The First Eden - the Mediterranean World and Man David Attenborough History £6
The First Salute Tuchman, Barbara Wertheim History £6
The First Years of Yangyi Commune Isabel and David Crook History £6
The Five Years - a Conspectus of the Great War John Brophy History £35
The French Civil Wars, 1562-1598 Knecht, R. J. History £8.5
The French Revolution - a History Thomas Carlyle History £6
The French Revolution - 3 Volumes Thomas Carlyle History £175
The Future of the Past: Archaeology in the Twenty-First Century Zangger, Eberhard. History £7.5
The Golden Age of Roman Britain De La Bédoyère, Guy. History £10
The Golden Calm - an English Lady's Life in Moghul Delhi Reminiscences by Emily, Lady Clive Bayley, and by Her Father, Sir Thomas Metcalf Edited by M. M. Kaye History £10
The Golden Oriole - a 200 Year History of an English Family in India Raleigh Trevelyan History £7.5
The Good Fight That Didn't End: Henry P. Goddard's Accounts of Civil War and Peace Calvin Goddard Zon (Editor) History £14
The Grand Tour 1592-1796 Edited by Roger History £12.5
The Great Plague Stephen Porter History £10
The Great Revolt of 1381 Charles Oman History £10
The Greek Historians Luce, T. James History £7.5
The Greeks Overseas: Boardman, John History £10
The Growth of English Overseas Trade in the 17th and 18th Centuries W. E. Minchinton History £7.5
The Gunpowder Plot Alan Haynes History £4.5
The Gunpowder Plot 2 Vosls Fraser,Antonia History £6
The Gunpowder Plot: The Narrative of Owald Tesimond Alias Greenway Trans: Francis Edwards History £8
The Habsburg Empire - the World of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in Original Photographs 1840-1916 Franz Hubman History £30
The Hamlyn History of Medieval Life Nicolle, David History £8
The Hanged Man a Story of Miracle, Memory, and Colonialism in the Middle Ages Bartlett, Robert History £9.5
The Haskins Society Journal - Studies in Medieval History Volume 4 Edited by Robert B. Patterson History £15
The Haskins Society Journal - Studies in Medieval History Volume 9 Edited by C. P. Lewis History £15
The Haskins Society Journal - Studies in Medieval History Volume 6 Edited by Robert B Patterson History £15
The Hearth Tax Collectors' Book for Worcester 1678-1680 - Volume 11 Edited by C. A. F. Meekings, S. Porter and I. Roy History £8
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The Long Week-End: A Social History of Great Britain 1918-1939 Graves, Robert History £3
The Lost Tomb: The Greatest Discovery at the Valley of the Kings Since Tutankhamun Weeks, Kent R. History £6
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The Lyric Age of Greece A. R. Burn History £10
The Magor Pill Medieval Wreck Nigel Nayling History £25
The Marquis De Sade Donald Thomas History £6.5
The Marshall Plan: Dawn of the Cold War Steil History £20
The Measure of Albion: The Lost Science of Prehistoric Britain Robin Heath & John Michell History £50
The Memorial of Lt. John Mears of the Royal Navy author not listed History £17.5
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The Middling Sort of People: Culture, Society and Politics in England, 1550-1800 Edited by Jonathan Barry & History £15
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The Vindolanda Writing-Tablets: (Tabulae Vindolandenses) Volume Iii Edited by Alan K. Bowman and J. David Thomas; With Contributions by John Pearce History £20
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This Remote Part of the World: Regional Formation in Lower Cape Fear, North Carolina, 1725-1775 Bradford J. Wood History £14
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Transforming Women's Work: New England Lives in the Industrial Revolution Thomas Dublin History £7.5
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William Rufus Barlow, Frank History £8
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Women in Ancient Egypt Robins, Gay. History £7.5
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World of Toil and Strife Moore, P N History £10
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Yellow Wolf: His Own Story as Told to Lucullus Virgil Mcwhorter Edited by Richard Cupidi History £7.5
York - Volume v - the Central Area Royal Commission on Historical Documents History £60
Young Voices - British Children Remember the Second World War Smith, Lyn Wall. History £8
Humour £0
Giles 35th Series Giles Humour £6
A Comic Alphabet George Cruikshank Humour £4
A. J. Wentworth B. A. (Retd) H. F. Ellis Humour £7
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Atlas Baxter, Glen. Humour £8
Backing Into Forward: A Memoir Jules Feiffer, Humour £9
Backing Into Forward: A Memoir Jules Feiffer, Humour £9
Baedeker's Spain and Portugal no author Humour £50
Be My Valentine Charlie Brown; A Charlie Brown Special Charles M. Schulz Humour £15
Biblia Hebraica Rudolf Kittel (Editor) Humour £10
Billy Lane's Encyclopaedia of Float Fishing Billy Lane & Colin Graham Humour £25
Bits Boffs and Banter Robert Orben Humour £5
Bonkers My Life in Laughs: Exclusive Signed Edition Saunders, Jennifer Humour £10
British Cartoonists no author Humour £10
Catland Louis Wain, Introduced by Rodney Dale Humour £15
Catland Companion; Classic Cats by Louis Wain and Many Others (Louis Wain). John Silvester and Anne Mobbs Humour £10
Classified Comedy Robert Orben Humour £5
Comedy Quickies Robert Orben Humour £10
Cross Talk Percival C. West Humour £8
Flip Lines: A Bright Collection of Professional One Liners Robert Orben Humour £5
Froissart's Modern Chronicles 1902 no author Humour £10
George Macleod; Founder of the Iona Community Ronald Ferguson Humour £5
Giles - a Life in Cartoons Peter Tory. Humour £5
Giles 10th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 20th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 23rd Series Giles Humour £6.5
Giles 23rd Series Giles Humour £6.5
Giles 24th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 24th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 24th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 24th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 24th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 24th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 25th Series no author Humour £7.5
Giles 25th Series Giles Humour £7.5
Giles 25th Series Giles Humour £7.5
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Giles 27th Series no author Humour £8
Giles 27th Series Giles Humour £8
Giles 27th Series Giles Humour £8
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Giles 28th Series Giles Humour £7
Giles 28th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 28th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 28th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 28th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 28th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 28th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 28th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 29th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 29th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 29th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 29th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 29th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 29th Series Giles Humour £6
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Giles 30th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 30th Series Giles Humour £6
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Giles 31th Series Giles Humour £3
Giles 31th Series Giles Humour £3
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Giles 33rd Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 33rd Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 33rd Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 34th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 34th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 34th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 34th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 34th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 34th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 34th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 34th Series Giles Humour £4
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Giles 35th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 35th Series Giles Humour £6
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Giles 36th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 36th Series Giles Humour £5
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Giles 37th Series Giles Humour £6
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Giles 37th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 37th Series Giles Humour £6.5
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Giles 38th Series author not listed Humour £6
Giles 38th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 38th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 38th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 38th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 38th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 38th Series Giles Humour £8.5
Giles 38th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 38th Series Giles Humour £8.5
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Giles 39th Series Giles Humour £6.5
Giles 39th Series Giles Humour £4
Giles 39th Series Giles Humour £4
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Giles 40th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 40th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 41st Series Giles Humour £6.5
Giles 41st Series Giles Humour £8
Giles 41st Series Giles Humour £6.5
Giles 41st Series Giles Humour £6.5
Giles 41st Series Giles Humour £6.5
Giles 41st Series Giles Humour £6
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Giles 43rd Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 44th Series Giles Humour £4.5
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Giles 44th Series Giles Humour £6
Giles 45th Series Giles Humour £12
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Giles 46th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 47th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 47th Series Giles Humour £8
Giles 48th Series Giles Humour £4.5
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Giles 48th Series Giles Humour £4.5
Giles 48th Series Giles Humour £4.5
Giles 49th Series Giles Humour £7.5
Giles 49th Series Giles Humour £7.5
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Giles 49th Series Giles Humour £6.5
Giles 49th Series Giles Humour £6.5
Giles 49th Series Giles Humour £6.5
Giles 49th Series Giles Humour £7.5
Giles 50th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 51st Series Giles Humour £12.5
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Giles 52nd Series Giles Humour £8
Giles 52nd Series author not listed Humour £3.5
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Giles 52nd Series Giles Humour £3.5
Giles 52nd Series Giles Humour £3.5
Giles 53rd Series Giles Humour £3.5
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Giles 53rd Series Giles Humour £3
Giles 54th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 54th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 54th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 54th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 55th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 55th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 56th Series Giles Humour £5
Giles 9th Series Giles Humour £45
Giles a Celebration: 50 Years of Work Giles Humour £20
Giles Cartoons 2003 (Fifty-Sixth Series) Giles Humour £9
Glen Baxter, His Life Baxter, Glen. Humour £12
Glen Baxter, His Life Baxter, Glen. Humour £12
Grandma Beaumont, Robert. Humour £8
Granta Magazine February 1952 no author Humour £7
Granta Magazine March 8th 1952 no author Humour £7
Granta Magazine May 17th 1952 no author Humour £7
Granta Magazine May 3rd 1952 no author Humour £7
Granta Magazine May Week 1952 no author Humour £7
Gun Control: Restricting Rights or Protecting People Eds Foster, Siegel & Jacobs Humour £8
Harry's War: Experiences in the "Suicide Club" in World War One Stinton, Harry Humour £7.5
Howlers Encored Cecil Hunt Humour £8
In Extremis Baker, Deborah. Humour £12
Laugh It Off Annual: A Winner Every Time no author Humour £5
Laughs in Short Pants: Fun on the Football Field With Drawings by Jack Ketton S. Evelyn Thomas, Jack Ketton Humour £8.5
Let Your Mind Alone! James Thurber, With Drawings by the Author Humour £20
Manners & Customs of Ye Englyshe no author Humour £45
Men. A Dialogue Between Women Sander, A. Humour £7
More Than Eyes Can See: A Nine Month Journey Through the Aids Pandemic. Rhidian Brook Humour £4
Mr. Punch Philip John Stead Humour £20
Number Three: Augustine Seen Small Packages Natalie D'arbeloff Humour £4
Nurse Giles Humour £12.5
One Leg Too Few; The Adventures of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore ( Peter Cook and Dudley Moore) William Cook Humour £18.75
Paris Sketchbook Roanld Searle and Kaye Webb Humour £80
Scene Changes Osbert Lancaster Humour £10
Screamline Comedy Robert Orben Humour £7
Ski Lore and Disorder Riddell, J. Humour £5
So Farewell Then. The Untold Life of Peter Cook Cook, W. E. Humour £10
Stealth at Sea - the History of the Suibmarine Van Der Vat, Dan. Humour £8.5
The Beast in Me and Other Animals no author Humour £10
The Beast in Me, and Other Animals James Thurber Humour £10
The Billiard Table Murders Baxter, Glen. Humour £10
The Day of the Grocer Rushton, W. Humour £5
The Earliest Christian Heretics Arland J. Hultgren Humour £7.5
The Essential Spike Milligan Spike Milligan, Compiled by Alexander Games; Foreword by Eddie Izzard Humour £10
The Faber Book of Parodies Simon Brett Humour £10
The French Renaissance Court, 1483-1589 Robert Knecht Humour £20
The Gnostic Gospels Elaine Pagels Humour £5
The Howlers Omnibus H. Cecil Hunt Humour £12
The Illustrated History of Oxford University author not listed Humour £12
The Impending Gleam Baxter, Glen. Humour £8
The Journalism of Milena Jesenska Kathleen Hayes. Humour £12
The Light That Never Fails Meredith G. Standley Humour £5
The Littlehampton Bequest. Osbert Lancaster, Foreword by Roy Strong Humour £10
The Long Hangover: Putin's New Russia and the Ghosts of the Past Shaun Walker Humour £12.5
The Parts of a Cottage Sidney H. Heath Humour £25
The Penguin Charles Addams Charles Addams Humour £20
The Pythons Autobiography by the Pythons no author Humour £12
The Rakes Progress Ronald Searle Humour £10
The Sayings of Mrs Solomon; Being the Confessions of the Seven Hundredth Wife Helen Rowland Humour £8
The School Years in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 1952-62: Being a Further Contribution to the Study of a Thousand Families Miller, Court, Knox & Brandon Humour £7
The Whippet Handbook W. Lewis Renwick Humour £50
The Woman Behind the Lens: The Life and Work of Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1864-1952 Bettina Berch Humour £20
W. S. C. A Cartoon Biography Complied by Fred Urquhart Humour £7.5
Weekend Mail Book of Cartoons: Over 250 Illustrated Laughs no author Humour £7
Yes Prime Minister 2 Vols. Lynn, J. And Jay, A. Humour £7
You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone. . . Life and Work of Eric Morecombe Morecombe, G. Humour £10
A Private War: Marie Colvin and Other Tales of Heroes, Scoundrels and Renegades Marie Brenner JLF £5
Afterwards Jaishree Misra JLF £6.99
Amritsar 1919: An Empire of Fear and the Making of a Massacre Kim A. Wagner JLF £20
Amritsar 1919: An Empire of Fear and the Making of a Massacre Kim A. Wagner JLF £20
Amritsar 1919: An Empire of Fear and the Making of a Massacre Kim Wagner JLF £20
Around the World in 80 Trains: A 45,000-Mile Adventure Monisha Rajesh JLF £12.5
Be Careful What You Wish For Jeffrey Archer JLF £7.99
Be Careful What You Wish For Jeffrey Archer JLF £7.99
Beautiful From This Angle Maha Khan Phillips JLF £7.99
Best Kept Secret Jeffrey Archer JLF £7.99
Best Kept Secret Jeffrey Archer JLF £7.99
Cometh the Hour Jeffrey Archer JLF £7.99
Detours: Songs of the Open Road Salil Tripathi JLF £18.99
Empire of Sand Tasha Suri JLF £8.99
Empress Miles Taylor JLF £25
Empress: Queen Victoria and India Miles Taylor JLF £25
Eve Was Framed: Women and British Justice Helena Kennedy JLF £10.99
Every Vote Counts: The Story of India's Elections Navin Chawla JLF £25
Eyewitness at Amritsar: A Visual History of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Amandeep Singh Madra & Parmjit Singh JLF £19.99
Fairy Tale: A Very Short Introduction Marina Warner JLF £7.99
I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb JLF £8.99
I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb JLF £8.99
Implosion: India's Tryst With Reality (Revised and Updated 2019 Edition) John Elliott JLF £9.75
In Pursuit of Empire Davinder Toor JLF £31.49
Indian Mass Media and the Politics of Change Somnath Batabyal JLF £40.99
Indian Troops in Europe: 1914-1918 Santanu Das JLF £24
Indian Troops in Europe: 1914-1918 Santanu Das JLF £24
Infinite Variety: A History of Desire in India Madhavi Menon JLF £13
Kane and Abel Jeffrey Archer JLF £7
Laid to Rest: The Controversy Over Subhas Chandra Bose's Death Ashis Ray JLF £14.99
Making Medieval Manuscripts Christopher De Hamel JLF £14.99
Mappillai: An Italian Son-in-Law in India Carlo Pizzati JLF £5
Margot: Sister Nivedita of Vivekananda Reba Som JLF £27
Mightier Than the Sword Jeffrey Archer JLF £7.99
Mothers Chris Power JLF £7.19
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less Jeffrey Archer JLF £7
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less Jeffrey Archer JLF £7
Only Time Will Tell Jeffrey Archer JLF £7.99
Patriot of Persia: Muhammad Mossadegh and a Very British Coup Christopher De Bellaigue JLF £7.99
Princes and Painters in Mughal Delhi, 1707-1857 William Dalrymple JLF £50
Resurgent Indonesia: From Crisis to Confidence Vasuki Shastry JLF £40
Rumours and Rebels: A New History of the Indian Uprising of 1857 Kim A. Wagner JLF £14
Savage Harvest: Stories of Partition Mohinder Singh Sarna JLF £9.99
Small Wars Permitting: Dispatches From Foreign Lands Christina Lamb JLF £9.89
Superior: The Return of Race Science Angela Saini JLF £14.99
Tellings and Texts: Music, Literature and Performance in North India Francesca Orsini & Katherine Butler Schofield (Eds. ) JLF £19.95
The Exile Navtej Sarna JLF £8
The First Firangis: Remarkable Stories of Heroes, Healers, Charlatans, Courtesans and Other Foreigners Who Became Indian Jonathan Gil Harris JLF £19
The First Firangis: Remarkable Stories of Heroes, Healers, Charlatans, Courtesans and Other Foreigners Who Became Indian Jonathan Gil Harris JLF £21.99
The Great Partition: The Making of India and Pakistan Yasmin Khan JLF £12.99
The Great Partition: The Making of India and Pakistan Yasmin Khan JLF £12.99
The Great Uprising in India 1857-58: Untold Stories Indian and British Rosie Llewellyn-Jones JLF £30
The Great Uprising in India 1857-8 Rosie Llewellyn-Jones JLF £25
The Habit of Love Namita Gokhale JLF £6
The Last King in India: Wajid Ali Shah, 1822-1887 Rosie Llewellyn-Jones JLF £22
The Mara Crossing Ruth Padel JLF £14.99
The Paradoxical Prime Minister Shashi Tharoor JLF £16
The Poem and the Journey: 60 Poems for the Journey of Life Ruth Padel JLF £10.99
The Poem and the Journey: 60 Poems for the Journey of Life Ruth Padel JLF £10.99
The Raj at War: A People's History of India's Second World War Yasmin Khan JLF £12.99
The Rediscovery of India Meghnad Desai JLF £30
The Rise and Fall of the Emerald Tigers: Ten Years of Research in Panna National Park Raghu Chundawat JLF £20
The Sari of Surya Vilas Vayu Naidu JLF £11.99
The Sins of the Father Jeffrey Archer JLF £7.99
The Skull of Alum Bheg: The Life and Death of a Rebel Kim A. Wagner JLF £15
The Vanishing Prerna Singh Bindra JLF £28
The Writing in the Stone Irving Finkel JLF £8
This is London Ben Judah JLF £10.99
This Was a Man (The Clifton Chronicles) Jeffrey Archer JLF £7.99
Victoria & Abdul: The Extraordinary True Story of the Queen's Closest Confidant Shrabani Basu JLF £8.99
We Weren't Lovers Like That Navtej Sarna JLF £13
Why India Votes? Mukulika Banerjee JLF £19
You Can't Say That: Memoirs Ken Livingstone JLF £7.5
A Collection of the Public General Acts Passed in the Thirty-Second and Third Years of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. no author Law £10
A Compendium of Compensation Cases. Containing a Summary of All Cases Reported in the "Estates Gazette" Between January 1, 1892, and December 31, 1902. Daniels G. St. L. Law £30
A History of the Radnorshire Constabulary. Maddox W. C. Law £35
A Land Fit for Criminals: An Insider's View of Crime, Punishment and Justice in the Uk. David Fraser Law £35
A Prison and a Prisoner Sheehan, Susan Law £7
A Season for Justice: The Life and Times of Civil Rights Lawyer Morris Dees Dees, Morris. Law £7.5
A Source-Book on French Law: Public Law--Constitutional and Administrative Law: Private Law--Structure, Contract Kahn-Freund, Otto Law £12
A State Iniquity. Its Rise, Extension and Overthrow. Benjamin Scott Law £7
Adoption - the Modern Law. Bridge C. & Swindells H. Law £4.5
Alternatives to Punishment: Solving Behavior Problems With Non-Aversive Strategies Gary W. Lavigna & Anne M. Donnellan Law £8
An Argument for the Legislative Prohibition of the Liquor Traffic Dr. Frederic Richard Lees Law £45
And the Tiger Leaps. Beattie, Jeann Law £8
Annual Report of the Chief Inspector of Factories and Workshops for the Year 1907 [+ 1908 + 1909 + 1910]. Reports and Statistics. no author Law £60
Be Adoption Now Fergus Smith, Law £8.5
Bedfordshire Wills, 1484-1533 Bell, Patricia E. . Law £8.5
Behind the Uniform: Policing in Britain and America Ian K. Mckenzie, &G. Patrick Gallagher Law £20
Building Laws, Byelaws and Regulations B. Price Davies Law £10
Bullet Rope Guillotine. A Hereford Lad's Nail-Biting Police Experiences. Whitcomb G. Law £15
Caged: Eight Prisoners and Their Keepers Bagdikian, Ben H. Law £6
Case Studies on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. A Word Survey. Volume One. Ed. Willem A. Veenhoven Law £10
Classification and Uses of Finger Prints. Henry E. R. Law £10
Cole's Merchant Shipping Acts. Being a Practical Guide to the Acts and Regulations for Shipmasters and All Connected With the Mercantile Marine. Clarke W. V. J. Law £12
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Community Treatment of Juvenile Offenders: The Dso Experiments Solomon Kobrin & Malcome W. Klein Law £9
Comparative and International Criminal Justice Systems: Policing, Judiciary, and Corrections Ed. Obi N. Ignatius Ebbe. Law £6
Comparative Policing Issues. The British and American Experience in International Perspective. R. I. Mawby Law £7.5
Comparative Policing: The Struggle for Democratization Eds. Ibrahim Cerrah, Maria Haberfeld Law £40
Comparisons in Policing: An International Perspective Ed. Jean-Paul Brodeur Law £35
Compulsory Purchase and Compensation: An Outline of the Law Governing the Compulsory Acquisition of Land for Public Purposes and the Compensation Payable in Relation Thereto. David M. Lawrance Law £6.5
Construction, Law and the Environment. Uff J. , Garthwaite H. & Barber J. (Eds. ) Law £12
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Corrections and Punishment. (Sage Criminal Justice System Annuals, Volume 8) David F. Greenberg, Ed. Law £8
Crime & the Supernatural Edwin T Woodhall Law £12
Crime : Its Causes and Remedies. Lombroso C. Law £24
Crime and Its Correction: An International Survey of Attitudes and Practices John P. Conrad Law £8
Crime Reduction Partnerships. Rogers C. Law £16
Criminal Litigation and Sentencing Peter Hungerford-Welch Law £20
Criminal Statistics England and Wales 1960 : Cmnd. 1437 no author Law £6
Criminological Theories: Introduction and Evaluation Akers, Ronald L. Law £8
Cultural Heritage Statutes Ruth Redmond-Cooper (Fwd) Law £200
Democratic Policing and Accountability: Global Perspectives Errol P. Mendes, Susan Lecorre, Joaquin Zuckerberg Law £100
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Doc Middleton. Life and Legends of the Notorious Plains Outlaw. Hutton H. Law £10
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Easing the Passing. The Trial of Dr John Bodkin Adams. Devlin P. Law £12
Embattled Justice; The Story of Louis Dembitz Brandeis Ellen Norman Stern Law £7
Establishing Justice in Middle America: A History of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit Morris, Jeffrey Brandon Law £12
European Community Competition Law in Practice Mcpeake, Robert Law £10
European Union Law. Chalmers D. Et Al Law £9
Explaining Criminals and Crime. Essays in Contemporary Criminological Theory. Paternoster R. & Bachman R. Law £6
Factories and Workshops. no author Law £60
Famous Trials of Marshall Hall. Marjoribanks E. Law £8
Famous Trials of Marshall Hall. Marjoribanks E. Law £8
Federal Justice in Western Missouri: The Judges, the Cases, the Times Larsen, Lawrence H. Law £6
Forensic Medicine and the Law. An Introduction. Ranson D. Law £15
From Maverick to Mainstream. Cumberland School of Law, 1847-1997. Langum D. J. & Walthall H. P. Law £15
From Popular Sovereignty to the Sovereignty of Law. Law, Society, and Politics in Fifth-Century Athens. Ostwald M. Law £30
Gibson's 1876-1962 a Chapter in Legal Education R. H. Kersley Law £10
Gun Control: Restricting Rights or Protecting People Eds. Foster, Siegal & Jacobs. Law £8
Gun Control: Restricting Rights or Protecting People Eds. Foster, Siegel & Jacobs Law £8
Gun Control: Restricting Rights or Protecting People Eds. Foster, Siegal & Jacobs. Law £8
Gun Control: Restricting Rights or Protecting People? Eds. Foster, Siegel & Jacobs. Law £8
Guns and Garlic; Myths and Realities of Organized Crime, Homer, Frederic D. Law £8
Herefordshire Constabulary 1857-1967 [Signed] Vera Hadley Law £20
I Monti Del Sole: Le Riserve Naturali Delle Dolomiti Bellunesi Dal Magro, Giovanna Law £15
Indiscretions of a Prefect of Police : Anecdotes of Napoleon and the Bourbons From the Papers of Count Real Tr. & Ed. Arthur L. Hayward Law £7.5
International Environmental Law and Regulations, Volume 1. Eds. Campbell & Swart Law £25
International Guide to Official Industrial Property Publications Rimmer, Brenda M. Law £75
International Private Law in Scotland Crawford, Elizabeth B. Law £6
Introduction to Intellectual Property Law Jeremy Phillips & Alison Firth Law £15
Jack the Ripper. A Reference Guide. Palmer S. Law £18
John Marshall. The Tribute of Massachusetts Being the Addresses &C. Dickinson M. F. (Ed. ) Law £10
Kate Chase, Dominant Daughter. The Life Story of a Brilliant Woman and Her Famous Father. Phelps M. M. Law £20
Law and Disorder in Tudor Monmouthshire. Howell B. Law £9
Law of the United States Peter Hay Law £15
Lawyer's London. The American Bar Association Convention 1957 F. Graham Glover Law £8
Laymen's Guide to the Liquor Laws of New Jersey. With a Digest of Supreme Court Decisions and Suggestions for Law Enforcement. Wilson S. Law £5
Legal and Political Hermeneutics,or Principles of Interpretation and Construction in Law and Politics, With Remarks on Precedents and Authorities. Lieber F. Law £20
Lex Morphi More Properly Lex Morpheia Vulgariter Murphy's Law ; A Study by the Late Gerald O'toole, Professor of the History of Science, Univerisity of Munster. Ridell J. (Ed. ) Law £12
Liberty and Order: Public Order Policing in a Capital City P. A. J. Waddington Law £20
Martin's Bench and Bar of Philadelphia. Together With Other Lists of Persons Appointed to Administer the Laws in the City and County of Philadelphia, and the Province and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Martin J. H. Law £20
Mcnae's Essential Law for Journalists [Signed by Joshua Rozenberg] Welsh, Greenwood & Banks Law £7
Metropolitan Pawnbrokers' Protection Society. Solicitors' Reports, (Vol. Xliii) 1930-1931. no author Law £15
Midnights, a Year With the Wellfleet Police Wilkinson, Alec Law £8
Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Select Committee on the Obscene Publications Bill and Appendices in Session 1956-57. no author Law £10
Modern Criminal Justice Jack Wright & Peter W. Lewis Law £8
Modern Criminology. Crime, Criminal Behavior, and Its Control. Hagan J. Law £9
Murder and Penal Policy. Mitchell B. Law £20
New Zealand & the Statute of Westminster. Beaglehole J. C. (Ed. ) Law £20
One Thousand Questions and Answers on Company Law. Henry Allen Ashton Law £10
Oxfordshire Sessions of the Peace in the Reign of Richard Ii. Kimball E. G. (Ed. ) Law £10
Peerage and Pedigree. Studies in Peerage Law and Family History. 2 Vols. Round J. H. Law £20
Personal Property J. Crossley Vaines Law £8
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Piracies, Ltd. "Bok" Law £6
Police for the Future David H. Bayley Law £5
Police Governance in First Nations in Ontario Stenning, Philip C. Law £8
Police, Public Order and State. Policing in Great Britain, N. I. , the Irish Republic, the Usa, Israel, South Africa and China. John D. Brewer Law £7
Policing and Its Context, 1750-1870. (Themes in Comparative History Series) Clive Emsley Law £10
Policing Public Disorder. Theory and Practise David Waddington Law £10
Policing Soviet Society: The Evolution of State Control. Louise I. Shelley Law £40
Policing the Police Volume 2 Peter Hain,Martin Kettle,Duncan Campbell,Joanna Rollo Law £5
Policing the Police, Volume 1 Eds. Peter Hain,Derek Humphry,Brian Rose-Smith,Great Britain Staff Law £5
Policing: Key Readings Ed. Tim Newburn Law £8
Prediction Methods in Relation to Borstal Training (Home Office Studies in the Causes of Delinquency & the Treatment of Offenders I) Mennheim & Wilkins Law £12
Prégnance Du Droit Coutumier author not listed Law £15
Proceedings of the Trial of Hon. James Boyd, of Montgomery Co. , Pa. , June 14, 1873, by His Colleagues of the Constitutional Convention of Pennsylvania West, R. A. (Reporter) Law £35
Proceedings on the Trial of the Cause Jacob Morgan, Plaintiff, Versus the Rev. Iltyd Nicholl, Defendant. Before Mr Justice Willes and a Special Jury. Monmouth Adjourned Spring Assizes, 8th April 1857. Anon Law £12
Public General Acts Passed in the Sixty-Fourth Year of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria and in the First Year of the Reign of His Majesty King Edward the Seventh no author Law £8
Public General Acts Passed in the Sixty-Second and Sixty-Third Years of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria; Being the Fifth Session of the Twenty-Sixth Parliament of the United Kindom of Great Britain and Ireland no author Law £8
Punctuation & Essays for the Police H. Childs Law £6
Rags of Time. A Season in Prison Jack Cook Law £8.5
Reflections on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Fiftieth Anniversary Anthology Barend Van Der Heijden, Bahia Tahzib-Lie Law £20
Relics of an Un-Common Attorney Reginald L. Hine & Richenda Scott (Memoir) Law £7
Report of the Joint Select Committee to Inquire Into the Conditions of Affairs in the Late Insurrectionary States no author Law £45
Report of the Trial of the Reverend George Marwood, Versus the Earl of Harewood and Another, Relating to Certain Derelict Land Formerly Part of the Channel of the River Tees, Near Stockton, Which Took Place at the Yorkshire Spring Assizes, in March, 1841. no author Law £75
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Queen's Bench, and the Court of Exchequer Chamber on Error From the Court of Queen's Bench. Vol. Ii Thomas Flower Ellis & Colin Blackburn Law £15
Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy Argued and Determined in the Court of Review, and on Appeal Before the Lord Chancellor. Vol. 1. Edward E. Deacon Law £10
Reprieve: The Testament of John Resko. John Resko (Fwd by Carl Carmer) Law £7.5
Screw, the Truth About Walpole State Prison by the Guard Who Lived It Mclaughlin, Michael. Law £8
Sea Law and Sea Power, as They Would Be Affected by Recent Proposals; With Reasons Against Those Proposals Thomas Gibson Bowles Law £45
Second Chambers. Baldwin N. D. J. & Shell D. (Eds. ) Law £30
Serial Murder. Holmes R. M. & De Burger J. Law £5
Shot in the Tower: The Story of the Spies Executed in the Tower of London During the First World War Leonard Sellers Law £7.5
Silence in Court. The Future of the Uk's Historic Law Courts. Save Britain's Heritage Law £20
Spartan Education [Signed] Edward H. Warren Law £15
Statistical Dna Forensics: Theory, Methods and Computation Wing Kam Fung, Yue-Qing Hu Law £9
Stone's Justices' Manual Being the Yearly Justices' Practice for 1907. Ed. J. R. Roberts Law £20
Stray Thoughts and Memories James A. Rentoul Law £45
Stress and Stigma. Explanation and Evidence in the Sociology of Crime and Illness. Gerhardt U. E. & Wadsworth M. E. J. (Eds. ) Law £15
Supranationalism and International Adjudication Forest L. Grieves Law £10
The Agricultural Holdings Acts, 1908-1914, With Introduction and Explanatory Notes and Forms T. C. Jackson Law £8
The American Commonwealth (2 Volumes. ) Bryce J. Law £40
The Bank of England. An Illustrated Visit. Woods R. A. Law £8
The Business of Intellectual Property. Arena C. M. & Carreras E. M. Law £50
The Citizen's Guide to Gun Control Zimring, Franklin E. Law £5
The Code Napoleon . . . To Which is Prefixed an Introductory Discourse, Containing a Succinct Account of the Civil Regulations, Comprised in the Jewish Law, the Ordinances of Menu Etc. Etc. Barrett B. Law £30
The Common Law & Other Writings. Holmes O. W. Law £25
The Complete Law of Housing. Including the Housing Act, 1915 ; The Housing Act, 1930. Hill H. A. Law £25
The Dervish of Windsor Castle. The Life of Arminius Vambery. Alder L. & Dalby R. Law £10
The Evolution of Criminal Justice: A Guide for Practical Criminologists Ed. John P. Conrad Law £7
The Famous Case of Myra Clark Gaines Nolan B. Harmon, Jr. Law £10
The French Legal System: An Introduction West, Dedevises, Fenet Et Al. Law £10
The Great Persecutors. Sparrow, Gerald Law £7
The Greig Affair : An 1859 Tragedy [Signed] Matthew J. Conway Law £10
The Hillsborough Stadium Disaster: 15 April 1989. Inquiry by the Rt Hon Lord Justice Taylor. Final Report Great Britain. Home Offic Law £30
The Law of Boundaries and Fences Vincent Powell-Smith Law £16
The Law of Dilapidations Sydney E. Pocock & C. E. Smalley-Baker Law £7
The Law of Nuisance. Buckley R. A. Law £15
The Law Reports. Court of Common Pleas: Vol. Ii. From Michaelmas Term, 1866, to Trinity Term, 1867, Both Inclusive. Xxx Victoria Ed. James Redfoord Bulwer Law £20
The London Building Act 1930 and Other Acts Relating to Buildings in London With Standing Orders, Byelaws and Regulations Kelly Law £7
The Measurement of Breath Alcohol. Emerson V. J. Et Al Law £6
The Plight of Crime Victims in Modern Society. Fattah E. A. (Ed. ) Law £6
The Police and Social Conflict Fielding, J. & Ed. Fielding Law £7
The Post Office Sir Evelyn Murray Law £10
The Public General Acts Passed in the Thirty-Seventh and Thirty-Eighth Years of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria; Being the First Session of the Twenty-First Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland no author Law £10
The Public General Acts Passed in the Thirty-Third and Thirty-Fourth Years of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. no author Law £10
The Queen's Peace. The Origins and Development of the Metropolitan Police 1829-1979. Ascoli D. Law £6
The Rent Acts 1920-1957. Abbey N. C. Law £10
The Right to Light Brian Anstey & Michael Chavasse Law £45
The S. S. C. Story 1784-1984. Two Hundred Years of Service in the College of Justice. Barclay J. B. Law £15
The School in American Society Patterson, Choate & Brunner Law £6
The Scots Law Times News. 1927 no author Law £20
The Spanish Legal System Merino-Blanco, Elena. Law £7.5
The Story of Canada Blackie. With an Introduction by Thomas Mott Osborne, Warden of Sing Sing Prison. Anne P. L. Field Law £5
The Trial at Bar of Sir Roger C. D. Tichborne, Bart. In the Court of Queen's Bench at Westminster Etc. Etc. Kenealy, Dr. Law £150
The Unfamiliar Abode. Islamic Law in the United States and Britain. Moore K. M. Law £16
The Weights and Measures Act,1963 O'keefe (Intro. ) Roydhouse (Annotations. ) Law £10
The World Court. What It is and How It Works. Rosenne S. Law £30
Through Seven Reigns a History of Newport Borough Police [Signed] Islwyn Bale Law £25
Through the Bridewell Gate: Mac Intyre, Tom Law £7
Truth Will Prevail Marian Slingova Law £10
Two Treatises of Government : In the Former, the False Principles and Foundationof Sir Robert Filmer, and His Followers, Are Detected and Overthrown. The Latter is an Essay Concerning the True Original, Extent, and End of Civil-Government. Locke J. Law £35
Understanding Social Control. Deviance, Crime and Social Order. Innes M. Law £2.5
War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Byron C. Law £25
Weight-of-Evidence for Forensic Dna Profiles (Statistics in Practice Series) David J. Balding Law £10
When Men Kill: Scenarios of Masculine Violence Polk, Kenneth. Law £8
Women in Prison. Chandler, Edna Walker. Law £7
Words and Phrases Legally Defined Ed. David Hay Law £8
A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary: For the Use of Students (1916) Hall,John R. Clark Linguistics £10
A Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms G. A. Wilkes Linguistics £7.5
A Dictionary of Catch Phrases British and American, From the Sixteenth Century to the Present Day Eric Partridge Linguistics £7.5
A Glossary of the Old Northumbrian Gospels (Lindisfarne Gospels or Durham Book) Albert Stanburrough Cook (Compiler) Linguistics £7.5
A History of the English Language Baugh, Albert Croll Linguistics £7
A Practical Introduction to the Study of Japanese Writing (Moji No Shirube) Basil Hall Chamberlain Linguistics £125
Ad Infinitum: A Biography of Latin Ostler, Nicholas. Linguistics £7.5
Alphabets Old & New Lewis F Day Linguistics £8
An Elementary Historical New English Grammar Joseph and Elizabeth Mary Wright Linguistics £25
Consonantal Dissimilation in the Romance Languages Rebecca R Posner Linguistics £12
Edwin Newman on Language: Strictly Speaking/a Civil Tongue/Complete in One Volume Edwin Newman Linguistics £5
Figures in Language: Describe and Draw (Study Skills in English Series) (Elt / Eap): Describe and Draw R R Jordan Linguistics £15
Functional Categories Pieter Muysken Linguistics £15
Gabriela Mistral's Religious Sensibility Martin C. Taylor Linguistics £25
In Other Words, Variation in Reference and Narrative Deborah Schiffrin Linguistics £15
In Other Words: Variation in Reference and Narrative Deborah Schiffrin Linguistics £15
Language and Desire; Encoding Sex, Romance and Intimacy Harvey, Keith and Shalom, Celia. Linguistics £12
Language Typology and Syntactic Description; Vol 2; Complex Constructions Edited by Timothy Shopen Linguistics £30
Lexical Representations and Processing of Idiomatic Adjective-Noun Combinations Marc Fleischeuers Linguistics £20
Negation in Gapping Sophie Repp Linguistics £16
Nowt So Queer; New Lancashire Verse & Prose Joan Pomfret (Editor) Linguistics £7.5
Odd Job Man Jonathon Green Linguistics £13.5
Oxford English; A Guide to Language Compiled by I. C. B. Dear Linguistics £5
Philosophical Tasks Graham Bird Linguistics £4.5
Pidgins and Creoles Singh, Ishtla. Linguistics £10
Port Out Starboard Home, & Other Language Myths Miahael Quinton Linguistics £5
Proceedings of the Xixth International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, Aberdeen, August 4-11, 1996: 'Scope, Perspectives and Methods of Onomastics' W. F. H. Nicolaisen Linguistics £150
Redesigning English: New Texts, New Identities Edited by Sharon Goodman and David Graddol Linguistics £10
Speaking Freely: A Guided Tour of American English From Plymouth Rock to Silicon Valley Stuart Berg Flexner & Anne H Soukhanov Linguistics £5
The English Language Robert Burchfield Linguistics £5
The Kristeva Reader Julia Kristeva, Ed by Toril Moi Linguistics £18.5
The Oxford Dictionary of Original Shakespearean Pronunciation David Crystal Linguistics £25
Words and Ways of American English Thomas Pyles Linguistics £7.5
You Talkin' to Me?: Rhetoric From Aristotle to Obama Leith, Sam. Linguistics £10
A History of the Irish Short Story Ingman, Heather Literary Criticism £30
And Bid Him Sing. Essays in Literature and Colonial Domination February, Vernon Literary Criticism £7
Arabian Society in the Middle Ages: Studies From the Thousand and One Nights By Edward William Lane; Edited by Stanley Lane-Poole; Introduction by C. E. Bosworth Literary Criticism £8
Chaucer to Shakespeare, 1337-1580 Sunhee Kim Gertz Literary Criticism £5
Culture and Society in the Stuart Restoration: Literature, Drama, History Edited by Gerald Maclean Literary Criticism £150
Democracy, Revolution, and Monarchism in Early American Literature Paul Downes Literary Criticism £48
Gender and the Poetics of Reception in Poe's Circle Eliza Richards Literary Criticism £45
Hybrid Tapestries: The Development of Pakistani Literature in English Muneeza Shamsie Literary Criticism £80
John Ford: Critical Re-Visions Michael Neill Literary Criticism £32.5
Joyce and the Invention of Irish History: Finnegans Wake in Context Thomas C. Hofheinz Literary Criticism £40
Literary Magazines and British Romanticism Mark Parker Literary Criticism £48
Literary Patronage in England, 1650-1800 Dustin Griffin Literary Criticism £50
M. Tullii Ciceronis Operum Voluminis Secundi P. Ii; Ciceros's Works Volume Two, Part Ii M. Tullii Ciceronis, (Cicero) Literary Criticism £80
Milton and Religious Controversy: Satire and Polemic in Paradise Lost John N. King Literary Criticism £50
Ngugi Wa Thiong'o Simon Gikandi Literary Criticism £55
Peter Hall Directs Antony and Cleopatra Tirzah Lowen; With Photographs by John Haynes Literary Criticism £10
Race, Citizenship, and Law in American Literature By Gregg D. Crane Literary Criticism £15
Radicalism in British Literary Culture, 1650-1830: From Revolution to Revolution Edited by Timothy Morton and Nigel Smith Literary Criticism £50
Shakespeare in Production: The Tempest Edited by Christine Dymkowski Literary Criticism £20
Speech and Performance in Shakespeare's Sonnets and Plays David Schalkwyk Literary Criticism £55
Studies in Latin American Literature and Culture in Honour of James Higgins Edited by Stephen Hart and William Rowe Literary Criticism £15
The American 1930s: A Literary History Peter Conn Literary Criticism £15
The Anti-Jacobin Novel: British Conservatism and the French Revolution M. O. Grenby Literary Criticism £25
The Cambridge Companion to American Women Playwrights Edited by Brenda Murphy Literary Criticism £15
The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Popular Culture Edited by Robert Shaughnessy Literary Criticism £40
The Novels of Rex Warner N. H. Reeve Literary Criticism £30
The Politics of Literature Poland 1945 - 1989 Carl Tighe Literary Criticism £10
The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club; Complete in 2 Volumes, Illustrated Library Edition Charles Dickens, Illustrated by Seymour and Phiz Literary Criticism £60
Women and Romance Fiction in the English Renaissance Helen Hackett Literary Criticism £25
Women's Poetry and Religion in Victorian England: Jewish Identity and Christian Culture Cynthia Scheinberg Literary Criticism £35
Metamorphoses (Also Known as the Golden Ass) in Two Volumes Apuleius, Edited and Translated by J. Arthur Hanson Literature £50
The Sense of an Ending; Signed 1st Edition Julian Barnes Literature £100
"Toorle"; A Drama of Farm Life in the Lothians, in Five Acts; And Other Pieces James Lumsden Literature £15
13th Sacrifice Debbie Viguie, Literature £6.99
1q84. 3 Books in 2 Volumes Haruki Murakami, Translated From the Japanese by Jay Rubin Literature £25
A Bachelor's Comedy J. E. Buckrose Literature £5
A Brief History of Chinese Fiction Lu Hsun Literature £10
A Companion to the Cantos of Ezra Pound (Ezra Pound). Carroll F. Terrell Literature £25
A Critical History of English Literature 2 Vols. Daiches Literature £12
A Curious Invitation. The 40 Gretest Parties in Literature Field Literature £14.99
A Dirty Distant War (Cassell Military Paperbacks) E. M. Nathanson, Literature £6.99
A Double Life: A Biography of Charles and Mary Lamb Burton, S. Literature £20
A Film Trilogy Ingmar Bergaman Literature £10
A Flea in Her Ear: A Farce. Samuel French Edition Georges Feydeau; Translated by John Mortimer Literature £8
A Handbook of Antique Prose-Rhythm, Volume I, History of Greek Prose-Metre; Demosthenes, Plato, Philo, Plutarch and Others Dr A. W. De Groot Literature £25
A History of Secular Latin Poetry in the Middle Ages; Complete Set of 2 Volumesw F. J. E. Raby Literature £70
A Jane Austen Companion; A Critical Survey and Reference Book F. B. Pinion Literature £12
A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland; And; The Journal of a Tour of the Hebrides Samuel Johnson and James Boswell Literature £15
A Latin Dictionary; Founded on Andrews' Edition of Freund's Latin Dictionary. Charlton T. Lewis and Charles Short. Literature £150
A Lexicon Abridged From Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon Liddell and Scott Literature £20
A Life Discarded: 148 Diaries Found in a Skip Alexander Masters Literature £5
A Life of Matthew Arnold Nicholas Murray Literature £12
A Life of Matthew Arnold Nicholas Murray Literature £11.25
A Little Original Sin: The Life and Work of Jane Bowles Millicent Dillon Literature £6
A Long Trip to Teatime Anthony Burgess, Illustrated by Fulvio Testa Literature £15
A Loose Rein 'Wanderer', Pseudonym Elim H. D'avigdor, Illustrated by G. Bowers Literature £25
A Lost Army; A Tale of the Russians in Central Asia Fred Whishaw Literature £20
A Many Splendoured Thing Han Suyin Literature £4.5
A Marriage of True Minds; An Intimate Portrait of Leonard and Virginia Woolf (Leonard and Virginia Woolf) George Spater and Ian Parsons Literature £15
A Midsummer Night's Dream; Signed by Heath Robinson Shakespeare, Illustrations by Heath Robinson Literature £1800
A New Latin-English Dictionary William Young Literature £40
A Nice Girl Like Me Rosie Boycott Literature £15
A Peep Behind the Scenes Walton, O. F. Literature £5
A Place of Greater Safety Hilary Mantel Literature £50
A Prefect's Uncle P. G. Wodehouse Literature £60
A Reader's Guide to Dylan Thomas (Dylan Thomas). , William York Tindall Literature £12
A Romantic friendship:the Letters of Cyril Connolly to Noel Blakiston Cyril Connolly and Noel Blakiston Literature £8
A Rose for Winter; Travels in Andalusia Laurie Lee Literature £20
A Second Treasury of Horse Stories Margaret Cable Self Literature £15
A Severed Head Iris Mudoch Literature £25
A Shakespeare Glossary (Shakespeare). C. T. Onions Literature £20
A Short History of English Literature Phelps, G. Literature £10
A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland. . . 1475-1640 Vol. 2 I-Z 2nd. Edition Revised and Enlarged A. W. Pollard, G. R. Redgrave Compilers Literature £25
A Son of the Soil Wilson Katiyo Literature £5
A Song of the English Rudyard Kipling, Illustrated by W. Heath Robinson Literature £75
A Square Called Silence Desmond Meiring Literature £8
A Stitch in Time; Or Pride Prevents a Fall James Laver Literature £20
A Stranger on Earth: The Life and Work of Anna Kavan (Anna Kavan). Jeremy Reed Literature £20
A Tale of a Tub (Great Ideas S. ) Jonathan Swift, Literature £3.99
A Thousand Ships Natalie Haynes Literature £10
A Tradition of Victory Alexander Kent Literature £20
A Traitor's Kiss Fintan O' Toole Literature £11.5
A Traitor's Kiss: The Life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, 1751-1816 Fintan O'toole Literature £15
A Very Persistent Illusion L. C Tyler Literature £10
A Voyage Round John Mortimer Grove, Valerie. Literature £15
A Word Child Iris Murdoch Literature £25
A Writer at War: Letters & Diaries, 1938-46 (Murdoch). Edited by Peter J. Conradi Literature £10
Abelard and Heloise no author Literature £7
Across the Mystic Shore Mukherjee, S Literature £5
Adam Bede Eliot, G. Literature £10
Adam Bede. Silas Marner. The Mill on the Floss. Romola 4 Vols. Eliot, G. Literature £75
Adele and Co. Yates, D. Literature £7
Adventure Stories From the 'Strand' no author Literature £12
Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini (Pius Ii) E. J. Morrall (Editor) Literature £15
Aeneidos Liber Sextus Vergil, P. Vergili Maronis; With a Commentary by R. G. Austin Literature £40
Aeneidos, Liber Quartus Vergil; P. Vergili Maronis, Edited by R. G. Austin Literature £25
Aeschylus I and Ii, Comprising Vol I; Agamemnon, the Libation Bearers, the Eumenides, Prometheus Bound. Vol Ii; The Suppliant Maidens, the Persians, Seven Against Thebes [Aeschylus). Edited by David Greene and Richard Lattimore Literature £19
Ainswoth's Novels; Complete Set in 16 Volumes William Harrison Ainsworth, Illustrated by Dalziel, Halbot K. Browne (Phiz, Illustrator of Dickens) Et Al Literature £350
Aldous Huxley Between East and West; Studies in Comaprative Literature (Aldous Huxley). Edited by C. C. Barfoot. Literature £50
Aldous Huxley; A Biography. Volumes One and Two (Huxley). Bedford Literature £12
Aldous Huxley; A Biography. Volumes One and Two, Complete Set (Huxley). Sybille Bedford Literature £18
Alexander Solzhenitsyn: A Century in His Life (Solzhenitsyn). D. M. Thomas Literature £5
Alexandria: A History and a Guide Forster, E. M. Literature £8
All Things Bright and Beautiful Waterhouse, K. And Hall, W. Literature £5
Ambrose Bierce; Alone in Bad Company (Ambrose Bierce). Roy Morris Literature £9
Amorous Fiametta Boccaccio, G. Literature £30
An Accidental Man Iris Murdoch Literature £18
An Act of Betrayal Rosemary A. Sandys Literature £8
An Anthology of Modern Prose A. J. J. Ratcliff Literature £12
An Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life; Volume I [Only, of Ii] Harriet Corp Literature £10
An Autobiography of the years1911-1918 and the Journey Not the Arrival Matters Leonard Woolf Literature £30
An Empty Death Wilson, Laura. Literature £3.5
An Evil Motherhood; An Impressionistic Novel; Aubrey Beardsley Frontispiece Walt Ruding, Illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley Literature £30
An Existential View of John Osborne By Eugene Greeley Prater Literature £10
An Impossible Woman; The Memories of Dottoressa Moor of Capri Graham Greene (Editor) Literature £15
An Introduction to Charles Williams (Charles Williams). A. M. Hadfield Literature £15
An Introduction to Greek Tragedy Ruth Scodel Literature £25
An Italian Winter Brooks, C. S. Literature £8
An Omnibus of Passionate Women Boccaccio, G. And Mendes, C. Literature £30
An Outcast of the Islands Conrad, J. Literature £20
An Unhurried View of Erotica Ralph Ginzburg Literature £15
And Five Were Foolish Yates, D. Literature £7
And the Ass Saw the Angel Nick Cave Literature £15
Andre Gide Walker, D. H. Literature £10
Anil's Ghost Ondaatje, M. Literature £10
Anne Thackeray Ritchie Grin, Winifred. Literature £6.5
Anniversaries ( 2 Volume Boxed Set); From a Year in the Life of Gesine Cresspahl (New York Review Books, Classics Edition) Uwe Johnson, Translatede From the German by Damion Searls Literature £20
Another Kind of Cinderella Angela Huth Literature £6.5
Antaeus No. 24, Winter 1976 (F. Scott Fitzgerald). Edited by Daniel Halpern Literature £20
Anthology of Ancient Greek Popular Literature William Hansen (Editor) Literature £20
Anthony and Cleopatra Shakespeare Wil Literature £7.99
Anthony Trollope; An Autobiography Anthony Trollope, Edited With an Introduction by Nicholas Shrimpton Literature £11
Archbishop. A Novel Guinness, M. Literature £8
Archiloque : Entretiens Sur L'antiquite Classique, Tome X; Interviews on Classical Antiquity (Archilochus). Jean Pouilloux, Nikolas M. Kontoleon Et Al Literature £35
Arise and Walk Nagibin, Y. Literature £10
Aristophanes Ladies' Day; An English Version Arisstophanes, Dudley Fitts Literature £20
Aristophanes; Clouds, Acharnians, Lysistrata; Companion to the Penguin Translation (Aristophanes). Simon Tremewan Literature £15
Arrian; History of Alexander and Indica Complete Two Volume Set, Loeb Classical Library Arrian, Translated by P. A. Brunt Literature £50
Arthur Miller 1962-2005 Bigsby, C. Literature £18.99
Arthur Miller, 1915-1962 (Arthur Miller). Christopher Bigsby Literature £20
Artifacts '48 Mcclellan, B. Literature £8
As Berry and I Were Saying Yates, D. Literature £6
As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning Laurie Lee, Illustrated by Leonard Rosoman Literature £15
Ask Alice D J Taylor Literature £4
Assembling (Flann O'brien). Maebh Long Literature £20
Assorted Fire Events: Stories David Means, Literature £6
At the Back of the North Wind Macdonald, G. Illus. G Mosley Literature £20
At the Mercy of Tiberius Wilson, A. J. E. Literature £10
Athabasca Maclean, A. Literature £7
Atherton, and Other Tales; Two Volumes [ Only, of 3] Mary Russell Mitford Literature £50
Auden in Love (Auden). Dorothy J. Farman Literature £10
Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 1 Smith, Harriet Elinor ( Editor) Literature £20
Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson; A Literary Heritage. 2 Volumes in Slipcase Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson Literature £30
Barchester Towers Trollope Literature £7
Barchester Towers Trollope, A. Literature £15
Baroque-'N'-Roll, and Other Essays Brigid Brophy Literature £15
Basho: The Complete Haiku Matsuo Basho, Original Artwork by Shiro Tsujimura Literature £20
Beau Ideal Wren, P. C. Literature £7
Beaumarchais: The Man Who Was Figaro Grendel, F. Literature £7
Beds in the East Anthony Burgess Literature £25
Beginnings: Intention and Method Edward W. Said Literature £8.25
Ben Jonson's Volpone, or the Fox Ben Jonson, Introduced by Harold Bloom Literature £12
Benediction Silve, C. Literature £10
Beowulf Translated by Kevin Crossley-Holland, Introduction by Bruce Mitchell, Lithographs by Virgil Burnett Literature £15
Beowulf Translated by Kevin Crossley-Holland, Introduction by Bruce Mitchell, Lithographs by Virgil Burnett Literature £15
Beowulf the Warrior Ian Serrillier, Illustrated by Severin Literature £20
Bertolt Brecht in America (Bertolt Brecht). James K. Lyon Literature £10
Birdsong Faulks, S. Literature £30
Black Comedy: A Farce Peter Shaffer Literature £7
Black Spring Henry Miller Literature £20
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. Cxiv; January-June 1873 William Blackwood Et Al Literature £30
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. Cxix; January-June 1876 William Blackwood Et Al Literature £25
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. Cxvii; January-June 1875 William Blackwood Et Al Literature £25
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. Cxxii; July-December 1877 William Blackwood Et Al Literature £35
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. Cxxiii; January-June 1878 William Blackwood Et Al Literature £25
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. Cxxix; January-June 1881 William Blackwood Et Al Literature £35
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. Cxxviii; July-Dcember 1880 William Blackwood Et Al Literature £35
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. Cxxx; July-Dcember 1881 William Blackwood Et Al Literature £35
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. Lxxix; January-June 1856 William Blackwood Et Al Literature £35
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. Lxxxv; January-June 1856 William Blackwood Et Al Literature £35
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine; Vol Lxxx, July-December 1856 William Blackwood Et Al Literature £25
Bleak House Charles Dickens, Illustrated by H. M. Brock Literature £15
Blood Fugue D'lacey Literature £8.99
Blood Royal Yates, D. Literature £10
Bloomsbury and Beyond: The Friends and Enemies of Roy Campbell (Roy Campbell). Joseph Pearce Literature £25
Blue at the Mizzen Patrick O'brian Literature £10
Blue at the Mizzen Patrick O'brian Literature £20
Bonfire. A Novel Devas, N. Literature £25
Branch-Lines: Edward Thomas and Contemporary Poetry Edward Thomas, Edited by Guy Cuthbertson and Lucy Newly Literature £15
Branded Black Ostwald, B. D. Literature £10
Branwell Bronte ( Bronte). Winifred Gerin Literature £9
Breakheart Pass Maclean, A. Literature £6
Brecht Jan Needle and Peter Thomson Literature £15
Brecht and Method (Brecht). Jameson, Fredric. Literature £10
British Writers of the Thirties (Auden, Isherwood, Spender Et Al). Valentine Cunningham Literature £20
C. Crispi Sallustii; Bellum Catilinarium Sive De Conjuratione Catilinae; Cataline's War or the Cataline Conspiracy C. Crispi Sallustii, (Sallust) Literature £40
Calendar of the Letters of E. M. Forster Lago, Mary. Literature £26.5
Caravan 3 Volumes Complete Set John Galsworthy Literature £20
Carmen and Other Stories Prosper Merimee; Translated and With an Introduction and Notes by Nicholas Jotcham Literature £8.99
Carol Patricia Highsmith Literature £15
Caroline's Bikini Kirsty Gunn Literature £4.5
Catharine no author Literature £10
Catullus; A Commentary (Catullus). C. J. Fordyce Literature £30
Chaplet of Pearls Yonge, Charlotte M. Literature £20
Charles Dickens, 1812-1870; A Biography, With Examples of the Wrk of His Finest Illustrations (Charles Dickens). Produced by Tullis Russel Literature £30
Charles Dickens. His Tragedy and Triumph 2 Vols. Johnson, E. Literature £12
Charles Dickens. His Tragedy and Triumph 2 Vols. Johnson, E. Literature £15
Charles Dickens; A Critical Study (Dickens). George Gissing, F. G. Kitton Literature £25
Charles O'malley Lever, C. Literature £5
Charles O'malley, the Irish Dragoon Lever, C. Literature £15
Charles O'malley. The Irish Dragoon Lever, C. Literature £7
Charley's Aunt: A Play Brandon Thomas Literature £7
Charlotte Bronte: A Biography [Bronte], Winifred Gerin Literature £15
Charlotte Bronte; A Passionate Life Lyndall Gordon Literature £9
Charmed Circle: Gertrude Stein and Company (Gertrude Stein). James R . Mellow. Literature £8
Chaucer and the Makinfg of English Poetry; The Art of the Narrative, Volume Ii [Chaucer], P. M. Kean Literature £8
Chaucer and the Medieval World Donald R. Howard Literature £12.5
Chekhov, New Perspectives (Chekhov). Edited by Rene and Nonna D. Wellek Literature £7.5
Chekhov, the Hidden Ground: A Biography (Chekhov). , Philip Callow Literature £12
Chekhov; A Life in Letters (Anton Chekhov), Translated and Edited by Gordon Mcvay Literature £15
Chinese Fables Kathy Ch'iu (Editor). Illustrations by Irene Arnoson Literature £10
Christina Alberta's Father H. G Wells Literature £7
Christopher Brennan. A Critical Biography Axel Clark Literature £32.5
Cicero in Q. Caecilium Divinatio and in C. Verrem Actio Prima (Cicero). Edited With and Introduction by John R. King Literature £10
Cicero's Cilician Letters (Cicero). Translated With Introduction and Notes by Susan Treggiari Literature £15
Cicero; New Surveys in the Classics No. 2 (Cicero). A. E. Douglas Literature £15
Cider With Rosie Laurie Lee, Illustrations by John Ward Literature £28
Cimarron Ferber, E. Literature £7
Clarissa, or the History of a Young Lady Samuel Richardson Literature £40
Classical Dictionary of Biography, Mythology, and Geography William Smith Literature £20
Classical Journal; Vol. 31, Oct-June 1935-36 Walter Miller, William E. Gwatkin, Et Al. Literature £20
Close Quarters Golding, William. Literature £15
Coincidence David Ambrose Literature £6
Coleridge Early Visions Richard Holmes Literature £8
Collected Plays Drinkwater, John Literature £30
Collected Plays for Television Trevor Griffiths, With an Introduction by Edward Braun Literature £10
Collected Poems James Elroy Flecker Literature £15
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage Haruki Murakami, Translated Form the Japanese by Philip Gabriel Literature £30
Cometh With Clouds: (Memory, Allen Ginsberg) (Allen Ginsberg). Dick Mcbride, Introduction by Lawrence Ferlinghetti Literature £20
Commedia and Cazoniere; Complete in Two Volumes Dante Alighiere, Translated by E. H. Plumptre Literature £80
Comparative Literary Studies; An Introduction Prawer, Siegbert Salomon Literature £7.5
Complete Set; The Complete Plays of Bernard Shaw and Prefaces by Bernard Shaw Bernard Shaw Literature £40
Complete Short Stories of Maupassant, Vol. 1 of 2 (Forgotten Books) Guy De Maupassant Literature £28
Complete Stories Kingsley Amis Literature £10
Complete Works Vol. 4 Shadwell, T. Literature £20
Complete Works of Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde, With an Introduction by Vyvyan Holland Literature £15
Complete Works Vol. 3 Shadwell, T. Literature £20
Confessio Amantis (Mart: The Medieval Academy Reprints for Teaching) John Gower, Edited by Russell A. Peck Literature £15
Conversations With Eugene Ionesco (Ionesco) Bonnefoy, Claude (Editor) Literature £10
Conversations With Magic Stones Blayney, M. Literature £10
Cornelii Taciti Annalium and Cornelii Taciti Historium Libri; 2 Volumes Complete Set Tacitus Literature £40
Crampton Hodnet Barbara Pym Literature £25
Cressida's Bed Barry Desmond Literature £7
Crimes of the Father Thomas Kenneally Literature £4.5
Crimson and Bone Marina Fiorato Literature £4.5
Critics of the Nineties Stanford, Derek. Literature £9.5
Cross of St Martin Andrew Kent Literature £20
D. H. Lawrence's Stories, Essays, and Poems Hawkins, Desmond ( Editor) Literature £10
D. H. Lawrence, Dying Game, 1922-1930 (D. H. Lawrence). David Ellis Literature £80
D. H. Lawrence; The Early Years 1885-1912 (D. H. Lawrence). John Worthen Literature £18
D. H. Lawrence; The Early Years 1885-1912 (D. H. Lawrence). John Worthen Literature £18
D. H. Lawrence; Triumph to Exile 1912-1922 (D. H. Lawrence). , Mark Kinkead-Weekes Literature £55
D. H. Lawrence (D. H. Lawrence). Rebecca West Literature £12
Dalziel's Illustrated Goldsmith Oliver Goldsmith, Engravings by the Brothers Dalziel, With a Sketch of His Life by H. W. Dulcken Literature £60
Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the Game That Must Be Lost (Dante Gabriel Rossett). Jerome J. Mcgann Literature £15
David Coperfield Charles Dickens Literature £20
David Copperfield Vol I-Ii Charles Dickens Literature £8
David Copperfield: A Play Matthew Francis, Adapted From Charles Dickens Literature £7
Days of Youth. Selections From Autobiography. Warner A. (Ed. ) Literature £7
De Quincey's Art of Autobiography (De Quincey). Baxter, Edmund. Literature £7.5
De Vita Agricolae (Tacitus). R. M. Ogilvie and Ian Richmond Literature £20
Dear Jane; A Biographical Study of Jane Austen (Jane Austen). Constance Pilgrim Literature £15
Dear Monkey (Wu Cheng'en), Translated From the Chinese by Arthur Waley, Abridged by Alison Waley, Illustrated by Georgette Boner Literature £20
Death and Mr Pickwick Stephen Jarvis Literature £6
Debits and Credits Kipling, R. Literature £10
Delirium: An Interpretation of Arthur Rimbaud Jeremy Reed Literature £8
Depth of Field Sue Hubbard Literature £3.75
Desiree Selinko, A. Literature £10
Devota Wilson, A. E. Literature £8
Diarmuid and Grania: Manuscript Materials By W. B. Yeats and George Moore; Edited by J. C. C. Mays Literature £20
Diary 2 Vols. Pepys Literature £10
Diary and Correspondence 4 Vols. Pepys, S. Literature £20
Diary and Correspondence 4 Vols. Pepys Literature £40
Dickens on France (Dickens). John Edmondson (Editor) Literature £15
Dickens' Journalism: The Amusements of the People - Reports, Essays and Reviews, 1834-51 Vol 2 Charles Dickens, Literature £12
Dickens' London [Charles Dickens] Literature £15
Dickens, Money and Society Grahame Smith Literature £6
Dionysiac Poetics and Euripides' Bacchae ( Euripides). Charles Segal Literature £20
Dirt for Art's Sake: Books on Trial From Madame Bovary to Lolita Elisabeth Ladenson Literature £8
Diversity and Depth in Fiction Wilson, Angus and Mcsweeney, Kerry. Literature £11.5
Doctor Sally P. G. Wodehouse Literature £28
Doctor Zhivago Boris Pasternak, Translated by Max Hayward and Manya Harari Literature £15
Documents of Performance in Early Modern England Tiffany Stern Literature £40
Dombey and Son Charles Dickens, Illustrated by John H. Bacon Literature £20
Dombey and Son Dickens Literature £15
Dombey and Son, 2 Volumes Complete Set, Chapman Charles Dickens Literature £20
Domestic Manners of the Americans Trollope Literature £10
Dominant Seventh Kloss, Philips Literature £12.5
Don Orsino Crawford, F. M. Literature £7
Don Quixote De La Mancha, With One Hundred Illustrations Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra, Translated by Charles Jarvis Literature £60
Don't Skip Out on Me Willy Vlautin Literature £10
Doom Patrols: A Theoretical Fiction About Postmodernism Steven. Shaviro Literature £8
Downhill All the Way; An Autobiography of the Years 1919 to 1939 Leonard Woolf Literature £12
Dr Adam Littleton’S Latin Dictionary in Four Parts Adam Littleton Literature £125
Dr. Johnson by Mrs. Thrale (Dr Johnson) Hester Lynch Piozzi, Richard Ingrams Literature £10
Dreaming to Some Purpose Wilson, Colin. Literature £30
Dressed in Fiction Clair Hughes, Literature £12
Droll Stories Trans. R. Whittling Balzac Literature £40
Dylan Thomas. The Collected Letters Thomas, Dylan. Edited by Ferris, Paul. Literature £15
E. M. Forster Furbank, Philip Nicholas. Literature £8.5
Early Tudor Drama. Medwall, the Rastells, Heywood, and the More Circle Reed, A. W. Literature £15
Earthly Powers Anthony Burgess Literature £20
Eden Renewed Peter Levi Literature £7.5
Edgar Allan Poe: A Critical Biography (Edgar Allan Poe). Arthur Hobson Quinn, Foreword by Shawn Rosenheim Literature £20
Edith Wharton - a Biography - No Gifts From Chance Shari Benstock Literature £10
Edmund Blunden. A Biography Webb, Barry. Literature £20
Ehrengard Dinesen, I. Literature £7
Elective Affinities Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Translated by Elizabeth Mayer and Louise Bogan, Introduction by Victor Lange Literature £25
Elizabeth Gaskell Chapple, J. A. V. . Literature £28.5
Elizabeth Gaskell: A Portrait in Letters (Gaskell). J. A. V. Chapple; Assisted by John Geoffrey Sharps. Literature £8
Elizabethan Critical Essays Smith, Gregorgy G. Literature £30
Emile Zola Hemmings, F. W. J. Literature £25
English Drama of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century (1642-1789) George Henry Nettleton Literature £15
English Drama: Shakespeare to the Restoration, 1590-1660 (Shakespeare). Alexander Leggatt Literature £8
English Literary Manuscripts Hilton Kelliher and Sally Brown Literature £7.5
English Literature, 1815-1832 Jack, Ian Robert James. Literature £9.5
English Traits Representative Men and Other Essays R. W. Emerson Literature £6.5
Epistolarum Libri X. & Panegyricum Accedunt Variantes Lectiones; [Pliny’S Letters] [Pliny the Younger]. C. Pliny Caecilii Secundi Literature £200
Essays and Sketches Stansfield, Abraham Literature £10
European Witness Stephen Spender Literature £35
Evenings at Home; Tales and Stories for the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons Aikin, Dr. And Barbauld, Mrs. Literature £10
Everybody's Boswell (Boswell). Samuel Johnson, Illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard Literature £10
Everything Ravaged Everything Burned Tower, Wells Literature £6
Experience Martin Amis Literature £10
Experiences of an Irish R. M Somerville and Ross Literature £20
Explications; The Tecjhnique of French Literary Appreciation. W. D. Howarth and C. L. Walton Literature £15
Ezra Pond (Ezra Pound) Charles Norman Literature £20
Fanny Burney: Her Life, 1752-1840 Kate Chisholm Literature £7.5
Farewell to the King Pierre Schoendoerffer Literature £7.5
Fathers and Sons. The Autobiography of a Family Waugh, Alexander Literature £12
Feder or the Moneyed Husband Stendhal Literature £10
Felix Holt the Radical Eliot, G. Literature £10
Ferdydurke Gombrowicz, Witold Literature £40
Finnegans Wake James Joyce Literature £100
First One and Twenty; Containing the First Novel and Twenty Selected Stories by John Gloag John Gloag Literature £50
Five Plays O'hara, John Literature £10
Flare Path; A Play. Samuel French Edition Terrence Rattigan Literature £9
Flashman on the March; Signed Copy George Macdonald Fraser Literature £60
Fogerty's Fairy and Other Tales Gilbert, W. S. Literature £50
Folio Set Hardy's Wessex Novels; 3 Volumes Complete in Slipcase Thomas Hardy; Wood Engravings by Peter Reddick, Introduction Bytrevor Johnson Literature £45
For the Time Being Vercors Literature £7
Forever Panting Peter De Vries Literature £9
Forewords and Afterwords W. H. Auden Literature £15
Forty-Seventeen Frank Moorhouse, Literature £10
Forty-Two Fables of La Fontiane La Fontiane, Translated B Edward Marsh Literature £20
Frances Hodgson Burnett : The Unpredictable Life of the Author of 'The Secret Garden (Frances Hodgson Burnett). Gretchen H. Gerzina Literature £10
Francis Kilvert and His World ( Kilvert). Frederick Grice Literature £9
Francis Kilvert and His World ( Kilvert). Frederick Grice Literature £9
Francis Kilvert; Signed 1st Edition ( Kilvert). David Lockwood Literature £12
Francis Kilvert; Signed 1st Edition ( Kilvert). David Lockwood Literature £12
Francis Thynne's Animadversions Upon Speght's First (1598 A. D. ) Edition of Chaucer's Works Chaucer. (Tynne, Kingsley, Furniball) Literature £15
Frankenstein, Creation and Monstrosity (Mary Shelley). Edited by Stephen Bann, Essays by Elisabeth Bronfen, Crosbie Smith, Lumilla Jordanova Et Al Literature £10
French Short Stories Voltaire, Balzac, Dumas Et Al, Introduced by Brian Masters, Illustrated by Veronique Bour Literature £15
Fresh Gleanings or a New Sheaf From the Old Fields of Continental Europe Marvel, I. Literature £7
From Arabye to Engelond: Medieval Studies in Honour of Mahmoud Manzalaoui on His 75th Birthday A. E. Christa Caniz and Gernot R. Wieland(editors) Literature £18
From Fox How to Fairy Hill (Arnold). Harding, Joan N. Literature £15
From Puritanism to Postmodernism. A History of American Literature Richard Ruland and Malcolm Bradbury Literature £7
Frozen Dreams Wahei, T. Literature £5.99
Futility William Gerhardie Literature £6
G. A. Henty, a Bibliography [By] Robert L. Dartt Literature £10
Gargantua and Pantagruel 2 Vols. Rabelais Literature £7
Gasping Ben Elton Literature £7
Geoffrey Chaucer of England Chute, Marchette Gaylord. Literature £5.75
George Crabbe's Poetry (George Crabbe). Peter New Literature £10
George Eliot Smith, Anne. Literature £12.5
George Eliot Eliot, George. Literature £11.5
George. An Early Autobiography Williams, E. Literature £7
Georgie Winthrop Wilson, Sloan Literature £10
Gertrude Bell; From Her Personal Parers 1889-1914 (Gertrude Bell). Elizaberth Burgoyne Literature £15
Good Words 1904 Donald Macleod Literature £25
Graham Greene: Brighton Rock; The Thrird Man; The Power and the Glory; The Heart of the Matter Graham Greene Literature £20
Granmother's Child Swan Literature £6
Greatest Histories of William Shakespeare; Franklin Library Edition William Shakespeare; Illustrated by Rockwell Kent Literature £35
Greek Scenic Conventions in the Fifth Century Peter Arnott Literature £15
Growing Up in Kilvert Country; Signed and Dedicated (Kilvert). Mona M. Morgan Literature £9
Growing Up in Kilvert Country; Signed and Dedicated (Kilvert). Mona M. Morgan Literature £9
Guerrillas V. S. Naipaul Literature £15
Gulliver's Travels Swift, J. Literature £12
Gulliver's Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World Swift, J. Literature £20
H. D. And Hellenism Gregory, Eileen. Literature £28.5
H. G. Wells Aspects of a Life West, Anthony. Literature £10
Handbook of Elizabethan and Stuart Literature James E. Ruoff Literature £15
Handy Andy. A Tale of Irish Life Lover, S. Literature £25
Hans Christian Andersen. European Witness Binding, P. Literature £20
Hans Christian Andersen; The Fan Dancer (Hans Christian Andersen). Alison Prince Literature £7.5
Happy Old Me: How to Live a Long Life, and Really Enjoy It Hunter Davies Literature £10
Harriette Wilson's Memoirs no author Literature £12
Harry of Athol R. H. Forster Literature £40
Haunted Chuck Palahniuk Literature £15
Hazel; Or Perilpoint Lighthouse Harding, E. G. Literature £10
Heaven Lies Above Us Howard Spring, Illustrated by Lynton Lamb Literature £10
Hector Macrae: A Modern Story of the West Highlands; Signed Copy Hannah B. Mackenzie Literature £25
Hecuba Euripides, Edited With Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary by Michael Tierney Literature £15
Hemingway in Africa Christopher Ondaatje Literature £15
Hemingway; The Novels 5 Volume Folio Set. Hemingway, E. , Illust. By David Frankland Literature £140
Her Lover: (Belle Du Seigneur) Albert Cohen,Translated and Introduced by David Coward Literature £12
Herge: The Man Who Created Tintin Pierre Assouline; Translated by Charles Ruas Literature £16.99
Hesse: The Wanderer and His Shadow (Hesse). Gunnar Decker Literature £25
Hippolytos; Oxford University Press Euripides, Edited With Introduction and Commentary by W. S. Barrett Literature £30
Hippolytus Euripides, Translated by Robert Bragg Literature £10
His Family; Franklin Society Ernest Poole, Illustrated by Stephen S. Stroud Literature £25
Historical Writing in England C. 550 to C. 1307 Gransden, Antonia. Literature £12
History of Classical Scholarship From the Beginnings to the End of the Hellenistic Age Rudolf Pfeiffer Literature £50
Hogg's Works;the Ettrick Shepherd's Tales; Including Several Pieces Not Before Printed; 6 Volumes James Hogg [The Ettrick Shepherd] Literature £75
Holocaust Literature: Schulz, Levi, Spiegelman and the Memory of the Offence Gillian Banner Literature £25
Homer and His Critics (Homer). John Myers, Edited by Dorothea Gray Literature £15
Honor May [Mary Bartol]. Anonymous Literature £20
Hooking Up Tom Wolfe Literature £10
Horace and the Centenary Hymn Horace, Translated by Frederick William Wallace Literature £15
Horace on Poetry: The 'Ars Poetica' (Horace). C. O. Brink Literature £60
Hours in a Library Leslie Stephen Literature £18.5
How to Make a Friend Fleur Smithwick Literature £8
How to Write Gertrude Stein; With a New Preface and Introduction by Patricia Meyerowitz. Literature £15
Hudibras; With Variorum Notes, Selected Principally From Grey and Nash, Two Volume Complete Set Samuel Butler, Edited by Henry G. Bohn Literature £30
Hunting Sketches Anthony Trollope, Illustrated by David Eccles Literature £20
Hunts With Jorrocks From Handley Cross Surtees, R. Literature £25
Hypatia Kingsley Literature £10
Hypatia or New Foes With an Old Face Kingsley, C. Literature £15
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili; The Strife of Love in a Dream Francesco Colonna, Translated by Joscelyn Godwin Literature £15
I'm Afraid I'll Live! K. S. Cole Literature £12
Ibsen. An Approach Lavrin, J. Literature £5
If Only We Could Know!: An Interpretation of Chekhov Vladimir Kataev, Literature £7.5
In Far Lochaber Black, W. Literature £10
In Female Disguise; An Anthology of English and American Short Stories and Literary Passages Peter Farrer Literature £15
In Gallant Company Kent, Alexander. Literature £20
In Parnethesis; Seinnyessit E Gledfy Ym Penn Mameu David Jones, Illustration by the Author, Introduction by T. S. Eliot, Foreword by Harold Bloom, Calligraphy by Ewan Clayton Literature £80
In the Balance White, M. E. Literature £5
In the Dorian Mode Sewell, Brocard. Literature £27.5
In the Garden of Beasts Larson, E. Literature £8.99
In the Shadow of the American Dream the Diaries of David Wojnarowicz Wojnarowicz, David and Scholder, Amy. Literature £50
In This Our Life; Franklin Library Ellen Glascow, Illustrated by Walter Rane Literature £35
Infelice Wilson, A. J. E. Literature £7
Infelice Wilson, A. J. E. Literature £7
Innominata Giovanni Boccaccio Et Al Literature £15
Intimate Glimpses From Browning's Letter File (Robert Browning). Assembled by A. Joseph Armstrong Literature £10
Intrusion Mary Mccluskey Literature £4.5
Iris and the Friends: A Year of Memories Murdoch). John Bayley Literature £9
Iris Murdoch: A Life (Iris Murdoch). Peter J. Conradi Literature £15
Iris: A Memoir of Iris Murdoch (Murdoch). John Bayley Literature £9
Iris; A Memoir of Iris Murdoch; With Honorary Degree Programme Featuring Oration for Murdoch (Murdoch). John Bayley Literature £10
Iron in the Soul Jean-Paul Satre Literature £10
It Was the Nightingale Henry Williamson Literature £30
Ivan Ilyitch and Other Stories Tolstoi Literature £20
J. D. salinger:a Life Raised High (J. D. Salinger). Kenneth Slawenski. Literature £15
J. G. Farrell: The Making of a Writer (J. G. Farrell). Lavinia Greacen Literature £10
James Joyce (James Joyce). Joseph Majault Literature £10
James Joyce (Oxford Lives Edition) Richard Ellmann Literature £10
James Joyce: Portraits of the Artist in Exile; Recollections of James Joyce by Europeans (James Joyce). Willard Potts Literature £9
Jane and Her Gentlemen: Jane Austen and the Men in Her Life and Novels (Jane Austen). , Audrey Hawkridge Literature £15
Jane Austen (Austen). Elizabeth Jenkins Literature £10
Jane Austen and Her Art (Jane Austen), Mary Lascelles Literature £15
Jane Austen and Lyme Regis (Jane Austen). [Emma Austen-Leigh] Literature £35
Jane Austen Society Reprort for 2009 Caplan, Aurora Et Al Literature £6.5
Jane Austen's Novels (Jane Austen). Andrew H. Wright Literature £9
Jane Austen; A Biography (Jane Austen). Elizabeth Jenkins Literature £10
Jane Austin and the Clergy Irene Collins Literature £11.5
Jeeves 'N' Chums P. G. Wodehouse Literature £35
Jenny's Geranium: Or the Prize Flower of a London Court no author Literature £5
Jess Rider Haggard Literature £15
Jettisoned Plumptre, K. Literature £10
Joan and Peter H. G Wells Literature £7
John Betjeman; Letters; Volume Two: 1951 to 1984 John Betjeman; Edited and Introduced by Candida Lycett Green Literature £8
John Brown's Letters to Charlie Rowe, J. Literature £6
John Donne: Man of Flesh and Spirit [John Donne]. David Edwards Literature £10
John Dryden. Tercentenary Essays Hammond, Paul and Hopkins, David S. Editors Literature £100
John Forster: A Literary Life ( John Forester) Davies, James A. Literature £8
John Keats Robert Gittings Literature £17.5
John Keats ( Keats). Robert Woof and Stephen Hebron Literature £6
John Milton and the Transformation of Ancient Epic Martindale, Charles. Literature £37.5
John Milton: Complete Shorter Poems John Milton, Edited by John Carey Literature £8
John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester Germaine Greer, Literature £15
Johnny I Hardly Knew You; Signed Copy O'brein, Edna Literature £60
Johnson's Dictionary; A Modern Selection [Samuel Johnson], Edited by Mcadam, Edward L. And Milne, George W. A. Literature £20
Jonathan Swift Victoria Glendinning Literature £12
Jonathan Swift Victoria Glendinning Literature £15
Jonathan Swift in Print and Manuscript Stephen Karian, Literature £35
Jonathan Swift: The Reluctant Rebel (Jonathan Swift). John Stubbs Literature £15
Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities Surtees, R. S. Literature £12
Journal 1860-1964 Buxton, Ellen Literature £7
Journeys of Frodo; An Atlas of J. R. R. Tolkien's the Lord of the Rings (Tolkien). Barbara Strachey Literature £18
Joy in the Morning: A Novel (P. S. ) Betty Smith, Literature £5
Katawampus Its Treatment and Cure and the First Book of Krab Parry, E. A. Literature £10
Kenneth and Hugh; Or, Self-Mastery Catherine D. Bell Literature £15
Key for Two: A Comedy John Chapman, David Freeman Literature £8
Kilvert's Diary and Landscape (Kilvert). John Toman Literature £25
Kilvert's Diary Selections From the Diary of the Rev. Francis Kilvert 1870 - 1879 3 Volumes With Index author not listed Literature £60
Kilvert's Diary, 1870-79, 3 Volume Full Set (Francis Kilvert). William Plomer Literature £70
Kilvert's World of Wonders; Growning Up in Mid Victorian England (Kilvert). John Toman Literature £25
Kilvert, the Victorian: A New Selection From Kilvert's Diaries; Signed Edition Kilvert, Introduced and Edited by David Lockwood Literature £25
Kingdom of Fear; Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child in the Final Days of the American Century Hunter S. Thompson Literature £25
Kingdom. Book Two of the Saladin Trilogy. A Warrior Comes of Age Hight, J. Literature £7.99
Koestler: The Literary and Political Odyssey of a Twentieth-Century Skeptic Michael Scammell Literature £12.5
La-Bas Huysmans, J. K. Literature £15
Lady Chatterley's Lover D. H. Lawrence Literature £17.5
Lady Chatterley's Lover, Ace Books Edition D. H. Lawrencedition Literature £10
Lady Susan and the Watsons the Aldelphi Edition Jane Austen Literature £40
Lalla Rookh; An Oriental Romance Thomas Moore Literature £30
Lamb Nadzam Literature £12.99
Language Made Plain Anthony Burgess Literature £15
Last Letter From Istanbul Lucy Foley Literature £4.5
Last Notes From Home Frederick Exley, Literature £7.5
Later Auden (Auden). Edward Mendelson Literature £15
Later Greek Literature John J. Winkler, Gordon Williams (Editors). Reardon, Bowie Et Al Literature £40
Lauging Gas P. G. Wodehouse Literature £75
Laurie Lee: The Well-Loved Stranger (Laurie Lee). Valerie Grove Literature £10
Law and Peace Tim Kevan Literature £8.99
Le Chevalier Delibere Marche, Olivier De La Literature £10
Lempriere's Classical Dictionary of Proper Names Mentioned in Ancient Authors J. Lempiere, Revised by F. A. Wright Literature £10
Less Than Zero Easton Ellis, Bret Literature £7.99
Letter to Soviet Leaders Solzhenitsyn, Alexander Literature £30
Letters and Literary Remains of Edward Fitzgerald 3 Vols. Wright, W. A. (Ed. ) Literature £30
Letters of James William Ogilvie James William Ogilvie, Foreword by P. H. B. Lyon, Note Robert Maxwell Ogilvie Literature £40
Lettice Cooper Robert Louis Stevenson Literature £20
Levels of Life, Signed 1st Edition, 1st Impression Julian Barnes Literature £40
Lexicon Manuale Ad Scriptores Mediae Et Infimae Latinatis; Half Vellum W. H. Maigne D'arnis Literature £150
Lexicon Manuale Graeco-Latinum, & Latino-Graecum Primo Concinnatum, Terque Editum Cornelio Screvelio Literature £170
Liasons Dangeruses Cholderlos De Laclos, Translated by P. W. K. Stone, Illustrations by Lucy Weller Literature £20
Liberation. Diaries, Volume 3 1970-1983 Isherwood, C. Literature £30
Lies of Silence Brian Moore Literature £15
Life and Writings of Frank Forester Edited by D. W. Judd Herbert, Henry William Literature £20
Life Before Man ; Cat's Eye Margaret Atwood Literature £20
Life in the Red Brigade and Fort Desolation Ballantyne, R. M. Literature £15
Life of Johnson 2 Vols. Boswell Literature £7.5
Life of Samuel Johnson 2 Vols. Boswell Literature £10
Life, Letters and Journals; 2 Volumes George Ticknor Literature £40
List of Books Forming the Reference Library in the Reading Room of the British Museum. Vol. 1 Authors Fourth Edition no author Literature £20
Listening to the Page Cheuse, A Literature £10
Literary Landscapes of the British Isles: A Narrative Atlas Daiches David and John Flower Literature £6
Literary Outlaw : Life and Times of William S. Burroughs (William S. Burroughs). Ted Morgan Literature £15
Literary Outlaw; The Life and Times of William S. Burroughs (William S. Burroughs) Ted Morgan Literature £30
Literature of Finland in Brief Laitinen, K. Literature £10
Little Dorrit Dickens, C. Literature £50
Little Dorrit Vol I-Ii Charles Dickens Literature £7
Lives Like Loaded Guns: Emily Dickinson and Her Family's Feuds (Dickinson) Gordon, Lyndall Literature £20
Livy Book Ii Livy, Edited by R. S. Conway Literature £15
Longinus; On the Sublime (Longinus). Rhys Roberts Literature £25
Look Back in Anger By John Osborne Literature £12
Looking Back: Never Explain, Never Apologise John Osborne Literature £8
Lord Jim Conrad, J. Literature £15
Lord Lytton's Novels Lord Lytton Literature £190
Lord of the Rings; Full Set 3 Volumes: The Fellowship of the Ring, the Two Towers, the Return of the King J. R. R. Tolkien Literature £30
Lord Rochester's Monkey: Being the Life of John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester Graham Greene Literature £10
Lost Diaries Maurice Baring Literature £8
Louder and Funnier P. G. Wodehouse Literature £50
Love in These Days Waugh, Alec Literature £10
Lovers in Acadie Roberts, C. G. D. Literature £10
Lucifer Before Sunrise Henry Williamson Literature £20
Lucy Crown Shaw, I. Literature £5
Lullaby. A Novel Palahniuk, C Literature £10
Lust Count Palmiro Vicarion, Pseudonym of Christopher Logue Literature £30
Mad Girl's Love Song; Sylvia Plath and Life Before Ted (Sylvia Plath). Andrew Wilson Literature £20
Mademoiselle Ixe Folconer, L. Literature £5
Making Enemies Bennett, Francis. Literature £3.5
Maltese Falcon Hammett, D Literature £7.99
Man's Fate Andre Malraux, Series Editor Harold Bloom Literature £10
Manassas: A Novel of the War Upton Sinclair; Introduction by Kent Gramm Literature £9
Manservant and Maidservant Ivy Compton-Burnett; Introduction by Diane Johnson Literature £9
Mariamne Par Lagerkvist Literature £12
Marigold Pryor, F. R. And Harker, L. A. Literature £6
Marius the Epicurean. His Sensations and Ideas. 2 Vols. Pater, W. Literature £20
Marjorie and Muriel Everett-Green, E. Literature £10
Mark Twain; A Life (Mark Twain) Ron Powers Literature £15
Martin Chuzzlewit Dickens Literature £20
Master Georgie Beryl Bainbridge Literature £6.99
Master Skylark John Bennett (Dramatized by Edgar White Burrill) Literature £7.5
Matthew Arnold's on Translating Homer (Homer). (Matthew Arnold). Introduction by W. H. D. Rouse Literature £15
Matthew Arnold's on Translating Homer (Homer). (Matthew Arnold). Introduction by W. H. D. Rouse Literature £15
Maupassant Lerner, Michael G. Literature £6
Me and My Girl Arthur Rose, Douglas Furber, Noel Gay, Stephen Fry, Mike Ockrent Literature £7
Medieval & Renaissance Drama in England John Ptcher Literature £25
Melbourne House Warner, S. Literature £5
Memoirs of Hecate Country Wilson, E. Literature £7
Memories and Hallucinations D. M. Thomas Literature £15
Memory Harbour. Essays Chiefly in Description Young, F. Literature £7
Methuen's Library of Humour Belloc, Hillaire and Knox, E. V. Literature £6
Micah Clarke Conan Doyle Literature £20
Middle Passage Johnson, C Literature £6.99
Middle Passage Johnson, C Literature £6.99
Midnight Mass and Other Stories (Peter Owen Modern Classics) Paul Bowles Literature £10
Mike P. G. Wodehouse Literature £150
Milton and the Drama of History: Historical Vision, Iconoclasm, and the Literary Imagination (Milton). David Loewenstein Literature £7.5
Milton and the English Revolution Christopher Hill Literature £20
Milton: Poet, Pamphleteer and Patriot Beer, Anna R. . Literature £11.5
Mine Jeffery, Ransom and Keeble, John Literature £15
Mistress of My Fate: Bk. 1: The Confessions of Henrietta Lightfoot Hallie Rubenhold, Literature £6.99
Modern Baptist Wilcox Literature £8.99
Moliere. Don Juan David Whitton Literature £20
Moloch, or, This Gentile World Henry Miller; Introduction by Mary V. Dearborn Literature £10
Monsiuer Nicolas or the Human Heart Laid Bare Restif De La Bretonne, Translated, Edited and With an Introduction by Robert Baldrick. Literature £30
Moonfleet J. Meade Falkner Literature £28.5
Motherfuckers : The Auschwitz of Oz David Birtton,Edited by Michael Butterworth Literature £45
Movements in English Literature, 1900-1940 Christopher Gillie Literature £10
Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour, Ask Mamma, Plain or Ringlets, Romford's Hounds, Hawbuck Grange Surtees, Illustrated by 'Phiz' and John Leech Literature £150
Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour, Complete Six Volume Set; Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour, Hawbuck Grange, "Ask Mama", Mr Romford's Hounds, Handley Cross, "Plain or Ringlets. " Surtees Literature £150
Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour R. S. Surtees Edited by Virginia Blain Literature £15
Mr. Wycherly's Wards Harker, L. A. Literature £5
Mrs. Heriot's House Webster Literature £7
Mugby Junction Charles Dickens Literature £30
Mumming and the Mummers' Play of Saint George; Three Versions Including That of Thomas Hardy Thomas Hardy Et Al Edited by J. Stevens Cox Literature £30
Muriel Spark Allan Masie Literature £10
Muriel Spark. The Biography Stannard, Martin. Literature £12
Murphy Samuel Beckett Literature £9
Mutual Impressions. Writers From the Americas Reading One Another Stavans, I. Editor Literature £15
My Absolute Darling: The Sunday Times Bestseller Gabriel Tallent Literature £5
My Brilliant Career Franklin, M. Literature £10
My First Wife Jakob Wassermann, Michael Hofmann (Translator) Literature £16.99
My Friend Matt and Hena the Whore Adam Zameenzad Literature £10
My Little Blue Dress: A Novel Bruno Maddox Literature £6.5
My Own Nuresry Story Book no author Literature £45
Myself and Michael Innes Stewart, J. M. . Literature £13.5
Myself With Others: Selected Essays Carlos Fuentes Literature £7
Nabokov and His Fiction; New Perspectives. (Nabkov). Julian W. Connolly Literature £30
Nancy Blackett; Under Sale With Athur Ransome (Arthur Ransome) Roger Wardale Literature £15
Narrating Reality; Austen, Scott, Eliot [Austen, Scott, Eliot]. Harry Shaw Literature £15
Native Realm; A Search for Self Definition Milosz, Czeslaw Literature £15
Nature and Culture in the Iliad; The Tragedy of Hector (Homer) James M. Redfield Literature £35
Neglected Lives Stephen Alter Literature £15
New Essays on the Awakening Edited by Wendy Martin Literature £10
New Historicism and Renaissance Drama; Longman Critical Reader Richard Wilson and Richard Dutton Literature £10
No One Sleeps in Alexandria; A Modern Arabic Novel Ibrahim Abddel Meguid; Translated by Farouk Abdel Wahab Literature £10
No Villain Need Be Vardis Fisher Literature £40
Nobody's Looking at You: Essays Janet Malcolm Literature £15
Nonesuch; Selected Writings; Stories in Prose, Stories in Verse; Shorter Poems Lectures and Essays; Centenary Edition William Morris, Edited by G. D. H. Cole Literature £30
Norman Mailer. A Double Life Lennon, J. M. Literature £20
Not With Silver Bedford, Simi. Literature £8
Nursery Rhymes Vita Sackville-West Literature £60
O Tempora! O Mores! : Cicero's Catilinarian Opertions. Susan O. Shapiro Literature £145
O'casey's Women (Sean O'casey). Elizabeth C. Hazlehurst Literature £10
O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories Harry Hansen (Editor) Literature £10
Oedipus Tyrannus Sophocles; Translated and With a Commentary by Ian Mcauslan and Judith Affleck; Edited by John Harrison, Literature £20
Of English Literature in the Reign of Victoria With a Glance at the Past Morley, H. Literature £10
On Going to Bed Anthony Burgess Literature £10
On Literature and Art Marx and Engels Literature £8
On Our Selection; The Rudd Family; The Old Homestead; A City Selection; 4 Volumes Complete Set in Slipcase Steele Rudd Literature £45
On the Black Hill Chatwin, Bruce. Literature £350
On the Old Frontier, or, the Last Raid of the Iroquois Stoddard, W. O. Literature £20
On the Waterfront Budd Schulberg, Literature £4.99
Once Upon a Time in England Helen Walsh Literature £6.5
One Equall Light. An Anthology of the Writings of John Donne John Donne, Rowan Williams (Foreword) Literature £12
One Flesh; Paradisal Marriage and Sexual Realtions in the Age of Milton (Milton). Jamesturner Literature £40
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; A Play in Two Acts From the Novel by Ken Kesey, This Play by Dale Wasserman Literature £15
Or Shall We Die? : Worlds for an Oratorio Set to Music by Michael Berkeley Ian Mcewan Literature £25
Orationis Volume Vi; Pro Tullio, Pro Fonteio, Pro Sulla, Pro Archia, Pro Plancio, Pro Scavro M. Tulli Ciceronis Literature £15
Orley Farm 2 Vols. Trollope Literature £70
Oroonoko Thomas Southerne, Edited by Maximillian Novak and David Stuart Rodes Literature £15
Oryx and Crake Atwood, Margaret Eleanor. Literature £15
Oscar Wilde: A Life in Letters Oscar Wilde, Edited by Merlin Holland Literature £15
Oscar: A Life (Oscar Wilde). Matthew Sturgis Literature £15
Othello and Interpretive Traditions (Studies Theatre Hist & Culture) (Shakespeare). Edward Pechter Literature £15
Othello: New Essays by Black Writers (Shakespeare). Mythili Kaul (Editor) Literature £25
Our Lady of Alice Bhatti Hanif Literature £7.99
Our Village Mary Russell Mitford, Illustrated by C. E. Brock Literature £15
Out of the Garden;: A Novel Colin Macinnes Literature £15
Out of the Question, Sign of the Savage W. D. Howells Literature £35
Ovid's Works; P. Ovidii Nasonis Opera, Quae Supersunt, Tomus Primus, Secundus, Tertius Ovid Literature £90
Oxford Companion to Classical Literature M. C. Howatson Literature £30
Oxford Companion to English Literature no author Literature £12
Oxford Reader's Companion to Dickens (Dickens). Edited by Paul Schlicke Literature £25
P. Vergili Maronis Opera Omnia Virgil Literature £50
Pablo Neruda: A Passion for Life [Neruda]. Adam Feinstein Literature £15
Pablo Neruda; A Passion for Life [Neruda]. Adam Feinstein Literature £15
Paideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture; 3 Volumes Complete Set Wener Jaeger, Translated by Gilbert Highet Literature £65
Pamela 2vols. Samuel Richardson, Literature £6
Pamela: Or, Virtue Rewarded; Full Set Volumes 1 and 2 Samuel Richardson, Literature £15
Parade's End; Consisting of Some Do Not, No More Parades, a Man Could Stand Up, the Last Post Ford Madox Ford, Introduction by Robie Macauley Literature £80
Paradox Lost Marianne Sinclair Literature £15
Parsifal; Or the Legend of the Holy Grail, Retold From Ancient Sources, With Acknowledgement to the "Parsifal" of Richard Wagner T. W. Rolleston, Presented by Willy Pogany Literature £250
Passage to Mutiny Kent, Alexander. Literature £20
Passionate Minds: The Great Enlightenment Love Affair Bodanis, D. Literature £10
Patience. A Tale Hofland, Mrs. Literature £10
Paul and Virginia; With Three Hundred and Thirty Illustrations Bernardin De St Pierre Literature £150
Pensees Transl. W. F. Trotter Pascal Literature £8
People of the Black Mountains; Complete Set of 2 Volumes; Volume I the Beginning, Volume Ii the Eggs of the Eagle. Raymond Williams Literature £110
Peridot Flight Doris Leslie Literature £6
Persona and Shame; Including Snakeskin Ingmar Bergman Literature £15
Pestilence William Owen Roberts, Elisabeth Roberts (Translator) Literature £6.95
Peter Simple Frederick Marryat Literature £10
Peter Simple [Marryat] Literature £20
Phantasmagoria and Other Poems Lewis Carroll Literature £20
Pharos and Pharillon Forster, E. M. Literature £20
Philip Larkin: A Writer's Life Andrew Motion Literature £20
Phillips Studies; Volume I [Only]; Parts I-Iii A. N. L. Munby Literature £125
Pictures of the French: A Series of Literary and Graphic Delineations of French Character Jules Janin, Balzac, Cormenin and Othe Celebrated French Authors Literature £100
Pieces of My Mind; Writings 1958-2002 Frank Kermode Literature £25
Pilgrim's Progress John Bunyan Literature £30
Pilgrimage; Volumes 1 and 2 [Only, of 4] Dorothy M. Richardson, Introduction by Gill Hanscombe Literature £30
Pindari Carmina Cvm Fragmentis Selectis Iterum Edidit Otto Schroeder Literature £20
Play It Again, Sam Woody Allen Literature £10
Plays by Women. Volume 1 Wandor, Michelene. Literature £6.95
Plotting Terror Scanlan, Margaret. Literature £14.5
Plutarch's Lives Plutarch, Translated by John Dryden Et Al, With Notes Historical and Critical From M. Dacier Literature £400
Plutarch's Lives 8 Volumes Plutarch, John Langhorne, William Langhorne, Francis Wrangham Literature £120
Plutarch's Lives; The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans Plutarch, Translated by John Dryden and Revised by Arthur Hugh Clough Literature £15
Plutarch's Selected Lives; The Franklin Library Edition Plutarch, Translated by John Dryden Literature £35
Plutarch; Life of Pericles; A Companion to the Penguin Translation (Plutarch). Anthony J. Podlecki Literature £15
Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination Edgar Allan Poe, Illustrated by Arthur Rackham Literature £30
Poems Robert Browning Literature £10
Poems in English With Illustrations by William Blake; Paradise Lost, Miscellaneous Poems, Paradise Reagined and Samson Agonistes. Nonsuch Limited Edition Complete in Two Volumes John Milton, Illustrated by William Blake, Chosen and Titled by Geoffrey Keynes Literature £450
Poetic and Performative Memory in Ancient Greece: Heroic Reference and Ritual Gestures in Time and Space Calame, Claude. Literature £17.5
Poetry and Politics H Eine, H Literature £7.5
Poetry and Politics Heine, H Literature £7.5
Politics and Literature in Modern Britain George Watson Literature £5
Poor Bitos Jean Anouilh, Lucienne Hill (Translator) Literature £8
Portrait of a Friend Gwen Watkins Literature £10
Portrait of a Genius, but. The Life of D. H. Lawrence D. H. Lawrence; Aldington, Richard Literature £7
Possessed With Greatness (Shakespeare and Chapman) Richard S. Ide Literature £7.5
Post-Colonial Literatures Madsen, Deborah L. . Literature £8.75
Prescientthe Adventure of Wyndham Smith S. Fowler Wright Literature £70
Presences That Disturb; Models of Romantic Identity in the Literature and Culture of the 1790s. Damian Walford Davies Literature £20
Pride and His Prisoners A. L. O. E. Literature £30
Primo Levi; Tragedy of an Optimist (Primo Lev). Myriam Anissimov Literature £15
Prisoners of the Sea. A Romance of the Seventeenth Century Kingsley, F. M. Literature £5
Privat Voices; The Diaries of Elizabeth Gaskell and Sopia Holland (Gaskell and Holland). J. A. V. Chapple and Anita Wilson Literature £12
Pro M. Caelio Oratio Cicero; M. Tulli Ciceronis, Edited by R. G. Austin Literature £25
Proceed, Sargeant Lamb Robert Graves Literature £9
Procopius: The Secret History G. A. Williamson (Translated By) Literature £14.5
Prose and Poetry. Selected by M. Wilson Johnson, Samuel Literature £15
Prose Observations Butler, Samuel and De Quehen, Hugh. Literature £40
Quarterdeck Julian Stockwin Literature £15
Queen Shaba's Ring Haggard, H. R. Literature £7
Radical Tragedy: Religion, Ideology, and Power in the Drama of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries (Shakespeare). Jonathan Dollimore. Literature £20
Rambles in Arcadia Grant, A. Literature £6
Rattlin the Reefer Edward Howard, Edited With an Introduction by Arthur Howse Literature £15
Reality in War Literature Henry Williamson Society Literature £9.5
Recollections of the Table Talk of Samuel Rogers, to Which is Added Porsoniana Samuel Rogers Literature £50
Redeeming Time: T. S. Eliot's Four Quartets (T. S. Eliot). , Kenneth Kramer Literature £15
Regeneration Pat Barker Literature £35
Religion, Toleration, and British Writing, 1790-1830 Mark Canuel Literature £35
Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character Dean Ramsay Literature £10
Resistance Julian Fuks, Translated by Daniel Hahn Literature £10
Restoration Drama 1660-1700 Allardyce Nicoll Literature £12
Revolt Qaisra Shahraz Literature £9
Revolt in the Desert T. E. Lawrence, Illustrated by Augustus John Et Al Literature £25
Rhetoric and Culture in Lacan Gilbert D. Chaitin Literature £20
Rider Haggard and the Lost Empire Tom Pocock Literature £11.5
Rivethead Hamper, Ben. Literature £9.5
Robert Browning Edited by Isobel Armstrong Literature £6
Robert Browning. A Life Within a Life Donald Thomas Literature £12
Robert Graves, the Assault Heroic, 1895-1926 Graves, Richard Perceval. Literature £12
Robert Smith Surtees (Surtees). Watson, Frederick. Literature £15
Roland Cashel Charles Lever Literature £25
Roman Poets of the Republic W. Y. Sellar Literature £150
Rope: A Play 2nd Edition Hanilton, P. Literature £15
Roxana Daniel Defoe Literature £15
Rudyard Kipling Birkenhead, Lord Literature £10
Ruyard Kipling; Something of Myself, and Other Autobiographical Writings [Ruyard Kipling] Edited by Thomas Pinney Literature £15
Safe Cusody Yates, D. Literature £10
Sam Chard Don Bannister Literature £12
Samuel Beckett; The Man and His Work [Samuel Beckett]. Frederick J. Hoffman Literature £10
Samuel Johnson Clifford, James and Greene, Donald Johnson. Literature £12.5
Samuel Johnson's Dictionary; Selections From the 1755 Work That Defined the English Language Samuel Johnson, Edited by Jack Lynch Literature £10
Samuel Johnson: A Biography (Samuel Johnson). Peter Martin Literature £10
Samuel Pepys. The Unequalled Self Tomalin, C. Literature £12
Samuel Taylor Coleridge a Bondage of Opium Molly Lefebure Literature £10
Sandition Jane Austen and Another Lady Literature £15
Scenes in the Life of an Old Armchair Walton, O. F. Literature £20
Scenes of Clerical Life George Eliot, Iillustrated by Chris Hammond, Introduction by William Keith Leask Literature £15
Seasons in Flight Brian Aldiss Literature £8
Seawitch Maclean, A. Literature £7
Secret Places, and Other Essays; Alison Uttley, Illustrated by C. F. Tunnicliffe. Literature £25
Seduction; Culture Texts Jean Baudrillard; Translated by Brian Singer. Literature £28
Seinte Katerine S. R. T. O. D'arenne and E. J. Dobson Literature £25
Selected Essays on Rhetoric Quincey, T. De Literature £20
Selected Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson Stevenson, Robert Louis and Mehew, Ernest. Literature £17.5
Selected Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson Edited by Ernest Mehew Literature £12
Selected Plays O'casey, Sean Literature £10
Selected Poems 1923-1967 Jorge Luis Borges, Edited With an Introduction and Notes by Noraman Thomas Di Giovanni Literature £10
Selected Short Stories Jacobs, W. W. . Literature £10
Selected Stories; Hour-Glass Library Elizabeth Bowen Literature £15
Selected Works of Miss Read. Life at Thrush Green Miss Read, Literature £7
Selected Writings Hazlitt, William. Edited by Cook, John R. . Literature £6
Selections From Certain of His Books; Atlas Anthology 7 Raymond Roussel; Translations by John Ashbery, Hary Mathews, Antony Melville and Martin Sorrell. Literature £30
Selections From Teh Writings of John Ruskin John Ruskin, Introduction by William Sincalir Literature £25
Seven Houses in France Atxaga, B. Literature £8.99
Seven Pillars of Wisdom T. E. Lawrence Literature £40
Seven Pillars of Wisdom T. E. Lawrence Literature £300
Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph Lawrence, T. E. Literature £15
Seven Plays by Sean O'casey; A Student's Edition Sean O'casey, Selected, With an Introduction and Notes by Ronald Ayling Literature £10
Seventy Years Being the Autobiography of Lady Gregory Edited and With a Foreword by Colin Smythe Literature £10
Shakespeare and Race (Shakespeare). Catherine M. S. Alexander, Stanley Wells (Editors) Literature £20
Shakespeare and the Authority of Performance (Shakespeare). William B. Worthen Literature £15
Shakespeare Commentaries Gervinus, G. G. Literature £50
Shakespeare in Swahililand Edward Wilson-Lee Literature £12
Shakespeare's Comedies; Shakespeare's Tragedies; Complete Boxed Set 14 Volumes Shakespeare, With Preface and Glossary by Israel Gollancz Literature £210
Shakespeare's Four Giants; Hamlet, Macbeth. Othello and King Lear (Shakespear). Blanche Coles Literature £20
Shakespeare's Reparative Comedies Westlund, Joseph. Literature £20
Shakespeare's Sonnets: Critical Essays (Shakespeare). James Schiffer (Editor) Literature £20
Shame Salman Rushdie Literature £35
Shame and Wonder David Seasrcy Literature £10
Sherborne, Oxford and Cambridge. Recollections. . . Roberts, E. S. Literature £10
Shifting Landscape Henry Roth Literature £6
Short Stories P. G Wodehouse, Introduced by Christopher Falkus, Illustrated by George Adamson Literature £20
Short Stories of Thomas Murtha Murtha, Thomas Literature £15
Sidrak and Bokkus: A Parallel-Text Edition From Bodleian Library, Ms Laud Misc. 559 and British Library, Ms Lansdowne 793 Edited by T. L. Burton; With the Assistance of Frank Schaer. . . [Et Al. ] Literature £35
Sights and Spectacles Mccarthy, Mary Literature £12
Simon Learns to Live Mitchell, M. Literature £10
Simple People Archibald Morrow Literature £8
Sir John Denham, the Sophy: Two 17th Century Plays, Volume Ii Parvin Loloi (Editor) Literature £25
Sir John Gilbert's Shakespeare; The Works of Shakespeare Shakespeare, Edited by Howard Staunton, With Illustrations by Sir John Gilbert Literature £60
Sir John Mandeville; English Writers of the Late Middle Ages , M. C. Seymour Literature £15
Sketches From Memory: People and Places in the Heart of Our Paris Edmund White; Drawings Hubert Sorin Literature £20
Sketches of English Character Volume One Catherine Gore, Literature £5
Sojourn Among Shadows; Signed and Limited Edition Murrell Edmunds Literature £60
Some Are More Human Than Others: A Sketchbook Stevie. (With a Personal Memoir by James Macgibbon). Smith Literature £15
Somerset Maugham (Somerset Maugham) Ted Morgan Literature £9
Song of Love. The Letters of Rupert Brooke and Noel Oliver 1909-1915 Edited by Pippa Harris Literature £20
Sonia - Between Two Worlds Stephen Mckenna Literature £10
Sorry Drvenkar Literature £7.99
South by Java Head Maclean, A. Literature £7
Soviet Milk Nora Ikstena, Translated From the Latvian by Margita Gailitis Literature £9
Spike. Ther Story of a Cowpucher's Dog Santee, R. Literature £20
Splendours and Miseries. A Life of Sacheverell Sitwell Bradford, S. Literature £12
Squire and Page Whitham Literature £7
Stanley Thorn Cockton, H. Literature £15
Stevie; A Biography of Stevie Smith (Stevie Smith). , Jack Barbera and William Mcbrien Literature £15
Stickleback Mccabe, John Literature £10
Stories From Livy Alfred J. Church, Illustrated by Pinelli Literature £30
Stories From the Arabian Nights; Hodder and Stoughton Edition Retold by Laurence Housman, With Drawings by Edmund Dulac Literature £90
Stories, Plays and Poems, Essays and Letters Oscar Wilde, Edited and Introduced by Merlin Holland, Illustrations by Ian Archie Beck Literature £90
Storm and Stress (Strum Und Drang); The Abortive Revolt in German Literature H. B. Garland Literature £15
Story of the Iliad (Homer). Alfred J. Church, Illustrations After Flaxman Literature £30
Strange Fate of Kitty Easton Speller, Elizabeth. Literature £4.5
Structure and Theme; Don Quixote to James Joyce (James Joyce). Margaret Church Literature £15
Style Connolly, J. Literature £12
Subtle Bodies Norman Rush Literature £11.25
Success to the Brave Kent, Alexander. Literature £20
Suddenly Doctor Cox Pierre Dbc Literature £10
Swallowing Mercury Wioletta Greg Literature £4.5
Swinburne Henderson, Philip. Literature £6.5
Tacitus: Agricola Tacitus, Edited by Gilbert Norwood and A. F. White Literature £9
Taffy Came to Cairo Duffield Literature £7
Taken or Left Walton, O. F. Literature £6
Tales From Hollywood Christopher Hampton Literature £7
Tales of a Grandfather (History of Scotland) 3 Vols. Scott, W. Literature £15
Tartarin of Tarascon Daudet, A. Literature £12
Tartarin of Tarascon; 2 Volume Complete Set Alphonse Daudet, Translated by Jaques Leclercq, Illustrated by W. A. Dwiggins Literature £40
Tarzan the Magnificent Burroughs, E. R. Literature £6
Tarzan's Quest Burroughs, E. R. Literature £6
Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness Kenzaburo Oe, Translated and With an Introdution by John Nathan Literature £30
Temptation of the Word: The Novels of Mario Vargas Llosa Efran̕ Kristal Literature £8
Ten Bawdy Tales; Being the Story of the Fair Imperia, the Venial Sin, the Merrie Diversions of His Most Christian Majesty King Louis the Eleventh, Together With Certain Other Quaint and Piquant Histories Honore De Balzac, Translated by J. Lewis May, Introduction by Andre Maurois, Illustrations by Jean De Bosschere Literature £35
Ten Droll Tales Balzac Literature £10
Tennyson, the Unquiet Heart Martin, R. B. Literature £10
Teo Plays; Lituania, Rupert Brooke; The End of the World, Lascalles Abercrombie Rupert Brooke, Lascalles Abercrombie Literature £10
Thackeray the Life of a Literary Man D. J. Taylor Literature £12
Thackeray's Universe: Shifting Worlds of Imagination and Reality Peters, C. Literature £10
The . . Pickwick Papers Dickens Literature £15
The Adventures of Richard Hannay; 5 Volume Complete Set in Slipcaes John Buchan, Illustrated by Nick Hardcastle Literature £100
The Aeneid of Virgil Virgil; C. Day Lewis; Introduced by R. D. Williams Literature £18
The Affairs of Others Amy Grace Loyd Literature £10
The Air Crook at Roofontein G. Gibbard Jackson Literature £15
The Alexandria Quartet Faber Paperback Edition Lawrence Durrell Literature £15
The Alexandria Quartet; Faber Paperback Edition, Four Novels in One Lawrence Durrell Literature £20
The Alexandria Quartet; Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive, Clea Lawrence Durrell Literature £40
The Anatomist Federico Andahazi, Literature £6.99
The Arabian Nights; The Book of the Thousand and One Nights; Six Volume Complete Set in Two Slipcases Translated by Powys Mathers, Introduction by Marina Warner, Illustrated by Kay Nielsen, Grahame Baker, Debra Mcfarlane Et Al Literature £140
The Arabic Novel. An Historical and Critical Introduction Allen, R. Literature £10
The Archaeology of Shakespeare; The Material Legacy of Shakespeare's Theatre. (Shakespeare). Jean Moorcroft Wilson Literature £15
The Art of George Eliot Harvey, W. J. Literature £8
The Art of Greek Comedy Katherine Lever Literature £15
The Authentic Edition;the Works of Charles Dickens; Volume I [Only, of 21]; The Pickwick Papers Charles Dickens Literature £20
The Authentic Edition;the Works of Charles Dickens; Volume Vii [Only, of 21]; Charles Dickens, Illustrated by Phiz Literature £25
The Autobiography Murry, J. M. Literature £15
The Ballad of Aucassin and Nicolette; A Play in Three Acts Charles Causley, Music by Stephen Nc Neff, Illustrations by Yvonne Gilbert Literature £10
The Baltimore Boys Alison Anderson (Translator) Mr Joel Dicker Literature £10
The Barbarian Nurseries author not listed Literature £4
The Battle for Middle-Earth: Tolkien's Divine Design in the Lord of the Rings ( Tolkien). Fleming Rutledge Literature £15
The Battleship Potemkin Sergei Eisenstein Literature £15
The Bay of Silence Lisa St Aubin De Teran Literature £6.5
The Bbc Shakespeare Plays: Making the Televised Canon (Shakespeare). Susan Willis Literature £20
The Beast of the Haitian Hills Thoby-Marcelin Literature £10
The Bedside Thomas Hardy Selected by Edward Leeson Literature £7
The Best After-Dinner Stories no author Literature £10
The Best of Saki; Folio Edition Saki, (H. H. Munro), Introduced by A. N. Wilson, Illustrated by Roger Fereday Literature £20
The Best of Sholom Aleichem Sholom Aleichem; Editor: Irving Howe, Ruth Wisse Literature £8.5
The Best Raconteurs Sheridan Morley and Tim Heald Literature £8.25
The Birds of Aristophanes (Ariostpohanes). Benjamin Bickley Rogers Literature £25
The Bodley Head Scott Fitzgerald; 6 Volumes, Complete Set F. Scott Fitzgerald, With an Introduction by J. B. Priestley Literature £250
The Book of Evidence John Banville Literature £50
The Book of Lost Tales; Part 1 J. R. R. Tolkien; Edited by Christopher Tolkien Literature £25
The Book of the Tousand and One Nights, 4 Volumes Complete in Foilo Slipcase J. C. Mardus and Powys Mathers Literature £60
The Book** Prize Winner (The Booker Prize Winner) Jonathan King Literature £12
The Boydell Shakespeare Prints [Shakespeare]. Introduction by A. E. Santaniello Literature £50
The Brick Moon and Other Stories Edward Everett Hale Literature £6
The Bridge of San Luis Rey Wilder, Thornton Literature £15
The Bridge of San Luis Rey; Illustrated Edition Thornton Niven Wilder, Woodcuts by Claire Leighton Literature £20
The Broad Highway. A Romance of Kent. Illus. C. E. Brock Farnol, G. Literature £15
The Broken Mirror Jonathan Coe Literature £4.5
The Brontes (The Brontes. ) Juliet R. V. Barker Literature £15
The Brookes of Bridlemere 3 Vols. Melville, G. J. Whyte Literature £75
The Bughouse: The Poetry, Politics and Madness of Ezra Pound (Ezra Pound). Daniel Swift Literature £15
The Burning Girl Claire Messud (Author) Literature £6
The Cabala Thornton Wilder Literature £12
The Cache Gordon Nimse Literature £10
The Cambridge Companion to Beckett (Samuel Beckett). Edited by John Pilling Literature £15
The Cambridge Companion to Ben Jonson Ben Jonson, Edited by Richard Harp and Stanley Stewart Literature £20
The Cambridge Companion to Chaucer (Chaucer). Piero Boitani and Jill Mann Literature £15
The Cambridge Companion to English Literature, 1500-1600 Arthur F. Kinney (Editor) Literature £15
The Cambridge Companion to English Literature, 1650-1740 Steven N. Zwicker Literature £15
The Cambridge Companion to English Renaissance Drama A. R. Braunmuller and Michael Hattaway Literature £10
The Cambridge Companion to English Renaissance Drama A. R. Braunmuller and Michael Hattaway Literature £10
The Cambridge Companion to George Eliot (George Eliot). Edited by George Lewis Levine Literature £15
The Cambridge Companion to John Donne (John Donne). Achsah Guibbory Literature £20
The Cambridge Companion to Samuel Johnson [ Samuel Johnson]. Greg Clingham Literature £10
The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on Film ( Shakespeare). Russell Jackson (Editor) Literature £15
The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on Stage ( Shakespeare). Stanley Wells and Sarah Stanton (Editor) Literature £15
The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of World War Ii Marina Mackay. Literature £14.5
The Cambridge Companion to Thomas Hardy (Thomas Hardy). Edited by Dale Kramer Literature £15
The Cambridge Companion to Thomas Hardy (Thomas Hardy). Edited by Dale Kramer Literature £15
The Cambridge Introduction to Byron (Byron). Richard Lansdown Literature £15
The Cambridge Introduction to the Eighteenth Century Novel April London Literature £15
The Castle Comedy Thompson Buchanan Illustrated by Elizabeth Shippen Green Literature £10
The Cavalier George W. Cable Literature £10
The Celestil Onmibus Ernest Bramah Literature £7.5
The Century Magazine Vol. 24 Nos. 4 and 5 Aug-Sept. 1882 author not listed Literature £10
The Chase William Somervile Literature £20
The Children of Kidlin (Enid Blyton). Mary Pollock Literature £20
The City and the Mountains Eca De Queirs, Translated by Roy Campbell Literature £20
The City of Sokrates Roberts, J. Deotis. Literature £12.5
The Classical Journal; Vol. 25 Oct-June 1929-30 Roy C. Flickinger, Arthur T. Walker Et Al Literature £20
The Classical Journal; Vol. 27 Oct, 1931 Roy C. Flickinger, Arthur T. Walker, Et Al. Literature £20
The Classical Journal; Vol. 30 Oct-June, 1934-35 Walter Miller, William E. Gwatkin, Et Al. Literature £20
The Classical Journal; Vol. 32 Oct-June, 1936-37 Eugene Tavenner, Thomas S. Duncan, Et Al. Literature £20
The Classical Journal; Vol. 33 Oct-June, 1937-38 Eugene Tavenner, Thomas S. Duncan Et Al. Literature £20
The Classical Journal; Vol. 34 Oct-June, 1938-39 Eugene Tavenner, Thomas S. Duncan, Et Al. Literature £20
The Classical Journal; Vol. 35 Oct-June, 1939-40 Eugene Tavenner, Thomas S. Duncan, Et Al. Literature £20
The Classical Journal; Vol. 49 Oct-May, 1953-54 Clyde Murley, D. Herbert Abel, Et Al. Literature £20
The Classical Journal; Vol. 57, Oct-May 1961-62 W. Robert Jones Et Al. Literature £20
The Classical Journal; Volume 24, Oct-June 1928-9 Roy C. Flickinger, Arthur T. Walker Et Al Literature £20
The Clicking of Cuthbert P. G. Wodehouse Literature £50
The Collected Short Stories Volume Two With an Intro by Martin Tickner Noel Coward Literature £12
The Collected Stories Grace Paley Literature £7
The Collected Works of Lorna Moon (Lorna Moon). Edited and Introduced by Glenda Norquay; Foreword by Richard De Mille. Literature £7
The Collected Works William Faulkner; The Wild Palms William Faulkner Literature £20
The Columbia Guide to the Literatures of Eastern Europe Since 1945 Segel, H. B. Literature £10
The Commodore Patrick O'brian Literature £25
The Complete Arden Shakespeare: The English Histories Shakespeare Literature £80
The Complete Far side1980-1994; 2 Volume Complete Set in Slipcase Gary Larson Literature £60
The Complete Novels of Jane Austen Jane Austen, Introduction by J. C. Squire Literature £60
The Complete Novels, Illustrated With Wood Engravings Bronte, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Literature £120
The Complete Oxford Shakespeare; Histories, Comedies and Tragedies; Complete Set in 3 Volumes William Shakespeare, Edited by Stanley Wells and Gary Taylor Literature £40
The Complete Plays Shaw, B. Literature £20
The Complete Plays of Bernard Shaw Shaw, Bernard Literature £25
The Complete Plays of William Shakespeare; 4 Volume Folio Set William Shakespeare Literature £100
The Complete Short Stories in Five Volumes; The Christmas Stories, Editiors and Writers, Tourists Nad Colonials, Courtship and Marriage, the Journey to Panama Anthony Trollope Literature £60
The Complete Short Stories; Complete Set , Volumes I, Ii and Iii W. Somerset Maugham Literature £28
The Complete Shorter Fiction; Folio Edition Herman Melville, Introduced by Jay Parini, Illustrated by Bill Bragg Literature £40
The Complete Stalky and Co. Kipling Literature £12
The Complete Works Fielding, H. Literature £100
The Complete Works of Doctor Francios Rabelais; Complete in 2 Volumes Francois Rabelais, Translated by Thomas Urquhart and Peter Motteux, Annotated by Duchat, Ozell Et Al, Introduction by J. Lewis May, Illustrations by Frank C. Pape Literature £30
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [Shakespeare]. Edited by Peter Alexander Literature £25
The Composition of Four Quartets (T. S. Eliot). Helen Gardner Literature £45
The Confusion of Realms Gilman, Richard Literature £15
The Conqueror Worm: Llewelyn Powys: A Consumptive's Diary, 1910 Llewelyn Powys, Edited by Peter J. Foss Literature £10
The Cormorant; A Novel Stephen Gregory Literature £10
The Cornhill Magazine Vol. Xxvi Jan-June 1896 New Series no author Literature £10
The Craft of Poetic Speech in Ancient Greece Calame, Claude and Orion, Janice. Literature £14.5
The Cruise of the 'Cachalot'. The Log no author Literature £6
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Mark Haddon Literature £35
The Darkening Sea Andrew Kent Literature £20
The Day-Star of Liberty; William Hazlitt's Radical Style (William Hazlitt), Tom Paulin Literature £10
The Decameron 2 Vols. Boccaccio Literature £7
The Decameron 2 Vols. Boccaccio Literature £20
The Decameron of Boccaccio, Complete Set of Two Volumes Boccaccio, Translated by J. M. Rigg, Drawings by Louis Chalon Literature £40
The Decameron of Boccaccio, Complete Set of Two Volumes Boccaccio, Translated by J. M. Rigg, Drawings by Louis Chalon Literature £40
The Decameron of Boccaccio; 2 Volume Complete Set Boccaccio, Illustrated by Louis Chalon, Translated by J. M. Rigg Literature £20
The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio; 2 Volume Complete Set Boccaccio, Illustrated by Louis Chalon, Translated by John Payne Literature £80
The Despot and the Slave Benjamin Constant Literature £9
The Devil All the Time Pollock, D. R. Literature £7.99
The Devil in Texas Wolf Mankowitz, Illustrated by Ralph Steadman Literature £10
The Devil Within Us Basinger, D. Literature £10
The Diary of a Village Shopkeeper Thomas Turner, Edited by David Vaisey, Engravings by Miram Macgregor Literature £15
The Diary of Francis Kilvert: April-June 1870; And June-July 1870; 2 Volumes Francis Kilvert, Kathleen Hughes, Dafydd Ifans Literature £55
The Diary of Humfrey Wanley 1715-1726 2 Vols. C. E. And R. C. Wright Editors Literature £25
The Diary of Samuel Pepys; 3 Volume Complete Set, Everyman Library Edition Pepys, Edited by John Warrington Literature £25
The Diary of W. M. Rossetti 1870-1873 Edited With an Introduction and Notes by Odette Bornand Literature £20
The Doctor Southey, R. Literature £15
The Door in the Wall and Other Stories H. G. Wells Literature £15
The Double Life of Jane Austen (Jane Austen). Jane Aiken Hodge Literature £10
The Down-Going of Orpheus Hawkins David Clarke Literature £8
The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare (Shakespeare) Charles Henry Wheeler Literature £45
The Duchess of Malfi New Casebooks; Contemporary Critical Essays (John Webster) Edited by Dympna Callaghan Literature £25
The East Wind of Love Mackenzie, C. Literature £10
The Ecstasy of Influence; Nonfictins Etc. Jonathan Lethem Literature £10
The Edge of the Crowd Gilfillan, R. Literature £5
The Enchantress of Florence: A Novel; Signed Copy With Hay Festival Tickets Salman R